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My Chemical Romance


My Chemical Romance is awesome! I am so tired of Emo bands and they totally rejected the title for themselves. Maybe they arent Green Day in most people's eyes, but they are perfect to me. Not even their music, but who they are and what they stand for. They have had some really bad publicity but have pulled through everything, thanks to their amazing fans. (Including me! ) We have been MCR, MCRmy, The Black Parade, and Killjoys, but we have always been their fans. I would go to the ends of the Earth for them. They are what real music is about. I was born an Alternative child, but I have converted to the dark side. This music isn't about cutting yourself, it is about the truths about life.
"If they can scare you, they can controll you. " -Frank Iero
"If for one moment you think you are better than a sixteen year old girl in a Green Day t shirt you are sorely mistaken" -Gerard Way
My Chemical Romance is the best band I've ever heard in my life. Their music actually means something to people. Gerard Way(vocals) is super talented and inspirational. Then you've got good little Frank Iero (rhythm guitar) playing his heart out every time he performs. Mikey Way (bass guitar) is the most talented and modest guy. He's like everyone's kid brother. Finally Ray Toro (lead guitar) born with a floppy afro and natural guitar skills he's the final ingredient to the perfect band. Not only did this band save MY life but, it saved my best friend's life. For that I thank you MCR, I am forever in your gratitude.
I think my chemical romance is one of the best bands of all time and they have created classics (in my opinion) like "welcome to the black parade, teenagers, cancer, famous last words and ghost of you... " need I continue they are amazing, I'm only 15 and I have got all there albums and seen them live 3 times with all my friends it it was brilliant! The only thing I real want to know is if Gerard and Frankie have ever been gay because on stage they always seem to be kissing I know Gerard has a wife but I guess we will just never know. Or will we...

P. S Gerard real did rock his red hair it was really hot
My Chemical Romance was a band that influence by many genre of music especially Punk Rock, Emo-Gothic, Pop, HC, etc. It's true that My Chemical Romance won't be the best among the best, in terms of original and pure Punk Rock band. But, My Chemical Romance have their own way of style to expose their trend of music and that make them a very unique band ever! Whatever it is, their songs were really "Cool". Good luck My Chemical Romance!
I LOVE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE they are the best... Hands down.. There are some other great other ones on here like good Charlotte and alien ant farm but come on my chemical romance's songs are deep and meaning full. Nothing can beat that. The quality of there music is just simply amazing... The art work for their videos never let you down they are just amazing... My Chemical Romance NEEDS TO BECOME NUMBER ONE... Please VOTE FOR THEM
My chemical romance are the best band I've heard of I've been a fan for three years now. their lyrics are inspiring and they are HEROES.
They sent us their message to not feel alone and fight hard against suicide.

some people call them EMO, but they're not. I mean when they started the band they thought the world is a really ugly place but then they realized it's a really beautiful place too!
My Chemical Romance is personally my favourite punk rock band, they are crazy and have crazy awesome music that really means something. Their best albums would have to be 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge' and 'I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love.' My Chemical Romance changed my life and saved my life. Because their music has so much feeling in it and they are all so passionate and also because of Gerard Way; the lead singer, because he is very inspirational and he is a fantastic person.
My Chemical Romance is amazing. I they have no bad songs. The vocalist, Gerrard Way, is amazing. He rocks my skull when I turn up my headphones. The guitarists, Roy Toro and Frank lero are some of the most talented musicians out there. The bassist, Mikey Way, is a beast, I love the back bass in all their songs! Overall, I personally think they're the BEST.
My Chem is the best band ever, it saved mine and other fans lives a million times. If not for my chem I wouldn't be here voting for them, and they are unique every single one of them has gone through huge problems but they survived and to me that makes them heroes no matter what anyone else says! Killjoys Make Some Noise
My favorite band the rest of my life, they are so creative about the music, lyric and the way they bring their song is so expressive. What kind of people who doesn't love this band? They're joking right
My chemical romance is just the bast band that was ever made on this depressive world and I love all of their work and effort to help teenagers all over the world to accept themselves in who they are, so I really admire them. They all went to really tough years, and they know how it's like to be unhappy, and their music is a perfect cure for everyone.
I will always love them with all my little heart-they gotta special place there.
My Chemical Romance has so much meaning behind every song. Then they decided that they wanted to have more fun with their music and wrote danger days. I love every one of their albums and they get better and better. The members are all great people and really believe in their music
The band has helped me through so much, their music means so much to me, and I'm sure every fan feels the same. My Chemical Romance changed my life
They are brilliant. I Love them to pieces. Completely changed my life, through their music. They have so much emotion in their music, and convey a brilliant message. Good luck to them.
My Chemical Romance is my most favorite band! Ever. Their songs are so amazing, it really means a lot to me. Gerard? Oh please! His voice rocks the world! Frank Iero, Mikey Way and Ray Toro are the best guitarists and Bob is REALLY good at playing drums. I LOVE THEM! Too bad they broke up... But anyway! They are the best! Proud to be a Filipina Killjoy!
Their music is great. This band had inspired me in so many ways. They taught me much of anything. They're amazing. They're one of reasons why I smile. I really wanna thank to them to make my life feels awesome.
their music, lyrics, presentation, EVERYTHING is so god that they will blow your mind away! the have so many awesome and lively songs that can take all your blues away in a moment. so, don't waste a moment and listen them!
I lurve My Chemical Romance! Gerard Way Is so hot and adorable and mikey is so cute! Frankie rocks and rae is awesome. My Chemical Romance saved hundreds from suicide through their awesome music!
My Chemical Romance rocks! Great lyrics, awesome guitar solos, good-looking and good-natured members, nice album artworks, rocking' concerts, way cool album and song themes/motifs, what more would you ask for?! And they're very flexible! They can play wide range of rock genres, from emo-rock to pop-rock! MCR's the best :3
My Chemical Romance are a band like no other every song is so different and you never no what to expect. They are so different from any other band. They are the best band in the whole world!
I love My Chemical Romance! Definitely one of the best bands of all time. I have to been to about 5 concerts and they are absolutely amazing and so entertaining to watch and listen to!
This is the best band ever, Gerard is awesome, and their music its just inspired... I love them so so much! Love the songs in The Black Parade and in Danger Days, this guys are artist!
I love this band so much! I can't live without MCR!

You must be the number. One
Best punk rock band, I like the fact that they literally do not have any bad songs, I love all 6 albums along with every song, their music just gets better and better!

I just saw them and I have to say that they are live even better!
The songs are amazing and Gerard just makes an amazing show!
The music is right and the people rock it!
... Well.. I'm not that obsessed to My Chemical Romance... But I'm one of their biggest fan... I love the attitude of their songs... They were all awesome... And cool... I admire them...

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