Best Rappers of All Time

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The greatest battle rapper ever! At the very least is top 30. How many mcs can say they destroyed a legend in a battle
The Lyrical king, by far! Few other rappers got lyrics like this guy.
Has more content in one of his albums than most of these rappers, including eminem, in their career portfolio! check out the lyricism of the most quotable and bar monster rapper of all time! Before you start talking, check out albums C of tranquility, Rip the jacker, For whom the beat tolls...
[Newest]Canibus is smarter than most of these rappers put together

102Tyler, The Creator
His raps and freestyles are amazing. But he is so against the system he doesn't fit the pretense for a rapper, listening to classical jazz for inspiration for his songs about the odd (Stalking, murder and necrophilia to name a few), this man sees the world through different eyes. His rise to fame only documents that he evokes an unspoken part of us, a visionary to the dark and untouched part of our souls.
Tyler's lyrics and flow are strange and different than every other rapper out there, but it seems to work for him. He is not afraid to push boundaries or speak his mind which is what makes him so cool and interesting. He deserves to be much farther up on the list.
Tyler has a unique and crazy style of rap that other rappers don't have these days. Should be at least top 50. He's getting more famous by the second and will be up there eventually.
[Newest]Tyler should be in at least top 20s

In my opinion he is the BEST rapper ever.
I love him for his special lyrics. He is the best...
His have the best lyrics.
[Newest]His The Best Rapper In Iran

Cham shouldn't be so far down because this guy has got it
I can't even run so fast as much he raps so fast
Chamillionaire should be in the top ten he is my favorite rapper. Never liked rap until I heard him.
[Newest]Best Rapper from the South

105Kid Ink
He is better then half of these people on the list if you check his music you won't listen to one and be like that's wack Eghh Alumni
Top 20 at least... He's got he's own unique flow
He is the sexiest rapper alive!

Are you serious he should be in the at the top WU TANG forever
He is a genius. Great rapper who is way more talented then he is given credit for.
! RZA 95 R you serious?!

Kolera is sagopa's wife. Her songs is very perfect as sagopa as. We don't forget kolera. She is in our hearth.
Kolera is the best
This rapper is very good. Hers wife great
[Newest]The best of all woman rapper

Whoever made this list needs to be shot in the face. Jada Styles are top 5.
Top 5 easily. Think about "We are the streets. " Great flow, lyrics.
The most lyrical and the best to ride a beat
[Newest]Not even Top 100? I'm not a fan of Jada, I don't dislike him either, but when I see that rappers like Tyga are higher on this list than a actual rapper (Tyga is a bunch of bull, Meaning he should leave Rap), I ask god why he creates so dumb people...

I'm at 169 and I finally see a member of tribe. And phife dawg is nowhere to be seen. I'm not even mad, I feel bad for these people filling the top 20 with drake and wayne
His category is self explanatory produce classic albums and part of native tongues and the first to the abstract rap and brought j dilla in 1996 another praised by the rap world.


This top list sucks balls! Look at Q-tip, who is an absolute legend, standing at °125, while Nicky Minaj is in the top 20... Even 50 cent is top 10? And Soulja Boy? I've had it here, Phive is not even in the top 200, and Lil Wayne is on 3? Pay some respect, because this is a shame!
[Newest]Pure original artist with a great sense of unity should be way way way higher in this list for what he has given to the music industry

Yo.. All I can say is... That this rapper has guts. He might not be the best rapper... But he is the best Christian rapper ever. He was nominated for the Grammy Awards. In the future, he will be the best rapper of all time... Maybe better than Eminem.
One of the best because his music is directed at praising and making others aware of God, his Son Jesus and God's glory. Not only that, it's very good both melodically and lyrically.
best rapper beside eminem help me get him to #2 best part about it is he is a christian check out his best sons called God is enough and children of the light awesome rapper I am his biggest fan


[Newest]Yo yo yo yo yo. Yo hold up yo. Yo he's great yo. Yo.
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111Mete Erpek (Joker)

Twista is the fastest just cause yall heard one song listen to all of twists so twista is first busta rhymes is second
68 that's sad... Should be top 10 for sure some of these rappers don't hold a candle next to twista


Why come Twista belong to # 66, he supposed to be belong at least at Top 5.
[Newest]Twista is the daddy, no other rapper can keep up with his flow.

113Chuck D
I'm not voting for Chuck D because he is the best rapper ever, personally, I think Eminem is, but there is NO WAY Chuck D and LL Cool J should be this far down. Chuck D led Public Enemy. Hello? Fear of a Black Planet? One of the best Rap albums of all time. He deserves too be much higher on this list just for making "Fight the Power" -- that song has to be in every real rap fan's top 5 of all-time.
A rapper with a social conscience, one whose lyrics were actually intelligent
Absolutely amazing rapper, with clarity, emotion, and social conscience. Somehow he gets along with Flavor Flav, who is needed to balance out the heavy lyrics of this mastermind.
[Newest]I think public enemy is one of the best groups of all time.

