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Thank god, a real punk rock band! Listen to their song "The separation of church and skate" Look up the lyrics, READ them and you'll know why I don't like bands like simple plan anymore. They're another lame, soft and whiny sub-genre of punk rock. People mistake this as being punk rock. Listen to the song and you'll hear the difference. The lyrics mean something as appose to that song "I'm just a kid" by simple plan which is just a guy (who has definitely outgrown his teens) whining about what a hard life he has with his parents and school. Seriously who gives a...? I sure don't.
NOFX is the best band on the planet. Punk Rock's not popular so I can't say they are way underrated. I can say I'm their #1 fan. Songs such as Vincent, San Francisco Fat, Total Bummer, Lower, Freedom Like a Shopping Cart, Drop the World, The Longest Line... & many, many more that get overlooked even by so called NOFX fans.
Half of these bands aren't real punk. most are variations of pop. Bands like Bad Religion, NOFX, Social Distortion, Rancid, early Offspring (songs before there 2003 album), The Romones, Sex Pistols, Nirvana, The Clash, Misfits, Bad Brains, and Papa Roach are examples of real Punk. Rise Against can be considered punk. Sum 41 and My Chemical Romace, depends on the song otherwise its pop punk or post hardcore. Blink 182, Simple Plan are Pop Punk. Green Day started off somewhat punk, then when pop punk, and are now alternative. bands like All Time Low, All American Rejects, Good Charlotte are Pop and Alternative
Nofx should be first, Green Day has pretty much more sales than anybody else on the list, but nofx has consistency, they never stray from punk, whereas everyone else has done different styles of music, nofx will always be playing straight punk
I can't even look at this list I see four bands tops that play punk rock music. There is a difference between punk and pop punk. I'll give you a clue; One sucks


Problem is that most people don't know about real punk rock... Green day number one? FML! They have like 3 good songs the rest are ok. NOFX should be number one, no doubt!
I love NOFX, listened them since I was 7, which was a long time ago.. laugh out loud
Most of the other bands listed here are lame. There are many bands listed here that are not even punk, for example Paramore and Fall Out Boy. How is Paramore even above NOFX on Punk bands? It's not a punk band.
Why's "Green Day" at the top of this list? That's pure rubbish, some of you lot obviously wouldn't know punk if it slapped you upside your head. Kids these days...
Nofx is the best. Period. So original and great. They are a breath of fresh air on the world of punk. And by the way, blink 182? New found glory? Not only unpunk, but they suck!
I couldn't stand the thought of Blink 182 (a disgrace to music in general) being above my favorite punk band, NOFX. So there - I'm doing what I can.
Fat mike, man, he's a god... El hefe has a university degree in music... What else is there to say? These guys are the best punk rock band out there period.
I love the pop punk bands on here, but this is a punk list, not a pop punk list. NOFX is great. My favorite punk band of all time.
NOFX, Rancid, Bad Religion, Ramones, Lawrence Arms, Black Flag, The Clash, Minor Threat, Wire, Distillers, No Use For a Name, Dropkick Murpheys, Misfits, The Cramps, Sex Pistols, The Cramps, The Melvins, Circle Jerks, Operation Ivy, Osker, The Stooges, This is Boston not LA, Social Distortion, Pennywise, Bouncing Soles, Mike Watt... Get the idea?
"Would you rather be fed bull, from some 20-something, makeup wearing, popstar." - NOFX.. That about sums it up. NOFX is fast, passionate, funny sad, punk, and real. Pretty much sums up what music needs to be good. I wish there were more bands like NOFX.
This list is ridiculous... Cause of thirteen year olds listen to "real" Punk rock like offspring, Green Day etc...
I couldn't find The Civic Minded Five on this list so I voted for the second best punk band.
I blame society for NoFX being #16 on this popularity contest bull list!
This list is retarded! Dunno which band here is actually punk leaving misfits Ramones sex pistols and clash! Other are cheap bands that too Green Day at the top just horrible can't e1 imagine!
I don't care what bands are punk or not, I just love this band so much!
Should be SO much higher on the list. Maybe someone decided it ought to go backwards?
! NoF-X!


This crazy dudes must be NUMBER 1!
Fat mike kicks ass all you dicks don't know nothing till you have heard NOFX
Nofx is the best punk band. Nobody can say otherwise to change our opinion
Should have possibly cracked the top ten but so could a million of bands


You must be joking me NoFx is under a bunch of sissy bands like sum 41 what!

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