Best Rap Songs

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Lose Yourself - Eminem
The best rap song ever. Every lyric and word in the song counts and none is wasted. The beat is catchy and the song is well produced. Eminem also seamlessly switches from the 3rd person to the 1st person point of view.
Its actually best song ever... When I heard this it pumped me up and I also started rapping its actually best song ever and no can be as great as eminem... He's the best selling man in hip hop ever... Love you em...
It's Eminem! The best thing about this guy is his attitude of bringing out the raw truth through his songs. Stan touches my heart because it brings out the fragility of life. It makes us look past the words and delve deeper into the true meaning of the song. It brings out frustrations, obsessions and guilt. It gives us a peek into the master-rappers conscience, as it brings out his vulnerability. Truly a cultural milestone! Deserves every single sale and rank it has ever made. Proves precisely why Marshall is the best. Bravo!
Awesome love this song it changed my life from Rock to Rap‼️‼️‼️ this is the real top 10

1. Lose Yourself
2. Beautiful
3. Like Toy Soldiers
4. When I'm Gone
5. Not Afraid
6. Cleanin' out my closet
7. Run Rabbit Run
8. Sing For The Moment
9. Stan
10. Till I Collapse
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2Changes - 2pac
Changes open peoples eyes to what they could do to better their life with just something as simple as listening to the world around you. ONLY you can change your life.. Only You and plan your future. and if everyone fights to make the changes as a whole for the world.. it is possible that we could be living in harmony rather then war
Pac's lyrics always moved me, and I'm sure that's the case with others too. He's was a lyrical revolutionary. Changes was one of his best.
In my opinion 2pac is the greatest rapper ever, with his songs he really changes the meaning of rap music for all the time. We hope at near future we'll see great musicians like him. And of course changes is in the top of my list
If tupac was still alive, he'd be king of rap and he'd be the one everyone listens too. Rip legend.
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3Juicy - Notorious B.I.G.
Timeless classic. Crank That shouldn't be here at all and Remember The Name is a dope song but it isn't anything special.
This was one of the best songs of its time I don't even get why its its ranked so low it should be right at the top next to Eminem
Probably the most inspirational ^^ eye opening song ever. Sick flow along with smart lyrics as well
Such a sexy man
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4Stan - Eminem
this song got me into rap. this is still one of the only rap songs I know to tell such an engaging story. the lyrics are suburb. the tension in it is so well done. I could go on like this...
Highest accomplishment of lyricism... Simple lyrics but deep meaning
Personally this is in my opinion just one of the best songs ever made.
Eminem is a genius with this song.
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5Not Afraid - Eminem
LOVE this song... It has so much emotion and is so well written! Eminem's the best rapper ever! Long live king of rap!
There's something about this song that just gives you the shivers because it's so good
It shuold be on no 4 please vote people this song is better than stan...
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6Hit Em Up - 2Pac
This song has such an amazing beat! Kinda reminiscent of old classic rap fused with modern rap beat. The background score is A.
The manner in which 2pac raps in this song is so chilled out.
Is the best song of all time. Don't forget Tupac not is a rap singer but a soldier. Bad boy killer forever and ever. Tupac is the king

Best diss song ever, and by one of the most legendary rappers ever. Good beat, nice lyrics, but no hating on B.I. G fools good too You know it's true just admit laugh out loud
Best diss song ever!
2PAc really was angry
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7Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang - Dr. Dre
This by many critics is voted in the top 3 rap songs of all time! And these are REAL Hip Hop critics who know what there saying. This song eats any thing Lil Wayne had made! Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre two legends in the game. A real classic!
The 2 rap legends in this song make this song one of the best.. It deserves itself in the top 5 spot... Dr dre at his best... And the lyrics is the most awesome... Making it a classic.. This song has made its place in the history of rap... Ain't nuthin but a g thangg baby!
1 2 3 and to th 4 snoop doggy dogg and dr dre is at the door
Best rap song ever... Snoop and Dre does the magic
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8One Mic - Nas
How could anyone put soulja boy infront of Nas? One mic the best song ever. Amazing words and flow
Nas is a genius and one mic is a very good song. It should be way higher on this list. No one in real life likes or cares about vanilla ice. Since we are talking about wack rappers, why is soulja boy even near the list? He's not rap or hiphop. Its all just club music.
The Fact That It gets Louder Makes It The BEST SONG EVER!
This is the realest
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9Remember The Name - Fort Minor
This just makes you push your limits to greater heights and makes you feel as if you can achieve anything you want.
mike shinoda is one of the best in the business... you see how he raps not even caring where beats are placing him but he just stick to them after all..
I like this song because it gives you an inspiration to continue on, work toward your goals, achieve greatness, and, in the end, fight for what you feel right and for what you want in life.
He is the best rapper
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10Dance with the Devil - Immortal Technique

I personally think there are better songs than DWTD, but there should be at least one underground rap song on this list, and Dance With The Devil is that song. I think I. T is the most overrated underground rapper ever, people even say he's better than Eminem and Nas (laugh out loud, I. T is great but he isn't THAT good! ) but there are loads of underground rappers better than Immortal Technique.

