Best Queen Songs

Queen are a seminal English rock band, formed in 1970 in London by John Deacon, Brian May, Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor. Britain's most successful band of the past three decades, the band rose to prominence during the mid-to-late 1970s and still retain a large international fan base. This is a list of Queen's all time greatest songs. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Bohemian Rhapsody
The Perfect Queen song, along with Somebody to love and march of the black Queen
There is no competition.
"So you think you can stop me and spit in my eye?! "
This song expresses a difference of music style and it's great...
[Newest]Every time this comes on the radio, I'm struck by its absolute perfection.
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2Don't Stop Me Now
I absolutely love this song - Freddie is in his finest form on this track and you can tell he absolutely loves singing it - he freaking ROCKS it! Lyrically excellent, ahead of it's time (like most Queen songs), timeless and as fresh today as the day the track was laid down - Freddie was a true genius, best voice in the business and this shows it in all it's glory - miss you every day Freddie, so glad you can visit me every time I hear your voice... RIP to the best EVER
This song is amazing. The tune is great, the lyrics are amazing and Freddy's voice is top notch in this epic song. Definetely one of the best ever.
This is my #2 favorite by Queen forever. I can't get sick of it! Amazing vocals, makes you want to dance, awesome instrument stuff, it's mind blowing!
[Newest]He is a sex machine ready to reload

3The Show Must Go On
In my opinion Freddie Mercury's greatest vocals is portrayed in this song. So I vote this up
The best song ever is so powerfull you feel and understand the suffering he have but then he try to calm you but is hard to lose someone so talented. we miss you freddy...
Absolutely awesome song! The combination of Freddie's vocals, Brian's Guitar and Roger's drums is just epic!
[Newest]Overrated: can't say this one's too special. Honestly, I can name at least 10 better Queen songs than this last gasp.

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4We Are the Champions
Amazing power ballad - the way Freddie sings it is with all his feeling. It is an very underrated song and I just adore it


This one isn't made for less than top 3! It should be competing for first place with Bohemian Rhapsody! What a Genius Freddie was! We are the champions, my friends, and we'll keep on fighting till the end! We are the champions! We are the champions! No time for losers because we are the champions! At the world
A Very underrated song, people see it as too much of a novelty song.
[Newest]The best song ever in music period.

5We Will Rock You
Nobody, and I mean nobody can sing this except Freddie
I think it has a cool beat and good lyrics.
The classic stadium chant. Between the lyrics and the drums- you'll be sure to be pumped up.
[Newest]The fast version of this song is even better and the drums are SO fast.

6Somebody to Love
I love Queen! This is my favorite by them, they are so epic!


Freddie's greatest vocal performance! (And that's saying a lot! )
Song Is brilliant in my case, shame glee had to go and ruin it.


[Newest]It's a good song for the love

7Another One Bites the Dust
Coolest beat ever. Such a great song.

"And another one gone, and another one gone, and another one bites the dust!.. "
This song is totally sweet. I mean have you heard the beat 'cause it is rocking'. GO QUEEN!
This record proves that Freddie could sing in any style he chose. The man was a genius.
[Newest]The bass is so awesome! 8)

8Killer Queen
Killer queen is a very good song I really like the high notes along with it it flows well that way. Although I do like we are the champions killer queen is my favorite!
It's just great: It has a really good beat and I love to hear it over and over again! Bohemian Rapsody is great too, although I'll be on "Killer Queen"'s side now.
The turning point of Queen was this great song... Just listen to it
[Newest]Very intelligent lyrics and a well played guitar solo

9I Want to Break Free
Amazing song. It's so great, but so underrated. The video was just as a joke, but I adore it anyway!
It is obvious why this song is the best Queen song - because it was written non other than John Deacon. He may have not written that many songs, but most of them were huge!
Excellent song of those years. I believe that this song has the value throughout the years. I am very proud that an Indian has sang this song. With great remembrance I am very proud the great man has given an excellent song.
[Newest]The video is pretty funny to be honest!

