Best Quarterbacks in NFL History

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Joe Montana
Joe Montana is definitely the best and I definitely agree that Tom Brady is second so I'm glad they put those two on there aren't you?
Joe had the amazing ability to place the ball in the hands of his receivers without them missing a stride! Better than any other QB in history at doing this!
Four superbowl wins... Great throws all the time


[Newest]Joe was a natural; intuitive, fluid, dynamic, amazing. He was beauty of motion. He and Jerry Rice together... Wow! So many greats, but Joe's without a doubt in my mind, the greatest quarterback so far. Thanks for so many unforgettable memories Joe! Love ya!

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2Tom Brady
Tom Brady is the best Quarterback in NFL history with his 3 Superbowl wins and going to 5 and going 16-0 regular season and he's a boss!
He holds more records than any other quarterback, highest winning percentage of any quarterback, he's won 3 Superbowls and 2 MVPs in the 9 years that he played. Obviously he's the best. One more Superbowl and no one will ever be able to touch him.
the best QB of all time he's won the superbowl 3 times amazing
[Newest]Four Super bowls get it, Good
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3Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning is HANDS DOWN the best QB ever. Peyton is the only QB that can take his team year after year after year and make the playoffs (by himself). He's the only one out of all of these other guys that can take a rookie TE or rookie WR and make them look like a 8 year a VET. You don't have to be a Colts fan to know who is the BEST QB EVER.
Enough of Tom Brady being better than Peyton Manning that's just crazy. I mean come on Peyton Manning has every thing you need in a quarterback, but Tom Brady his whole career has had a great offensive line, but Peyton Manning a lot of years had the WORST offensive line. Peyton Manning has a stronger, and more accurate arm than Tom Brady. Peyton Manning went to the playoffs 9 times straight tying an NFL record with the Tom Landry's Dallas Cowboys. Peyton Manning also works harder, plays harder, knows the game better, and has been in the league longer. Though Peyton only has 1 ring, and Tom 3 teams need Peyton. Peyton Manning and the colts went 10-6 and a loss to the jets in the Wild Card round who went to the AFC Championship. The Next The Colts went 0-13 before they finally won, went 2-14 overall, had 3 different staring quarterbacks alone that year, and got the number 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft with out Peyton Manning. I bet if Tom Brady was out for a whole season the Patriots would at least go.500 with Ryan Mallet from Arkansas. That's a huge difference 2-14 and 8-8. Neither Peyton Manning or Tom Brady are fast but Peyton Manning is faster, and Tom Brady has a better offensive line even with Peyton in Denver. Peyton Manning had the better record this going 13-3, and he's coming back from a neck injury, is older, and is apparently the worse quarterback. Enough comparing him to Tom Brady I think he's obviously better, and I could go on and on all day long to show that Manning is better Brady. Peyton Manning is the 2nd best quarterback ever only behind the great Joe "cool" Montana
Whoever wrote this is and idiot and has never watched football to say brady had weapons and peyton didn't
Manning is the best QB of all time. He has not had the defensive teams Brady or Montana had. If you don't believe me look for yourself Brady has never had a defense outside the top 20, while Manning has had defenses outside the top 20 a huge chunk of his career.

Also his record against Tom Brady isn't as bad as people think considering the superior teams and coaching the patriots have had. Also Peyton has beat Tom more times in the biggest game they can play against each other the AFC championship game where he holds a 2-1 record against Brady. Peyton also dominates Brady in most of the statistical categories.

Then for those of you who say stuff about the lack of offensive weapons Brady's had. Well that's not true at all Brady has had Wes welker, Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski, Brandon Lloyd, Aaron Hernandez, Branch, Julian Edelman, and Danny Amendola who with the Rams was given the label the next Welker and Brady has failed to help him reach that potential. On top of all that he has in recent years had explosive running backs in the passing game.

Yeah Manning has had his fair share of weapons including Wayne, Harrison, Garcon, Clark, Collie and Stokley the last three failed to find success elsewhere. He also has had Julius Thomas, DT, Eric Decker, Emanuel sanders all of whom where either not reaching the first round potential of considered mid or below average receivers

Of course he did have wes welker but a very injury prone slower welker who the patriots where right to let go. But manning has also made guys like Blair White Jacob Tamme and Joel Dressen look like quality receivers.

