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I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN I SAW THIS. I can't even begin to contemplate how much I love Eminem. I've been in love with Em since he first came out, I think I'll always love his music no matter what-
slimshady- crazy.
eminem- sane one.
^ I like how he uses these two, to portray how he's feeling in a certain song or album.
it's a creative way to bring something new to the table.
especially sence both of them are sexy$;
I think I started listening to his music because, his life is in the lyrics.
he means every single thing he says, and he's not scared to tell it.
which doesn't make him that "superficial" hollywood celebrity, it makes him real.
I might not know him personally, but I think anyone who listens to his music has a pretty good idea about who he is, how he changed and what he went through..
I know a lot of people who hate on him, but I guess everyone has there own opinions, am I right?
but I have so much respect&love for him ...more

Eminem came from literally ROCK BOTTOM, it got to a point where he couldn't even even pay for his daughters diaper's, had several different jobs through out each day and STILL managed to think of rhymes and come up with some of the best songs ever recorded. When he was invited to go to the Rap Olympics he couldn't even afford the plane ticket there, Wendy Day (the creator of Rap Olympics) had to pay for his ticket just so he could get to L. A and battle, it was a make or break situation for him, he had no heating in his house, the night before going to the contest he was evicted and had to sleep on the floor in the cold. I think its crazy how he traveled that far not even guaranteed to win the prize money, he said himself he needed to win that money JUST so his family could survive for another couple of weeks and then going through a life of being frequently bullied, getting hit by an block of ice thrown from a school bully and being put in a coma for 6 weeks, the doctor said its ...more

HOLY CRAP! EMINEM IS BY FAR THE BEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME! Not only is he a great influence, but a loving and devoted FATHER. I also think he found Christ just in the right time. He also made ALL of 50 cent's songs GOOD... He really showed he has more balls than ANY ONE could... He refuses to give up... And never will... And through his GOD-GIVEN perseverance he's won more Grammys than any rapper could dream... He's made songs that you really don't want your kids to listen to... Then again he made songs you want your kids to listen to... He is and forever will be the BEST influence of all time... I LOVE AND RESPECT EMINEM... AND ALWAYS WILL!

My favorite.
He is by far best rapper ever..

Here's Proof Of It...

1)Best Selling Rapper Of All Time
2)The Slim Shady Linkin Park Won Grammy For Best Rap Album.
3)The Marshall Mathers Lp Became The Fastest Selling Solo Album In History And Also Won Grammy For Best Rap Album.
4)The Eminem Show Won Grammy For Best Rap Album Making Eminem The First Artist To Win Best Rap Album For Three Consecutive LPs.
5)Eminem Won The Award For Best Rap Album Again In 2010. Giving Him A total Of 11 Grammys.
6)He Won The Academy Award For Best Original Single For Lose Yourself And The Song Went On To Be The Longest Running No1 Hip Hop Single.
7)Eminem Is The Best Selling Artist Of This Decade.. I Find This Funny Since He Was Gone For 4 Of Them Years.
8)According To Billboard Eminem Has Two Of His Albums Among The Top 5 Highest Selling Albums Of The 2000s.
9)In The UK Eminem Is One Of The Best Selling Overseas Artists Having Sold More Than 12. 5 Million ...more

Sorry. Credentials is one of the world's biggest lies. He may be the most successful rapper ever (actually OutKast's Spearbox/The Love Below is the best selling rap album of all time, but Eminem's albums will top any "best selling rap albums" list), but just because he sells that does not make him as good as other rappers. Granted, Eminem is great! But I assume you are white, and I assume that you only listen to Eminem's albums. Just like me, a white person who used 2 only love Eminem, I to had to come to reality - credentials and sales aren't everything.

Undoubtedly the best rapper of all time. He has worked so hard to get to where he is, he rose up from having nothing to everything. No one believed in him and he had no support whatsoever but he never gave up his dream, his life. No one sounds like him, he's so unique. Despite not doing great at school he was very good at English and I think I heard something about him reading the entire dictionary just because he thought it would be nice to have a wide vocabulary. He is so smart with his lyrics. So many rappers nowadays have a good beat but the lyrics are awful, they rap about the same old things that just gives rappers a bad reputation. Eminem raps about real life and yeah, some of his stuff can be offensive but I like to see it as telling a story from a different approach. Yeah, he uses bad language, who doesn't? The difference is he has the guts to publish it. All his music is good, loads of people didn't like Recovery, yeah, it was different but he's entitled to a change, he was ...more

Agreed about Eminem! However, I have to say you are wrong when it comes to him being the best. You say rappers rap only about the same thing. That is because songs about partying and sex sell on the radio. Listen to albums and not singles, and you'll see that those singles fit into an album that is more than just sex and clubs. Now I'm not saying that I hate Eminem. I will always hold a special place in my heart for Slim Shady. But I ask you: pick up a copy of another rap album. Try The Notorious B.I.G. 's "Ready to Die" first. Eminem fans also love Big. Try expanding your horizons beyond Eminem. Rap is so much bigger.