10Under Pressure
I love this song it's so catchy and the lyrics are epic. They have so much meaning and I listen to this song all the time. I just hate that vanilla ice messed it up with his very similar song ice ice baby. Now when most people hear the opening they think that I'm playing ice ice baby
I get in love with it when I first time heard it, I love the lyric which is so encouraging. the rhythm is so great that I can say I will never get bore with it even listen to it every single minute.
It's the best song that I've ever heard in my life. The music world miss you too Freddy!
[Newest]I love this one so much. This one should be on the top. "Why can't we give love, give love, give love..." Damn.

The Contenders

11I Want It All
If you like Queen, that's because you're have an excellent taste in music!
If you don't Like it, you can start with this song!


This song is masterpiece - very well written, produced and performed. "I Want It All" is my personal favorite song by Queen but I do love everything from this legendary band


This is an amazin' song. Can't everyone see that! This song should be higher up...
[Newest]The best by Queen

12Radio Ga Ga
There's a key change in there that makes me glad to be alive!
Musical genius! Wonderful composition and lyrics, a true work of art.
A great song to clap with. Fantstic music and lyrics. Really good live. Epic.
[Newest]Had to vote for this because it was too low on the list. This is a great song with a great message

13Who Wants to Live Forever?
Ummm... duh? This song is so dramatic and lyrically awesome! Not to mention the delivery is totally rocking'! Listen to it and you will understand the wonders that this song portrays.
With the exception of the greatest rock and roll song of all time (it does not need to be named) this is Queen's best song!

I don't like to use the word epic too many times in one month, but I think it needs to happen for this.
I can't believe how perfect this song is. It's unbelievably incredible. Maybe not only the best song I have ever listened from Queen but also the best song I have ever listened ever in my entire life.
[Newest]This song is my favorite. Funny thing is I'm listening to it while I'm typing this. The way Freddie sings it is just captivating and really nice and has that true statement in it but seriously the song is too good to be out of top 10 come on! If you vote any other song (with the exception of a few others) there is something messed up with your brain

This is a masterpiece of human culture and music genius.
Shame not to be among the top three Queen songs.
Haunting Epic, I just love it. Saying that I do love all Queen songs, I am sure I'm like many Queen fans, who can't choose a favorite song.
But I love this song, its weird, its like jumping into a bi-polar opera. Its also a song where if you've heard it once or a million times, your still like... I'd love to know what this bizarre song is about?
love the lyrics "You can be anything you want to be
Just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be"


[Newest]This song, along with The Prophet's Song, The Show Must Go On, and The March Of the Black Queen are real and true contenders to be considered better than Bohemian Rhapsody. Along with Bohemian Rhapsody these four songs should be in the first four positions. I grew up with Queen and these songs break barriers in brilliance that very few bands have ever matched. Innuendo is Queen's progressive rock at it's finest. Amazing and thought provoking!

15The March of the Black Queen
This, as part of the quad of songs on Queen II, Fairy Feller's Masterstroke/Nevermore/March Of The Black Queen/Funny How Love Is simply is the best work Queen ever did for me... they show them at their very peak as a hard rock band, and showed glimpses of future songs like Bo Rap in it's layered operatic vocals and instruments... sublime...
Very underrated song from a very underrated album. It's a shame that Bohemian Rhapsody is so well known and this is so under appreciated. :/
Probably one of the best song ever written by Queen... A Masterpiece of inspiration, with smart arrangements and wonderful vocals and backings. Bohemian kinda put some shadow of this song which is nevertheless as good as Rhapsody, and much darker too. Queen rules!
[Newest]An underrated gem that's for sure! Bohemian Rhapsody came second, March of the Black Queen came first! Bohemian Rhapsody is my favorite song, but come on! This song is awesome too!