114Sean Paul
I don't just think but I know that sean paul is one of the best Jamaican rapper and your right that his voice never gets old and that's one of the things I like about him, he is killing it now that's what I call swag
Bow wow has this one of a kind rapping talent like no one else does! So much swagger I mean. He's totally getting my vote
Awesome singer, rapper he should be in the 50's...
[Newest]Sean paul is my best...

115Jedi Mind Tricks
JMT is the greatest CREW of rappers evr, that includes Wu-Tang, NWA and B, T and Harmony.


dont take my word for it - google "violent by design" RIGHT NOW, listen to that and tell me I'm wrong...
Definitely Top musicians how the hell ain't they higher then this?
This group should be way higher on the list, they have some of the most amazing lyrics in rap.
[Newest]The Best lyrically by far. The best are always kept secret right. My favorite on this list and of the 110 rappers above them I have heard 76 and only think 8 could even possibly be better than them.

116Zack De La Rocha
Zack de la Rocha has been spitting some of the most difficult and most clever lines even more than Eminem since 1991. Zack is not only one of the few Mexican American artist who actually doesn't sound like a Mexican but an American protesting for what is right Zack easily can be put in the same level with Tupac when it comes to Rap poetry, and Freestyle level as Eminem. Zack rap skills were and are ahead of his time, and today he remains the most under rated rapper. Yes he is in a alternative rock/metal band, but that makes it even more clear, he was not trying to pursue money he was speaking the truth. You think Immortal is epic? Immortal Technique looks up to this guy. Listen to songs like. "Wake", "Bombtrack", "Voice of the Voiceless", "Guerrilla Radio", "Maria", "Bullet in the Head". By Rage Against the Machine.
Come on people! Ever hear of Rage against the Machine?

Listen to some, then come back and vote


Rocha is one the greatest of all time, find me another rapper that can make as many songs as this guy without using the words bitch or n**** in every other line and still sell. He still releases songs and he's been in the game since 91, come on people stop listening to this new crap they spoon feed you with auto tuning and whack beats that a 12 year old can make on garage band and listen to some real music.
[Newest]Listen to Bulls on Parade

117Earl Sweatshirt
One of the best flows out there, with good lyrics, too. The guy has African poet and college professor genes in him, and he sure as hell uses them. No one can put together the multiple rhyme bars that Earl can do and not sound bad.
The reason he's over 100 is because he's in Odd Future and hasn't been recognized since 2010 when he was shipped off for releasing one of the best rap albums of the decade at age 16.
Wait til his first solo album after returning from boarding school, this man is gonna be on top.
This dude is on his way to number one and seriously is amazing I think of as a whole should be able to get at least top 20 they make their own beats and their own show and on top of it all they have literally the best time on stage and make their shows amazing but earl for sure has the most talent in that whole group
This man will own the game one day. The way he uses assonance is amazing and can rap about literally any subject to boot. Not to mention he is only 18 and has 3 ALBUMS coming out very soon.
[Newest]The best flows, best lyrics, and he's only 20

The words that Tablo spits out are pure genius and meaningful. You can feel the passion and emotion in his raps.
Tablo is such an inspiration. His music is real and talks about actual issues that many people try to hide from the rest of the world. His rap, his lyrics, the words he speaks all have meaning. He's super talented and deserves more recognition for what he does and what he's been through. Tablo's a lyrical genius and incredibly smart. He makes you want to just quote everything he says. I know that his music has touched my heart and I always wonder where would k-hiphop be without him. I don't even have enough words to describe him. He's just amazing. Pure talent. Genius. Everything he's ever composed is just beautiful. He saved me.
Tablo is amazing, he's been through so much and his music is just great. His raps are meaningful, as well. He's very talented, love the guy%
[Newest]If you ever really listened his music before, he should be the one and only top of this list. He is the rap GOD. Jeez.
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119Hossein Eblis
Great new hip hop style and he's becoming a great rapper ever even better than some of american rappers
The best in the world
He is style is good
[Newest]He is the best

120Tinie Tempah
Tinie has a new style of flow, with his unique style of British rapping.

His lyrics talks about struggles of his childhood, and real things, while a lot of rappers on the list just brags about how they get shot, money, girls, and guns.

He's just coming up, but after a few more albums, he'll definitely be on the top 10 of this list
What he's here I don't know show him the top ten by voting for a great influence for the british rap star
Why is he only at number 88?
He's great because he doesn't just brag all the time he raps about stuff
Normal people can relate to
[Newest]What the hell is tinie tempah doing 103!?

121Alireza JJ
We love you alireza and zedbazi
Very very good voice and so lovely
He really understand art in rap
[Newest]His The Best Rapper

This should be in the top 20 at least. If he isn't the greatest rapper than his the greatest producer. He is in the rock and roll hall of fame... Come on now!
I didn't know he was a rapper
He's not a rapper.

123Inspectah Deck
Inspectah deck is definitely the number one, HANDS DOWN! He is like a rapper for college professors. I don't even care that none of you like him, because you wouldn't understand what he says anyways. So basically I'm saying his rap skill is off the charts not to mention his flow, which I don't think anybody could match. Number one. Listen to triumph by wu tang. Then you'll see.