Still, this song is amazing, the first time I heard it, I wasn't even listening to the lyrics but after a while, I decided to listen to the lyrics completely.

I was blow away, this is the only rap song that managed to hit me harder than Eminem's song 'Stan' and trust me, Stan was a powerful song. Lyrically, this is one of Immortal Techniques best songs and definitely deserves to be here.

But what is Crank That and Ice Ice Baby on this list? Those songs are awful and don't deserve to be on this list at all.
thank you for helping to expose great rappers like Tech


Is is probably the most emotional song I have ever had, it totally moved me. I expected it to be a normal every day rap, but when I heard this I just stopped everything I did, played a second time and just thought about my life. This song is so true and very sad. Be prepared to listen...
Hard, no better words to discribe this. really got to me
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The Contenders

11The Message - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
such a huge song that its impossible to not have heard it somewhere, even if you havent heard the whole song. The signature synthesizer riff has been sampled by a million hip-hop artists and is the primary reason this group became the first ever hip-hop act admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2007). This song was chosen by the Library of Congress to be added to the United States National Recording Registry, and is also #51 on Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (the second highest for any song released in the 80s.) One of the first old school rap songs to address POVERTY, the struggles and frustrations of living in the ghettoand it was selected by the Registry for this exact reason.
I wish all these modern day rappers and wanna be gangstas would sit down and listen to this song. It's titled the message for a reason. It isn't glorifying thug life, it's telling you to smarten up and aspire to something better. #1 by far.
It is very stupid that this song is not number 1!
Everyone knows "don't push me because I'm close to the edge! "
Grand masta flash got the big d
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12California Love - 2pac and Dr Dre
Dre and tupac are great rappers, this this song shows off both of their skills as rappers
Tupac and Dr Dre are excellent rappers and this is just another boost for them
Should easily be in the top five, one of the best rap songs of all times and made by one of the best rappers ever!
Catchy best beat should be top ten
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13N.Y. State of Mind - Nas
Nas is critically acclaimed and his song NY State of Mind is an unbelievably good hit. Nas' best hit, hands down! The beginning is unbelievable, "Straight out the dungeons of rap, were fake n***'s don't make it back! " how can you forget that! Every hip hop fan knows that Nas and his album Illmatic are the biggest hall mark in Hip Hop history. The lyrics are good, the beat is good and it will sleigh songs like Crank That and even should be in the top ten because of how good it is! Marc L. Hill of PopMatters describes "N.Y. state of Mind" as a standout track on Illmatic claiming that it "provides as clear a depiction of ghetto life as a Gordon Parks photograph or a Langston Hughes poem. "The song is also one of a few rap songs to be featured in the Norton Anthology of African American Literature. It is featured on Nas' 2007 greatest hits album as the only non-single song in the album, and on the 1999 compilation Best of D&D Studios, Vol. 1. Steve 'Flash' Juon of states:

"[Illmatic] was to be an album steeped in the rich traditions of hip-hop history, mixed with the most advanced verbal styles and fat beats that could be put on wax. And if it couldn't be set off any more right already, the DJ Premier produced "N.Y. state of Mind" was designed to knock you right off your feet. Primo's knack for finding the illest piano loops and matching them to pounding beats was perfected in this track, and paired with a Rakim sample on the chorus that provided the mental link for an analogy most rap heads had already made by now: Nas was the NEW Rakim on the block.

It is that critically acclaimed!
The greatest rap song of all time, from the greatest hip hop album of all time! Illmatic and this song, left a huge positive scar in the hip hop industry, also Nas is very inspirational!
This song has LEGEND written all over and it will always be in peoples hearts, Nas has to be the greatest of all time!
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14Dear Mama - 2pac
Dear Mama is said to be Tupac's greatest song! It should be within the top 4! With this song, Tupac directly told us that he has a heart and appreciates mothers around the world "YOU ARE APPRECIATED! "
Tupac sang about real problems, this song, with "Brenda's got a baby" and "Keep your head up" are the real treasures of rap music and everything it represents. I think you all should hear and vote for this song.
this is why Tupac is a legend because he could speak from his heart and mean every word he said. He was and always will be the greatest rapper of all time
What can be better than showing love to yo mama
This is so cool man love this song... Truly emotional
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15I Used To Love H.E.R. - Common
I have no idea how this song isn't at least in the top ten.. and how poppin bottles and crank that are above it. I think if everyone voting on this list listened to this song before they voted, the turnout would have been different.


Cannot even imagine why this song isn't top 3, Common is the reason hip-hop still means something and this song demonstrates that. I really don't understand how Solja boy gets more recognition than common, for shame society
I can't believe people would vote for songs by kanye west, 50 cent, eminem, lil wayne, and douche bag soulja boi. Songs these days always have to go with a dance. This song is deep. Not like crank that or stonger, where you just dance. I hate how those types of songs are always popular.