16Fat Bottomed Girls
18th place? Seriously? This song definitely should be in the top 10
I absolutely LOVE, LOVE this song! I've always been bigger and the 1st time I heard this and really listened to the words I was very self conscious because well you know how kids can be. But when I heard that song that's when my self esteem started to rise! YAY for them!
This song deserves top ten. Without a doubt. Its been my all time queen favourite. I had first listened to it when I was a kid and it was my favourite then too.
[Newest]This is a great song! It's not anything like we are the champions or the show must go on, but this should be higher.

17Love of My Life
This is the first time I heard this song, and I loved it immediately. Its just wonderful. And his voice - its so magical. I heard the live version - and the way he interacts with the audience - is so masterful. He had them in the palm of his hand.
Beautiful piano, beautiful guitar... It is really deep and inspiring. It is the most beautiful Queen ballad.
It is, perhaps, the only song by Queen that may works without Freddie's voice. I mean, it sounds spectacularly with those Chopin chords, Freddie's carisma makes it irresistible also Brian twelve-string guitar. Every time I listen to this at Wembley Stadium break in cry. There are -to be specifier NO EXIST- words to describe it. May be not the final song by this group, but surely the prettiest!
[Newest]This song is so beautiful. Freddie's voice just carries the lyrics. Brian is awesome. I'm learning to play this on my acoustic guitar. Thinking about how Freddie died and listening to this song always makes me cry.

18The Prophet's Song
THIS is the first power metal song ever and everything is superb especially Brian May's guitar work and the canon section in the middle with overdubbed vocals by Freddie.
It seems like nobody ever knows about this song! This, and Liar, Innuendo beat Bohemian Rhapsody by miles! Starts calmly, and proceeds to the vocal section and finally the epic ending. Number one Queen song, and it's what makes A Night at the Opera the best Queen album.
Most unique, absolutely classic. Vocals achieves peak notes.
[Newest]This song is one of the most epic songs I've ever heard! I absolutely love the lyrics and the guitar work. It's just simply a masterpiece in queen and one of their many hidden gems.

19Crazy Little Thing Called Love
"Ready freddie? "
catchy, old school rock, and a great person in the vocals... a recipe for success!
Too many good songs to pick. So I just picked the first that came to mind.
This is so unfair! How can you Possibly pick 'the best Queen song'? They're ALL THE BEST!
I love all the famous ones, but I absolutely Adore the lesser known ones, the ones familiar to only avid Queen fans (like me and you). With their eclectic mix, there's something for everyone, whether it's soft, or fast and furious, or everything in between, Queen's got it all. From the loveliness of Love Of My Life, Nevermore, Lily Of The Valley, & Save Me to the fury of Stone Cold Crazy, Dead On Time, and We Will Rock You (fast version! ); I love them all.
That's why Queen is So much more than their hits! Their hidden gems are a treasure trove of ecstasy!
Freddie's voice is so magnificent, and his passion so fierce, that anything he sings is my favorite! He is the most stunningly awesome performer ever to grace the Earth!
[Newest]Fun song. Love watching Queen perform it at Wembley, 1986.

20Too Much Love Will Kill You
A song straight from Freddie's heart. This is the song that made me fall in love with Queen. It's amazing how Freddie touches hearts. He sings his soul out in this one.
I simply love this song! Awesome chorus and singing, and also awesome lyrics and message in it! I actually understood this song and I felt pretty sad and like "yea" fred's right from this one. this should be in one of the top ten guys...
What an incredably great voice did he have! The way he sings this chorus makes me chiver!
[Newest]Really? This is my favorite queen song 19th? Wow just wow

21You're My Best Friend
I love this song! we sung it for choral night and we won out of Killer Queen, Dont stop me Now and Bohemian Rhapsody!
I agree this should be in the top 3. It's a classic.
This song is way better than 13th! Should be in their top 3.
[Newest]If this isn't the most beautiful love song of all times and it doesn't touch your heart I don't what's wrong with you..