And finally for those of you who will argue he can't play in the cold or bad weather his only Super Bowl was won in the slick and assume at least sort of cold rain

And I have decided not to mention in my argument the countless cheating scandals surrounding the patriots or that the greatest kicker of all time won 3 super bowls for Brady.
[Newest]Peyton man is a coach on the field. You can't top that
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4John Elway
Come on... Pure foot ball player. Should be #1... People who did not like him watched him if he was behind 21 to 7 with 4 minutes left he was a class act. I miss those days. I almost stoped watching football when he retired. Manning saved me...
Started in 4 super bowls (probably would of been six if he didn't get hurt in that afc championship game against buffalo).
Especially in the early ones, elway was the broncos. Once he finally had the right players around him he won a couple. I don't remember any of the other guys on the list having a game like "the drive". The guy could pull miracles out of the air all the time. If stanford would of stopped cal on that final kickoff we would be talking about that comeback as well. The guy also had probably the best arm that ever played as well, man that guy could put some smoke on it.
He can run a two minute drill in a losing situation and turn it into the most exciting football of the week. Cool under pressure, loyal, and a natural leader. I miss watch him play, but happy that he left on a high.
[Newest]Overrated as well. Seriously.
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5Brett Favre
Who can still play @ a high level at age 40? 33 TD 7 INT 4200 yards... The numbers do not lie.

Let me ask you this when you say Montana or Elway or Marino... Did any of them have to play 8 games a year in Green Bay? Can you imagine how cold it is up there. I'm from Los Angeles and trust me it is hard to twirl my thumbs when its that cold.

I can also make the argument Montana had Rice and Elway had Terrell Davis. Favre never had a marquee player on Offense, but he was fortunate to play with the great Reggie White for a couple of years. Favre will be great forever.


Favre has every record in the football bible. Manning, Brady are looking up at him. Favre was a real football player. you never saw him slide or shy away from a hit unlike Brady or Manning. He was the guy looking to take out a linebacker to get his running back an extra yard. He made all the throws and put passes in impossible spots with the strongest throwing arm I've ever seen for a quarter back or an MLB pitcher. The most exciting player to watch in the history of the NFL. Favre would make the sort of plays that make you go "how did he do that", "What was he thinking when he made that throw'? Good or bad he was fun to watch. Having Favre at quarterback could turn a 4-12 team into a Super bowl contender. It didn't matter how many points this guy was down in a game if you were a fan of the team he was facing you knew it wasn't over till the clock said zero. he was Magic in the 4th quarter. He didn't have all time Receivers like Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Randy Moss, Jerry Rice to throw too. No, Favre broke every passing record with Donald Driver, Antonio Freeman, Bubba franks and various 3rd string type receivers. If He would have won the super bowl with Vikings and retired with a second ring along with all the career records he would be #1 all time hands down. But he's got my vote
Most exciting player in the history of the league at least. When he was on the field no one could take their eyes off of him. You cannot say that for many other players, especially quarterbacks.
[Newest]Best in packers history
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6Dan Marino
Simply the best pure passer the game has ever seen. He did the best with some of the most mediocre talent around him. Put Marino in the 49ers teams of the 80's cowboy teams of the 90's or patriots teams of the 00's and Marino would have won double figured superbowls. True class act and great leader
Retired first in almost every major passing record for both career and single season, including 4th quarter comebacks. The only reason John Elway is considered the comeback king is because his team considered overtime wins as 4th quarter comebacks, Dan Marino's team didn't, and by definition of comeback, an overtime win isn't a comeback. Dan Marino-36, John Elway-35, Peyton Manning-35, for top 3 comeback leaders, according to Pro-Football-reference. Com. Another Reason Elway is considered the comeback King is because he didn't throw 2 interceptions in the 4th quarter of the super bowl, but John Elway would have never won a superbowl had it not been for Terrell Davis scoring 3 touchdowns vs green bay. John Elway played terrible in the big game, just look at the superbowl stats. Dan marino deserves to be ranked #5 all time, not John Elway
Its close manning is the most cerebral QB I have ever seen, elway the best all round, and marino the best passer by far. Marino did the most with the least of any QB ever. He took a one dimensional team to the superbowl and lost to one of those juggernaut 49er teams. Not his fault he never had much talent around him. Football is the ultimate team sport. My wife would've been successful with the talent montana and brady had around them.
[Newest]All Marino needed was just one super bowel win, to be the number 1 all time best. But in my mind, I know he was the best. He just needed some better teammates

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7Johnny Unitas
This man not only had fantastic numbers in the passing game with records that still stand today, but the leadership and unity he brought to the Baltimore Colts was like no other. Quarterbacks today play well with lots of pads and protection by the refs. Unitas played with sometimes broken bones in a brutal scene of hard gridiron. Alongside his toughness and amazing skill was the greatest humbleness and modesty ever seen in a football player.
Oh come on, with the generalizations of kids these days. by the way, I know who Johnny Unitas is ( he played against Joe Namath and the Jets in Super Bowl III.