This song opens eyes on what is the real rap and in what it has changed.
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16It Was A Good Day - Ice Cube
The most chill rap song ever. Its both feel good and raw and brings rap back to the basics. This song is my favorite rap song that completely blows that soulja boy junk out of the water
This should be above any garbage that 50 cent has ever made. One of my top 10 easily
Ice Cubes greatest song, it is a DEEP gangster rap song! ICe Cube is a legend in the game and always makes dope beats, so much better than Lil WAyne and his stupid crap!
I have no Idea why this isn't, at least, in the top ten. Great flow and real chilled. Proper west side gangster rap
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17Forgot About Dre - Dr. Dre, Eminem & Snoop Dogg
You should be ashamed that this isn't in the top 10 and that that soulja boy crap is ahead of this song.
Groundbreaking song... Start of west coast style. Greatest lyrical flow.
Probably the best song ever made in history... Just listen to Dre's last verse
Great song top 10 all day
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18Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A.
Oh my God THIS The best song ever not rap just besrt music track ever recorded, whats wrong with you people all with ya new school bulls..T. THsi Is the best Song. No Doubt Hands Down
MY god, this song should be further up on the list... This is the rap I started listening to! Def paved the way for todays rappers
Such a great song, so true to the hood! This song deserves mad respect and should crack the top 20! It's raw and real.. It's depressing to know that there is no longer this kind of music anymore.

MAD RESPECT to Yella, Eazy, Ren, Ice Cube and Dre
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19Shook Ones, Pt. II - Mobb Deep
#22? oh hell no...
Song like this will never be made again, it's unique.
"Cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks" - epic line
How is this song ranked so low when songs like crank that are higher ice ice baby should not even be on this list much less in the top ten


this is top 5 in every mc's list, we need to stop voting on hip hop we need to vote on rap songs everyone come on!


Easily the most influential song in rap music today
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20When I'm Gone - Eminem
This song, is played at funerals, you could play it! IT is so sad and is always played on the radio! Eminem has really made a masterpiece of this song!
When I'm Gone just carry on! This album was Eminem's farewell and then he came back! But he had a massive farewell with this song!
This is my favourite Eminem song it should be higher up! Have you ever loved someone so much you'd give an arm for not the expression no litterally give an arm for:') 88'
Its really impressive song I ever listen cause Eminem shows for the rest of rappers how the real rap influence on our life
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21C.R.E.A.M. - Wu-Tang Clan
CREAM is the greatest rap song ever made! The Wu Tang Clan are the most influential figures in Hip Hop history and this deserves a higher spot!
Old School definitely smashes new school. You Can't be a classic like this one! Wu Tang's finest song, it should be in the top ten!
Cash Rules Everything Around Me. The greatest most influential song of all time! Wu Tang is the greatest group ever made!
Wu-Tang are the creators of rap today and need a place in the top 10.
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22The Way I Am - Eminem
This song is so good! Thank GOD it has a good position on this list, give it a chance the third or fourth time over and you will find it to be such a great song!
The greatest Eminem songs, Stan was good but it was too out of tune! But this has the greatest chorus in Eminem history!
this is in Eminem's top 3 songs of all time for sure! this craps all over Not Afraid and it is even better than Stan! This song has a great lyrical meaning! and this is what makes it so good, the unique style of Eminem's rap singing is phenomenal
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23The Crossroads - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Wow man. This song makes me feel.. there's no word to describe this. I'm voting this for top ten. Never has anything made me feel like this. It's great. Listen to it. You really should. Let's roll.
It is a amazing song.. No words to describe it.. I just recommend it. Watch it and decide yourself
The song with the greatest flow ever! Bone Thugs are the greatest group of all time! This song the Crossroads is so tight! Listen to it frequently and just relax to its gentle beat and awesomeness!
They elevated their game, told a story, paid respect to lost friends and family, and made a great song out of it. Easily one of tge Greatest Rap Songs of All time and deserves a Top 10 spot. Nevertheless, we know whats up, we are the true fans. The Crossroads, great track hands down.
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24Real Mutha******' G's - Eazy-E
Eazy-E is a great legend and this song is so hardcore!
This song is so hardcore, I love the lyrics and it is so popular in Gangsta Rap Dissing
RIP Legend what a song! this shut up Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records
The best diss track in rap history


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25Rapper's Delight - The Sugarhill Gang
The greatest rap song from the greatest rap group of all time. The Master D, Big Bank and Wonder Mike remain the best trifecta ever.