22Save Me
It is a very good song. At least top 20!
Oh... What a wonderful Queen ballad song! My favourite song with Bohemian Rhapsody, Don't Stop Me Now. And my top 3 is Save Me. It should be least at top 15!


Involve Freddie's real life experience about a close friend who's relationship has ended
[Newest]No one ever talks about this song. It's so beautiful.

23These Are the Days of Our Lives
This is the cutest song ever i love it along with every other one of there songs lol queen is by far one of the best bands there was and probably ever will be! Freddie Mercury was a genius when it came to singing and writing the songs!Everyone knows the words to at least one of Queen's songs , im only 16 and i no the words to about 50 of them lol like i said there awsome and thers never gonna be another band like them!!!
The song with the most heart and soul. Even though the song was not for saying goodbye to the fans, it was a heartfelt goodbye and extremely sad knowing that freddie died shortly afterward
just so underrated! beautiful song


[Newest]Most Underrated Queen Song. It should be top 20 at all!

The thing I like about Queen is each of their songs tells a story thats greater than most blockbuster movies, without telling you EXACTLY whats gonna happen... youre allowed to like write your own story while listening and 39' is the perfect example of this and one of the most underrated song not just by Queen but by any band...


Simply the most beautiful and uplifting Brian May vocals/composition ever. Give it a listen, it's on A Night At The Opera. Should've been a single...
Phenomenal song! It has a great story behind it, and it's beautifully written. I have no idea how it's so unpopular.
Don't Stop Me Now and We Will Rock You are so overrated.
[Newest]My favourite Queen song.

25A Kind of Magic
What an epic song
Only freddie can do the live concerts and make them sound so good
Great lyrics. Fine melody. Anything Freddie put his magical vocals to is great. Loved Queen back in the day. Still love 'em just as much today. I wish we had smart phones back when I saw them in concert.
A beatiful song. Great guitar work from Brian.

26Hammer to Fall
Best. Queen. Song. Ever.

Has to be in the top ten greatest Queen songs ever.

After listening to all rated and underrated Queen songs for so many years, Hammer is my absolute favourite. Metal bands, this song shows how the hammer must fall. Quote: Best. Queen. Song. Ever.
Great rocking' tune, I play it all the time at the pool table. Good message too, brings you into the moment. LIVE for today!
[Newest]I like this song too much. But, it's so overrated.

27One Vision
At least number 10... At least number ten...
Gimme fried chicken! Always makes me chuckle
Best song ever written. Ever

28Tie Your Mother Down
This one really sent the crowd in a frenzy.


I really expected this to be in the top 5, this is way out of place.
Most powerful beat and lyrics ever

29Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
I love every song by Queen, especially Somebody to Love, but at this point this gets my vote. They mix the classic music, and the rock kinda style. The singing is so perfect, I just love it. And this is exactly how a lot of us "boys" feel.

"HEY BOY" gives me chills, I wish I could travel back in time and give Freddie the cure for aids, or bring him back to life today.
I think this song should be a little higher up at least! I mean, have you people listened to it? It's awesome especially when Brian may makes his guitar sound live a violin in the beginning when Freddie is singing, "I can serenade and gently play from my heartstrings, ve a Valentino just for you. "

I don't know, I just love that song even the beat is catchy!
If you check my iPod's top 25 most played, this is number 1. Whenever I think of this song, I hear Freddie singing the beginning. Wonderful and well written.
[Newest]Definitely Queen's more underrated song

30Princes of the Universe
Holy crap are you kidding me. THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING SONG EVER. There is no way to describe it.
One of the best songs of Queen ever! It's no way of getting bored with this song!
Freddie really puts himself to the limit.
Really? 31? This is the most amazing song ever.. This one should be right under Bohemian Rhapsody