Johnny Unitas played when there were no flags to protect the quarterback and rules favored the run game. Can't picture Tom Brady even in the same league.
[Newest]Greatest football player in his time... Put a lot into the game and made a lot less money... He was a hero before all the big buck players were ever born. Did more for football than the players of today... The game has changed so much since his day and those days are missed.
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8Steve Young
In his short NFL Career as a starter. NOBODY Made an impact like Steve did. No one ran with as much guts and instinct and at the same time was intelligent enough to understand defenses like he did. Highest rated QB EVER! Most Accurate QB Ever. Biggest heart ever.
I hate Steve young and any 49er QB, but objectively this guy was the best I've ever seen, or maybe #2 behind Peyton Manning. He had a strong arm, was tough, was accurate, and could run. His defining highlight was that incredible run against the Vikings. If he was on the team of the 1980's, he would have won 6 Superbowls, not just 4.
This guy had some big shoes to fill and he did a damn good job of it
[Newest]Young could rush better than any quarterback

9Troy Aikman
Number one draft pick in his rookie year. Rough beginning but then rose to the challenge and then the numbers speak for themselves. 3 superbowls wins, 1 superbowl MVP, 6 times pro bowl selection, 3 times all pro, 3rd most wins of any QB. One of the top 5 QB's of all time.
Troy always came threw no matter the situation shame for the concussions
Aikman had weapons around him (Emmitt, Michael Irvin, great defense) but he always stood in and threw regardless of the hit he knew was coming. Super strong arm and great accuracy. Definitely a Top 10. And even though Otto Graham should be on this list, there's no need for Tom Brady so no reason to push anyone else out.
[Newest]Troy aikman is the beat the rest all suck so suck it up buttercups cause it's clear troy ail man is the beast ding songs duh if you guys think anyone else is I'll kill all

10Terry Bradshaw
Why are people using this section to talk about Roethlisberger? He does not compare to Bradshaw. I watched in person the Steelers destroy my Chiefs at Arrowhead the last year Bradshaw lead his team to the Superbowl. With the exception of Elway, I have never seen a quarterback throw on the run as accurately as Bradshaw. He was tough, gutsy, and could throw the long ball as good as good as the best. Yes, Bradshaw had great receivers, but it takes a great passer to be as accurate as I witnessed in person.
I'll give some love to my boy TB even though I think it's really montana for sure.

A little surprised Ben Roethlisberger isn't even in the top 41?


People only vote for today and forgotten people of the past, so it shows the result of the vote, that biased against things, and makes players past disadvantage, lets go to the numbers and results. Nobody like bradshaw
[Newest]Should be WAY higher on list

The Contenders

11Drew Brees
Unless he gets injured, Brees will probably finish his career in all of the major passing categories - yardage, touchdowns, playoff appearances, playoff victories and Super Bowl appearances and perhaps SB victories. And he's only approaching his prime with a middle-to-just-above average receiving corps and an average defense. Easily better than Roethlisberger (who's had the benefit of a marvelous defense), Tarkenton (who never won a Super Bowl) and Favre (who was erratic throughout his career and the passing records he has can be attributed to his longevity, not so much his talent). Brees' statistics already have surpassed many of Young's and Warner's. Barring injury, Brees will wind up being in the group with Montana, Brady, Manning, Elway and Bradshaw and his statistics are reflecting that as his completion yardage averages between 4,000-5,000 each season and 40 touchdowns. Depending on the talent surrounding him, he may also add one or two Super Bowl rings - as well as SB MVP - to his resume'.
Only in his 11th season. Has a Super Bowl ring. Definitely better than Marino. Only player to have 2 5000 yard seasons. If he continues to play at this level for 5 more years and wins at least 1 more title, he'll be the undisputed best of all time.
Drew Brees was on my fantasy team this year and he did great. He's going to brak the single season passing yards record and have the most consecutive games with a touchdown. Go Drew Brees!
[Newest]John Madden called him Brew Drees all the time. Lol

