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1 FrancisM

He is the King of Philippine Rap and Father of Philippine Hip-Hop

He's our master rapper here in the Philippines

He's the best rapper! He sings his heart out!

LEGENDARY RAPPER, he's songs is like the writings of dr Jose Rizal, a real pilipino rapper by heart.

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2 Gloc 9

Ah gloc 9 is so amazing and his songs have meanings

Gloc 9 Songs Gave me Happiness from my boring life

I like his song cause its like in true story

I am 55 years old. I have heard of G9 but just recently discovered his songs. and tindi! He might not be the king but he is definitely the best in my opinion.

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3 Sevenes

The best in this generation! Deserves to be on top 5

# 1 of the best pinoy rappers of all time

One of the best in my book! The illest tagalog emcee!

The first filipino rapper to feature a tagalog rap music on a American T.V. series, NCIS Los Angeles! Bangis!

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4 Andrew E.

Loved & Hated at the same time but you cannot deny the fact that he's one of the pioneers of HipHop in the Philippines

Andrew e and francis m still number 1

He is the best of the best, base on his lyrics, rhyme and beats.

Andrew E. I like all rap album.very loud and very impact audients.nice delivery rap song..Andrew E. is the best..And dongalo Artist.

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5 Smugglaz

Best rapper for me. He can be able to bring up lyrics so good and his rhythms as well plus the way he deliver his fast rap.

Smugglaz is better than abra by smugglaz lyrics

He was the fastest rapper in the Philippines...

Fastest rapper in the Philippines

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6 Stick Figgas V 1 Comment
7 Michael V. Michael V. Beethoven del Valle Bunagan, known by his stage name Michael V. and also known as "Bitoy", is a Filipino comedian, actor, impersonator, director, composer, singer, rapper, voice artist and parodist, who appears in the GMA Network show Bubble Gang, and in his own TV show Pepito Manaloto.

Michael v best comedian in the Philippines!
She is not a best rapper in the Philippines!

8 Dice & K9
9 Loonie

Most viewed battled rapper in the Philippines.

King of the underground rap scene

Resume of his Rap Battles speaks for it self!

Loonie is the President of Battle Rap in the Philippines. He is also called "Hari ng Tugma" or King of Rhymes. He is an extraordinary rapper.

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10 Abra

I Like Abra because not only rap is his talent. He can dance and sing. Respect Abra and don't forget to vote him.

New generation's rapper and singer.. :0

Newest sensation... Ladies love him

Nothing to say...

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11 Jewel Caburnay

Newest sensation. youngest rapper!

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12 Curse One

Spreading the LOVE in rap and also most of his song is make the people goodvibes

Most of his rap is all about "love".
His song "Masaya Ako Sayo" is so popular and one of my favorite

Are beautiful because of the song of cures one more also ung masaya ako sayo at yakap

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13 Dello

Rebuttal God and a Freestyle king! Natural born rapper!

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14 Salbakuta

Salbakuta was platinum already

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15 Crazy As Pinoy
16 Mike Kosa

Mike Kosa is one of the illest rapper of all time here in Philippines

I think he is the dopest and when the rap music is gone in philippines mike kosa lift up so many rappers

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17 Jhomajikero
18 Booker Tee

His rhymes are no joke. Man is a wordsmith in English and Tagalog.

He'll put you in a trance...
He'll make you wanna dance...
When you see Booker Tee...
Rapping in his money pants...

19 Bassilyo V 2 Comments
20 Hambog

I'm only a sagpro fan but I'm a rapper and composer too I'll beat some tugs here in my place because of my skill but the true rapper is like sagpro

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