Top Ten Professional Female Skateboarders

Sk8er girls in all disciplines: Ramp, street, flat. I want to know which girls are the best female skateboarders.

The Top Ten

1 Leticia Bufoni

She is a very good skateboarder. Mainly skates street and she can do good tricks. I like her also because she is very pretty and knows how to deal with the media. Nice smile and lovely Brazilian accent. - sexandskateandrocknroll

She is a good pro skater. She can do awesome tricks. One of my favourites.

2 Alana Smith

This girl has already won the X games once and she is very young. She has great potential.

This little girl was the youngest winner ot the X-Games. She got the first place in Barcelona X Games. - sexandskateandrocknroll

3 Sabre Norris

She is the future of the female skateboarding. This girl is amazing in ramp. Very inspirational and brave. - sexandskateandrocknroll

4 Erica Nicole Madrid

This girl is incredibly talented. She can do anything: Athlete, skateboarder, musician, blogger,... You should see her. - sexandskateandrocknroll

5 Cristina Cociu
6 Lacey Baker V 1 Comment
7 Lizzie Armanto

Very good ramp skater.

8 Elissa Steamer

She can perform insane street tricks. She was voted the best female skateboarder in the world in 2003 - sexandskateandrocknroll

9 Mar Barrera
10 Kate Shengeliya

The Contenders

11 Andrea Wilshusen
12 Julia Wilshusen
13 Candy Jacobs

Very good street skater

14 Julia Br├╝ckler

Amazing skater with an incredible bag of tricks in flat, ledge and banks.

She is incredible. I met her at LKXA BCN. If you see her videos your mind will blown up.

15 Mariah Duran V 1 Comment
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