All of Wu tang definitely belongs above John Cena.


How is u-god ranked above deck? God is okay but deck is top 50 hands down


[Newest](This is the only one that you might not know)

What the heck. I do not understand how John Cena and Will Smith are better rappers that pitbull. He should be AT LEAST in top 20. This is like saying Tom cruise is the best singer in the world. So if you are saying that this legend in the making is 43 then please there is no point of this site. By the way have you even heard a song from pitbull. Because for you to put him here means you have not even heard one song
I like his most song because his song have something special that people can make interest on him. So he will be the world famous rapping man that I ever seen in my life and his sound should be something special that people can love on him... I like him very much...
Hey! He is the best, he can get billboard champion you know, he should get more votes, support, he is handsome too
[Newest]When we in clubs. Pitbull song make us drunk without any drinks. Why he is at 93. He had come for a show in Hong Kong and even Chinese who don't understand English their head was still spinning
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125Vinnie Paz
Vinnie Paz is real, I'm voting for him because he's not getting near enough attention. Most people don't appreciate real hip-hop and listen to garbage like soulja boy, and lil Wayne. I can't understand how kids are so stupid to listen to some idoit like soulja boy yell something about failing math class.

If tupac shakur was still alive he would listen to vinnie paz
I can't believe the top of this chart, Vinnie kills the competition! Seriously how outdated and pop are all the top rappers here? There should be a ban on pop-rap, 50 cent haha what a joke!
Vinnie Paz is one of the best rappers right now. He's definitely keeping REAL hip-hop alive. His music has meaning, thought, and tons of effort in it. His stuff makes you think. Not just the same mindless "Hip-pop" you hear now. I can't believe that 'rappers' like Lil Wayne are higher up on the list than Vinnie.
[Newest]One of the realest rap artists still going.

126Obie Trice
Why is Obie this far down? This is just confusing and stupid. How is he getting beaten by chipmunk?
One of the best underrated rappers ever.
Cheers is one of the best debut albums ever. Second rounds on me was brilliant also
Bottoms up was a hit too
Vote him higher, he is at least top 20
Cheers is one of the top 10 rap albums of all time! Way to underrated. Top 25 easy
[Newest]Low low low rank should be top 15

127Machine Gun Kelly
MGK'S JUST AWESOME DUDES.. HE'S JUST A blast.. You may listen samples like INVINCIBLE... Where that's an awesome rapper dudes.. Must be below 5.. He's just fanta fabulous
I honestly have no idea why he is nowhere on this list. Machine Gun Kelly is the best Artist in my mind. Lyrics are deep and meaningful. Besides Wild Boy, which is what most people only know him as. Listen to his other songs and you will see what I'm talking about. Amazing flow and very audible pronunciation. Very fan based and cares about his fans more than himself.
Great flow fast and a great style. Should hook up with dre and slim and he'll become one of the best. Invincible/Wild boy/Chip of the block/Breaking news and see my tears are great this guy should at least be in the top 20. Oh and he's way better than most of those guys.
[Newest]Should at lest be in the top 15

Not the best ever but 117? The fact John Cena is like 40 shows the true knowledge of hip hop on this page... Which is absolutely none... I mean how are you gonna have Pun at 70? Absolute craziness... WALE is head and shoulders above any rapper from the freshman class except for Cole end of story
Young, up, and coming. Nice verse, good flows, and poetic. Give a couple of his mixtapes a listen and I promise you won't regret it.
What! HE SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 10! Wale makes real rap music, has great beats, and is definitely what mainstream rap needs! Listen to "Ambition" and you'll know what I mean! VOTE 4 WALE!
[Newest]The Most Underrated Rapper Ever. People Don't Know What They're Doing Putting Him At 139

129Flo Rida
HE sucks, right round is a rip off of You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive, and good feeling is a rip off of both etta james's-somethings got a hold of me, and Acicci's levels(which frankly deserves all the credit for that song. He deserves his position entirely
Where the hell did you forget him!?
Right round, Turn around (the hangover songs), Elevator, Club can't handle me (my favorite. ), good feeling, Low, etc etc!
He should be in top 5!
This guy's flow is ridiculous. Almost as fast as Eminem's. I will admit he had some sucky songs like Right Round but his collaborations with David Guetta are amazing. Some of my favorite songs by him: Club Can't Handle Me, Whistle, Where Them Girls At, Wild Ones, Good Feeling, How I Feel, Can't Believe It, Low, and In The Ayer.
[Newest]Epic rapper. End of story, Thank you for coming.

130Ace Hood
He ain't deserve this much low rank.. He must be at the top of the rappers.. One of the most talented and rising rapper having best command on beats, rhythm and rhyme..
A underrated rapper he has the skills to be real good he deserve to be on the list top 20 or 15
He is very good rapper.. Should be on the top 20 of the listings..
[Newest]Ace Hood is the Bugatti of rappers... see what I did there.

