Top Ten Rappers of the 21st Century


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The Top Ten

he's unstoppable once he puts his mind 2 it he says the most amazing things that sound crazy but it makes sence not 1 rapper would go head up with him with out getten there feelings hurt eminem will get on you about anything hair shoes anything
Eminem is the Best he always does what ever he can to stay on top Hes "" THE KING OF RAP "" not only the 21st century but forever
Hes the best rapper out there, has so many top songs its crazy,
his best song is either No love ft. lil wayne or when im gone!
check him out, the best there is by far!
k bye.
[Newest]He is no just the best rapper of the 21st century he is the best rapper of all time!
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2Kanye West
How is a person that HAS NOT ONE SINGLE classic album made it to the top ten? Hell even number one? How is a rapper like Eminem that basically has emotional problems and only raps about killing his mom and wife and killing others for no reason makes it to number one? This site is irrelevant. Kanye has made 3 classics and HAS MADE CLASSIC BEATS FOR OTHERS THAT HAS BEEN CLASSICS. Blueprint is thanks to him. Black Album, etc.
Kanye creates new music, something not heard before and that's what makes him so good. His albums also feature lots of levels of different emotions and his music is good for almost every occasion. His life is also pretty interesting with lots of scandals and he has lots of talents like fashion etc. He is the best rapper/artist of the high art of the 21st century.
"How is a person that HAS NOT ONE SINGLE classic album made it to the top ten? Hell even number one? How is a rapper like Eminem that basically has emotional problems and only raps about killing his mom and wife and killing others for no reason makes it to number one? This site is irrelevant. Kanye has made 3 classics and HAS MADE CLASSIC BEATS FOR OTHERS THAT HAS BEEN CLASSICS. Blueprint is thanks to him. Black Album, etc."

You're stupid. Eminem is the best rapper out there and every one knows it.
6 out of his 7 albums have won grammys.
[Newest]Kanye in terms of creativity and music is probably the best rapper of the 21st century... Although many other rappers are very skilled, they just don't bring the creativity that kanye does

JAY Z is literally a genius. He's been rocking the rap world ever since '96 with Reasonable Doubt, and hasn't really slowed down for the most part. He is the true king and has the best flow. Where Eminem may have the best lines, and Kanye may be the most "showy", JAY Z is a real master of ALL aspects of rap - lyrics, beats, marketing, and performance.
Jay 7 is th king of rap
Every rap is a story and comes from Jay's heart. His rhymes have meanings and they make sense. He's sold the most albums, put out the most songs, and has a collection of awards to show it. By far the best rapper ALIVE, and its not even close!

4Kendrick Lamar
So good way better than lil Wayne. why do people like his music. He just raps about money and women. Plus his voice sucks. But Kendrick lamar is straight outta compton


How is a person that HAS NOT ONE SINGLE classic album made it to the top ten? Hell even number one? How is a rapper like Eminem that basically has emotional problems and only raps about killing his mom and wife and killing others for no reason makes it to number one? Kendrick lamar destroys anyone except jay z in this top ten lyrically since jay z has classics in his lap like blueprint reasonable doubt and such. But kendrick is one the best right now lyrically and the best lyricaly right now DOES NOT INCLUDE Eminem. NAS's worst album destroys every song that Eminem has ever made.
No words can describe
[Newest]Best rapper under 20 at the moment and he will be a legend to hip hop if not already one

550 Cent
50 should Be in The top 10 because he been running hip hop from 02-07 and has arguably 2 classic albums with one of them being the highest debut in hip hop. He also has sold like over 30 million records worldwide and has accoplished what jay and diddy have in a shorter period with less material and last but not least he has won almost every beef he has been in if 50 cent ain't a hip hop legend I don't know who is!
waidy from MIA!
50 cent is one of the best rappers of the 21st century because he's invented he've won every beef that he's been in. he said it himself, he "I want them to love me like they loved pac". 2pac was an instinct killer, and nobody has come closer to that than 50 cent!
50 made a huge impact on hip-hop. he destroyed more careers than any other rapper and made others succesful such as The Game. He maybe isn't the most talented rapper, but the most successful one. And theres a reason why he's so successful, its cuz he's really good.
[Newest]50 cent should be number 1 no body got flow and lyrics like him

6Mike Shinoda
Best rapper in the world.. Not only Linkin Park fans love him, but also all the people in the world.. He should be at least be in the top 5
Mike Shinoda is extremely underrated but his contribution to Linkin Park is invaluable, not to mention his sick 'Styles of Beyond' project; think 'Remember the Name'.
What the hell mike shinoda at 20. No way he is the rapper of the century. No one can beat him except eminem and jayz. He is the rocking rapper. Listen place for my head by linkin park, he raps crazily. He should be on top3.
[Newest]Mike should be higher but 6 is better then 20

Drake is up and coming
Clever rapper one of my favorite rappers
His lyrics are to dope to not listen to, why is he even down here. If you heard Who Do You Love by YG and Drake, you might change your mind.
[Newest]He makes classic after classic

