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281Homecoming - Kanye West

Anybody heard it? Its really good. The background music is awesome. Must hear once to like it.

282Circles - Hollywood Undead
283Ain't No Half-Steppin' - Big Daddy Kane
284Young Forever - Jay-Z

Great song should definitely be ahead of just lose it

285Power - Kanye West
286Moses vs Santa Claus - Epic Rap Battles of History
287You're Gonna Get Yours - Public Enemy
2889am In Dallas - Drake
289Hustlin - Rick Ross
290Chainsaw Symphony - Lo Key
291That's That - MF Doom
292We Don't Die - Twiztid
293Hall of Fame - The Script
294Holy Grail - Jay Z

Absolutely atrocious, and that's being generous. - WonkeyDude98

295Dreams - The Game

has to be... atleast top 50 at best

Finally found and downloaded this song today. No way this song should be 50 like the other guy said

296I'll Still Kill - 50 Cent & Akon
297Children's Story - Slick Rick

ol' skool story telling with a meaningful message.Brilliant flow of words fused together!

298Knuck If You Buck Freestyle - Lil Wayne

The rhymes are amazing and the lyrics are incredible! Th only good song Lil Wayne has ever made!

Great song, and definitely a legendary classic in the hip hop business, good flow and amazing chorus!

Great beat and based on cool rhymes and dope lyrics, this song will knock your socks off!

Best song ever.. The rhymes that Lil Wayne comes up with are amazing!

299Real Gangsta - South Park Mexican

Gives you an insight into the life of a young Mexican living in a ghetto, and how life treats him and where it takes him!

The most lyrical SPM journey ever listened to, and also his best song by far, it is probably one of the best songs of all time!

best mexican rapper forget that cali music

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300Renegade - Eminem and Jay Z

This should be number one, I'm sure lots of the artists in front of this song would agree too, this is one of the most intense raps ever, the lyrics are awesome and the flow is amazing.

Awesome rhyme schemes, better than any on this list I guess... Check Eminem's verses in this song... And see yourself...

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