The best song of all time and deserves to be in the top ten, legendary status. All rappers should respect this masterpiece and bow down to the old school legends like Grandmaster Flash and The Sugarhill Gang!
The classic and original is the best of all time! Played at a lot of clubs and is the first ever hip hop song!
Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye West and Iggy Azalea wouldn't exist without this song.
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26'Till I Collapse - Eminem
R.I.P to the Greatest hook singer ever, Nate D-o double G.
An amazing song! Pumps me up every time I listen to it!
Nothing like a good pump-up song from one of the greatest lyric-ists of all time


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27Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio
Told from the eyes of a guy that grew up in a Gangsta's Paradise.
This song was the one that made me start actually listening to rap lyrics. Until this one came out I hated the genre. Loved it.
This song has a real message from a guy who lived in the gangsta world and lived through it his whole life this song is amazing
Just way too good, higher class God Rap Song.
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28Fight The Power - Public Enemy
Not any songs in top 10 of public enemy? ARE YOU INSANE?. They're rap legends and the pioneer of rap hip hop in my opinion
This song is the ultimate riot anthem. It also sent a message around the world about standing up to racism or criticism.


All because of do the right thing
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29Still Dre - Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg
Still DRE is the Doctors best song ever made! The beat is memorable and Snoop Dogg is also very good!
This is my favourite song ever, the beat is mint and the lyrics are awesome! Should definitely be in the top 5 along with nuthin but a G thang
This expresses West Coast Rap, with its amazing beats and great rapping from Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, one of the greatest legends in the game.
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3099 Problems - Jay-Z
The greatest lyrics ever spoken! 99 Problems is the greatest Jay-Z song ever made! It will put a hole through, Lil wAyne, Soulja Boy, BirdMan, and other corny rappers! Jay-Z is the true MC of brooklyn!
I think that dirt off your shoulder should also be in here. That gets me going. There are tons of other songs that deserve to be in here but I don't have time to list them.
JAy-Z is the greatest rapper of all tim, and is a legend! 99 Problems is the greatest song I have ever heard in my life! It is my favorite and It deserves to be in the top 25! Jay-Z can be better than most rappers, including 50 Cent!
Better than lose yourself
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31The Real Slim Shady - Eminem
The lyrics & flow are insane as usually when it comes 2 Eminem
Such a great rap song and vintage Eminem if anyone asks me about the song! The most complete hip hop music ever heard!
Eminem is the greatest artist at this present moment and back then he was only better than he is today!
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32In da Club - 50 Cent
The greatest club song of all time! The best 50 Cent song! The greatest rap song! Should be up there with Crank That and Lose Yourself! For the win!
50 really went hard on this one, he has a unique rap style (due to a bullet that fractured his jaw). And this is still a really hot song today.


50 cent men thier is enough word to discribe the rapper talent he is a gift from god. probaly the best rapper alive behind 2pac and lil wayne.
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33Forever - Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem
Last name ever, first name greatest,
like a sprained ankle boy ain't nothing to play with,
started off local but thanks to all the haters,
I know G4 pilots on the first name basis,

this song is awesome especially Drake kills this song. He tells everyone 'bout his rise to stardom.
Dropped the mixtape that sounded like a album,
who'd've thought a countrywide tour be the outcome,
Labels want my beside a x like malcolm,
everybody got a deal I did it without one,
Damn! This is one of the best collaborations in the hip-hop industry. I love this song.. The best of the best.. Fantastic men
Yes for this song to not be filled with my favorite rappers of all time this is a very high quality well timed rap song for the ages collectively they put it down.
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34Beautiful - Eminem
This is an amazing song. It is so deep and very inspirational. How this song can be below anything involving snoop dog or soulja boy is beyond me. How can this song be so low on the list? Just because it never came on the radio doesn't mean it isn't a beautiful song.
Beautiful at 289 and Murder-murder at 288?
This list is a crap..
All guys must have gone crazy..
Common Vote for the original rappers..
Vote for eminem, Shakur.
It's one of the most inspirational song of Eminem and it should get more credit... Anyway, I love it till the end! Enjoy
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35Put It On - Big L
Very underrated song. And so is Big L. You've gotta be kidding me if this goes right here.


Well this is a little low... Big L is one of the best rappers of all time. This song is probably one of my favourites! I don't know why people love all the new stuff when this is better.