8Tinie Tempah
You should listen to
"Written in the Stars"
its awesome
Dude pass out was great
He is the best mike shinoda can't beat him

T.I. is the sexiest rapper alive and he keeps it real in all of his songs he is the best. I love all of his songs. but I don't think that kanye west is better then him they should have put him in 5 and T.I. in 3
Greatest in the game. Some rappers call him the "Jay-Z" of the south. That has lots of meaning. Rappers these days are trying to copy his swag and style but just can't because there is only one king and that's T.I.
[Newest]T.I. is the Rap Ali! K.I.N.G. PERIOD

His voice is really amazing and he is my favourite singer
Great singer, beautiful voice, and cute, too
His voice is the best feature!

The Contenders

I'm gonna protest lecrae should be in the top ten
Damn good rapper, shows a change in lifestyle while still keeping tradition in rap
Best Christian rapper ever
[Newest]This man is a born rapper

12Dr. Dre
I'm guessing he's only at 15 cause he's not done much in the last 13 years (other than produce)? If not this is ridiculous...
Dr. Dre helped Eminem get to where he is now and I'd dare say is probably the father of rap, making Eminem the son of rap cause without dre, we wouldn't have Eminem. Just my opinion on the way things worked out.

13Lil Wayne
Why is he even on the list he sucks.
He's one of the greatest ever!
Best rapper by far don't know what you guys are saying


15J. Cole
One of the best rappers listen to Powertrip he did unbelievable!
Flo rida or Tinie Tempah? Are y'all kidding me? J cole even makes the legends go damn.
J. Cole Has one of the best balancing skills in the rap genre right now
[Newest]He doesn't have one bad song all his songs are lyrical and awesome

16Lupe Fiasco
The fact that he isn't in the top 50 is sad. He is amazing and is a real dude
This dude is amazing... Talking about sense
Without a doubt one of if not the best lyricist in the 21st

How come he even a rapper! He's crap and utter waste
How is he in this list? He's not even a rapper
Pitbull rules!... At least my 7 yo son thinks so

18Snoop Dogg

19A$AP Rocky

20Kid Cudi
Really a champion whose raps are easy to chill too, yet he also has deep songs. Some of everything but its all great. Disappointed to see him this low. He's definitely top 5 quality.
Kid Cudi is a beast. He might be new but his skills are way better than most of the rappers on the top ten. I think he is way better than fiddy. and chipmunk, who is that?
The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night, at at at night. On some real
[Newest]Kid Cudi has some real chill songs

Lucadris makes a perfect combination of todays rap and the mix of the 2000s, still, his beats make the best rhythm, really a good rapper.

He writes his own lyrics, he is completely transparent when he raps. While staying true to the roots of rap, he undoubtedly brings something new to the table, in a manner that won't be stopping anytime soon. He is utterly amazing, and doesn't forget to give kudos to people he collaborates with or features in his songs. He is fiercely independent, attracting people to him that ultimately become part of his fandom, the Shark Face Gang. I could literally write an essay about why he should be in the top ten, that is, if I had that kind of time on my hands.
I love Macklemore he isn't afraid 2 share what he thinks and believes
Emerging rapper, is gonna be amazing'
But can't compete with the big Em, he's amazig

Hopsin is amazing he should be higher in the list. If you listen to his songs and listen to his flow and lyrics you should be able to recognize his skill
Listen to "ill mind of hopsin 5 & 6". He is the realist rapper ever... But don't take my word for it listen to his music.
Hopsin should definitely be higher in this list
[Newest]Hopsin is by far my favorite rapper, one of the best messages that an artist can have!


25The Game
Game is the best
Speaks the truf more than any rapper in the nation


26Tech N9ne
He is the realest rapper out there. He is constantly talking about life and his songs have sick beats. He is the fastest rapper out there and all his stuff is raw so check him out if you are interested in some good rap.
Tech is the best to do it. His flow that goes along with his speed is so unique and cannot be touched
How can he not be on the list tech n9ne is the best
[Newest]I really think he should be ranked higher than 26... he is a total beast

AWESOME! Aerplanes part 1 & 2, So good, Arena, Headband, Magic and Both of us. All great songs.

