Sex Pistols


To tell he candid truth, you won't find a more visceral and edgy punk band than the Sex Pistols. You can't beat a snarling vocal/intelligent and candid lyric by Johnny Rotten, an abrasive guitar/bass line from Steve Jones, or the swift drumming of Paul Cook. I find it great for the Sex Pistols, but laughably silly that so many punk bands had a way longer and more albums and still can't manage to top the Pistols. The Sex Pistols are the epitome of Punk and deserve the number one spot! Best punk rock band period and hands down my favorite along with the Ramones. Sex Pistols for the win.

Although Green Day is my favorite band I have to vote for these guys because Green Day is not really punk, they experimented will different sounds after nimrod. But anyway the sex pistols have s VERY raw sound with vocals that will make parents ears bleed. This is good. They also were so bold and basically would do anything to piss the world off. From wearing Swastikas and spitting on fans. And they refused to compromise themselves in any way shape or form. They sang about abortion hate racism and a lot more things. - superluke10000

The Sex Pistols are everything that punk should be. Controversial, good image, and just plain offensive. Also I love that Sid Vicious had no musical talent but is still the face of punk and one of the most famous rockstars ever. If you look at any new band that calls themselves punk all of them take things from Sids image. Most modern "punk" tries to be too mainstream to ever be as good as the Pistols

Don't you guys know that it goes: 1) Sex Pistols 2) Clash 3) Black Flag 4) Ramones 5) The Stooges 6) Misfits 7) Social Distortion 8) Dead Kennedys 9) The Distillers 10) Green Day... I include Green Day even though I think of them as a modern rock band, because they introduced a new generation to punk. I also like Billy Talent and LOVE Rage Against the Machine (but those bands are too fringe for me to consider "pure punk"

When you think about punk, REAL punk music, what name will came up? Sex Pistols. When you think about punk attitude, what name will came up then? Sid Vicious. These are punk legends, and yet those punk imposters are standing above them simply because people don't understand the meaning of punk.

The Sex Pistols are major influences on the other punks that follow. They took all of the scattered ideas that existed before them and combined them to make a band that defined what punk was and should continue to be. They didn't come up with all of the ideas behind the punk movement but they took them all and wrote music that perfectly expressed punk.

Sex Pistols had the nerve to go against the law and not care about anything. They were artists who did it for the sake of art and they did practical things like "god save the queen" boat show. They didn't even care if their concerts were being cancelled, they did what they felt like doing and that's what punk rock is all about.

I just saw that many people thought : My Chemical RomanceEscape the fate and Artic Monkey were punk rock band. Actually, They're not punk bands, those are emo, metal, and Brit rock.
So I can think that why Sex pistols not the number 1 of punk band.
Cause their ignorance.

Please don't include any pop-punk band in this top 10. For you flawless people, this is the worst top 100 punk bands I ever see, where the spirit of the "punk" in everybody? You people are now more to mainstream-pop medium or what? All hell I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

Here are many bands that are not even punk, Who will apply? But it definitely was crazy to do so, sex pistols are definitely the kings of punk and the Ramones, don't understand why they are not at the first in this poll

They have the attitude, ain't boybands like these bands above.
Real punk rock legends. Ain't pretending because they just are born to be punks. SEX PISTOLS FTW. If they made more albums, trust me, they would be number one. When Billie Joe sings in fake British accent, SEX PISTOLS is the reason.

Yeah um my chemical romance, fall out girl (hah see why I did there..) and stupid all American rejects are called POP PUNK also called mainstream aka crap so um, yeah. No even the arctic monkeys are a better punk band. An by the way SEX PISTOLS invented punk! They're legends!

They were the first and greatest punk band, they defined and created punk. Without them it wouldn't even exist. Green day, blink 182, these aren't punk bands, they all sold out and go against many things that punk is all about, or what it was supposed to be about.

The Class of 77 kings and true punks. Most of the other bands here are punk-pop or mall punk bands, great for kids hanging around the food court in their Hot Topic tee shirts. You know the bands... Blink-182, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Simple Plan, New Found Glory and even Green Day (who I like).

The original punk rock band from England. Possibly one of the most controversial bands ever. Without John, Steve, Paul, Glen and Sid you would not have your Green Day or Blink 182. This is a PUNK list not a pop punk list! Sex Pistols will live on forever.

I saw Green Day at the top and cringed. Then I scrolled down and cringed some more. If this is what we think punk is now, then we have a few things we need to work on. Punk is the Sex Pistols, Ramones, Black Flag, Propaghandi, Dead Kennedys (where are they by the way?! ) come on people. Real punk isn't this emo "i'm so sad help me or I'm gonna jump off a bridge" bull. Real punk is this. The Pistols are proof of that.

This is an absolute disgrace, The Sex Pistols led the punk movement. Johnny Rotten was the voice of Punk, Sid Vicious the attitude of punk.

The fact that people voted Green Day as number one has shown that Punk has lost it's way. Green Day are commercialized sell outs and have gone corporate. - Mun

Sex pistols are 'punk', not green day, blink 182 or My Chemical Romance. Punk was a rebellion, they were anti everything, they had nothing... So what do these other bands stand for now?! They are millionaires!

The essence of punk rock irreverent, blasphemous, anti-establishment, violent, self-destructive, yet produced the most blistering album of all time before imploding.

Number one punk band of all time without a doubt.

Green Day? LMFAO!

Why is Green Day #1? Ahhh! It seems like a bunch of little girls came to this site and said: "! 1! 11 Green Day are so punk! 11! 1" When really Green Day to me are just another pop punk band. Punk is when you hat society, pop punk is when you hate your hometown. The Sex pistols are real punk! (Same goes for bands like The Misfits, The Ramones and Bad Religion) I know Green Day fans say that they're real punk, But it's not.

It's a huge shame that over half of this entire list is pop-punk. That's completely different. I'm not one of those people who say "The Sex Pistols were the only real punk band and everything else is fake, " but seriously? Sum 41? Blink 162? SIMPLE PLAN? They have NEVER been punk.

How did this happen. Green Day and Blink 182 have told people they are punk and people automatically believe them. Sex Pistols are the greatest punk band because they had the most effect and were what punk was meant to be.

I didn't even know Rise Against is a punk band... Honestly, the Sex Pistols and The Clash are the best punk bands you will ever come across. Why? Because they were two of the biggest influences in punk. Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious gave punk it's name. Get some sense.

How are the bands above, better than the Pistols? They started the punk feel and their songs are what punk songs should be about! Pistols should be on top... Absolute disgrace

@09Roberts... After reading your comment, I literally laughed out loud. As if you're dad agreeing with you in some way makes your vote more justifiable... And because the sex pistols redefined Punk... err defined punk.