131Dizzy Wright
Dizzy honestly, goes harder then most in the game right now. He has a very smooth flow and not to mention he is part of the fantastic group funk volume
Honestly, I was expecting Dizzy to be at least top 50.. what the hell.. he should even be ahead of hopsin because dizzy's the best in funk volume. He has the best lyrics and best beats.


[Newest]I seen people call him 2Pac reborn. He's amazing, 2nd best from funk volume after Hop

132Lloyd Banks
The underdog that has more talent than most artist in the industry but is overshadowed by his talented crew.
Banks honestly is not even in his prime plk all day.
If you do not think that lloyd banks deserves a spot in the top ten then listen to ON FIRE ft. 50 Cent
[Newest]Banks is top 10 easy. Lyrics are fire.

133Ol' Dirty Bastard
are you serious no one put him on the list!
One of the most unique styles. Definitely in my top 5, but everyone has their own opinion. Brooklyn Zoo and Shimmy are 2 of my top 15 rap songs of all time.
Ol' Dirty is the most crazy rapper of all times! He deserve higher rank than this! He is the heart of the almighty Wu-Tang Clan.
[Newest]133? Really, I had to go to the second page! Memo to me, blow up the planet.

134Black Thought
The fact that Black Thought is this low on a top rappers list has got to be the most out of control logic I have ever been exposed to. Whoever made this list should go back to listening to Country music.

Plus, Eminem is a great rapper but he is not number 1.
this list is bullcrap how the hell is lil wayne in the top 10 and black thought of the roots isn't even on the damn list. Black Thought of The Roots is definitely one of the best of all time

Black Thought is probably one of the most underrated rappers EVER. The album Illadelph Halflife is a masterpiece. In my opinion, Black Thought is better than Jay Z, Dr Dre, Eminem and Lil Wayne by FAR.
[Newest]Come on Black thought is this low? Much better than Eminem.

135The D.O.C.
No One Can Do It Better is essential rap/hip-hop material and it's a sin that he's not top-10, minimally. "Portrait of a Master Piece, " "The Formula, " "Whirlwind Pyramid, " the NWA crew on the "The Grand Finale" -- classic stuff!
I cannot believe that the D.O.C. is number 125 on this list. He revolutionized rap and had the best flow, lyrics and style. I understand why he is not Top 5 or even 10 because of the car crash, but he deserves much higher than 125. Much respect
An influential and skilled rapper, originally from Dallas. He and Ice Cube wrote almost all of the lyrics on the classic gangsta album "Straight Outta Compton". He then released an ahead-of-its-time solo album produced by Dr. Dre. Unfortunately in 1990 he was in a car crash that resulted in him losing his voice. But he continues to ghostwrite for rappers including Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre

136Charlie Scene
Funny and stupid when I see Charlie Scene and Fred Durst in this page... Why mike shinoda not here to?


Hollywood Undead wouldn't be the same without him!
"It;s Charlie Scene! He ain't ever looking cheesy! It's Charlie Scene, it ain't easy being sceney! "

"Signed Charlie Scene, ON YOUR GIRLFRIENDS TITS! "

137MF Grimm

138ASAP Rocky
Are you kidding me? ASAP Rocky is this low? You people have no taste.
He got a sick flow knows how to mix the words
Wow wow wow this guy just blew mw off with his great stuff he just needs to work on his punchlines maybe he will be better.
[Newest]Go back to Justin Bieber morons

Sickest rapper out there and should be easily top 20 who is getting better, check out all his mixtapes because this kid is tight with lyrics that are not ordinary like all these singers who call themselves rappers
John Cena, Dj Khaled can't rap but are still higher than Logic search him on YouTube and
listen to him and you will be as shocked as I am because he is sick. He is so underrated, his rap is real rap that is dieting out.
What the hell is this. Why is Logic only at 133. He should be in the top 10 along with Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, J. Cole, and Tyler the Creator. This list is a disgrace to rap
[Newest]Logic is top 5 based on flow, his voice is nice, he has great bars the only thing I don't like is he tends to recycle his lines other than that he is young, he has a great work ethic, he's witty, and in my top 10 favorite rappers right now

Amazing lyrics + Great style & Flow!
Can you just not see him?
A Persian rapper with very strong lyrics
[Newest]The Best In The Middle East

141Ali Owj
So god for fast rap
One of the best rapper in Iran
Ali owj is the my love

142Fuat Ergin

143Andy Mineo
He's awesome. I first saw him at a concert, and he puts on a really good show. He deserves more credit than he gets.
Just listen to "Heroes for Sale" and you'll know why he deserves to be higher up on this list

E-40 is the best spitter of all time, his flow is simply the greatest. His albums are getting better and better every time he should be at least in the top 5
Master of rhyme and flow, no one can touch E-Fizzle, if anyone disagrees they can listen to the Grit and Grind album then come tell me different...
Seriously people. Listen to ONE album. His songs are sick from the beats to his signature flamboyant style. The greates rapper to come out of the bay, even better than too short keak the sneak or turf talk. 40 water should be top 25 AT LEAST.
[Newest]Like come on people

He made an impact when he unleashed his new album: Shock Value, even scott storch got nothing on him (Go Timbo! )

Honestly he's top 10. Like seriously? Maybe not the best but better than a lot of people that were picked before him. So stop listening to garbage and get serious laugh out loud
Cassidy is probably one of the top 5 lyricists in the game right now. He raps about stuff he's actually lived through and his bid in jail helped him mature asa person and artist so look out for this kid.
This guy is just great because he doesn't want to imitate anybody he is an original and not to mention that he had more than 5000 battle raps and never lost one of em!
[Newest]Cassidy should be in the top 10...

