Top Ten Questions to Ask People About Disney Movies

I was inspired by the list Top Ten Questions to Ask People About SpongeBob Episodes to make this. So here we go. Disney movies that have some kind of similarity up against each other.

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1Tangled or Frozen

Tangled, because it's not filled with girls defending every little detail and selfishly blaming it's writers. - MontyPython

Frozen is just Disney beating their career to death - simpsondude

Tangles (duh! ) Frozen is the worst movie ever - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Frozen was so better than tangled. Tangled was a boring movie

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2Sleeping Beauty or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White, because she is iconic and the first Disney Princess ever. Also, the seven dwarfs are fun and awesome, while the three fairies in Sleeping Beauty are boring.

Sleeping Beauty, that's my favorite Disney Princess movie and one of my favorite films, so it wins my vote. - MontyPython

My favorite Disney Movie is Sleeping Beauty, so Sleeping Beauty of course! Aurora is so much prettier than Snow White, and the romance is better.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. - DisneyQueen

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3The Lion King or Bambi

Bambi gets my vote, it's in my top 10 favorite movies of all time! - MontyPython

Bambi's overrated, The Lion King is a masterpiece - simpsondude

Both are good, but I'd have to go with The Lion King. - Mellbell

The Lion King is a masterpiece - DisneyQueen

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4101 Dalmatians or Lady and the Tramp

I pick Lady and the Tramp. Wonderful, amazing movie! - RockFashionista

Love both, but Lady and the Tramp wins by a smudge. - Mellbell

Lady and the tramp, because I love romance!

101 dalmations

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5Big Hero 6 or Wreck-It Ralph

Big. Hero 6 all the way! As much as I like Wreck-It-Ralph, it doesn't compare to Big Hero 6! - Lina1028

Both are really awesome, but Big Hero 6 is a bit better. - Mellbell

That's a very hard decision. But I would pick Big Hero 6. - cosmo

Wreck it Ralph - DCfnaf

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6The Great Mouse Detective or The Rescuers

The Rescuers, because I love the sweet girl Penny.

Hard one! But I'm going to pick The Great Mouse Detective, wonderful movie. - MontyPython

The Rescuers- I don't remember the other one. - Disneylover

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7Hercules or Aladdin

I actually don't like Hercules that much. But I like its characters (except Pegasus). So I'm gonna choose Aladdin. - MontyPython

Both movies were quite good but Aladdin was better - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Both are good but Aladdin wins my vote because it has the genie - Ajkloth

I only like Hercules because of Meg. - Mellbell

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8Beauty and the Beast or Brother Bear

Same again, I don't like Brother Bear that much. The music bores me, and I find most of the characters annoying. I'll have to pick Beauty and the Beast. - MontyPython

Is this even a question? Beauty and the beast is much better. - Mellbell

Brother Bear was boring as hell - simpsondude

Beauty and the Beast - DCfnaf

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9The Aristocats or Oliver & Company

I like The Aristocats. Unfortunately, I had completely forgotten about this movie until like, 30 seconds ago. - RockFashionista

Oliver & Company was better in my opinion - Ajkloth

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10101 Dalmatians or The Fox and the Hound?

The Newcomers

?Frozen or Aladdin?
?Tangled or Aladdin?

The Contenders

11Bambi or Dumbo?
12Beauty and the Beast or Lady and the Tramp?
13101 Dalmatians or The Rescuers?
14101 Dalmatians or 101 Dalmatians (1996)?
15Oliver & Company or the Fox and the Hound
16Zootopia or Big Hero 6

I love both a lot! Beautiful CGI, fun characters, great humour, excellent morals and teachings!

I love both So much I can't decide - VideoGamefan5

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17Tarzan or The Jungle Book

Stop asking me to choose just stop! I love them all so much. I've only seen two questions I could possibly answer and it's because I don't remember the other movie - Disneylover

Both are great, but I'll go with The Jungle Book - simpsondude

Tarzan is definitely my favorite of the two - Ajkloth

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18Big Hero 6 or Frozen?

Both. Both have amazing characters, and both deserve sequels.

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19Toy Story or Inside Out?V2 Comments
20The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 or Frozen 2V1 Comment
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