Best Quarterbacks in NFL History


I just wanted to tweak the list a bit. Take into consideration if the teams made the quarterback, or if the quarterback made the teams.

The Top Ten

Otto Graham

Ten years, ten championships. Definition of a winner.

2Dan Marino

What do the Dolphins have to look back on other than dan Marino, a true record setter, and even without a super bowl win, you cannot question that he alone made the Dolphins a force. Since Dan, they continue to suck.

3Tom Brady

This guy is good, but before I place him higher, I would appreciate seeing how the rest of his career goes. If you want stats: 3 super bowl rings, 2 MVP titles, and a consistently high passer rating.

4Joe Montana

He is not number one because he had Jerry Rice, and an all star 49ers team. Other than that, he is a household name, plain and simple.

5Steve Young

He is statistically the most accurate passer in history. Picking up where Montana left off, he swiftly filled the shoes of a quarterback that he almost surpassed.

6Peyton Manning

By taking a year off, Manning effectively proved how valuable he truly is. Speaking of valuable, 4 time MVP of the NFL.

7John Elway

If anyone knew how to not only throw like an elite quarterback, but run like an elite halfback, it was John Elway. 2 super bowls back to back.

8Drew Brees

He already has a super bowl, he already has the passing yardage record for a season, who knows what else Drew Brees has in store for us?

9Johnny Unitas

We owe modern quarterbacking to Johnny U.

10Roger Staubach

Made America's Team... Well... Just that.

Dishonorable Mentions: items that don't deserve to be listed anywhere near the top ten

Ryan Leaf

This guy sucks. No further comments.

Alex Smith

First overall pick looks to be a waste; the 49ers, ironically, are now carried by a running back, Frank Gore. Smith needs to up his damn game.

Joe Flacco

How much more ballsy can he be? Saying he is one of the top 5 quarterbacks currently. This man needs to learn his place, and learn how to throw.

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