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1Metal Health

A classic album that really help start the Glam Metal movement. Don't Wanna Let You Go and come on Feel The Noize are great songs.

If you consistently bang your head, then there is a chance that you could have metal health. - bighercules

A classic 80s album. Songs like 'Don't Wanna Let You Go' and 'Cum On Feel The Noize'.

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More overall good songs rather than average songs and a few smash hits. There are also a few great songs, and this album has a certain feel to it.

The title track is great. The album also had a very dark, straight forward feel. Really good.

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Great songs like South of Heaven. A more mature effort from the band.

4Quiet Riot III

Songs like The Wild And The Young are good, but the album took a turn into a very glam period.

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5Condition Critical

The follow up to Metal Health. Consistently good songs. Almost a carbon-copy of Metal Health, this might as well be the worse half of a double album.

6Quiet Riot

The first album with singer Paul Shortino instead of Kevin DuBrow. Good songs such as 'Stay With Me Tonight'.

This album is actually titled 'QR'. The self-titled album is the debut album from 1977. Paul Shortino cleared up the confusion on the title of this (1988) album on Twitter, it is just QR.

7Alive and Well

A good album with a nice cover of 'Highway To Hell'

8Guilty Pleasures
9Quiet Riot II
10Quiet Riot

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11Down to the Bone

A poor experiment in country rock. Not a weak album, but it feels thin and lacks it's own character at time.

13The Randy Rhoads Years
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