12Aaron Rodgers
If Brett Favre is a legend in Green Bay, and nobody can deny that, what is bigger than a legend? Oh, I know: Aaron Rodgers is! One NFL title in 4 seasons (so far) as opposed to one in 16. You do the math.
His accurate passes are unique in today's NFL. Other QBs can throw accurate passes too, but they don't even come close to Rodger's consistency. Plus, he can also run when no passing opportunity arises, which makes him the most complete quarterback ever. He should be number 2, second only to Payton Manning!
He's only 27 and he's already one of the best quarterbacks currently in the league, he can take hits, keep his cool, and deliver passes where you would least expect them, amazing accuracy, and when I say this kids going somewhere I mean to the top of the leader boards
Read below. Accurate. Accurate. Accurate. He puts balls exactly where he wants at will. I'd say second to Peyton manning and Tom Brady, but he has a lot of career left. Any qb before 1980 should be off the list. Bart Starr or Graham never dealt with the cb, d lineman and schemes we have today.
[Newest]He is one of the best quarter backs ever I love him

13Otto Graham
People tend to pick quarterbacks who played during their time and whom they watched play. you never hear otto's name spoken when folks talk about the greatest quarterbacks, but he is without a doubt the greatest quarterback ever. he played for 10 years and took his team to the world championship in all 10 years winning 7 times. he led his team to the first perfect undefeated season in 1948. this 7 time world champion quarterback played for 10 regular seasons and 10 post seasons and only lost 17 times. he is the best ever. Period!
Graham played in an era when it was much more difficult to put up the stats successful quarterbacks today enjoy. His championship record should speak for itself. I would like to see the great quarterbacks today try to have the success Graham had if they played in his era. He is simply the best ever.
the consummate leader, Graham played four years the the All American football conference and six in the NFL guiding the browns to the title game in each of them. No quarterback has won more championships then him.
[Newest]Way too low on the list. Top three for sure due to the leadership he possessed. Ten straight championship games! Ten straight! Won seven, including 5 in a row. Won the NFL championship in the first year in the NFL. Otto changed the game.

14Roger Staubach
Roger Staubach had the Highest Rating when he retired after the 1979 season. Over 30 years later he still has the 2nd highest Winning Percentage for Quarterbacks with 100 or more starts. He played really 8 full seasons & took the Cowboys to 4 Super Bowls. His 9th season as a starter he was injured most of the year & came in to to pull out a Cowboy Victory against the 49ers in 1972. The 2 Super Bowls he lost as a starter he lost to the Greatest Defense of All Time (the Steelers). If Tom Landry would have played Staubach in Super Bowl V against the Baltimore Colts he would of won that one. Defenses in the 70's were allowed to use their hands on the receivers back then, much more than today. Mel Blount of the Steelers might be kicked out of a number of games if they used today's rules in the 70's. It's very hard to say who's the Greatest because of rule changers in each decade, but Staubach takes a back seat to no one. He also run the Football like Steve Young & Michael Vick. He run away from defenders & into them if needed. 2 last facts. It took Navy 43 years to beat Notre Dame after Staubach's 1963 beat them & also when was the last time anyone could remember Navy being ranked # 2 in the Country at the end of the year. That also happened in 1963 when Staubach was the Starting Quarterback. Roger's the Best. You could look up all these facts!
When Roger Staubach was behind center you felt as though you always had a chance to win. My memories of watching him play when I was a kid were created from two different perspectives. The first was as a fan of the Miami Dolphins and completely indifferent to the Cowboys. The second was as a fan of player whose heroics had captured the imagination of a seven-year-old boy who could identify those heroics as both truly individual (in a team sport) and truly spectacular. I wasn't a Cowboys' fan - I was a Roger Staubach fan. What I remember most was his leadership and his ability to run the two-minute drill. Countless games where the Cowboys were down (by more than a field goal) in the fourth quarter with well under two minutes to go and you just knew they were going to win. You knew it, the Cowboys and their fans knew it, and their opponents knew it, You knew that when it came down to crunch time Staubach would drive his team the full length of the field and score the touchdown to go up by two points with a few seconds to go. With a shortened NFL carreer due to military service I think his stats don't really reflect how good a quarterback Roger Staubach really was.
Roger is the all time best, Charlie Waters said that all they needed to do was get the ball back in Rogers hands, they believed he would win it.
[Newest]Really, Peyton Manning over Staubach? This list is not based on fact, just opinions of people that shouldn't be allowed to have one.

15Fran Tarkenton
"The Scrambler." Tarkenton held just about every NFL passing record that existed when he retired. He also changed the game by becoming the first quarterback to take off and run when his receivers were covered.


What are Aaron Rodgers and Terry Bradshaw doing ahead of this legend? Fran was revolutionary! When he retired he was the best stat-wise Quarterback in NFL history. Should definitely be higher.
Sir Francis brought Pro football excitement to a level never seen then or since then!

16Bart Starr
Bart Starr best for all time. No one else has won 5 championship rings. His teams were devoted to him because of his leadership ability. I think he was overshadowed by his coach and did not always get the respect he truly deserved. If you were to ask his team mates they would admit that they took as much leadership from Starr as they did the Bear.
bart starr has won more championships than anyone. he is the greatest. brett favre is 2nd best!


