Queen Songs No Other Rock Group Can Pull Off

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1Seaside Rendezous

Seaside, whenever you stroll along with me... Ah, so joyful and happy and. The song only Queen can pull off. It sounds like it's from the 20's and 30's! I really enjoy this song and it reminds me of Steamboat Willie (don't ask). It's such a jollification as a matter of fact.

2Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon

A song that not many even know but as an avid Queen fan I discovered this song and have loved it since. It's on my iPod of course. I promised myself I'll do everything this song says one week.

3The Millionare Waltz

I heard it and was like W T F? Then started dancing shortly after. This song is a song that you obviously must waltz to. Very random but AWESOME, nonetheless.

4Bring Back That Leroy Brown

Ah, this is another one that gives you that 20's 30's vibe! A very good song Freddie has written and no one can get away with it now. Bring back, bring back, bring back that Leroy Brown (YEAH! )

5Bicycle Race

I can't see anyone but Queen doing a song like Bicycle and making it to number one! There IS a HUGE rock vibe from it but I just don't see any other band doing it!

6Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

One of those songs when you're in the mood you just get right up and sing along. It can't get much better and it is my number one most played... (Soon will change to another QUEEN song). One song only Queen can do and even though it sounds the way it does, it's still rock! (glam rock, but still rock. )

7Good Company

Brian May wrote and sing this one and you know what? NO ONE CAN OUTDO IT! I'd like to see it. Ha ha I don't if people would even try.

8I Want To Break Free

The reason this is on the list is because I see it would would be hard to replicate. And of course, the video can never be replicated.

9Radio Ga Ga

Not many should try this song. Who dares? The song is a master piece by Roger and it's be hard to redo in a way becuase (a) the vocals (b) the song and everything in between!

10The Invisible Man

The start of the song mostly and of course a groove no rock band can do because they are Queen and not many bands can get their names in their own songs with out sounding vain! :D

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11Bohemian Rhapsody
12The Show Must Go On
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