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Jay is definitely the best alive right now. He's been going hard for years now and isn't stopping yet. He is extremely successful and one of the richest rappers. The only reason Biggie and Tupac are so glorified is that they were shot. Don't get me wrong they're still greatness, however jay has had rap in is grasp the entire time.
Easily the GOAT of Rap.. He has the smoothest flow and voice.. Smoother than Eminem's.. I even think he destroyed Nas in their BEEF w/ Supa Ugly and Takeover because all he said were FACTS. All Nas said about Jay were completely opinions!.. Jay-Z is an all-around rapper.. Jazz, Hip-Hop etc.
Jay-Z isn't worthy to lick the dirt off Tupac's shoes.
He should be last in the list
Jay-z one of the rappers to accomplish many things that not all rappers could and still does more to. Every song he makes has great quality of him rapping and he's always leaving the fans to want more. Make a solo album a year and people always beg for more and more I'm pretty sure he's going to come out with more great music.
Jay-z for sure he's been touching the mic for the longest and has a great flow, and great lyrics.
2Pac and Eminem have an amazing talent in telling stories in their songs, and Biggie has music that you can listen to anytime of the day but Jay-Z just happens to have all of the above and is most definitely the best rapper!
Jay-Z is the best rapper on Earth. He stars in: Run This town, On to the Next One, Holy Grail, and many more.


Jay-z is the best rapper of all time, hands down. This is a very vague category. Rap has so many obstacles and what you vote for is what you look for in an individual rapper.
Best flow, most consistent, realest stories, and his interviews are hotter HOLLA!
Great style! I love his lyric, his slow flow
You got it backwards, Tupac wasn't the best lyricist but he got his message out there and he spoke to the people. Biggie had the flow and lyrics, the one who truly changed the way MCs rapped
Is a good and the best rapper
Better than Nas, voting UP
Best rapper in my opinion
Come on guys. REALLY?!? Eminem? I know there are people who support him, but Jay Z and Tupac should be higher. And Dr. Dre, really number 7? No they should all be higher up. Jay Z was alive 20 years ago and is still alive today, and yet no one remembers him as the guy who was the original rapper.
If someone actually comprehended the real motive behind the rap scene, then it ought to be this guy. He is the rap of god.
He should be number 1 on this list his flow is amazing and he's a complete lyrical myrical this guys a beast! Hands down the best rapper ever!
Broke the record for most no. 1 albums by a solo artist in history with 11 beating the legendary Elvis Presley and is the richest rapper


In my lifetime vol.1
Your our best rapper
The word play and delivery are just plain sick. Listen to Reasonable Doubt. First album and still a hip hop classic. Like the older Jay-Z stuff more than his new stuff. Watch the Throne was an attempt to stay relevant. The only ones in the same class are Em, Pac and Biggie. The rest shouldn't be mentioned in the same phrase. Lil Wayne = by far the most overrated.
Jay z got the best beats and he has so many styles he raps
Jay Z is the best rapper ever. His music captivates everyone that listens and he is still dominating the charts to this day

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