147Del tha Funkee Homosapien
For Del to be this far down the list is a joke. (But then again Slick Rick is somewhere in the 160's I think while drake is near the top so I'm not surprised). Del is EASILY one of the best MC's to ever do it he's just been criminally under exposed since he went indie and left the major labels in the 90's. As far as flow he is undeniably one of the best to do it. In fact I'll say he's the best to do it, and definitely on the same level as a Rakim or Eminem. But when it comes to the 'technical' part of putting bars together I'll give those two the slight nod. But nobody can ride a beat like del when he's feel in it.

Del's imagery is amazing and he's my favorite to listen to when he's on good production. Also founded one of the best rap groups to ever do it in Hieroglyphics. He and Hieroglyphics single-handedly defined a new West Coast underground sound that had not existed before them. They essentially created a new sub-genre within rap.

Del also has the best voice I've ever heard it's my favorite voice ever there's just something about it. It's so deep and the way he uses inflections and pitch changes in his voice during songs just gives his work so much personality.

Unfortunately with del, you have to be willing to dig to find his best work cus a lot of it isn't on his albums. Examples: 'The World's Gone Bad', 'All We Know' a track he did with Virtuoso and Casual. 'Battle of the Shadow', 'On the Run Again' (with virtuoso again), 'The PJ's (with De La Soul), or 'Keep it Up' a song he did with Tame One on his album Parallel Universes. If those songs don't show you what kind of crazy lyricist this dude is then we not even speaking the same language as far as hip hop goes.

His verse on the song, Stay on your Toes on his album both sides of the brain, is one of the sickest lyrically amazing verses you'll ever hear.

Also he is Ice Cube's Cousin, used to write for the Lench Mobb, and he made a track with Tupac which is pretty sick. Del the best rapper ever!
Hip Hop ain't dead. It's just burried alive, and Del is the reason for underground hip-hop to be living!
DEL is the ONLY rapper that can pull off using 73 different nicknames. His lyrical prowess is undeniable. Philosophically inspiring, riddling and quirky, powerful and deep, this man has it all in his lyrics. Part of one of the most profound groups in west coast hip hop, Hieroglyphics. Get this guy on the top 20.
[Newest]Del is and will always remain my favorite rapper.

148Brotha Lynch Hung
he has some of the siccest gangsta rap


I don't think there will ever be a rapper like brotha lynch hung, he should be considered at the top from all the rap fans... together with tech n9ne, x-raided and some other hella underrated rap cats
In a league of his own. One of the best of all time. Hands down. A bit under rated. But that's because of his lyrical content.
[Newest]One of the best of all time VERY UNDER RATED. Top 20 at the very least

149South Park Mexican
His lyrics Hated by those who censor music he understands the pain every thug, hustler, gangbanger and every person who like the realest music already made 2 albums in prison and sold many hmm I wonder why know you tell who else did that!?
Spm is the best and will be the best rappers alive he's speaks the truth that's why he is in prison because he was getting so big the Illuminati stopped him from that if he was out there right now he would be so big he was the 5 on billboards with no radio play no promo nothing that's how good he is free spm
Produces his own beats, wicked flow, & keeps it real with the people, even though pomt blank period. He doesn't get radio play; he still is the BEST RAPPER ALIVE!
[Newest]Independent, no radio play, no grand scale promotion, and he still topping charts Best rapper today.

150B-Real (Cypress Hill)
What is going on I see almost no Latin Rapper only Immortal Technique, Big Punisher and Few But without B-Reals rap music would be different he made a big impact to the rap industry why would any one disagree.
B-Real's flow isn't from this world! In my opinion one of the best rappers of all time!
The greatest, a unique, great technique, ass blow, big flow and sane for the brain!

This guy started off rap in Punjabi... Created a new genre... Super flow... Awesome voice quality... Fantastic beats...
The best punjabi rapper ever
just listen to his voice and that's enough
[Newest]Bohemia is a proud for India and number 1 rapper.

152Trip Lee
Trip inspired me into rap
I saw how uniquely talented he was. He raps like a mad dog. Most importantly he raps about Jesus christ the only the that matters.
One of the best Christian rappers right up there with lecrae and gets no credit!
One of the best period, certainly the best Christian rapper...