This song has the crazy nice lyrics. Its got great flow and real depth too. Big L really puts a lot into this song, and he doesn't go light either. It all just works out to make a great song.
8 Eminem songs before Big L? Now that just ain't right
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36N***** in Paris - Jay-Z and Kanye West
Song is awesome and should definitely be in the top 20 anything lower is a crime.
Laddiest rap ever proper good
Should be in top 15 at least
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37Keep Ya Head Up - Tupac
One of my favorite Tupac songs. It is so powerful with a great message. This is what rap is all about. Tupac is the best songwriter ever and this song proves it. It should be a lot higher.
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38Many Men (Wish Death) - 50 Cent
50 Cent is so deep in this song! and he really shows the true meaning of New Age Hip-Hop, and he is also one of the faces of today's Hip-Hop, even though he is not in his prime anymore he can still rap pretty good! He is better than Lil Wayne by a mile. The lyrical meaning of this song is very good! An excellent achievement in the life of 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson the King of Jamaica, New York.
50 Cent is one of the most popular figures in the music industry of all time! This is his best song and it is so deep just listen to the lyrics, about 50 cent's poor past life of crime and his rise to fame! This song smashes Lil Wayne.
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39Sing for the Moment - Eminem
Listen to these lyrics, great story and a lot of meaning
One of the best in my opinion. This should be higher up on the list. Tons of meaning and other stuff like that you all get the point though
62.. Really? This is a joke! It should at least be top 20! The lyrics are so meaningful and should be a lot higher.
When dis song comes in mah playlist, I increase the phone volume enormously...
Excellent rap n music
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40Jesus Walks - Kanye West
"We rappers are role models we rap we don't think
I ain't here to argue about his facial features
Or here to convert atheists into believers
I'm just trying to say the way school need teachers
The way Kathie Lee needed Regis that's the way I need Jesus
So here go my single dog radio needs this
They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus
That means guns, sex, lies, video tapes
But if I talk about God my record won't get played Huh?
Well let this take away from my spins
Which will probably take away from my ends
Then I hope this take away from my sins
And bring the day that I'm dreaming about
Next time I'm in the club everybody screaming out

Jesus Walks
The most underrated rap song ever. Brilliant lyrics, great beat and meaning!


This should be the first smdh
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41Hypnotize - Notorious B.I.G.
His so amazing, in my opinion he is one of the greatest rappers of all time.
This should be higher up the list! So smooth and such an awesome flow, catchy chorus and one of the best beats in any rap song. A hip hop classic!
I will always remember this great song! It has such a great flow!
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42Rap God - Eminem
Best lyrics of eminem in this song and it deserves to be in top ten
Rap god is the best rap song ever. Eminem is really a rap god.
Simply the best Rap song ever...
Rap God got a Award of
Most Fastest Rap Songs!
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43Gin and Juice - Snoop Dogg
Are you serious? This song should be in the top 20, its so amazing!
This should be in top ten I mean it's better than one mic-nas
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44Without Me - Eminem
I can't believe this song is so low! Is is by far the best rap song that I have listened to
Beat is catchy, video is funny, Em is unbeatable!
The third verse is so WOW!
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45Walk This Way - Run-DMC
Great song should be higher on this list
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46Thugz Mansion - Tupac
Tupac has made a masterpiece! Thugz Mansion is one of the hallmarks in Tupac's history, and thank God it is in the top 30!
Tupac is the greatest rapper, with the best messages, his music isn't only rhythmical but it's also poetic and a story.
How is this not #1 on the top ten... Greatest song ever (acustic version is the best)
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47I Ain't Mad At Cha - Tupac
2pac at his finest. He was and is the greatest. This track is the best hip hop ever. 2pac was a poet and never afraid to tell us what he thought.
Tupac I love you
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48What You Know - T.I.
It's a crime soujia boy is above this.. Anyways like the Guinness men say it's Brilliant.
The greatest music and rap of all time.
T.I. is the greatest of all time. What you Konow was the best rap song of 2006. He keeps it real in his lyrics, that's why he has lots of street credit. This song is the greatest rap and diss song of all time! Period. King of the south!
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49Stronger - Kanye West
This song has a great beat, the lyric is amazing.
Makes you feel good and kind of like a boss, that kind of song you can hear 10 years later and still feel excited while hear it..
Kanye West most definitive and complete song! The true pump up and motivational rap song!
The most amazing and mind blowing rap song ever produced period! Kanye West went old school on this one!
Way better than all these other songs. Except for Jesus walks
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50Worldwide Choppers - Tech N9ne
... Tech N9NE is unfrigginbelieveable. He is definitely on the level of or even better than eminem, jay z, dr dre, maybe even 2pac, and all of the other legends, yet he does NOT get enough respect for it. This probable Tech's fastest song, but not his best. The features are great, but tech is the one who really shines through. He has an enormous empire of rappers who he hand-picks to make this song, and it works.
Twista and D-Loc killed the song!
Unbelievable! Tech N9ne kills it. He's the best rapper in the entire universe. SO VOTE FOR HM AND HIS SONGS please!

Besides Midwest Choppers, Einstein, So Dope, He's a mental giant, Am I a psycho, Red nose, The beast etc. deserve to be in this list for sure!
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51Regulate - Warren G
Can Freestyle the whole song and it never gets old
this is what rap is!!!!!!!
Kanye west? Lil Wayne? Soulja boy? THIS IS RAP!
Why is this 51 this should be in the top 25
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52The World Is Yours - Nas
It is considered a classic by many and is on almost every single Hip-Hop top 10, and in top 100's its in the lower numbers. The flow is insane, all of the layering and sublayering of sick rhymes and assonance again is absolutey insane. Nas is better rapper than pretty much everyone, at least back in the Illmatic. I would consider putting up some different songs from Illmatic, they are all amazing.
This is in almost everybody's top 10 and is the best song off the greatest rap album of all time. Why is vanilla ice, soulja boy and eazy on this list? Everyone knows eazy didn't write any of his raps
This song and What You Know are my favorites. Why they aren't higher on this list, I don't know.
More comments about The World Is Yours - NasListen to sample

