Eazy puts the G in OG if you ask me. No MC has ever done hardcore crime rap with as much menace and brutal honesty as E. He set the standard for rhyming detailed lyrics about committing felonies: They're more scary when they come from a high voice that sounds mad, mean, serious, anxious, excited, devious, and mechanical all at the same time--rather than a slow mellow voice that sounds like it's exhaling blunt smoke. I'm a peaceful hippy, but E makes me feel like breaking laws.

Eazy-E is never given enough credit for all the things he's done for hip hop while he was alive. And without Eazy-E N.W.A. wouldn't have been formed and the whole world of hip hop might've become something completely different. Surely the dude needs to be at least in the top 10 somewhere. I mean come on... 23? What the hell is that!?!? Show some respect for the Godfather of Gangsta Rap people.

Eazy e to me is a legend why first of all he launch the careers of some of the greatest rappers of all time like dr dre and ice cube wend they were NWA eazy e had a great flow for old school rap with out eazy e they would not be any gangster rap that is why he is the god father of gangster rap eazy e was fearless of any one he won the battle against dr dre an snoop dogg an death-row that is why he was murder.

Eeazy-Easily the best rapper of all times. Founded NWA( the best rap group of all time) and even after NWA, had an amazing solo career. Love that Dr. Dre/ Eazy-E Feud!

In my personal opinion, Eazy-E is the best rapper in history. Nobody had as much charisma as the E did, and his flow and delivery were one of a kind. After the break up of NWA, Eazy continued rapping, though almost all of tracks after were disses aimed at Dr. Dre and his new protege, Snoop Doggy Dogg. He died on March 26th, 1995 due to AIDS complications. He was thirty-one. - GangstaReppinDaCPT

first of all r.i.p, if it was not for eazy good gansta rap(not the ice t crap) would have never exsited. eazy should auto maticly be before tupac beacuse this is how it goes. eazy forms NWA dre becomes popular tupac is discovered and then became popular as an indirect result of EAZY-E THE TRUE 8 BALL JUNKIE - numetalhead

He's the best gangster rapper rapper ever and he was a gangster not like all the other rappers that say the are but there not and eazy e was the best out of everyone in nwa and of course he's the god father of rap

All I have to say is he should be on top ten no doubt. Eazy-E was a legend and the king of rap. That should be enough to land him in the top five right there. And there is even a white version of boyz in the hood and a Mexican version, and other remix's.

The creator of Gangsta Rap and a great G-Funk artist. And he was the protagonist in the legendary Gangster Rap band N.W.A with some of the greatest rappers in all times.

Known for rapping about Compton, CA and gangsta, also had a feud with Dr Dre and Death Row Records

He is also considered one of the founders of the Sub Genre "G-Funk"

And former member of N. W. A - roblist

Eazy-E the best rapper that ever lived. Number 1, king of gangsta rap, co-founded N.W.A, and N.W.A was the first gangsta rap group. Only true fans of rap should know this, even if Ice Cube ghostwrote some of his lyrics, but Eazy has his own discography.

Eazy was the first rapper I ever really liked. Not only were his beats good, he had better lyrics than everybody else in his time. And all these rappers we see these days, even all the ones from back then, they all turned out to be sellouts or hypocrites. Eazy always stayed true, he wasn't afraid to say he represents the grit and violence of street life, and he represented that all the way up to the last day. That's real OG.

Eazy E is the godfather of rap. Just because of NWA he deserves to be on this list, but if you compare his extensive solo albums and lyricism he is the realest Compton rapper I ever seen.

BEST RAPPER better than the whiteboy with the name of a candy how can actually eazy's not the best in rap he's the best in gansta rap a whole different thing he ain't a rapper he a WEST COAST GANGSTA rapper

he used to rap about real stuff not like all those hollywood rappers.. - TheAxlErmin

Eazy-E deserve to be #1 on this list he is the best and my favorite rapper if it wasn't for him ther would be no Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and that's my favorite rap group next to N.W.A.

he was before 2 pac, biggie, big l, nas, jay-z, he introduced all them to gangsta rap


What? Eazy E is on no 16? I don't believe it, This guy is known as the godfather of gangsta rap. Did you forget that this guy started NWA? HE deserves to be in at least top 3. What the hell is Lil Wayne doing above him?

Helped start gangster rap. Isn't even particularly amazing technically but has a good flow and he's voice does it all!

For being apart of one of the most notorious rap groups of all time he deserves more respect for what he did. Being with dre, ice, and mc ren and being of the more popular of them he is one of the best

Eazy e best rapper of all time I think him nas Eminem dr dre Tupac n biggie are the best n if your a die hard eazy fan listen to bang out by tyga it has eazy in it it's so dope they took apart from one of his old songs n put it in

Eazy-e doesn't get the respect he deserves. Best Lyrics by far. Eminem is just an investment. He is no where near the quality eazy was, or tupac in this case. Ridiculous.

It's just awful that a rapper of this magnitude and skill is not recognized, best rapper to have ever live in my eyes he's #1 there's no one who can come close.

Eazy E should at least on the top 5 he was very good so I think he deserves to be in the top 5 at the least R.I.P. eazy-E #Best Rapper in 1990s