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1 Good Kid: M.A.A.D City - Kendrick Lamar Good Kid: M.A.A.D City - Kendrick Lamar

He manages to find numerous topics of life in compton to talk about and how they affect him as a person. Another great part about it is he is able to take trips to his childhood, beliefs, and ambitions. Honestly all the songs are great. Surprised section 8.0 wasn't in the top ten. You can see the impact the black hippy crew have had this decade with there elaborate and amazing storytelling.

M.A.A.D City, Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst, Money Trees... Not one bad song on this album

Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst is one of the greatest rap/hip-hop tracks of all time! Phenomenal Album

This site is way too one sided to Eminem lol

At least be grateful that this album has a gap between Recovery. - SwagFlicks

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2 To Pimp a Butterfly To Pimp a Butterfly

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time and Recovery is #2 that's not even rap... To Pimp A Butterfly is art.

Deserves 1. I think Eminem is very talented but his fan base is pissing me off thinking he's the best

I love Em, but To pimp a butterfly is way better than Recovery

I'm an em fan, but this stomps recovery

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3 Recovery - Eminem Recovery - Eminem

Every song is amazing, it can get slightly repetitive but the album has no peers except for other Eminem albums.

This album gets more hate than its fair share, considering the depth of lyrical and production fidelity. It is a great album with a great theme of never give up and push on.

This album is amazing I recommend it to anyone in a low point in their life - Idoz2001

My favorite album it's his best one

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4 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West

Top Songs: Power, Stronger, All of the Lights


There isn't a single bad track... Why is "Recovery" even on here? - EmperorAguila

Kanye is just a legend. the instrumentation in this album is incredibly, plus kanye was still at his rawwest on this album lyrically

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5 Yeezus - Kanye West Yeezus - Kanye West

This is Kanye's most ambitious project. This album was literally worked on for years, up until the week it was released. Kanye recorded enough songs for this album to fill up 2 full length albums. Kanye recorded and re-recorded verses for this album over and over until the week before it was releases. The list of collaborators on this album is very lengthy and quite impressive. Kanye worked his ass off, and he cut and rearranged so much. Kanye poured HIS SOUL into this album and it boggles my mind how more people don't like it.

Top Songs: Black Skinhead, New Slaves, Blood on the Leaves - cameo510

Why is this on the list. This was Kanye's worst project

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6 Long.Live.A$AP - A$AP Rocky Long.Live.A$AP - A$AP Rocky

Ghetto Symphony and angels two of my favorite songs on this masterpiece

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7 Born Sinner - J Cole Born Sinner - J Cole

Top Songs: Born Sinner, Power Trip, Crooked Smile

Another great but underrated album. - cameo510

This should be in top 5. This was the best rap album of 2013

Power trip and trouble are awesome

J cole is great but so underrated

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8 Control System - Ab-Soul Control System - Ab-Soul V 2 Comments
9 Life Is Good - Nas Life Is Good - Nas
10 Cole World: The Sideline Story - J Cole Cole World: The Sideline Story - J Cole

Top Songs: can't Get Enough, Work Out, Mr. Nice Watch

Can't Get Enough was a great song and is one of my favorites. Trey Songz makes the hit even better. Work Out is probably one of J Cole's most popular songs. - cameo510

Songs Such as Sideline Story And Breakdown is what made me believe he topped Friday night lights oh can't forget God's Gift

Lost Ones, Lights Please, Nobody's Perfect, Dollar and a Dream 3, and Return of Simba are the best lyrical songs. Can't get enough, Work Out, and Mr. Nice Watch are great hit songs.

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11 2014 Forest Hills Drive - J. Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive - J. Cole

All of J.Cole & Kendrick's albums should be in the top 10. This was the best album of 2014 & J.Cole was just beast on this album.

Best New School Rap Album great Lyrics storytelling and really relatable

This was an incredible solo effort

Double platinum with no features

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12 The Marshall Mathers LP 2 - Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2 - Eminem

Simply the best rap album of this decade... Had every emotion in it

Comeback of the best rapper alive (and ever)

NOT TOP 10!?!?!?
Eminem, the best rapper made such a comeback with This. THIS IS THE GOAT

13 Disc-Overy - Tinie Tempah Disc-Overy - Tinie Tempah

Top Songs: Written in the Stars, Pass Out, Frisky

This album is so underrated. You just don't see many british artists putting together a great album like this one. Written in the Stars was a hit and so was Frisky. Till I'm Gone featuring Wiz Khalifa was also a great song. - cameo510

14 Habits & Contradictions - Schoolboy Q Habits & Contradictions - Schoolboy Q

Top Songs: Blessed, There He Go

ScHoolboy is my 2nd favorite rapper behind Kendrick Lamar. This album is great, and I think Oxymoron will be better. - cameo510

15 90059 - Jay Rock 90059 - Jay Rock
16 The Martyr - Immortal Technique
17 Section.80 - Kendrick Lamar Section.80 - Kendrick Lamar

Very very underrated album. Definitely top 5

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18 Follow Me Home - Jay Rock Follow Me Home - Jay Rock

Damn Jay Rock Is so slept on people will look back at this album and say it was a classic

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19 Dark Sky Paradise - Big Sean Dark Sky Paradise - Big Sean
20 Information Age - Dead Prez Information Age - Dead Prez
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1. 90059 - Jay Rock
2. Good Kid: M.A.A.D City - Kendrick Lamar
3. To Pimp a Butterfly
1. Good Kid: M.A.A.D City - Kendrick Lamar
2. Yeezus - Kanye West
3. 2014 Forest Hills Drive - J. Cole
1. To Pimp a Butterfly
2. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West
3. Good Kid: M.A.A.D City - Kendrick Lamar

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