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Nas takes his lyrics to a high level of intelligence so not every one will get it or appreciate his unique lyrics, but his message is alive and real. His collaborations with Damion Marley puts this artist to a new and higher interpretation which stands out! The education is real so don't throw away the meal.

Best debut hip hop album of all time.
Some of the most creative concept tracks of all time.
Has lyrically destroyed both Jay-Z and 50 Cent in diss tracks.
Came up from nothing to educate himself and develop his talent.
Respects the rap veterans and new kids on the block.
Not scared to speak his mind when it comes to politics, race etc.
Shows a human side - not just floss/coke raps.
Sick flow.
Crazy vocabulary.
Awesome live performances.
Collaborated with one of Bob Marley's sons and made a great album.
9th Wonder's favourite rapper, inspired Lupe Fiasco to start rapping and has had classic guest verses on classic albums.

Even though I don't share the opinion, BIG PAC and EM are arguably fighting for first with NaS. But Wayne FAKE ASS? No. Please don't tell me that many people are ignorant. First off, his name shows you that he doesn't deserve the top. His name is "Lil" Wayne. Shows how he copies off others who all came out with that southern alias. Then all he does he spit random metaphors, and you call him 3rd best? For that, Tyler the creator is better than him? Like come on. He has no subject matter. He is ass. NaS, please take his spot.

I guarantees you that all the people that voted for Eminem and Lil Stain have never even heard a good Nas jam, or can't comprehend it. For example, when I first heard Nas, I was a lot younger and I was turned away because most of the stuff was above me head. (As in I couldn't comprehend the analogies and stuff he was using. ) But eventually I came back to Nas and I was able to understand his stuff and know I think he is the best alive or dead. People don't realize how creative he is. Like for example, in the song "Rewind" he "spit a story backwards, it starts at the ending" and in "gave you power" he the whole song is a metaphor, not the one liners Lil Wayne comes up with. And if you think anyone would beat Nas in a rap battle, (Other then maybe Big L or Jin) then listen to "Ether. " I think part of the reason that not as many people know of Nas is that he is too complex for them, and his lyrics make you think. There are a million Nas songs I could name that are better then anything (in my opinion) that Eminem has come up with, but that would take too much space.

P.S. where are Big L and Talib Kweli on this list?

The Bob Dylan of Rap, hands down the most lyrically gifted rapper with his poetic flow. Through his discography you can not only see his growth as a rapper but also as a person. With Illmatic and It Was Written two of the greatest albums of all time under his belt you can't miss Nas on any top 5 list.

Anyone who doesn't know Nas check out The Message and New York State of Mind.

Now don't get me wrong but Nas is the BEST RAPPER EVER come on Eminem is in the top 5 for sure but Nas is better. As for 2Pac he's a bit Overrated I don't like to use that term because he earned every bit of respect, but he is over hyped he is by no means as lyrical as Nas.


Nas has a talent for telling a story through lyrics which no other rapper can actually do. Instead of getting his money and fame off beats someone else has made he uses the skills of a true rap artist which you should not think I'm saying his beats suck His beats are sick just they do what beats are supposed to do and SUPPORT the lyrics and the rapper... If you are the mainstream rap lover than you probably are falling in love with lil wayne or eminem when in the rap world even they would admit to Nas being the all time greatest.

A lyrical beast, an amazing storyteller, and Illmatic is a masterpiece that I don't think will ever be topped. Nas was big back when Pac and BIG were, he had a time where he wasn't really as relevant in the game but really since he came into it he's been consistently droppin ill and staying relevant. He may not have the best flow in the game but its still great and he #1 all time in my opinion hands down.

Nas = your favorite rappers favorite rapper... ask Kanye, KRS...

People please! Nas did slip a little bit with Nastradamus, but there has never been any flaws to his lyrical techniques. He started what New York Hip Hop was about to become in the halfway of the 90's. He started using words that people never knew about and still has his very own style that a few can ever duplicate. He makes up his own terms, his own vocabulary in damn near every track and nobody (with the exceptions of Aesop Rock, Eminem, Notorious B.I.G. , Guru, all of Wu-Tang) have ever come close to the CREATIVITY that Nas masters. To say that Eminem has fallen off is too obvious.

Nas is a ridiculously good rapper, not only are his lyrics the best and most meaningful out of any rapper of this time but he also can rap to pretty much any beat and make it work and flow. Also he has been around for the old school and new school rap both and has killed the game in both generations, he tells the life on both sides of the game before and after, he is empathetic with others struggles and expresses it in most of his raps he all around is an amazing musician

Anyone who truly appreciates what the genre of rap is will understand how Nas is greatest rapper to ever grab a mic. His merits are outstanding no one even comes close to him, for one he made the greatest rap album of all time "illmatic", which nearly every rapper today is influenced by. He made the greatest diss track in history with "ether" essentially ending the debate of who was better Nas or Jay Z. He probably has more masterpiece songs than any other rapper with hits like "NY State of Mind" and "The World is Yours". The only rappers that even come close are Big L and Tupac but even at that Nas is still lapping them.