153Tik Taak
I love this band

The guys are the best in world
The best hip hop group in Iran I love that guys I suggest you listen this groups musics

154mac dre
This is ridiculous, Mac dre belongs at the #1 spot. How could you surround him around these no name clowns. Biggie, pac, and Big L are the only ones who should be around Dre, this is a joke of true rankings. Pathetic.


Hilarious list having Will Smith above the Mac simply hilarious
We miss you furl. there's no way any of these other rappers are above dre. great flow, great stories, amazing all around rapper he's unbeatable.
[Newest]What are you doing down here Dre? The Bay cannot forget their king

Devlin raps bout proper stuff. His freestyles are amazing. I hope everyone will know who he is because he is so much better than most of the people in the top 50 any day. Devlin spits quality.
He's awesome rapper... His lyrics reflect reality... N he also raps good..
He must be in top 50.. According to his rap quality
Just amazing, amazing talent and deserves to be in the top 50 anyday

The ABSOLUTE Definition of what a great rapper should be.


K Rino should've been first easily. GOAT, legend.
K-Rino has got to be THE most amazing rapper period. The way he structures his rhymes and punchlines is just incredile. All of you are wrong, K-Rino is the most underrated. Check any song and you will see how amazing he really is.

157Waka Flocka
He is not evan in top 20, try more like top 30


My absolute favorite Rapper, best flow every track a hit. Squad!
Best rapper alive and I can't believe waka flocka is down here

I agree with the message bellow that why is Rick Ross higher than Lowkey, also why is John Cena higher than Lowkey. Rick Ross is a fake and John Cena should stick to what he is good at wresting. If you listen Lowkey you will most likely be moved because his song means something and he stands up for what is right. Real rap is dieing.
I can't believe Rick Ross is higher than Lowkey, Lowkey is much more better. Lowkey songs have a meaning to it and you can waste your precious time listening to fake rap or you can listen to real rap artist like Lowkey, Immortal Techinque, Logic and many other artists.

Best rapper alive. Politics, rhymes, flow, beats, story, meaning and speed. This is rap.
[Newest]The ONLY rapper who is actually rapping about the truth.

Definitely #1 of all living rappers.
One of the greatest rapper ever
The most underrated rapper ever
Westside is the best the best side

160Brother Ali
This dude is actually real very underrated, and the face of rhyme-sayers entertainment
This dude is real hip hop and the face of rhyme sayers entertainment very under estimated

161Joe Budden
He is one of the best rappers he is underrated but he must be put after tupac as his music is a unique rap industry that it really give the real face of hip hop life, Joe Budden is so real in his music, his music an excellent ever lyrics could be written, He discussed rap history for rappers and rap as culture and extend it to the life nowadays and mix it with classic he is an one of the best ever, He should be better than Eminem himself
Why is he not on the list? I'm not saying he's number 1 but he is definitely top 10 worthy! Look deeper them pump it up. Hit up mood muzik collection, pure genius.
How is john cenna ahead of budden he should be top 50 minimum same with the rest of slaughter house
[Newest]His slow flow of rap can kill "Eminem".

162Amir Khalvat
Amir khalvat is my love in the persian rap
I♥ amir khalvat he is best fast rapper in iran
The best rapper in Iran
[Newest]He's one the best rappers in Iran!

Please search comedy history tragedy and listen to a lyrical genius at work by far the best underground UK rapper ever definitely should be top 10 not down at 560 or what ever

The best Rapper Turkey

165Lil Jon
Lil jon should be one of the top 10 he his rhymes are so amped when you play his songs really fits in the clubs
Lil'Jon should definitely be up where 50 cent is... I honestly don't know who you guys are listening too but seriously Lil'Jon ain't no number 91..! Legit he should be up after 50 cent, nouf' said...!
[Newest]Yes I know he just yells but he works with great rappers and he has great rhymes.

166Dizzee Rascal
His duet with Shirley Bassey - Diamonds are Forever is sublime a must hear.
He is the best when he sing with alexandra burke

167Kurtis Blow
Give it up for one of the founders of the rap genre! Belongs in the top 10, more so than most on that list
Kurtis is one of the first rappers, if it wasn't for him, rap would be this far.
[Newest]This guy is pretty underrated

168Masta Ace
Top 30 on my list. One of the best all around rappers of all time.


You can't be serious wheres masta ace he is top 50 no doubt how is officer. 5-0 cent on this and not a real mc like ace.
This guy should be top 15 he is an original and in my top 5. Easily one of the best

169Swifty McVay
Listen to the first verse of "Halies Revenge" then you will know why this guy should be ahead of a lot of the "rappers" on this list.
Simple and Awsome he killed the verse in d12 ft 50cent - rap game
Eminem is the my favorite artist of all time in ANY genre, but I listened to D12 mostly for Swift, I cnt put my finger on it but he kills everyone on almost every song including Eminem.. ^^ his solo work is just as good just listen to his album 'forest fyres'
[Newest]HE IS GREAT! If he can be with Eminem then he should at least be top 15