28Capital Steez
He was a part of pro era his lyrics are amazing interesting flow and is a great example of how he stands out in the crowd of rappers as one of the best rappers ever
Sucks he is dead he had great a great album called Amerikkkan corruption and he had a new album coming out but pro era changed it to KING STEELO songs like Free The Robots and APEX show off this guys skill

29Wiz Khalifa
Wiz should be on the top ten! He's way better then the rest
Khalifa has an amazing balance of music and lyrics
Wiz is the best modern rapper and if you disagree you don't know rap

30Childish Gambino
This Guy is An up and coming rapper with a great flow and no cheesy lyrics his newest album because the internet is a classic
Why is he all the way down here... listen to his pound cake freestyle, his flow is always so on point
He makes classic songs and they are good jams

31Tyler, the Creator
Great rapper lyrics are much deeper and require a whole fan base and years to almost fully under stand should be in top ten
He has a new feel to him. His own style. I love and respect it! So much he should be in the top 10.
Dudes. Come on Tyler should be number 7
[Newest]Listen to the Bastard and Goblin albums enough said


33Chance the Rapper

34Schoolboy Q
He is my favorite rapper! He is just too good to be there... he is a lot better than hopsin and hopsin is not bad so... you know go check his songs and you will be like " oh my god! "
The best rapper. Just go listen to collard greens or man of the year and his 2 albums habits and contradictions and also setbacks

35Immortal Technique

36Ace Hood

37Young Jeezy

38Nicki Minaj
I Love Nicki Minaj she is the best female rapper out you can not compare Lil Kim to her she is amazing Lil Kim is nothing just a mediocre daily rapper who has no talent and accuses people of stealing the style she never had!
She is really great at what she does.
Nicki minaj is really good raping

39Big Sean
Big Sean is awesome...
Big Sean is the best


Great sense of music

42Meek Mill
Everything he touches is gold! Meek is definitely the best rapper alive. Put him on any song he'll be the standout. His freestyle to the motto is crazy and pretty much all his songs are good.

If we can't bring back pac and biggie and them, he's the best today!
He is so good. Great rapper. Can't stop listening to him

43Jay Rock

44Big K.R.I.T.

45Rick Ross
Rick Ross maded the game twist. he's the starter of 21 century rapping, along with other artists. His instrumentals are amazing by my opinion and should get a spot in the number ten.


47Norm Ender

48Tinchy Stryder

49Ice Cube
How is Ice Cube not way higher on this list, he is still making the great westcoast raps, as his nwa days.

Best Lyrical Out And Ambitious And Very Smart And Unique Type Of Styke

51Sagopa Kajmer

Badshah is doing good work for hip-hop in India
He is best rapper

54Eko Fresh

He has an excellent performance and a good voice. He is also so charismatic.

56Trae Tha Truth
He would eat all of these candy rappers alive,

57South Park Mexican
One of the best rapper out there

One of the best around, for real


One of the best rappers hands down


60Ed Sheeran
He raps so rapidly, it's unbelievable. At least you can understand him, and you can totally relate to any of his songs. However, he is not only a rapper but also, and more commonly known as a naturally flame-haired British singer-songwriter.
While it's not traditional rap, you got to admitt that this guy flows.


62Yo Yo Honey Singh
Honey singh is best

63Will Smith
Will smith doesn't even rap no more so why is he on this list?
This tramp doesn't rap anymore he never rapped in the 21st century not mentioning he sucked when he did.
Haha he hasn't released a song since the 80s

One of the best


66Lil Kim

His producer, Budo, supplies dope beats while Grieves has poetic and meaningful lyrics


69Earl Sweatshirt

70Kid Ink
Amazing chilled rap style

Raftaar is fastest rapper in India

72Kevin Gates
He's tearing the game up right now!

73MF Doom

74Mac Miller
What how is Will SMith way up there while Miller is down at 64. he should be around top 10-15. Mac Miller talks about real issues where as most rappers don't. Blue Slide Park sold more cd's in one week as a lot of these rappers albums sold in a whole month.
He's cute, and makes hits and has his own T.V. show!

75Neele Scar

76Chris Brown
Does he rap? :^) isn't he pop?


78Pusha T
Numbers On The Board has one of the best beats and is lyrically not just one of the best of 2013 but the 21st century
Pusha T one of the best rhymers of all time men. he deserves some recognition.

79Wyclef Jean

80Jay Electronica
His exhibit A B and C are amazing
Even with no album, he is a cut above any artist out, period. His content and lyrics are unparralelled.


Can spit fast and intelligent lyrics.

83Kristoff Krane
Hands down the best at freestyles. He takes topics from the audience and incorporates them all.

Amazing lyrics. Just listen to him

85Mikill Pane
Fast British rapper. Unexplainably authentic and original.



88Chris Webby
Rising up to fame, already has a big fan base rapping for real!

89George Watsky

902 Chainz
Obviously the best rapper. 2 chainz!
2 Chainz is the best he should be # 1

91Mack Maine
Give him a listen

He is a king and best

93Chiddy Bang

94Adam Hicks
He's a good rapper/actor/singer and is good looking!

Easily the best, most influential and most underrated rapper of the 21st cenutry. He writes songs about real life issues, no bitches and hoes bull. Take the track The Big Sleep where he tells a true story about an old lady in Sydney who died and nobody knew and a few months later she was found. He also led The Herd and invented ElefantTracks, a record company which is helping unearth Australian Urban acts (such as Hermitude, Jimblah and Joelistics)

96Johnny 3 Tears (J3T)

He is best rapper of India.

98Charlie Scene (Jordon Terrell)

99MC Ride


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