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1Best Album?V1 Comment
2Monstrance Clock or Year Zero?

Monstrance Clock is my favorite song, and it will always be Ghost's signature song.

Monstrance Clock is to Ghost as What I Got is yo Sublime. - ryanrimmel

3Infestissumam or Meliora?

My 2 favorite Ghost albums. I'll go with Meliora. - ryanrimmel

4Best Album Cover?

I'd say Opus. It's so simple, yet so cool. Meliora is a close second. - ryanrimmel

5Ritual or Stand by Him?

Ritual. The first Ghost song I heard, and one of the best I've heard. - ryanrimmel

6Best Song?

There is no song from Ghost that I don't love. But Monstrance Clock is the best. - ryanrimmel

7Cirice or Majesty?

Cirice. Majesty is cool too. - ryanrimmel

8Prime Mover or Con Clavi Con Dio?

Con Clavi Con Dio easily - ryanrimmel

9Opus Eponymous or Infestissumam
10Cirice or From the Pinnacle to the Pit

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11Absolution or Deus in Absentia?

Deus in Absentia. The perfect album closer. - ryanrimmel

12Ghuleh/Zombie Queen or Body and Blood?

This is really really tough. I'll go with Ghuleh though - ryanrimmel

13Best Ghost Cover Song?
14Have you seen a Ghost?
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1. Best Song?
2. Best Album?
3. Best Album Cover?
1. Infestissumam or Meliora?
2. Monstrance Clock or Year Zero?
3. Best Album?



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