31Brighton Rock
Love Bohemian Rhapsody, of course, but if I could take only one Queen track this would be it
Brian's song here has me under. I had gotten new songs on my iPod and I never used to listen to this then I clicked play and just... Wow this has an amazing solo, everything about it is just amazing.
Still remember hearing this for the first time... And being blown away by the fantastic Brian May solo. The lyrics and chorus also stick in the mind. Queen at their rocking' best
[Newest]I don't like the extremely long guitar solo, but I love the rest!
The change between falsetto and head voice is just awesome:

"still some maGIC IN THE AIR"

32It's a Hard Life
Freddie wrote deep inside from his heart.
"But I'll always live for tomorrow
I'll look back on myself and say I did it for love"
Pure genius
Ah come on! This song is pure Freddy in it's brilliance!
Freddie at his majestic best. Easily queens finest

Shocked this song scores so lowly! Definitely one of their best songs, brilliant beat ^^ vocals by Freddie!
Breakthru is definitely one of their best songs! I really love it.. this song gives you a boost! :-)
This song should easily be in the top 10! Great bass riff and brilliant beat with Freddie's vocals making it into something special
[Newest]Most underrated queen song

34Friends Will Be Friends
A great song. A recent discovery for me, but I consider it a classic in my playlist. The guitar solo at the end always moves me. LISTEN TO IT NOW!
I love this song! I should be higher for sure, can´┐Ż't believe it's not even top 20!
I remember listening to it, nonstop when I was a little girl, brings great memories back.
Sure... Friends will be friends.. awesome lyrics. wish it could at least reach the top 15 of their list.. SIMPLy AmazinG.
[Newest]Just a great song! And the extended version is even better!

35My Fairy King
Such an AMAZING song. Roger's high falsettos are just beyond epic! Easily one of Queen's most underrated songs, as is with all the songs from the Queen and Queen II albums. :/
"My Fairy King" is the best Queen-song, I think. Just great!
I've listened a LOT to Queen since 1992...

36Keep Yourself Alive
Keep yourself alive. Keep yourself alive. All you people. Keep yourself alive. Wish Freddie was able to do that.
The absolute best song. Big punch!

37Seven Seas of Rhye
Freddie's piano riff automatically deserves a top ten spot!
Amazing song launching Queen as a quality band. Glam enough to fit the era; distinct by all means. Truly amazing.
Absolutely amazing song... One of their best hits, in my opionion.
[Newest]This deserves at least 20 spots higher

38Death On Two Legs
This song is one of the few songs by queen that utilizes the instrumental side of music. Nearly all other queen songs are strictly vocal. The beat and composition of this song is revolutionary and seems to me like a Cheap Trick inspiration.
One of the best examples of how Queen was ahead of their time... unique, dynamic and catchy.
The whole song is amazing. It really showcases Brian's ability on the guitar
[Newest]Full of spite with one of the best intros ever recorded, it's the perfect antidote when you're feeling enraged!

39Heaven for Everyone
Beautiful and optimistic song
Why this song isn't in top 20?
Because they only like queen before freddie died.
Can't you see that? The guitar solo?

40Great King Rat
This is really awesome song, I love it very much. This is the one of the most innovative song of greatest band queen. And by the way, what a speed of Freddie Mercury with a very clear pronouns...

41Bicycle Race
This song is just so sweet!
This song is amazing ya its not the best one but still it is great to listen to this song inspires me listen to it sometime queen is the best band ever
How can this song not be in the top 100 Queen songs when it's one of the 50 greatest songs ever by anyone!
[Newest]Video is so funny

what a voice. what a voice.

43It's Late
One of the first rock songs to use the finger tap guitar technique. Yes, even before Van Halen.
Best queen song by a mile
One of the best guitar songs ever

44A Winter's Tale

45Spread Your Wings
One of the sweetest Deacon's contribution on the band
The best version of the song! It's just so perfect! I knew It's a shame that no one knows about this version!
The most beautiful song queen ever made topped of by that lovely solo towards the end.

46Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)
Beautiful. Stunning piece of music and the lyrics aren't bad either

Whoa, only 61?! Liar is at least top 10, no joke! It was the crown Jewel of Queen I and their best live song for their first few years of touring. Queen's first two albums clearly are seriously overlooked if Liar can't be considered one of their best.
By far my favorite song from Queen! Very unique for its time. Although the lyrics are really strange, Brian May's intro will really rock your socks! This should be higher up on the list. It's one of those songs that make Queen unique.
Hmm, we got to do something! This song can't be nr 62, so I prefer to put my vote to this song (sorry if I wrote something wrong somewhere in my english... I'm from sweden! )
[Newest]From the first album... together with Black Sabbath, the start of heavy metal!

48Mother Love
I don't know why people don't put that song at the top of the best songs of queen, she's from very far the best amazing song of group!
Giving me the goosebumps every time! So deep, so sad...

49Stone Cold Crazy
This is what started some big 80s bands out there. Very underrated. I voted for it because I wanted to put that out there. I was gonna vote for something else, but I figured this should be higher on the list. Anyway, I only know 1 other kid who knows and loves this song. Thanks Ray.
Long live Queen. Long live Freddie Mercury. Freddie Mercury, we all miss you greatly and wish you were with us today. RIP.
The more I scrolled the more I thought I had accidentally glazed over this song and it was actually up way higher. Then I found this... ALL THE WAY DOWN AT 72?!?! Seriously, this is a masterpiece of a song that essentially crafted the thrash metal genre and would go on to help birth bands such as Metallica! A legendary song and definitely much more deserving a spot much higher than 72
Holy crap, what the heck is this song doing down here. This is one of Queen's greatest songs! One of the first thrash metal songs ever. And you have to love that sexy guitar solo. This list is just stone cold crazy

50Dragon Attack
Hey it should not be ranked #47, it is the coolest song of Queen with mind blowing funk. It should be among the top five. It is even better than "Another one bites the Dust". In fact it should be ranked after Bohemian Rhapsody.
Definitely Queen's funkiest song, just listen to the bass solo, drum solo and guitar solo, this song is amazing!
Very underrated funky tune. Obviously it's not as well-known as Bohemian Rhapsody or Don't Stop Me Now, but I love it!


[Newest]WHAT?!?! Why the hell is this 49

51Sail Away Sweet Sister
I think this is one of the most unrated song, I think its a good song, however its not as popular as Bohemian Rhapsody or We Are The Champions. So, I think you will never disappointed if you listen to this song
Beautiful song. That's all I can see

52The Millionaire Waltz
I don't know why these song isn't at the top 10, is like a "Bohemian Rhapsody" but more underrated.
A true classic rock ballad, beautifully music style changings during this song.
This song is mind blowingly good! How can you not love it. It has everything you want and need in a perfect song. Amazing
[Newest]This song is so underrated. the bass is the best!

I love this song so much and I am sure everyone else will love it too, just listen to it and you will understand how great and underrated this song is.
I heard it once great work by the legends you must at least ahve this in your top 50

54Lily of the Valley

55Some Day One Day
What a sweet Brian May composition...simply beautiful.

56Don't Try Suicide

57The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke
This is my favorite queen song ever. Listen to ogre battle first it flows into this song.

58I Was Born to Love You
The rhythm captures you from the first word and you can't do anything unless continue till the last second!
I was born to love queen!
Seriously this song should be higher in the list.
[Newest]I really love this song...

59Staying Power

60Play the Game
Even though in album version I think that there are other better songs from Queen, this one on live stage is just SICK! Seriously: Montreal 81, Sao Paulo 81, go take a look. Super vocals.
I can't believe this got left out
This is one of my favorites. Love when Freddie plays the piano. The entire group is talent. Super drums. Super guitars. Super a Queen

61The Miracle
Incredible song and beauty words. The change at the end is simply awesome. For me, this song deserves to be in top 20.
It has a nice beat to it, and the lyrics are so meaningful.
This is one of my favorite songs from queen! How can it not be in the top 10?!
[Newest]This song is great!