He brought storytelling and imagery to hip hop. Rakim himself held him up as his successor. He pioneered quotable, even more so than Rakim. Don't get me wrong Rakim had quotables but lines like ' I never sleep because sleep is the cousin of death' will be etched into your subconscious forever. A master at breath control and sublime delivery. - cowcod

Nas appeared on one of the best posse cuts ever at the age of only 18, dropped the best Rap album ever 3 years later, put Jay-Z in his place and made an album with a reggae singer. He's got amazing knowledge, lyricism, wordplay, metaphors and flow. He mixes hardcore and alternative and his themes vary from guns to his mom. Many of Hip Hop's big names are influenced by Nasir. And after 23 years, he still keeps it REAL despite being on a major label. Nasty N.A.S. for life!

This is just plain sad. Nas is the greatest rapper no doubt while people like Eminem and Lil Wayne are ahead of him. The fact is they are absolutely horrible compared to Nas. Wayne is horrible compared to anybody. Its sad how people are spoon fed what is on the radio and then dont go out of their way to learn real music. Nas was right when he said hip hop is dead. Tupac and Biggy were great but overrated. I cannot believe GZA, Raekwon, Big L, Big Pun, KRS-One, Mos definitely and Rakim are so low. It is a shame.

I personally think that Nas is the greatest rapper of all time. While one could argue that the other 4 of the current top 5 (Eminem, 2pac, BIG, Jay-Z) are better. I would disagree. Nas has incredible flow, and his lyrics are simply genius. Listening to songs like Rewind and One Mic reaffirm my belief.

I love eminem (and why isn't jay z above 50? ) but nas is insane in his own right. He has beats to kill and stands as probably the best story teller in rap. And though his popularity has dropped just listen to ether and his new song nasty and you know he's still at the top of the game despite beginning to be a sellout. Great flow, delivery, and most of all great lyrics. Enough said.

Nas can not be below Eminem let alone the likes of Pac and BIG below Em is an insult, with songs such as Rewind from Nas and Ghetto Gospel from Pac I feel insulted, the complexity of Nas' flow is unappealing to the casual mind but a true Poet Lyricist and MC knows what Mr Jones is all about apart from Pac only BIGGY is a slight comparison to NAS, case closed...

I don't understand how lil wayne is even on this list let alone in front of nas, nas's lyrics, his message, his soul, his flow, his presence at the mic is just leagues above all others, my top 10 are...

1) Nas
2) Lupe Fiasco
4) Biggie
6) Dr. Dre
7) Black Thought
8) Busta Rhymes
9) Talib Kweli
10) Wyclef Jean (back when he was a fugee)

The ghetto lifestyle, the hidden pain of being in a hood is vividly reflected from Nas' lyrics. He's a lyrical genius, the best East coast rapper. His cooperation with Damian Marley was a treat. Kicked off from "Illmatic", it was the best rap album of all time in my honest opinion. He's constantly versatile and magnificent in his work. After Tupac Shakur, the rapper I respect most would be "Nas". I think he should be #1 or #2 in this list.

Best rapper of all time. Illmatic is the best hip hop album to this date he is lyricism at its best no one can match Nas in my opinion best rapper of all time. Lil Wayne's dumb ass shouldn't be anywhere near the top 50. His flow is weak and to put Nas below him is just horrible. Another reason why he is the best is because he's in it for the music not for the money and fame. He puts his music in front of all that.

Best lyricist & story teller of all time. Coming from the biggest project complex in the United States Nas is the epitome of the streets and hiphop is the word of the streets. He dropped out of middle school and was forced to educate himself putting him on a whole other level than other rappers. He is the best rapper because he truly has grown with his music. Listen to the music and you cannot deny that Nas is the best rapper of all time.

Nas kills everybody in the rap game, no questions asked. Eminem, Jay Z, Tupac, Biggie are all great at what they do, but Nas is in a category of his own. His wordplay and metaphors make you think, as opposed to the bull spewed from the likes of Lil Wayne and Drake. Nas is hardcore, despite some mainstream attention... And you can tell that he's hardcore to the core, especially considering how well Nastradamus did commercially but simultaneously flopped in the eyes of critics.

Nas is the greatest emcee to ever touch a mic. Watch the realest channel his moms spirit, Goosebumps cover me mothers here I can feel her, Blood of Christ Covers Me our savior and healer, Drug prices up n down I know a few dealers, There's some accident murderers act like they kill on purpose, Liars brag they put work in, you didn't mean to mirk him your guns a virgin, Better stay on point if not it's curtains-Nas

Ok ok... No way is nas behind lil Wayne on this list! With that being said then it seems pretty obvious that majority of the people who vote on hear are just mainstream listeners and probably don't remember anything from rap back in late 80's to 90's. That was when TRUE hip hop was going down. Nowadays it's all about auto toned voices with horrible rapping voices about materials, people smh...

Best of the best! Jordan of hip hop! Ask Em, jay, drake (can't front on talent) and any other live legend. Dominant answer would be nas! Biggie and PAC had their run and shine above, but sadly only really had 3-4 yrs on labels. The respect is due but should honestly be pulled from top 5. Hard to type but true. Nas, em, kieth Murray, mos, and I'm going to slip shad (Canadian) into my top 5. Arguments anyone?