170Slick Rick
Commonly known as the greatest storyteller in hip hop, Slick Rick's classic debut 'The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick' proves this point. Although, the albums is limited to ten tracks (the same as another artist's classic debut), the ruler flows through these tracks with great ease whilst showcasing his ability to inform listener's to his intriguing stories, including tales on adultery Treat Her Like A Prostitute, adolescent emotions Teenage Love, and a robbery gone wrong Children's Story. Slick Rick is definitely one of the greats


Bedtime story says it all he makes it sound so easy
Slick Rick is the greatest storyteller in rap and deserves to be in top 20 for sure. His first album 'The Great Adventures of Slick Rick' is his greatest work. He made classic hits together with Doug E. Fresh like 'The Show' and 'La Di the Di'. Many rap artists were influenced by the songs of The Ruler and have been using his beats/style for their own success. Other legends for me in rap are Eric B and Rakim, Kool G Rap, Grandmaster Flash, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Cypress Hill, The D.O.C. , N.W.A. 's Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, MC Ren and Yella, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G. , Nate Dogg, Warren G, Kurupt, Nas, MC Eiht and Compton's Most Wanted, Eminem and D12.
[Newest]Slick rick is the greatest rapper to live on planet earth

171Big K.R.I.T.
When its all said and done..K.R.I.T. will be up there with the best of them. He makes nothing but classic music.
Definitely a contender, although he's just now getting noticed,
Own beats, own lyrics, own production he's a genius
[Newest]How many of you have even heard Cool 2 Be Southern?

CL. Chae Rin Lee. The Baddest female Seoul City ever had. She's a fierce leader of 2NE1. Best rapper for me because as a girl she's really awesome. She can even speak in 4 languages. And speak to it fluently. VOTE CL. Expect the unexpected from her. FEB 26, 2011 her birthday! YES!


Best female rapper, she is a member and the leader of the south korean group 2ne1(they won the mtv iggy)
I just love her rap. Her expression on stage and how she love and enjoy what she is doing~! CL changed all the women rap entertainment in Korean~
[Newest]She's such a badass female rapper

173Missy Elliott
She is the ultimate female mc in the game. No one can touch her crazy sick flow and I dear a female mc to try.
We Run This and Get your Freak On r definitely classics on my list
Fat and hot lady

174Ya Boy
Ya boy 100 bars of death, some of the people I'm seeing past the 100 mark is unreal they should be in the top 30! Ya boy and meek mill should be at least in the top 30 what is this page about? cannot rap an he's higher? Wheres all the true g's at who listen to genuine rap music!


176Johnny 3 Tears
Come on now Hollywood undead give him props he great I love it he has great lyrics

Keişan's clips and feats are amazing, effects and more... He knownes "Wanted Man" in Turkey. Respect, good rapper.

178Dan Bull
I'm a gamer geek so I like him


180Bow Wow
Bow wow was the best teenage rapper ever, and seems like he's been in the game for decades. He definitely has the potential to be the best rapper of all time because he's got everything. Very underrated to say the least gained many achievements in such a short career
People are saying that they like Bow Wow but did anyone vote for him? I don't think so.
Bow Wow's is the realest rapper listen to his songs after 3 and like Mike.

181Master P

182Too Short
Dope Straight Bay Legend
Should be a little higher on the charts he's been in the game
So long
Best of all times he should at least be in the top 5 these young kids these days don't know who a good rapper is anymore.
Should be top 20-25 off ALL time! Been in the game the lo hear! No other rapiwrs have as many albums. Influences the west coast especially today! He is with top artist on many collaborations. Very underrated

She's one of the best female rapper in the world, she should definitely be in the top 20

Most memorable rapper in D12 behind Eminem and Proof. He has a not mean or teasing, but a taunting, deep voice. Amityville is a perfect example.

185MC Ren
He was way better then Eazy and Dre, also him and cube wrote most of the lyrics in NWA so he should get more credits. He is probably the most underrated rapper of all time cause he got the lyrics, the flow and a bad-ass voice.
such a talented rapper I wonder why he wasn't any bigger after N. W. A
Makes me cry to see that he is not even on top 20, he got the rhymes, voice, and good flow.
[Newest]Kanye is better than some of the guys in the top ten. I've been listening to rap for years and most of the guys ahead of him are one hit wonders. Kanye has so many good songs compared to some of this other garbage.

Without the slightest doubt... Los is the greatest rapper alive. His flow is impeccable, his lyrics are ridiculously clever, and when he raps everything is clear. Even if he's rapping extremely fast, you know exactly what he said. Almost every line is a punchline, like in the song "Duffle Bag", But the one song I would show someone that's just discovering him would be "Vintage Rolls Royce Interior".

