Top Ten Private Labelled Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants


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The Top Ten

The MenuDrive people have been terrific to work with. They respond quickly to questions and make it easy to get setup.


Works great for my customers at an affordable price and good service

I started with 4 different systems in each of my restaurants. I use iMenu in ALL of them now. Simply the best system that I have found. Low price, GREAT features, easy to use (both for my customers and me) and exceptional support!
IMenu360 is by far the best in so many ways that you just have to look at it to understand the value! Coupons / Discounts / Feedback / Reliability / Cost / Control / Customer Service... You have to try it! I have NEVER regretted it!
Mobile ordering is awesome and my customers DON'T have to leave to download an expensive app!

A very good app.
Again, a lot of free quality features from these guys, also for white labeled setups.
Menu. Ca provides the tools and technology restaurants need to succeed and grow - offering a complete online ordering system along with internet marketing services allowing restaurants to build customer loyalty, maximize brand power, and increase revenue.
Menu. Ca is saving my staff from having to spend time on the phone. It is giving customers another gateway to conveniently place orders. I see a bright future with Menu. Ca and all restaurant owners should embrace this technology as soon as they can.

- Ha Nguyen, Owner of Kanata Noodle House

5I Must Eat
No matter where you are in the country. You just have to remember one name...
Must Eat - Because You Must Eat -


6Blue Plus Technologies

They offer great affiliate plans for web and mobile developers.

8Net Waiter
They made us a Mobile site (which is pretty slick) for no extra fee. While looking at our options, it was clear they were better than the two others we researched.
The only ordering system I have seen that has is mobile-friendly by default and you pay for only once. Every other system has ongoing/subscriptions costs. But this one you buy once, and you're good to go.
It is the only system where the source code is actually provided so that you can have full control over everything in the system.
The only system that you do not have to pay for forever. Also the only one which can work in, literally, any way you want it to.

10TakeOut Technologies
TakeOut Technologies was founded in July, 1993, with Restaurants on the Run, which specializes in offering To-GO services for its many clients.


The Contenders

11BluPark - Online & Mobile Ordering Systems For Restaurants
BluPark is by far the best online ordering system for restaurants. They do not take any fees, you can add unlimited menu items at no extra cost, and you keep 100% of the sales. They also let you keep your site and system if you are not happy with the service.

Many online ordering systems are similar but these guys are truly the best. You need to see it to believe it.

In addition they also have a very cool kiosk that was installed in two of my bakeries where orders are received and printed automatically for me.

Great service and support.

12Order Lunch
"OrderLunch has a great Group Ordering feature that we use daily.


The Time Has Come... Now Your Customers Can Order Online from your Website


BigHoller has a wonderful product for restaurant online ordering product. We compared BigHoller with other online ordering services and they are by far the best!
Not only do they have a great product but their customer service is second to none. I recommend BigHoller to all of my restaurant friends.
The Authority in Online Ordering


Easy to use mobile and online ordering system with rich customer reward features for retaining repeated customers.

16Online Ordering Software
If your restaurant is not taking online orders, you are missing out on business.


We used them last one year and very happy with product features and branded my business. we highly recommended them to anybody
The best platform to user from branding to marketing. One of our friend refereed them and very happy about service.
Best user interface on the market. So easy to use with a smart clean appearance.

really easy online ordering system from phone, pda, computer or landline. can order from restaurants listed locally or nationwide. Beat the line, order online.

Really great to order when on vacation. Easy navigation to set up an account with sister site for easy safe ordering without giving out your finanical information.

RTO is a technology company servicing the hospitality industry with online ordering solutions that cater to their individual needs.

RTO is an experienced provider of corporate and franchise solutions, and is an industry leader in creating customized, integrated web sites that match each restaurant's unique flavor.

Our focus on seamless transactions and complete customer service places us in the top echelon of online ordering providers.


Awesome Online ordering plus iOS/Android Apps as well In-store Kiosks. Get automatic Loyalty points on own orders as well as on referral
Orders, redeem these points. You can place both Pickup and delivery prepaid orders, Locate near by stores & menus from current location, with Zip code/City Name, view popular items, redeem promotion, Save favorite orders and credit cards for easy reordering, Subscribe for order & promotion notifications (Email/SMS, Push
Notifications). Stores can acknowledge/cancel/edit production orders

22Restaurant Online Ordering
Why wait in line? Order online.


Their services are price effecient as well as top of the line.


Best online ordering service within the price
They are cheap and have many features what else do I want!

24ehungry provides your restaurant with the ability to offer online ordering for your customers!


25Order Foundry

27Meal Agent
MealAgent allows you to order food online. Get takeout, or choose delivery when available.


28Order Food Live
The easiest way to get your menu online. They can integrate into your website or create a standalone menu. Customers can order from a PC or a personal computer.W.
Best online ordering system for restaurants with beautifull websites builder, integrated table booking system and marketing tools.
UpMenu have everything your restaurant needs to sell your menu online.

30Open Dining
Open Dining provides a complete online ordering system that can easily be white labeled and embedded in a restaurant's web site.

It's easy to set up and affordable for restaurants.



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