Bart Starr was a phenomenal QB. He would be much higher on this poll except that people don't remember him. Only the most hardcore and devoted of NFL fans would have the knowledge of his unbelievable ability.
[Newest]Should be higher on the list

17Andrew Luck
Why the heck is Matt Schaub here in one year Andrew luck is already on. Matt Schaub's level and within the next two years top 5 easy
Andrew Luck broke a lot of Peyton Manning's records at 22 years old to 24 years old so I'm pretty sure that he'll be in at least the top 5. GO COLTS!, BOO PATRIOTS, THAT'S YOU TOM BRADY
Will be the best when its all said and done

18Sammy Baugh
An accurate thrower. Baughs passing helped change the game. He won a record six NFL passing titles while also setting marks as a defensive back and a punter. He has a college football award named after him which goes to the best quarterback with the best passing statistics each season.
The blast-from-the-past joins us here. doubled as a punter

That Slingin Sammy Baugh ranks beneath QBs like Andrew Luck, who has been in the league like 5 minutes, is an example of how little this guy knows about football before his testicles descended. Football was played before Tom Brady or Peyton Manning arrived and it was played pretty well. It's one thing to sit back in a pocket knowing that nobody is going to hit you for fear of a penalty and another thing to sit back there and take a hard hit on every pass.

19Colin Kaepernick
Young and quick on his feet
This kid will become a legend on the field
Super good qb, know wonder Alex Smith lost his job.
[Newest]Not in the top 60 all time. Top 40 a possibility.

20Jim Kelly
Won the AFC championship four times in a row, popularizing the no huddle offense and calling plays with multiple formations as he looked at the defense. One of the GREATEST quarterbacks to play the game hands down.
Probably top 3 if he wins 2 of those 4 consecutive super bowls. The master of the no huddle run and shoot. A true gun slinger who made good decisions and was the most fun to watch.


Although he did not win a Super Bowl He started the k gun and made it to 4 super Bowls in a row. I can see some of these other QB in here but Brady Quinn are you kidding me how does he make it in to the top 100 let alone top 25 pst
[Newest]He was a cry-baby

21Dan Fouts
Dan Fouts was a great passer, and should be included among the top quarterbacks. His stats speak for themselves. If he had more help around him, he would have won the Superbowl.
Should be in the top 3 all time.

Nobody ever played at his level with an average team around him. He took a beating and still was a great as you can.
What did he win?

22Norm Van Brocklin
Most people probably never heard of him but this guy had an arm on him
Lead the Eagles to beat the Packers in the 1960 championship game. The only
Time that Green Bay team lost a championship or Super Bowl. That Green Bay team was considered the most dominant of all time. I saw the game live.
Almost 7 years later still has single game passing record.
[Newest]The "Dutchman" was arguably the best pure passer the game has ever seen.

23Randall Cunningham
When he was with the Eagles Randall Cunningham was the equivalent of what Michael Vick is today--maybe even better. He didn't run as much later in his career but, he still holds the all-time record for rushing yards by a QB. He was so elusive against the rush. Just plain fun to watch. Vick is a better runner, but Randall was a better passer.
Randal Cunningham had the great skill of being able to run with the ball as well as throw a great pass. He also had this elusiveness that made him a nightmare for the defense.
He could run all day and never stop

24Joe Namath
Joe Namath is one of the best qbs I've ever seen when he through the ball his release was so fast I could barely see
He was awesome. think how much better he would have been if he didn't blow out his knee
Should be well into the top ten

Great character and player


[Newest]Love the coats broadway

25Drew Bledsoe
Loved him and he was screwed
Unlucky to be in the same team as Brady
He had some success

26Matt Ryan
Will one day bring falcons a superbowl. I say within 2-3 years. Great mechanics. Hopefully he will hit the weight pile or juice.
Not in the top 50 yet, but will be soon.
One of the most successful regular season QBs in NFL history. Very tough to beat at home. Needs to win playoff games and improve arm strength however. Plus, learn to relax and just sling it in playoffs. Maybe new OC will help that.