53They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) - Pete Rock and CL smooth
There was really nothing like it! It was a lyrical masterpiece and had a nice flow, along with Pete Rock!
Fantastic Hip Hop, there is just nothing to compare it with accept old rap!
Mad single! Great flow, lyrics and an old school classic!
More comments about They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) - Pete Rock and CL smoothListen to sample

54Dead Presidents II - Jay-Z
Wow. How is this behind "Rabbits Run", that songs not even top 500. Then "The World Is Yours" behind, these are both top 5. Worst list ever
"You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song." Well said, Jay the master, 12 #1 plaques.
Listen to sample

55Life's a Bitch - Nas Listen to sample

56I Need a Doctor - Dr. Dre
Best song. Very meaningful of the bond between eminem and dre
Because it has eminem and dr dre in the song.
Shows the relationship between dr dre and eminem
More comments about I Need a Doctor - Dr. DreListen to sample

57No Love - Eminem
This song has the greatest rap by Eminem and I could relate to everything he said on the rap. Lil Wayne's verse was good but some parts didn't make sense to me. This song should be among the top 50.
Eminem is the greatest rappers ever!
Great song.
This was the first Lil Wayne verse I liked
I liked the chorus in drop the world too. The chorus in this song is superb and has great lyrics, the Eminem part blew my mind though, if Lil Wayne is good then imagine what em would be


More comments about No Love - EminemListen to sample

58Lyrics of Fury - Eric B. and Rakim Listen to sample

59Life Goes On - 2pac
This song, is played at Funerals all the time, it is a beautiful song by Tupac, definitely one of his best hits
Tupac Shakur is the best rapper of all time, and this song is definitely one of his top songs to consider as the greatest hip hop song of all time!
Great rap song. This song is very inspirational
More comments about Life Goes On - 2pacListen to sample

60Ambitionz Az a Ridah - Tupac
I m hear this song fulfill of joy and I think I m singing specially lets get ready to ramble
One of 2pacs best.
Listen to sample

61Boyz-N-The-Hood - Eazy-E Listen to sample

62It Ain't Hard To Tell - Nas
People on this actually don't know rap! What is Souljah doing in the top 10. And fort minor? A little girl has left a message on it, saying she doesn't listen to rap but that that song is the best because it isn't 'inappropriate'. Bitch get off this site, and go rate some pop. Now vanilla ice I can understand, I dint personally like it and if I had my way it wouldn't be on the list, but I understand because a bunch of 30 year olds that have never listened to an actually good rap song in their life assume that some fake ass dancing about is definitively the best rapper this world has ever seen, thus making his one hit wonder the best ever. Really? So I urge everybody please go out and listen to some big l, nas, big pun, biggie, pac, ice cube, Mos definitely, immortal technique... Even some Dre, snoop... Whatever, just ACTUALLY LISTEN tothe genre properly before hearing one song by Souljahtwat and saying to yourself "wow! A skinny little bitch that wouldn't get any without fame... This stupid song that appeals primarily to children and the deaf (they like to hear the vibrations as they alternate quickly because he can't keep in tune, even when talking) must be the best rap song ever! Much better than anything that was actually influential! {while laughing} but what would I know about rap! This is a brilliant song! "

I'll teach you something. Artists like Souljah Boy, Lil Wayne and Drake may seem good, but they are killing the genre. And if you can't understand what I'm saying throughout this rant let me just urge you (that mean tell you) to not contribute with your vote... It isn't wanted here. Go find a pop section to vote on. Or go listen to some rap classics. It's your choice.
Ridiculous One-liners, preposterous metaphors, relentless rhythm speed, all interwined into a crazy beat. Surely the best mix ever!
Lyricism and Knowledge with a bit of a story. He uses sick metaphors, flows nicely and paints you a picture. I feel like this song is one of the songs that is a blueprint for what Hip-Hop should be.
More comments about It Ain't Hard To Tell - NasListen to sample

63Like Toy Soldiers - Eminem
Great song and is one of the best songs of all time! Eminem is the best artist of the last decade and still is this decade, because of how good he can be. Lyrical machine!
Best Eminem song I have ever heard! Never gets old and is listened to all around the world!
The first Eminem song I listened to. And I like it so much. The lyrics is just so amazing and the beats are awesome. This song touches my heart.
More comments about Like Toy Soldiers - EminemListen to sample

64Ghetto Gospel - 2Pac
1St and best rap song I've ever heard. The lyrics are very meanigful and the tune is sick!
Can't believe this isn't higher on the list. I've listened to a lot of rap but this is probably up there as one of the best. I'd definitely recommend it
Epic song great story why not in top ten
More comments about Ghetto Gospel - 2PacListen to sample

65Drop the World - Lil Wayne
This is the song that I listen to every second of every day because it is so cool and Eminems bit is so unbelievable he is so talented!