Eminem has had an extremely successful career, however, as a hip hop fan of 2012, I am interested to look back at this artist's impact and influence on the rap game. I needed to look back on his past work because I can't get over his new style of music, on the album Recovery he displays a new side as a rapper completely abandoning his famed alter ego Slim Shady. Slim Shady was the comedian and eminem was the rapper, and together they made gold, such as his earlier LP's. However, I had to put him this down on the list, due to what I see to be his decline. Although, his fans are saying he his getting better, no one can deny that Eminem isn't the same as he was since his earlier work. Of course the death of his friend is an obvious upset, Eminem may be losing his touch on the mic by making music about himself, his emotions, and basically losing the most intriguing part of him, his sense of humour. This is the primary reason he is so far down on the list, because although he had given us ...more - MickyG94

Some of the reasons which make him the best:
-his great lyrics as:
the way I am, beautiful, marshal mathers, 8 mile, when I'm gone, sing for the moment, 'til I collapse, lose yourself and not afraid
-his various methods in rap as:
buffalo bill, we made you, the real slim shady, oh no, you don't know, crazy in love, bully and my name is
-storyteller :
stan, white america, I need a doctor, love the way you lie and airplanes
-humorous :
my dad's gone crazy, insane, stay wide awake, role model, fack, guilty conscience and ass like that
-his 31 million fans on facebook
his lyrical genius!

Okay it's simple. Eminem's world play/metaphors/flow/voice/personalities/range/diversity, I could go on for ages, the point is this. There is so much great about Eminem. One thing that adds to the fact that he is the best is the fact he (being white) propelled himself to the top of a predominately african american art form. It honestly sickens to see that Lil Wayne is ranked above the likes of Biggie, Dre, Jay, Eazy and Cube. Lil Wayne is pathetic, sorry to all you 21st century fanboys, but you need to broaden your horizons. All these young people voting for Wayne have no idea what real rap is, or where it came from and whose responsible for it's sounds. With all that said, Eminem is still the best. Like one of the other comments mentioned, there is a song for every mood. His lyrics are deep and meaningful with either some truth, or a good story to them. It's not just about bitches, or cashing cheques like Wayne/50 Cent. Anyways, thats my rant.

Eminem will go down, with no doubt, as one of the greatest rappers of all time. His lyricism, his witticisms, his ability to infuse multiple rhyme schemes into a single stanza, his vitriol- everything that makes him "Slim Shady" is what sets him apart from the rest.

There's this video on YouTube where Eminem's battling (another talent not many other artists have- not Lil Wayne, not Drake, not TI, not even Immortal Technique can probably handle 4 rounds with Em), and he spits,

"I've got so many ways to diss you that I'm playful with you,
I'll let a razor slit you till they staple stitch you,
and everyone in this place will miss you,
if you try to turn my facial tissue into a racial issue"

You just don't get that type of creative, impressive, straight-forward diss anymore.

Eminem demonstrates everything that rap is about and why it is millions of peoples favorite music. To me, rappers can be (however loosely) classified into lyricists and rhythm artists. Eminem is, at heart, a lyricist because he tells a story like no one else can. His metaphors are so intricate and his rhymes are practically a work of art. Sometimes you can hear him use the same rhyming scheme for an entire verse. In my opinion, one of the best ways to compare the quality of rappers lyrics is to string together the lines and see how they make sense together. For eminem, this means that his lines are almost like sentences. For example, "Mockingbird" is practically a poem. However, back on track, eminem also spits songs where his voice and his music blend almost perfectly. In other words, he lets his voice and rhymes bounce along with the music, instead of just screaming into the mic

The following is the most condensed yet comprehensive description of Marshall Mathers' greatness: His mastery of phonetics and inherent ability to rhyme every syllable of a given word. His sickening ability to craft a story through brutally honest narration. His resiliency in overcoming severe personal struggles only to revive an improved version of his former self. The authenticity of his messages that are seldom found in hip-hop. His refusal to sell out to money at the expense of compromising his mission to create some of the best music ever. And last but certainly not least, his unrivaled passion and fervent raw emotion serve as the icing on the cake by officially putting Slim in a category of his own.

