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301 Real Gangsta - South Park Mexican Real Gangsta - South Park Mexican

Gives you an insight into the life of a young Mexican living in a ghetto, and how life treats him and where it takes him!

The most lyrical SPM journey ever listened to, and also his best song by far, it is probably one of the best songs of all time!

best mexican rapper forget that cali music

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302 Knuck If You Buck Freestyle - Lil Wayne

The rhymes are amazing and the lyrics are incredible! Th only good song Lil Wayne has ever made!

Great song, and definitely a legendary classic in the hip hop business, good flow and amazing chorus!

Great beat and based on cool rhymes and dope lyrics, this song will knock your socks off!

Best song ever.. The rhymes that Lil Wayne comes up with are amazing!

303 Renegade - Eminem and Jay Z Renegade - Eminem and Jay Z

This should be number one, I'm sure lots of the artists in front of this song would agree too, this is one of the most intense raps ever, the lyrics are awesome and the flow is amazing.

Awesome rhyme schemes, better than any on this list I guess... Check Eminem's verses in this song... And see yourself...

How is this not number one? Em's flow is perfection, and JAY Z is pretty solid as well. Both artists' best song by far.

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304 Crooked Smile - J. Cole Crooked Smile - J. Cole
305 How Much A Dollar Cost - Kendrick Lamar How Much A Dollar Cost - Kendrick Lamar V 2 Comments
306 The Point of No Return - Immortal Technique The Point of No Return - Immortal Technique

Listen to the song, you will know why it got my vote.

"How could the serpent be purposely put in charge of the country" nice verse and amazing lyrics!

The best Technique song ever made! This and Dance With The Devil should be first, for their lyrical charm!

307 If I Ruled the World - NaS If I Ruled the World - NaS
308 Go DJ - Lil Wayne Go DJ - Lil Wayne

This is the only good song

This song has one of the best chorus's hooks ever - joro808

309 Af Yok - Norm Ender V 1 Comment
310 Why - Jadakiss Why - Jadakiss

should be up there ....Jadakiss is an underrated rapper and this song comes through and makes you think.

311 Can't Knock the Hustle - Jay Z Can't Knock the Hustle - Jay Z

This is simply the catchiest song of all time right from when you start hearing the beat, even after seeing 3 decades this song still catches people moving their heads to it.

Simply the most catchy rap song of all time. Decades have passed and themes have changed, but one thing is for certain, this track still gets peoples head moving to it.

312 Dirt Off Your Shoulder - Jay-Z Dirt Off Your Shoulder - Jay-Z
313 Hero - Nas Hero - Nas

Nas is one of the only rappers I know who can write great lyrics, make catchy hooks, and a great beat, and combine it all into one song

The best song by Nas! The song is suppossed to remind people Nas's position in the rap game! He's one of the real hero of rap! - shadynandosz77

Best song by Nas? Nope. One mic is his best song. Still, this is an OK song.

314 Fireman - Lil Wayne Fireman - Lil Wayne
315 I Need Love - LL Cool J I Need Love - LL Cool J
316 Sag My Pants - Hopsin Sag My Pants - Hopsin
317 I Rep That West - Ice Cube I Rep That West - Ice Cube

Great rap song, with a great beat and lyrics. Ice Cube shows that he Rep the West. The hook is also fine, almost good as "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It".

318 Dysfunctional - Tech N9ne Dysfunctional - Tech N9ne
319 Pop the Trunk - Yelawolf Pop the Trunk - Yelawolf V 1 Comment
320 It's Been a Long Time - Rakim It's Been a Long Time - Rakim
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