27Sonny Jurgensen
from wikipedia:In many circles, he is recognized as the finest pure passer of his time. A five-time Pro Bowl selection, he earned three NFL individual passing titles. With a career rating of 82.6, his stats include 2,433 completions for 32,224 yards and 255 touchdowns. His strong arm is particularly notable. On a 2006 NBC 4 broadcast with George Michael, Jurgensen said in his prime he was able to throw the ball 80 yards.
I know it's a common lament, but it is truly unfortunate that the folks who vote on these things are usually too young to have seen a lot of great players. Sonny was a magician with the ball who put up remarkable numbers despite playing on weaker teams. His accuracy is what set him apart from all others. I am so thankful that I got to watch most of Sonny's career.
He was definitely in the top 10 in the 4th Quarter under two minutes -- especially when playing for George Allen. Many times Sonny was on the bench for 3 and 1/2 quarters, and then Allen would bring him in cold! And, Sonny would still play great.

28Robert Griffin III
He has never done good with the Redskins and never will. If he does good with them it means he is running. If he runs he will get hurt. He didn't get hurt at Baylor because he had 300 pound guys blocking for him. The Redskins should have gotten one of those people. The Redskins don't have blockers so they just wasted a draft pick. The same draft they got Kirk Cousins who does good the the Redskins. They also have Colt Mccoy who is awesome. These two other qbs could do even better. RG3 should be RGB (Robert Griffin Bust). He could be better at another team but for now he is a bust on my list.
He is terrible! I have not seen the Redskins in the playoffs with him, so when he has more rings than Tom Brady or Joe Montana then you may call him number 4 because Tom, Joe, and Peyton kick his ass!
WHAT?!?! How can he be #39? He is awesome. My whole family has been a fan of the Redskins for as long as I can remember! Back in the 1900s they were good, then they started slacking off, but RG3 brought the Redskins up. He is awesome! My first ever jersey was his, and I'm a girl! I can't believe this, it's an outrage! UGH.

29Tony Romo
Let Tony win the games. People just don't give him a chance. Look at Tony's record in 2013 and look at Eli's. Tony's is much better. So I think if you give him a chance AND fire Jerry Jones, the Cowboys can win their division. If you throw some luck in there too, we could be talking about Super Bowl 44.
Qb rating stats... And when you watch some games he makes greater effort than most qbs on bum plays and bad snaps.
Don't for get he game back with crack ribs against the 49ner and won the game
[Newest]Tony is good but not good enough

30Philip Rivers
Rivers, he should be top 20. Who the hell votes like this. Really, he is below Kyle Orton. This is the least trustable list I have ever seen. I can't believe that Ryan Leaf is even on this list.
Not in the top 50 yet, but should be by the time he retires.
Phillip Rivers will become an all time great

31Jim McMahon
One of the greatest bear QB for sure. He was just too fragile.
Jim was the best leader of all time. When they looked into his eyes, he made them believe!
Winner winner chicken dinner how many more would the bears heve won if they kept him he played well for a long time after they traded him

32Achie Manning
Archie Manning is the bomb.
We'll never know just how good Archie Manning was. Playing for mediocre teams his entire carrer, he still became an icon in New Orleans. How great it must have been for him to see both sons win superbowls.
Not in the top 50. Probably somewhere between 51-60.

33Bob Griese
Could do it all. Always put the team first. Called his own plays.
Led the Miami Dolphins to consecutive Super Bowl wins and used the talent around him to take his team to the scores that were needed to win. Had more career touchdowns (192) than interceptions (172) and was known for his ability to adjust his play to the circumstances that existed.
Ok. This list is bad. Joe Montana is good. So is manning and Marino. But TOM BRADY? Tom Brady relies on his kicker to win Super Bowls. And he's only won one more than griese. Your insane if you think Garo won superbowls for the dolphins cause he nearly lost one. What is RG3 doing ahead of McNabb and Griese? RG3 has potential but he isn't wonderful like griese and mcnabb


34Donovan Mcnabb
Donovan McNabb should most defitnitly be in the top 10 or 25 he is one of the three qb's to go to five championships and a superbowl 22 consecutive completions against the packers 5 td's this guy is mobile crazy. He is # four on the top ten black qb's come on now give the man some credit he's up there with brady and manning if he would have won that super bowl but that didn't happen
He is better than Michael vick any day, should be to 25.
He should be higher than CunningHam


35Steve McNair
He not only could make a passing play but was willing to make a run strait through the enemies defense if he could score a first down!
Toughest quarterback of all time, even tougher than Favre
Not in the top 50. Probably somewhere between 51-60.