Eminem has many personalities (Marshall Mathers, Eminem and Slim Shady) and he expresses them in his songs. His life story is amazing, he managed to be one of the best artist ever (the best in hip-hop/rap) starting from the underground, his first album failed but when Dr. Dre discovered him, he put all he had in his first major-album "The Slim Shady LP" (1999) and "The Marshall Mathers LP" wich became the best selling album in one week ever (1.7 million copies). He was one of the only rappers that had balls to say what he thought of the society, and the first artist ever that really didn't "Give A F***". In 2006, his best friend Proof died and Kim, his loved/hated wife and Kim the most important person in the world to Eminem, Hailey, his daughter. After that he had an overdose, and almost died. But in 2009 he came back with "Relapse" and "Refill", and "Recovery" in 2010.
Best rapper alive and in my opinion the best artist ...more

ok I have read a bunch of comments that people write about artists and some even say other artist's such as lil wayne etc. are better than him which is a total lie lil wayne only raps about money weed and how gagnsta he is but lets tell the truth eminem doesn't rap about any of that he raps about real things such as his daughter his life his feelings his lyrics get to your heart he's deep he's great with his lyrics what else could you ask about a rapper eminem is one of a kind and I know this and I'm only 11 years old imagine older people must be sure that that eminem is the best rapper also eminem is one of a kind

Sugar Hill Gang, Ice Cube, Jay-Z, 2Pac, and Biggie, all changed hip hop forever but what Eminem did was unprecedented; he did what Areosmith and Run DMC could not do with Walk This Way, he not only brought hip hop across racial lines but he brought hip hop to a new level of recognition in the music world. His unbelievable ability to convey any human emotion shows through in all of his songs such as: Stan, Just Lose It, or Till I Collapse. Adding to his legend is his uncanny ability to write lyrics in a metaphoric and symbolic way while still staying with his message. "Proof you knew I'd come out of this slump, rise from these ashes, come right back on they're asses and go Mike Tys-on these bastards- and I'm gonna show em, blow em out of the water, slaughter em homes- I own so many belts the only place they can hit me is below em"

He is my favorite not only because he rhymes in a awesome way but also he suffered throughout his entire life. The terrifying experiences that he faced should have led anybody committing suicide. But, he never let anything obstacle him. It is really amazing when we see somebody like Eminem fought the whole world around him to become what he is. He was raised by a mother reared him to be sick. He got beaten up during him growing period of life. He lost his wife as she did not want him to be a famous rapper. When it comes to Kim, there is a question bothering the hell outta me, "Why would anybody hate his/her lover to success; especially when he/she suffered just like Eminem? " Eventually, during his journey to the top, he was discriminated by some ebonies. Anyway, we all love ya Eminem. You're the best. The beast EMINEM.

I really think it's simple. I LOVE rap and I think it is a no brainer. His flow, lyrics, multi-syllables and overall delivery are flawless. Dont get me wrong, Pac and Biggie made the game what it is today but I don't think even they can lyrically compare to Eminems genius. All rappers no not to go at him because he will straight hurt their feelings. Has he lost a little bit over the years? Yeah, I think he probably has but don't think for a second he doesn't still have. Look at Mariah. Granted she's a female and it was very easy for him but she shouldn't have opened her mouth and it never would have happened. The real reason he even responded to a female was to let the rest of the game know, "Hey, don't slip up and think I've lost it cause anybody is welcome to try! " I think he easily got his point across! Listening to that song, if you know what you're talking about at all, you know he definitely still has it. The lyrics and flow were absolutely phenomonal. Hands down the ...more - mbmanheim

Eminem is amazing! he has truly changed the world of rap. rap used to only be about drugs and gangs but eminem started rapping about his daughter and how he came off of drugs and his personal life and feelings. eminem is the best and always will be.