62The Invisible Man
great song, you cannot beat this one if you were looking for a good rock song with a danceable beet


This is the most underrated Queen Song.
That's right! This song has wonderful beat and powerful! It should be top at all, right?


63Khashoggi's Ship
Really cool guitar, and the intro is just so awesome!

64Dreamer's Ball
People, don't follow the what people have already done. Bohemian rhapsody and the toppers are truly unique, but one must have a broad-minded attitude, especially to Queen's Songs. Dreamer's Ball is a song that requires such a perspective, if it is to be appreciated out the wealth of amazing songs by queen. It takes time to find a song like this, it took me 2 years, but it was totally worth the wait. I can't seem to move past this song. Its rating is understandable, but in terms of what a queen song does, Its equals, or even surpasses all of the top 10.

65You Don't Fool Me
Il love this song! The guitar solo is so amazing!
The music, the voice! I love this song

The only bad thing about this song is that it's too short. Other than that It's one of the best songs by queen ever and for me should be placed on number 1. It's freddie showing every side of his voice guided by just a piano, it can't get better than this!
A dream by Freddie's sister changed into a musical fable by his genius. Enchanted vision of beauty, peaceful landscapes with a touch of sadness for a love which will be "nevermore". Riccardo Ivani - Italia
Excellent song. Deserves to be on the top 10 list. Please appreciate the good music people!

67Now I'm Here
The only Queen song which proves that these guys were real Rockers at heart. Should be number one, but people are sheep...
Awesome song with a great guitar riff!

68No One But You (Only the Good Die Young)
The most emotional rock song ever.

"One by one, only the good die young! "


Such an inspiring song, just after the death of Freddie Mercury.
I love this song so much. Because it's very emotional song. But I think it's too low.

69Let Me Live
This song with too much love will kill, is the songs were you can hear mmost feelings from freddie, and hearing this I kinda feel is struggle in that time of he's life (when he was sick), basicly this is a song about his hardest times of his life, and there for you can also feel him more, absolutely the best queen song have ever made. Bohemian rapsody is absolutely the most revolutionary song from them, but that's not the same as the best song.
Brilliant vocals from Mercury, Taylor and May. I think it should be in the top 10 as it is just such an amazing song, and it is one
Are You joking this song is very very good why so low? Listen to this song and then start voting..Should be in top ten...
[Newest]So underrated song from so underrated album

70Don't Try So Hard
The voice of freddie is so perfect and amazing in this song

71Flick of the Wrist

72Man On the Prowl
I love the lyrics and tunes... Another perfect song from Queen!

73Las Palabras de Amor
This is one of the best songs of all time! I can't believe its not even on the list!
People were crazy. Why is it's not included at least in the Top 20.. ? The most underrated song from Queen, EVER... !
For my personal choice, this should be the number 1.

74Made In Heaven
What a awesome song. Shame nobody knows about it.
Definitely in the top 10. Absolutely fantastic. How do you fit all their songs in the top 10. There are too many great ones to choose from. The Greatest band in the world. Too bad I'll never see them live.
The most blissful sound for your ears. Can't believe this piece was not made in heaven.
[Newest]Everyone should listen this

One of the best by Queen

75Is This the World We Created...?
This song deserves a place in the top 10... At least in the top 15. A Beautiful song, a brother of Heal the World.
What a beautiful song! Why this song is so low?


76Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon
I think this song deserves to be placed much higher in the list as this is easily amongst the best songs on 'A Night at the Opera' and certainly shouldn't be overlooked for its short length. Delightfully whimsical and one of my personal favourite Queen songs, I very highly recommend it.
Feel like a sir... Jajaja its an awesome song, short but the piano, vocals and guitar work are very good, brian solo is very catchy and good!