36Sid Luckman
The first successful T-formation quarterback in NFL history, Luckman led the Bears to four championships including one in his MVP season of 1943. Luckman still owns most of the Bears passing records.
This is the best and long forgotten quarterback - they choose to forget to help promote todays palyers and make more money but the facts are the facts! Look it up!
7 td passes in1 game, league record 28 td passes

37Eli Manning
Eli is way more clutch than half the quarterbacks on this list some of which have not ever won a Superbowl. Not to mention eli has won two super bowl despite being the underdog team in every game. He is also still in his early thirties and has a chance to win more Super bowls and more Superbowl mvps.
Definitely not the best but he is a very clutch QB, brought them super bowl 42 and soon a second
Leading the Giants to victory in super bowl 42!
[Newest]Way to low on the list ( go giants)

38Michael Vick
Truly a gifted player but had off the field issues. If he gets his act together he will slide up this list

Best athletic QB the NFL has ever seen. Should definitely be among the best, considering he has never had a complete team to help him out, the one time he had some help just look at what he did in one half of a game on the 2010 season!
[Newest]So good. Should be No.10

39Jim Plunkett
I don't understand, How on earth could so many Qbs who don't have a single Super Bowl ring, be better than a Quarterback who has 2 NFL Super Bowl Rings on his hand!?! Is everyone just unaware of the facts!?! VOTE for this guy!
Great "big game" QB. A real money player.
Are you serious? Plunkett at #50 on this list. He should be in the top twenty.
[Newest]One of the toughest quarterbacks I've ever seen.

40Matthew Stafford
He's the best no doubt.
He has been overlooked, because no playoff wins. He now has a coach that will help him become a top ten quarterback. Remember he only one of few who has passed for over 5,000 yrds in a season.
Still not even in top 60, but there's still time.

41Bobby Layne
He was the master of the two minute drill before there was a two minute drill.
Best QB to ever play football he should be in the top three

42Len Dawson
Should be higher, stats and winning seasons, Super Bowls back it up. A pinpoint passer who could also throw the long ball
Very under-rated Put up very good stats in an era when it was much harder to complete passes.
Highly under-rated quarterback. His passing game is among the best.

43Daryle Lamonica
Correction! Namath had nothing to loose when he predicted a super bowl win over the Baltimore Colts!

On a windy cold day in the AFL championship game where Lamonica's Pass was called a lateral for a Jets TD,

If called an incomplete pass, Lamonica and the Raiders would have beat the Colts in the Super Bowl and "Lamonica "is in the Hall! Compare his stats to Namath!

Of Fame not Namath! That's Football
The mad bomber.
Daryle Lamonica went 66-16-6 as a starter, good for an .801 winning percentage, best in NFL history.
Lamonica was a true Winner Tops All other Q.B's in Modern Nfl.era in winning.801%

Always made the games Exiting and played hurt all the time!

Always outplayed Namath! Just put Namath at #40 and Lamonica at #10. Namath had nothing to loose on the Super Bowl win!
[Newest]Great Quarterback, true competitor and exciting to watch.

44Jake Delhomme
Probably somewhere between 51-60.

45Matt Schaub
Why the heck is Andrew Luck in here he is a rookie
Matt Schaub Is Awful. All He Does Is Make Mistakes. You People Who Made This List Don't Know Football!
Will eventually take the Texans to the Superbowl

46Ken Stabler
Could win any close game in the last 2 minutes
Ken Stabler is easily a Top Twenty QB. Whatever order you want to place him... This league MVP, 4 time ProBowl, All time passing leader for the Raiders to this day, belongs in the Hall of Fame. He is the on the All decade team for the 70's and must take his rightful place in Canton.
During the 70's there was no better QB to get you down the field in the last two minutes of the game and throw a game winning touchdown IE The Ghost to Post. Not to mention his QB bootleg to beat the Patriots and eventually go on to beat the Vikings in Superbowl XI.
[Newest]I liked him in my memories.

47George Blanda
Excellent player but played too long.

Just go to the hall. Did everything
Did everything and played forever, but not in the top 50 of all time QBs.

48David Carr
He played at Fresno state no more said

49Matt Hasselbeck
Well he can tack down Zeus


50Joe Theismann

51Nick Foles
He's not the one who will take the eagles to big game.
He. Is very good
He's keeping the birds in the air but he wont take them to the super bowl, the eagles need a big name quarter back. I think there planning to get one soon. that's why they kept sproles out all season. they want to save him for the the real thing -Nick Dejesus

52Vinny Testaverde
he is in the top 25 in yards, touchdowns, games, and has been around forever. he was signed by Carolina on Thursday and got a win for them on Sunday at the age of 45, wow, he has the stats, and is still a great quarterback.
Played for the browns enough said

53Gary Danielson
Always slighted , but still one of the greats.
A solid QB that played on fledgling Lion teams in the 70's and 80's.

