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21 Vietnow Vietnow

How is this not in the top 10?! Hell this might be their number 1! The lyrics are phenomenal, Tom Morello's guitar playing is fantastic, and the whole song itself is a masterpiece!

This song talk about war, politisc and All the world. It's one of songs which change history.
It's greatest song from Evil Empire! - Greatest song after first album!

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22 Township Rebellion Township Rebellion

The main riff makes this such a powerful song! Morello's guitar playing in this song is just impossible to get out of your head

This is the most unique song ever written. The sound effects are so unusually pleasurable!

Wicked song. Great main riff. One of the best Rage Against The Machine songs ever made.

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23 How I Could Just Kill a Man How I Could Just Kill a Man

One of Rage's not so well known songs, still stands as an epic in my books. Of course off the great Renegades cover album. - lilbullet111

This is one good song people yea!

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24 Wind Below Wind Below

WAAA! This should be at least top 5. How the guitar in the background is just like doo dooo doo! Awesome! - MJ2

25 Tire Me Tire Me

This song has to be in the top 10! With killer bass in the and awesome lyrics! This song won a grammy for the best metal single in 1997!

26 The Ghost of Tom Joad The Ghost of Tom Joad V 1 Comment
27 Ashes In the Fall Ashes In the Fall
28 Mic Check Mic Check

I have no idea why nobody likes this one. Its in my opinion by far the best they made. I'm just sad now.

29 Maggie's Farm Maggie's Farm

Heard Maggie's Farm on the end credits of "The Other Guys" movie, it was the best part of the film. Even non-fans would like this track along with Killing in the Name.

How is this not higher? It's really unique compared to their other songs and the lyrics are killer. Easily in my top 3 and.

Not a song composed by the band. Bob Dylan made it good. But Rage made it better. - dharmiisha

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30 F*** tha Police

This is the best cover song ever made. Profanities are awesome. The rock version is so much better then nwa's

Killing in the name definitely earnes #1, but just wanted to vote for this because this is the only rage song my boyfriend knows so...

31 Snakecharmer Snakecharmer

This song is so awesome, I can't believe it's so low on the list. If I had to pick a favorite song from each record it would be:
1: township rebellion
2: snake charmer
3: born of a broken man
4: pistol grip pump

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32 Microphone Fiend Microphone Fiend
33 Year of the Boomerang Year of the Boomerang

Meaningful lyrics. Immaculate instrumental performance. - dharmiisha

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34 Revolver Revolver
35 Roll Right Roll Right
36 Born as Ghosts Born as Ghosts

Amazing lyrics and the solo is great! Not my favorite rage song but should be up in the top 20.

37 War Within a Breath War Within a Breath

This song is definitely one of their best songs

38 I'm Housin' I'm Housin'

I can't believe one of the 5 best Rage Against the Machine songs isn't even in the list!

39 Darkness Darkness

This is off The Crow soundtrack and I'm honestly staggered it's not on here! Brilliant song...

40 Without a Face Without a Face

Dope bassline, classic rage lyrics are awesome. should be so much higher and the solo is killer! Wicked song

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