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DMX is the really legit rapper! He talks about real life stuff like in his song hows it going down. And he is a lyrical genius. Just listen to some of his stuff like, we right here, party up, no love for me, we in here, etc. He talks about hardships especially in his song slippin.
DMX is just amazing. His songs have a brutal truth to them and with a relentless beat that gets stuck in your head. He has an excellent flow with an amazing real world situation. One of my favorites of all time.
He would be higher too if he could stay out of trouble and actually stay in the rap game for more then a couple months. But dmx is the most realist rapper ever in this game he is the best hardcore rapper including tupac n biggie not a very strong lyricist or freestyle but what he lacks in that he makes up with all of his hits he has more hits then anyone besides eminem and jay z
Dmx is crowned King. with out crack he would owned the rap game.
One of the greatest rappers to ever live. His music is from the heart and always 100 ~~ real. To have him below Drake is just an insult to rap.

I guess rap really has died in the 90's
Between all the various fakers and studio gangsters that now dominate the rap game, there remains only one truly real rapper: DMX. Not only is he talented, but I firmly believe that at this point, he's the only rapper who is truly everything he claims to be, which is worth a lot.
how is DMX number 29 and people like will smith, 50 cent, drake etc are voted better its the most stupid thing I have ever seen who has put this crap on here?
DMX, after 2Pac & Nortorious B. I. G. 's death, in late 1990's, hip-hop seemed dead as rappers fued & eventually hip-hop fans knew what the aftermath would be, DMX returned gangster rap & east coast back to it's original style, his rhymes combined a mixture of 2Pac & B. I. G. in my opinion.
Hands down the greatest EVER. And for those who don't agree by now, well... Let's just say, the way dogs flip out, cats will NEVER understand.
Best lyrics besides Eminem and pac. Lives what he raps about. DMX has a dark side as much as a soft side, its very easy to relate to his music. THE LOX, one of the best up there forsure top ten if not top 5.
Illest rapper of all time. His new album is coming out next month. GET IT!
Another one of the realest to do it, all I can say is his songs were about hardship and struggle and helped a lot of people through rough times in their lives, myself included
As if he ain't in the top 10 he has a hecktic style he was bringing back the real hip hop for awhile did use here his verse in 4,3,2,1 and money power respect he murdered thoses versers
Not the best but majorly underrated he is a bad ass ruff riders anthem is amazing and party up is a great song he needs to be up in the top fifteen at least.
Can rap quietly, can rap like a bauss, can free style hard, what else do yo need?
Dmx is probably to me the most amazing hardcore rap artist, he speaks of life and hard times
He has a beautiful testimony, showing that the Lord is with him and ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST:AS IT IS WRITTEN!
he's got a hardcore flow, that makes hime good.
After Big and Pac died DMX was one of the few hard rappers he's not number one but he's a top tenner for sure
I love his songs, Where the hood at, We right here, etc.. He never introduced himself to pop. He's awesome..
he is tha most undarated rapper in tha game, easy top 7
Now this guy (Don't) let him get started on you because he will talk about you all day.
He sold many more records then Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa I love DMX he is a hero
Most albums contain 2-3 quality songs. DMX's first 3 albums contained all quality songs.
Love the beat and love the lyrical mastermind part of him that is so overlooked.

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