Best Lil Wayne song ever. Actually, one of my favorite songs. Lil Wayne's best songwriting.
Yeah so much in this song I can't stop listening this song
More comments about Drop the World - Lil WayneListen to sample

66F*** Tha Police - N.W.A.
This is the finest rap to ever be produced. You have to give the love to NWA!
That's the gangsta rap's hymn, it should be on the first place
More comments about F*** Tha Police - N.W.A.Listen to sample

672 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted - 2pac & Snoop Dogg
I think it's one of the best rap song I've ever heard. It has everything a good hip-hop song should have, in my opinion. Vote it if you simply love Tupac as much as I do. Rest In Peace.


He was, he is, he will remain the best for all time... Love you pac
Great song, how is emenim first he does not make real rap, eazy e, 2pac the best not fakes like dr. Dre and emenim.
More comments about 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted - 2pac & Snoop DoggListen to sample

68You Never Know - Immortal Technique
This song should be much higher on list... It deserve to be at no. 5... Don't believe me just listen to it!
The only song that made me cry
Never heard a better story line to a song in my life. outstanding easy top 2 material.
Listen to sample

69B.O.B. - Outkast
Easily one of the best rap songs ever. How is this song not in the top 3?
Best rap single ever
Listen to sample

70Rabbit Run - Eminem
Listen to the lyrics, or the sample, Best Eminem song that he has ever made. It talks about real life, and pumps you up!
Fastest song non stop music and great lyrics
This song should be at first place
This song is awesome the beat makes you think and after first time you feel stronger...
Listen to sample

71Headlines - Drake
Great song

How is this song ahead of every Kendrick Lamar song... smh
Listen to sample

72Hail Mary - 2Pac
This is by the the best rap song ever. Even 50 cent says so.


Great lyrics good beat best lyrical tupac song
Listen to sample

73Ghost - Tupac Listen to sample

74Ill Mind of Hopsin 4 - Hopsin
Hopsin is for sure one of the most underrated rap artists ever. His flow is sick and the lyrics are even sicker. This song is next to Kill You the best song he ever wrote
Hospin deffenitly is the second best Monered day rapper next the eminem I love his flow. Lisen to his music if you like rap that's not about money and all that

75Mathematics - Mos Def Listen to sample

76Memory Lane - Nas
These song is unbelievable, so nostalgic. And Nas' lyrics on highest level.
Listen to sample

77Rock Bottom - Eminem
Such a great song
I can't believe that this song is here
One of the greatest Eminem songs probably next to lose yourself and stan but so much underrated
Probably most of the people are not real Eminem fans
if you people were real rap fans this song wold be in the top 5
I'm a huge 2pac fan even more than shady but this song is something else
Listen to sample

78Triumph - Wu-Tang Clan
Hands down, the true essence of hip hop, and REAL mcing, not garbage that gets played on the radio. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU TO LISTEN TO THIS SONG AND NOT LIKE IT.
This rap was some of the most original pieces. Each rapper was good enough to go solo, but they sounded so good together. Soulja Boy? Really?
This is the only joint that deserves to be on this list. You all need to stop listening to the radio and all that "ringtone rap". There is real music out there...throw your radio out the window and turn off mtv please...
More comments about Triumph - Wu-Tang ClanListen to sample

796 Foot 7 Foot - Lil Wayne
Dame you got to listen to tis
The number one is this for where
Listen to sample

80Voices of the Voiceless - Lowkey & Immortal Technique
So happy that lowkey is getting exposure
His lyrics are unbelievable better than any main stream rapper
This collab is awesome - should be higher up!
Listen to sample

81Hip Hop Is Dead - Nas
Well, I apologize, but look at the top ten (minus a few... Soulja boy, ouch... Nas isn't my favorite rapper, but he REALLY has a VERY TRUE point. No more Hip Hop... Just commercial illiteracy... It's a shame when people can't except a rap song for the lyrical content (which, in my opinion, makes it "Hip Hop") and just want to buy into the current fad, which is an example of what we have today. There are a select FEW artists still out there, or new to the game, that can put it down. But, for the most part, it is just "I have more money than you, buy my record... ". So, Nas truely makes the best statement I've heard, basically since the change of the millenium, "HIP HOP IS DEAD. ".
Nas has the best flow of all time and is so lyrical, perhaps he is the best rapper of all time! Hip Hop Is Dead is a bad album but this is the only good song and ended becoming one of his best songs! The chorus is amazing and catchy along with some good vocal work from Will I Am. The most brilliant rap performance by Nas that's for sure!
Best flow and amazing lyrics. The bigger the cap the bigger the peeling! The most overshadowed Nas song of all time!
More comments about Hip Hop Is Dead - NasListen to sample

82The Show Goes On - Lupe Fiasco
Great song by an awesome artist with a beast music video. Lyrics r inspiring, sad, but surprisingly upbeat. Is my favorite song.
This is the most motivational song I've ever heard. Let the show go on. This should be #1
Listen to sample