54Jake Plummer
Plummer's biggest problem was that he was Drafted by an team with little to no talent, he had to force the ball to get anything going and when he was finally traded to a team where he had something to work with he was so use to forcing the ball that he was never given a chance to develop
Underrated but he was the best bootleg

55Ken Anderson
Should have been a receiver
How is the neck Kenny?

56Matt Flynn
If he had a solid shot at with a team he could be great. Look at the comebacks he had at Green Bay in place of Rodgers with no perpetration.
Might make it to the top 45

57Ryan Tannenhill
He's really good, but the rest of the team needs some work
He is the best quarterback who ever lived

58Arnie Herber
Hall of Famer man and won 3 championships.
He changed Packer history, without him Curly and the Packers would stink bad

59Joe Kapp
Roughest toughest quarterback to play the game. Steve Sabol will back me up on that! (drafted by the Minnesota Vikings 1967)
The forgotten man. The toughest quarterback to play the game! Steve Sabol will back me up on that!

60Doug Williams
Lucky Baltimore picked him up
Best qb not enough credit for what he did should be higher

61Tobin Rote
Under-rated Charger QB of the 1960s.
MVP of the league.


62Kordell Stewart
This Steelers quarterback possessed a combination of skills as a passer, rusher, and pass receiver that is highly unusual for his position. He was called a modern-day Jim ThorpeŁ by coach Bill Cowher! How can anyone forget "Slash"? The man who made the "The Miracle of Michigan" happen?
I remember listening to bob Marley when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I've sang "No Woman No Cry" for my junior year talent show, then I sang "One Love" for my senior year... AND I WON! I still be jammin to this day to good ol' Bob, and he'll always have a special place in my heart.

63Daunte Culpepper
Ryan Leaf was the worse starting Q. B ever at least Daunte had 1 MVP like season in 2004 and R. Moss was during half that time
Blake bortales is better then this stiff

64Jim Hart
I loved to watch jim play when I was a kid. he was a great player and leader he just never had a great team of players around him.

65Kerry Collins
If this dude could have stayed sober during the "prime" of his career, he would have been in the top 10.

66Jake Locker

67Andy Dalton
I personally don't care for Andy Dalton, but I am a Bengals fan and I find it appaling that he is not on this list. Ryan Leaf? Are you KIDDING?
How come you people say he is 69 he is one of the fastest qbs of all time It has to be April fools today when you say Andy is number 69

68Josh McCown
He's better than jay cutler
He should have replaced Jay Cutler forever!
How far is ej manuel he sucks bad josh is better than a landslide!

69Geno Smith

70Trent Dilfer

71Bobby Hebert

72Bernie Kosar
One of the smartest quarterbacks ever can read the line
I watch him bring the Browns back in the game. He made the other team pay for there mistake.
Not big on style points, but a winner. And fun to watch.

73Chase Daniel
199 yards, 1 TD, pick against the Chargers

74Jason Campbell

75Brian Sipe
Brian sipe was way better than Bernie kosar!

76Johnny Manziel
Really? He hasn't played a game in the NFL, and hasn't won a starting job.
I know him because I watched him play high school football in my home town
Not even a "one hit wonder". How about a "no hit" blunder!

77Terrelle Pryor

78Jim Everett

79Marc Bulger

80Teddy Bridgewater

81Ron Jaworski
Jaws could due it all in the 4th quarter.

82Eric Svoboda
This kid is so sick at football #1 recruit in the country

83Cade McNown

84Brandon Umentum

85Fozzy Whittaker
Best player in the legue and best player coming off an injury in college and the best running back in the college
Running back of the clevland browns

Best player in the nfl

86A.J. Feeley
One of the best 3rd strings

87Tavaris Jackson
This guy is good. should at least be 15

88Lynn Dickey

89Bert Jones
Every body forgets this guy!
Ask the quarterbacks of the 70's and they will tell you what was and would have been if not for Bert getting injured!

90Roman Gabriel
One of the best of his era
Roman Gabriel was a wonderful passer. He made it look easy even with so-so talent on offense. My Vikings always found a way to beat Romans Rams but he always played better than Kapp/Fran the Man/ but Vikes always won!

91Seneca Wallace
Easily a top 5 franchise quarterback

92Charlie Whitehurst
2nd best hair in the NFL. (Troy Pom-a-lom-a-lu)

93Scott Tolzien
Spin move V. Jared Allen. Enough said

94Brian Hoyer
How did this bum even get in the running? He is a playoff killer. hoyer the playoff destroyer!
This guy is it, you'll see.

95Troy Smith

96Tim Couch

97EJ Manuel

98Jeff Tuel

99Brad Johnson

100Jimmy Garoppolo

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