When he goes mainstream... Its all over. He's going to make people like lil wayne look like a joke. I'm really hoping he teams up with Wiz, so It'll be interesting to see what he puts out in the future... In the mean time.. HELP SPREAD THE WORD! Everyone should become familiar with this diamond in the rough.
EASY top 5, once mainstream discovers him its over. His lyrics are clever, his flow is amazing and he can spit as fast as busta, he takes every young money beat and murders it, and nobody gives him the respect he deserves. Los is gonna take over the game
Los is easily top 5. Easily. In my opinion, Eminem has fallen off. He's still good, just not as good as he used to be. Los kills Wayne ANYDAY (often murders Wayne's beats). To be honest, I'd put Los top ten all time, but definitely top 5 current rappers. YOU'RE SLEEPIN' ON THIS DUDE
[Newest]LoS is a beast. Freestyles sound like writtens and writtens sound like a work of art. Nobody is currently on his level. He's going to be the best thing that's ever happened to Bad Boy Records since Biggie.

187Professor Green
Pro green is a legend he is a funny rapper but can be serious when he wants to be. All of the american rappers are poor, except eminem and tupac, and green and tempah are the second and third best rappers in the world respectively (behind eminem)
Sickest lyrics, read all about it best song and realest song and has the best beat. He has a bad life and fell into rapping at 18. A champion
This guy deserves to be in the top 10! His raps are amazing! Some are hilarious, and some are just downright heartbreaking! He's gone through so much negativity in his life, but he still continues to push forward. My favorite rapper of all time, other than Tinie Tempah! I love him so much!

188Daddy Yankee
This is crazy how iis it that daddy yankee is way down here this makes no sense it is clear that wjo dver came up with this list does not know what real music is
I agree. Daddy Yankee is the best hispanic rapper of all time...
Come on peple! -.. Daddy Yankee is the best.. He should be in the Top 10.. atles.. he's the best latin Rapper... well I should know.. bealieve me.

189Layzie Bone
His solo albums are underrated

190Sina Sa-e
Best of persian rappers
Best Iranian hip hoper he has the best talent
Who can give ft with Eminem
In one word I can say you are in my heart
I love you...

191A$AP Rocky
Top 10 of all time and this is no particular order. ICE CUBE, LL, BIG DADDY KANE, 2PAC, KOO G RAP, NAS, Eminem, RAKIM, CHUCK D, AND KRS1. I know you are saying why is Biggie not on this list. The simple fact is Big didn;t have enough material, great rapper thou. There are a few more rappers that could be added to this list. REDMAN, SLICK RICK, BROTHA LYNCH, YUKMOUTH, E-40, SNOOP, TECH9, MC. REN, D.O. C AND MOST OF THE RAPPERS FROM WU-TANG. I know you are saying how is Jay-z not on here neither, well to answer that Jay-z rapped about another person's life and secondly Jay-z bit a lot of rhymes off of snoop and big
How the hell did EVERY SINGLE person who has seen this forget about asap? He's got some mad rapping skills and an original style of clothing. I think he is a great rapper yet sometimes you cannot understand what he is saying.
LONG LIVE A$AP! Suddenly he became the best rapper for me, Young and Fresh Gold boy

He is Best Rapper in TURKEY
Contra is Best Rapper İn Turkey
Contra is contra.another details are not important.Listen with loud sounds
[Newest]Contra King the Rap

193Ashkan Fadaei
The Best Persian Rapper, god is text... ! Best style... !
I love you ashkan... ریتمو صداتو ع'قه

194Armin 2afm
His diss love is very nice
The best in world
Armin it is the best♥🌹


196GrandMaster Flash
The message song is part of the RAP history. :) SOO we must appreciate his work.
Are you stupid he g- masta flash should be in the top 10 the message that song great
He invented rap music!
[Newest]Probably one of the first rappers ever!

197Asher Roth
At 146?! Are You Serious? People Haven't Gave Asher His Opportunity. Only Song Everyone Knows Is I Love College. Go Listen To His Mix tapes. Asher Is Absolutely Top 50.
Honestly my favorite rapper, and celebrity in general, down to earth, caring, a real contribution to the rap game and is massively under ratted. APR
Why he is so underrated. His lyrics are great, he knows who he want to be. Top 20...
[Newest]This guy is top forty ever.

198Krizz Kaliko
This guy belongs in the class of nate dogg. This man has a hell of a voice with killer lines
Honestly nobody does it like Kali baby and no-one ever will. Amazing rapper, incredible singer as well. Listen to if I ever go, stand by, chip on my shoulder, genius, etc.
Amazing hooks amazing flow just amazing

199Crooked I
From the group slaughter house. Has a hectic flow and amazing lyrics. Disagree, well listen to this song:

Take My City (feat. B. O. B, Crooked I) - DJ Drama
Crooked I is one of the greatest in the west now a days. Slaughterhouse is nasty, his solo carrear is nasty, and he's also the CEO of C.O.B... With great rappers like one-2, horseshoe gang, and iceman. Without crooked I we wouldn't have these great underground rappers too. Very underrated. Should be amoung the top 30
This is the due with the illest flow in slaughterhouse

200Honey Singh
He is best all in world... But he is a national rapper bu still best from all those...
He is a punjabi rapper from India and his songs are most popular these days and he should be in this list. He is the highest paid actor in bollywood too.
HE is amazing Indian rapper from the villages of Punjab but was brought up in Uk...


[Newest]He is bets he has the best songs and awesome tune and nice flow at least he deserves top 50

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