Eminem is one of the most inspiring rap artists of all time. I listen to his music every day 24/7. He has even inspired me to start expressing myself thru rap. Everyone can relate to at least one of his songs and he's not fake about what he writes. That's what I like about him. Everythimg he raps about is what he feels or what has happened in his own life. He writes the best music ove ever heard and I love that he is white. Before him there were others like me that were too afraid to write or try to get with a lable. Now that he has cleared the path and made it possible for us to be ourselfs. I love Eminem he is what I want to become he is my idol. I hope that someday I will be able to write and record a somf with him that would be my dream. I own every cd and poster put out. Ima superfan:) and ima white girl. Only 13 but I can rap. Thanks to Eminem I believe I can do what I want:) I can do whatever as long as I put my mind to it. THAMK YOU Eminem FOR BEIN SUCH AN INSPIRATION TO EACH ...more

Ok so lets go with this, 1: He is the highest selling Rap Artist currently, and he started in 1998. 2: First album, Grammy, Best Rap Album, 2nd album Best Rap Album, 3rd album Best Rap album, has a breakdown in his personal life, comes back and makes recovery, another Grammy for Best Rap Album of the year. One of the only artists to have two Diamond rated albums.

That's just one aspect of it. Lyrically, no one can touch him, name one artist that could throw antidestablishmentarism into a rap and make it rhyme. Just listen to Recovery if you want to hear some of amazing lines in rap, they are all over that album.

As a writer, look at lose yourself, dear lord the rhyming schemes and ability to give a complete story while rhyming almost every word with another word? Just, amazing. If you don't think he's the greatest rapper in the world, just look at some of the interviews of other great rappers talking about how they never want to beef with him, because he will rip them ...more

Eminem is just in one word AMAZING! He has a sick flow no one dears to beef with him if someone does beef with him his career might as well be over.
His songs can make you cry, take you by surprise And at the same time dry your eyes. (if your a huge fan of Eminem you would know it's a piece of my dads gone crazy) but of course he is funny too like the song "just lose it"
Or the song "fack". Enough about Eminem being the best rapper ever he is a great father too. He suffered through two divorces and had to suffer of not seeing his kids (he makes that clear in the song mockingbird). Also he almost died of an overdose, and even though he had been out of the rap game for 4 years he came back for his fans and made them proud by releasing a GREAT album recovery. In this album he apologisez and raps about proof his friend who was shot. In short he is a lyrical genius, has a sick flow, suffered a lot, almost died, he can be everything you want funny cool etc. , and he cares about his ...more

Eminem Is Not A Rapper. He Is The Rapper. The Only True Source Of Revival In Life. He Made It To The Top. He Did It With His Style And True Story For Life. The Only Way To Make It For Real Is Be True Don't Back-stab Your Friends. Loyalty And Trust Makes Good Future. Nobody Take That From Him. He Is What He Is. He Tells It How It Is. Marshall Had A Hard Life Growing Up But Tuff Times Never Last Tuff People Do. So We All Know Marshall Mathers Is Number 1. But So What If Was Number 8 Or Whatever Number He Still Is Who He Is. Just Because Someone Thinks he's Not A Good Rapper That Doesn't Mean he's Not that's Just Someones Own Opinion. Life Is Only What You Make It. So Bring The Heat For Eminem.

When eminem raps a different person comes out he's not dope like other rappers! He raps about his life and it's inspiring to so many people! He's been through a lot being white in the rap game but he the best out of all! Other rappers are pretty awesome to but eminem, it's so amazing.. Words can't come to who and what he's been through.. But he comes to grips and come out and attacks us with the sickest rhymes! With can't judge he cause you don't know what he's been through.. So let him do what he does best and inspire us he'll he sure has put a impact on me.. So peace and respect to proof you never over man-respect... I'm out

He is the best because he hasnt had as long of a career as some of the other greats like Jay-Z, Biggie, Tupac, Rakim, KRS One, Ice Cube, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, Scarface, Melle Mell, Dr. Dre & yet in such a short aount of time he is already considered one of the greats with these artists who have been doing this for a long time & I really think that should say a lot about what he has to offer in this game & just where he started & how he came up in such a short amount of time & we have yet to even see half of what his career will be when he's out as long as some of these other great artists & I think people are definitely gonna be surprised on what they see. Eminem isn't the best rapper because he's white or because he has a huge fan base! He's the best because no one else can do what he has done nor will anyone period. He's the greatest whether itd be now or later. He's already made his mark on this game & he did it in less time then all these rappers. Also watch out for me in the ...more

He is an unparallelled rapper till this day.. Only tupac and biggy could match his flow and ability to curve each and every word in his songs however, now shady has surpassed all the best rappers, to become the greatest rapper ever in the music history. And it is very likely that he will be listed in at least the top 10 greatest artists of all time.
look at just how well 'recovery' did. It set a record of the first album with 1 million digital sales! And although em' missed several years of the decade due to personal problems, he still became the highest selling artist of the decade.. What an achievement.. Everyone can see his wrath in the game of music