77Ride the Wild Wind

78Rain Must Fall

79Get Down, Make Love

80Tenement Funster
A hidden treasure I found from Queen, sung by Roger. Really underrated!
I don't think that Freddie is the only one that can sing in the band - Roger is great to!
John Deacon performs well with his bass here.

81In the Lap of the Gods... Revisted
I'm not going to be one of the many people here saying "this HAS to be in top 5" or "SO much better than We Are The Champions, which is overrated. " It's not fair to hate on brilliant songs simply because they got more fame and recognition than songs that you think are just as good. With that being said, I think this is one of, if not THE, most magical and powerful song ever. I love We Are The Champions and We Will Rock You, but I think it's kind of sad that they became the new stadium power songs, replacing this diamond. Up until 1977, when the album News Of The World came out (containing both "We-songs", almost every Queen concert ended with In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited. After that, they played the song so much less, which I think is a shame, because it's one hell of an amazing song!
In mu humble opinion: Top Underrated Queen song by far. Should be in top 20 of 'Most underrated songs of all times' Not surprising though; Queen has sufficient great creations, so another exceptional one could be left outside the mass hysteria
Freddie's voice sounds great in this one. Great ballad with a really powerful chorus. It also has a great meaning and they do an amazing job with it live.
[Newest]I can see what you want me to bee!

82Was It All Worth It

I absolutely love this song. How is this not in top ten.. Damn! The bass, the harmony, the guitar with sitar effect and awesome melody.. What more you want from a song?
This should be mentioned before others along with You are my best friend, since this shows Queen can play Jazz too.
Great song, great freddie

84Need Your Loving Tonight

85White Queen (As It Began)
How did this utter brilliance rank so low?
The haunting guitar and vocals and the fairy tale like lyrics (Brian may you genius)
It seems that with each version of this song live or otherwise I listen to, it quickly becomes my new favorite.

One of the most enchanting, yet at the same time heart-breaking, songs ever written. Mercury's vocals are absolutely magical.
One of the best Queen songs ever... Shame that the song was never released as a single or feature any piano on the album version which would have made it an awesome song... One of the best.


87All Dead, All Dead
If I close my eyes and listen to this I can imagine an entire lifetime passing by, it brings tears to my eyes. A heart-achingly beautiful song.

(Fun fact: Written by Brian May as a homage to his pet cat. )
I believe I am correct in saying that this is the best song about a cat ever
Really underrated. It is sad at first but it gets heartbreaking when you learn it was about Brian Mays cat.

88The Hero
85! Are you kidding┬'me? This song kicks ass!

89White Man
Not the best Queen song, but still quite awesome!
I like this one. I believe John Deacon wrote it. Not sure.

90Gimme the Prize
Why its, so low? This song is masterpiece in its music style. I don't know any other heavy metal song which sounds like this. It's the song which introduced me to the Queen

91Cool Cat
My favourite song is #81.. this song is extremely underrated!

92Father to Son
I can't even believe this is ranked so low. I cut my Queen teeth on this and Ogre Battle and March Of The Black Queen - especially this one. I will vote 10 times for this song if it will get it up on the list where it belongs.
The Who meets Led Zeppelin and Queen become Progressive Rock in this Heavy Classic Rock epic
This song is majestic, their very best along with "Liar".
[Newest]One of their early classic, along with "Liar". The guitar solo rips your head off.

The most unique and amazing experiment vocal by Freddie Mercury
This song is the best

94Ogre Battle
The Invention of Speed Metal

95I Can't Live With You

96The Hitman

97Seaside Rendezvous
This really is such a fantastic Queen song, but I find that it's so under-rated, a wonderful song that reminds me so much of those summer days spent by the sea and for me it's a perfect reflection of my childhood.
This is a fun one.


99Coming Soon

100Pain Is So Close to Pleasure

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