Dan Marino


This list is proof positive that you should be required to take some kind of test regarding some kind of knowledge about NFL players of all eras, not to mention actually knowing something about what they accomplished individually.

This list probably needs to be renamed "Best QB'S on teams that have won Super Bowls." For reasons defying all logic, many people do not have a clear understanding that winning Super Bowls is a team accomplishment, and for silly reasons they link great QB's with number of SB wins.

Any list of great players from any position, in any sport, should be overwhelmingly based on individual statistical accomplishments. I'm not saying that Super Bowls/championships should not be considered at all, but it's not the first thing.

I think Marino was the best overall talent and showcased that talent in 1984, a year where he had the best talent around him during his career. Unfortunately, Miami was never able to get him enough help during his time ...more - jfausti

This was a hard decision to make because there are a lot of great quarterbacks with different styles and from different eras. Why I picked Marino over my other options (Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, or Johnny Unitas) is that he had the least amount of talent around him. Terry Bradshaw had a great o-line and Stallworth and Swann to throw to, of course he won a lot of games, how could the guy miss? Who did Marino have? The guy was great on his own, and that was what made him great. Also, we are in the age of Quarterbacks, yet his numbers are still holding up well (Even though Brees and Brady have passed him). In an age where there are more passing plays, he is still in a lot of top five stat columns. Enough said.

The Class of '85 is amazing. Jim Kelly, John Elway and Dan Marino. BTW if Steve Young wouldn't have taken 2 years off before College he would be in the class of '85 as well. Marino is terribly underrated. Too much emphasis on Championships. But since the QB doesn't get to choose his teammates I think its rediculous. Lastly, somebody has to tell the Steeler fans to stop voting for Bradshaw. If you look at the stats you will see he needs to move down. But I suppose if you judge a QB by championships he should be #1. I suppose he invented the steel curtain? - XO

Dan "The Man" Marino is the greatest to play the game. Not only because he capitalized even with the lack of talent on the roster throughout his time with the organization, but as a sophomore in the league broke every single season passing record in an era where DB's had the advantage and run n gun spread offense was still not even considered by many coaches.

Instead he thrived in a hard nosed league at the age of 23 until he was 37-39. He individually put two receivers on the brink of being hall of famers Mark brothers, Fryer. Even with no running game he managed to keep Dolphins in the heat of the AFC East title every year. The fire and determination you could see in Dan Marino play made me idolize the work ethic he put forward, and being born in 1992 myself I never had to many memories of watching the great, but over the years I have done nothing but look at game film of Marino, and his release precision, and confidence is unheralded in today's NFL. He is one QB ...more

Dan is without a doubt the best QB ever. The only knock on Dan is that "he" never won a championship. Football is a TEAM sport! If he would've won even 1 super bowl he would be considered not only the greatest QB but the greatest PLAYER ever! I've seen them all play in their primes. He was that good! Elway & Montana are close seconds. Peyton, Tom & Drew play in an era where the rules were changed make offenses much better. So QB's are getting much higher stats now. Dan was the best.

If the darn Steelers took him in the 83 draft when they had a shot at him, Marino would be #1 on this list. First, he would have sat behind Terry Bradshaw is rookie year and learned how to be a champ. Second, he would have had a defense to help support him in his quest to win a Super Bowl. Last, Pittsburgh, with Dan Marino would have would have won at least 3 Super Bowls in thhe 80s and 90s, maybe more. This would put the greatest pure passer in the history of the NFL, to the top of any list. It's a shame he spent his whole career with those losers in Miami!

If Dan Marino played today, he would have better numbers than Manning, Brady, etc. He played during a more run-oriented league yet still holds the record for passing yards in a season. He never had a Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Jerry Rice, or anyone close to throw to. The top 4 should be: 1. Marino, 2. Unitas, 3. Otto Graham, 4. Montana.

He is the best that is all I have to say. I mean he had the most single season passing yards before the 2011 post-season. He could lead a team better than anyone and he was better in the 90's than the 80's. I mean what kind of QB gets much better with age? Joe Montana definitely did not age very good. Look at his post San Francisco career with the Chiefs. Dan Marino is the best QB ever.

He has poised accuracy and has the leadership to win and make his teammates better.

Throughout his career, Dan Marino had no defense, no running game, and marginal wide receivers (Clayton, Duper etc). He still held numerous passing records and made his team competitive throughout his time in the NFL. All the other quarterbacks on this list won by playing on All-Star teams. This list is a joke.

Marino was the most competitive spirit on the field! What many mistook as disgust with his teammates was simple competitive spirit. Given better defensive teams or a quality RB to balance the attack & keep opposing defenses honest he would surely had multiple Super Bowls championships. This guy simply got it done more times than not with far less talent around him. Goodness, the Dolphins are STILL looking for his replacement!

One 1000 yard rushing season from a running back on his team in 17 seasons. Has or had at least held almost every passing record in the NFL. Give him almost any of the running backs that ANY of the above quarterbacks had during his career and guaranteed he would have won multiple superbowls as well.

dan the man! the best ever, never won a super bowl but it also takes a team to do that not just one person. you put marino on the 49er's in the 80's and he would have super bowls to. and it took favre a lot more games to do what marino did. number 6 on this list don't think so number 1, think about it.

He is the greatest quarterback ever hands down. If you take super bowls out of this Dan the Man would be #1 by far. He threw for 5,000 yards in his SECOND year. 2 players of Marino never achieved this in there whole career. He didn't have any great receivers (he had good ones) and all 4 players in front of Dan had at least one hall of fame receiver or tight end. If he had one ring, Marino would be in the talk for greatest QB ever. Thank you.

Would have had multiple super bowls if they had ever given him a top 10 defense or running back. Elway ended up with two at the back end of his career only because of the Davis. What could Marino accomplished with a Emmitt Smith, Walter Payton, or Marcus Allen.

Marino number three on my list Montana Brady how can you put two quarterbacks over Marino. Peyton and Favre won superbowls on good teams. Marino put up numbers on bad teams and changed football. Favre captain joke and Manning best regular season quarterback ever - dwells1285

Marino was better than Elway and really holds the record for most come from behind wins. If he had better teams he would have won a lot of Super Bowls. I put him at number 4 or 5 all time.

Look at his stats, statistically he is the best QB to ever play the game, the only reason he isn't higher is because he never won a superbowl. He has 61,361 career passing yards, where as Joe Montana threw for 40,551 yards in his career, the kicker here is that Dan Marino played for 16 years, and Joe Montana played for 14, only two years less than Marino.

Dan Marino was the greatest QB of all time... Because the rest of his team couldn't help get them to a Super Bowl, he is thought of as less than the greatest by some. He will always be the greatest to his true fans!

The Dolphins got the steal of the 1983 draft when Marino surprisingly fell to them at No. 27. By the time he retired following the 1999 season the prolific Marino had put had put his name atop nearly every passing record.

He might not have won a Super Bowl, but a Super Bowl win is a team victory. A true stand alone great quarterback is a record holder and no other has held the records that Dan Marino has held!

Most Completions, Career: 4,967
Most Yards Passing, Career: 61,361
Speaks for itself.
My vote for #1 Montana only had 40,000 yards passing. Huh!!!

Dan marino is amazing. He is excellent and has great accuracy. When he throws that ball it goes in the touchdown baby! Dan Marino Is a legend. Go Dolphins!

The most amazing passer the game has ever seen. I think he's a little too low on this list. Sad he never got his ring. Makes you wonder, what if Dan "the man" Marino got his ring?

Simply the best quarterback ever, best arm, did anyone see pitt beat Georgia at the end of the game? Danny took control and even said that he got this