83Clique - Kanye West Listen to sample

84The Next Episode - Dr. Dre
This maybe a really ghetto song and the lyrics may not have much deph but its beat and rap are one of the best
I can't believe how low this is. It should b wayy higher. Put it down for the Fatha of rap!
Listen to sample

85Space Bound - Eminem
Yo... This really inspires me. I love the drama. If you watch the music video, it's pretty emotional. It reminds me of my girlfriend... Like how the situation is.
The best song ever. The lyrics are superb but the beat is just classic. Love this song its awesome listen to it you'll love it too keep it up MNM yo
This song proves that eminem
Is the greatest of them all
It's a crime that it is not in top10 :(
Dj. Demon
More comments about Space Bound - EminemListen to sample

86Express Yourself - N.W.A.

written all over it
this song is my fav rap song


Listen to sample

87Nas Is Like - Nas
This song is poetry. "Nas is like, half man half amazing my poetrys deep I never fell" Also a really unique beat to go along with the theme of the album. Listen to the song. Its amazing. Gives me the chills listening to it
Listen to sample

88Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 - Hopsin
Eminem and Hopsin are the realest
Real rhymes! He talks about real life of teens and stupid people
Listen to sample

89Can You Keep Up? - Busta Rhymes & Twista
5 words in 1 sec dude!
Should be the first
Busta Rhymes rules rapping
He is d best... Eminem suxx... He can't sing as fast as busta rhymes and twista.. So its your choice now... Whom do you choose?
Better than Eminem
Eminem doesn't sing so fast
If you don't believe LISTEN IT.

90One Shot - B.A.P
They may not be americans but you gotta admit their style and rap is amazing, and if you check out their lyrics you'll see how good their rap is
Listen to sample

91Berzerk - Eminem
Awesome fusion of rap... must be a lot higher because of innovation
This is the We Will Rock You of rap music. It is that good.
Listen to sample

92Ms. Jackson - OutKast
Cannot believe how low this track is on the list. I suppose this site attracts those who have a more mainstream influence. While Eminem is inevitably legendary, and artists such as 2pac, BIG, Wu Tang Clan are manifest on this list, Mrs Jackson should, I think be either in the Top 5 or runner up. Number One of course is always debatable given the amount of golden material out there.
Listen to sample

93Protect Ya Neck - Wu-Tang Clan
Rugged and built like Schwarzenegger.
An original and great rap song by the wu. This deserves a higher rating.
One of the best songs ever maded from the best rap group of all time.
Listen to sample

94Hate It or Love It - The Game
Pure Gangster! Hip hop at its best, made by the best (The game nd fifty)
This song introduced me to hip hop and even after so many years, it is still my favorite song! I could listen to it on repeat 24 7

"Hate it or love it the underdog's on top And I'm gonna shine homie until my heart stop Go head' envy me I'm raps MVP And I ain't goin nowhere so you can get to know me"!
The reason I started listening to rap.
This has got to be in the top 10! Even Soulja Boy made it with the same verse over and over in crank Dat
One of the best rap songs ever.. can't believe Eminem, nas, and Jay-Z are at the top. You people don't have any real taste in rap at all
More comments about Hate It or Love It - The GameListen to sample

95Notorious Thugs - Bone Thugs N Harmony
WHAT THE?! SOULJA BOY CRANK DAT? That ain't even a song, let alone hip hop, let alone a top ten?! This is a true quality song where biggie shows his versatility, he matches the bone thugs flow. It was awesome when it dropped, it changed hip hop and labelled biggie once again as the best ever! But. You kiddies weren't around back then, you just were there to see the hype around soulja boy crank dat!
Classic rap song of the 90's. Its smotth and has a killer beat. I never get tired of listening to it. Bone Thugs and Harmony is Awesome.
Tune! Biggie kills it in this song wot a legend
Listen to sample

96Numb/Encore - Jay-Z and Linkin Park
The most pump up rap song of all time! Jay-Z is a lyrical amazement. Numb is one of the greatest songs of all time and when you mix it with a legendary rap song like Encore, you get where I'm going, it will be a very good achievement in the music industry.
A great song and unbelievably excellent. Good for all Rock and Rap fans. Jay-Z is a good lyricist and Linkin Park are great Rock artist!
This song is perfect for Rock and Rap fans, who want a little bit of Hardcore. Both Jay-Z and Linkin Park are Hardcore artists!
More comments about Numb/Encore - Jay-Z and Linkin Park

97Eazy-Duz-It - Eazy-E Listen to sample

98Look at Me Now - Chris Brown
Three things I learned from this song

Chris brown wants me to meat his penis

Busta rhymes has 5 lungs

Lil wayne speaks spanish
Listen to sample

99Warning - The Notorious B.I.G.
This actually angers me that the bad Eminem music is higher than this
What a tune cnt believe this is so far down the list
Listen to sample

100La Di Da Di - Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh Listen to sample

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