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421Ghetto Prisoners - Nas

One of the most underrated hip-hop songs.

422187 He Wrote - Spice 1

great song just to bad nobody knows about spice 1

423My Life - The Game

a great song that has a lot of meaning to it and a great singing job by weezy -

Epic rap song. I never really liked 50 cent until this song and Eminem was brought to a new level when he made this as it was just so fast. Might even be as fast as Busta Rymes in Chris Brown's Look at me now.

424Still Not a Player - Big Pun
425Kizz My Black Azz - MC Ren
426End of Days - Vinnie Paz

Most underrated rap song in history, Vinnie Paz and the Jedi Mind Tricks are so good at being rappers. This talented young group, pride themselves in their work lyrically and also tell stories.

Lyrically brilliant!, should be a little higher than this! - robertoantonioortuso

427Dead and Gone - T.I.

No one tells a story nearly as good as this one.T.I. explains the story perfectly and the way he times his lyrics is just amazing. One of the best raps ever, and definitely the best lyrics ever.

428Butterfly - Crazy Town

one of the best rap rock song I've ever heard... plz plz plz plz everyone hear this song - shuvro

429Killas - Lil Jon
430HiiiPoWeR - Kendrick Lamar

Amazing beat produced by J. Cole, another great artist. Kendrick's flow is smooth and just plain lyrical. Can't hate on this song.

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431Pass Out - Tinie Tempah

Why is this 308? Top 10 for sure! The lyric quality and sick beat is next to the best ones like lose yourself, stronger, in the club if you haven't heard this get this song in your life!

Why isn't this in the top 100?
Best thing to come out of Britain since Hip hop was invented! Then you've got soulja boy in the top 10
And in the club not! Stronger by kanye west is easily top 20! And where is cassidy hotel?

432Grand Deception - K-Rino
433Don't Waste Your Life - Lecrae

Should be ranked higher

Game changer right here.

434I Got 5 on It - Luniz

Why is this not even on the list, what a disgrace must be a bunch of kids writing it. This is one of the most legendary songs ever!

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435Say My Name - Eunhyuk
436I'll Be Missing You - Puff DaddyV1 Comment
437My Life - 50 CentV1 Comment
438It's Funky Enough - The D.o.c

Cannot even imagine why this song isn't on this list :(

439Eminem - MockingbirdV3 Comments
440A Million Lives - Jake Miller
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