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501Re-Tratamento - Da Weasel

502Leaving the Past - Immortal Technique

503Dang Dang Dang - Supreme Team

504Let's Ride - The Game

505Slacker - Tech N9NE

506I Love It - Hilltop Hoods

507So Devilish - The Underachievers

508Am I a Psycho - Tech N9ne

509Made You Look - Nas
Nas is the best rapper and Made You Look is not just a song, it's the "newness anthem" and definitely demonstrates how superior Nas is over every other rapper.

510If I Had - Eminem

511Good Feeling - Flo Rida
It's one of the more famous raps. This is underrated on the list.

512Heartquake - Super Junior

513Paparazzi - Xzibit
Simply underrated, a message to all these new rappers out there.

514Zoom - Dr. Dre

Best song ever.

515Just Lose It - Eminem

516Lost In the Echo - Linkin Park

517Kalameye Obor - Ho3ein
The best rap song ever. Every lyric and word in the song counts and none is wasted. The beat is catchy and the song is well produced. Ho3ein also seamlessly switches from the 3rd person to the 1st person point of view.

518Rigamortus - Kendrick Lamar

519Seasons - Blu

520Daddy's Lambo - Yelawolf

521Rough - Game

522Throw It Up - Yelawolf

523It's Been a Long Time - Rakim

524Monkey See, Monkey Do - Eminem

525The Brain - Prince Ea
This guy's got to be the smartest rapper I've ever heard of. Watch the video here - http://q. Gs/3161944/the-brain-prince-ea

526So Mach Ich Es - Bushido & Sido
Best rap video clip ever.

527U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer

528Are You Ready for Freddy - The Fat Boys
Rap died with the death of Buff Love.

529Homecoming - Kanye West
Anybody heard it? Its really good. The background music is awesome. Must hear once to like it.

530Who Knew - Eminem

531Reza Anugrah - Smash

532Make It Nasty - Tyga

533Ghabrestoune Hip Hop - Reza Pishro

534Where'd You Go - Fort Minor
One of the best rap song from FORT MINOR!

535Words I Never Said - Lupe Fiasco
I think this one of the best rap songs lupe really speaks out to the people and his fans

536Function - E-40

537Careless World - Tyga

538Boom! Shake the Room - Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff
FOR GOD SAKE PEOPLE, clearly a number one!

539Bi Hess - Zed Bazi
Zed bazi is amazing group of persian rap & they have amazing musics but bi hess is perfect. I love ths group & their songs

540Area Codes - Ludacris

541D├╝zmece - Mode XL

542Ma Ba Hamim - Pishro

543Ultimate - - Shi 360 (Ft Sagopa Kajmer)

544The Martini - Tech N9ne

545Black Skinhead - Kanye West
Some may not like his new album, and that's okay, I personally think its hardcore and his best, but this song is his most angry and energetic song with plenty of percussion and bass. Definitely his 2nd best overall, with Runaway probably his best, but not his best example of rapping... This is.
Kanye wests new song is amazing every part of it is good its in his new albulm if you don't like that song you don't like rap that's how good it is

546Da Game Been Good to Me - UGK

547Award Tour - A Tribe Called Quest
Do that do that do do that that that. Enough said

548Not Tonight - Lil Kim
It has some of the greatest female rappers it truly is a great song

549Soundtrack 2 My Life - Kid Cudi
Most emotional rap song ever

550The Champ - Ghostface Killah
This song is my favorite rap ever

551Fu** the World - Insane Clown Posse

552White Walls - Macklemore

553Brown Rang - Yo Yo Honey Singh

554Better Dayz - 2pac
Now, I don't know why y'all haven't put this song on top10, or at least in top50, but if you haven't heard it, look it up and then tell me if its not good. I mean this song is one of Pac's best. The meaning and the lyrics are so deep that everyone can relate to them. Help me raise this song to at least top20. It completely deserves it. (FYI I checked up to #400 and couldn't find it, so lets make this happen! )

555The Beast - Tech N9ne

556Donald Trump vs Ebenezer Scrooge - Epic Rap Battles of History

557Got 2 Get Done - Tanya Morgan

558Me vs the Mic - Adam 12

559We Own It - 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa

560Lollipop - Lil' Wayne

561Ass Like That - Eminem

562Sound of Unity - Tech N9ne & Yas

563Thuggish Ruggish Bone - Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
This song came out in 1994 and it changed everything. no one has ever or will ever have the flow the talent that Bone Thugs bring

564Ten Jesus Pieces - Rick Ross
I don't really like Rick Ross but man this song is my favorite rap track of all time, the emotions and strong lyrics and the feeling touches you,
"I pray for every soul that this music reaches, bury me a G, ten Jesus pieces"
Rick Ross raps about his gangsta friend in jail and how they used to spend their life together,
"pray for me cause you know my ni**a doing wrong, my homie on the cell so I had to write a poem, count mills for the times that we had it hard, asking for a hundred mill as I pray to god"

"lord knows that I wanna live right, but lord knows what they club live like"

Also great rhythm, this track is truly a masterpiece!

565Front 2 Back - Xzibit

566Break Yourself - Xzibit

567Fast Lane - Bad Meets Evil

568Buy U a Drank - T-Pain

569Yellow Brick Road - Eminem
I don't get how this isn't in the list... Racism needs to be stopped and Eminem is here to do that!

570Hailie's Song - Eminem
So sweet and emotional... I cried the 1st few times I listened to this. Eminem loves Hailie so much...

571Eye for an Eye - Mobb Deep

572Real N**** Roll Call - Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz
Even though Ice Cube did better than Lil Jon on this track, Lil Jon really killed this.


573Shining Down - Lupe Fiasco
No way on planet earth should this garbage be in the list. This is even worse than Justin Bieber's Baby.


574Pop That - French Montana

575Dilemma - Nelly

576Boss Ass Bitch - Ptaf

577The Monster - Eminem

578Nollie Tre Flip - Hopsin

579Swimming Pools - Kendrick Lamar
This song has got real meaning, which is hard to find these days

580Run This Town - Jay Z

581Lookin' A** N**** - Nicki Minaj

582Gonorrhea - Lil Wayne

583No Games - Rick Ross

584We Outchea - Ace Hood

585Birthday Song - 2 Chainz

586212 - Azealia Banks

587Ima Boss - Meek Mill

588C U When U Get There - Coolio
The best lesser known rap song without question

589Paper Planes - M.I.A

590B.O.B. - Outkast
The flow is incredible

591Stupify - Distrubed

592Blurred Line - Robin Thicke

593SexyBack - Justin Timberlake

594Fack - Eminem

595Wiggle - Jason Derulo

596I Don't Care - Charli XCX

597Dreh Den Swag Aug - Money Boy
Best German Rap song.

598Believe Me - Lil Wayne

599B.G. Knocc Out - Dat's How I'm Livin'

600Locc 2 Da Brain - Brotha Lynch Hung

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