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Nas is the best rapper of all time. 20 years and he hasn't fallen off. Definitely knocks Eminem and 2Pac out of the ballpark. Sad I can't vote for someone else who deserves to be higher like Rakim or Big Daddy Kane.

Nas released Illmatic, the greatest rap album of all time. He released N.Y. State of Mind, the greatest hip hop song of all time. He wrote some of the greatest verses in rap history (NY State of Mind, Live at the BBQ, Purple, Verbal Intercourse), he is original, a great storyteller, influential, the best flow and delivery of any rapper, and he knows his history.

He's not the greatest by far. But he is the greatest. How Eminem and 2pac are higher is a mystery to me. They are the most popular rappers, but they are far from the best.

Nas is all-around, the the Vinci of rap. He is versatile, he can rap about anything, on any platform, any style. He's an adapter. He created some of the best rappers who ever picked up the mic.
The Bob Dylan of Rap, hands down the most lyrically gifted rapper with his poetic flow. Through his discography you can not only see his growth as a rapper but also as a person. With Illmatic and It Was Written two of the greatest albums of all time under his belt you can't miss Nas on any top 5 list.

Anyone who doesn't know Nas check out The Message and New York State of Mind.
People please! Nas did slip a little bit with Nastradamus, but there has never been any flaws to his lyrical techniques. He started what New York Hip Hop was about to become in the halfway of the 90's. He started using words that people never knew about and still has his very own style that a few can ever duplicate. He makes up his own terms, his own vocabulary in damn near every track and nobody (with the exceptions of Aesop Rock, Eminem, Notorious B.I.G. , Guru, all of Wu-Tang) have ever come close to the CREATIVITY that Nas masters. To say that Eminem has fallen off is too obvious.
Best of the best! Jordan of hip hop! Ask Em, jay, drake (can't front on talent) and any other live legend. Dominant answer would be nas! Biggie and PAC had their run and shine above, but sadly only really had 3-4 yrs on labels. The respect is due but should honestly be pulled from top 5. Hard to type but true. Nas, em, kieth Murray, mos, and I'm going to slip shad (Canadian) into my top 5. Arguments anyone?
Now don't get me wrong but Nas is the BEST RAPPER EVER come on Eminem is in the top 5 for sure but Nas is better. As for 2Pac he's a bit Overrated I don't like to use that term because he earned every bit of respect, but he is over hyped he is by no means as lyrical as Nas.

I personally think that Nas is the greatest rapper of all time. While one could argue that the other 4 of the current top 5 (Eminem, 2pac, BIG, Jay-Z) are better. I would disagree. Nas has incredible flow, and his lyrics are simply genius. Listening to songs like Rewind and One Mic reaffirm my belief.
Nas is one of the best rappers in the history and hands down the best rapper in the east coat. I still can't figure out we he isn't being compared em, biggie, or pac! Nas"s illmatic basically changed rap itself.
Great of all time period... From illmatic to Untitled, no one else's catalog is as diverse and unique as nas. More than just material and wealth, nas brings knowledge, empowerment, love and honesty to rap.
Come on guys.. ITS NAS... ILLMATIC any one?
If you didn't listen to illmatic then you should go and buy it now.. And then judge him
Nas is Mos definitely a top 5 to say he is the best would be unfair to others before him but my favorite of all time his music change the game.. There's a difference between the real skills and those who say they have skills just because they say so..
Nas is one of the greatest with wordplay & rhyming.
Also eminems original flow & style were based off of nas. He also has a nack for dope lines. Who could forget "my rhymes should be in a cell, it ain't that hard to tell! " To put him below 3 is unexplainable!
I can't believe some of the stupid ass rappers even on this list. Lil Wayne is not top 10 or even close and how the hell did John Cena and Souljha Boy get on this list? What are you all on crack. SMH at all the ignorant people. Nassir for #1 spot!


A legend and all time concious rapper. Nas is versatile and can hold it down in whichever flow.
Nas can not be below Eminem let alone the likes of Pac and BIG below Em is an insult, with songs such as Rewind from Nas and Ghetto Gospel from Pac I feel insulted, the complexity of Nas' flow is unappealing to the casual mind but a true Poet Lyricist and MC knows what Mr Jones is all about apart from Pac only BIGGY is a slight comparison to NAS, case closed...
Well I love tupac, Eminem, biggie, dmx all equally. My opinion honestly I understand the rappers above dmx are more famous, but if you by legendary and spitting real lyrics he is the top over kajmer, come on dmx is the sh! T definitely need higher up in ranks you know where the hood at, we in here, lord give me a sign, all hits plus way more. Nas is legendary man his song I can, has motivated many people, and inspired many rappers today, you will forever be one of the best Nas.
Just listen to nas's music and study the lyrics then you'll understand why he deserves to put above eminem and biggie (maybe not tupac) though biggie and eminem are still derserving in the top 5. The beats and nas flow is unique and somewhat street wise yet intelligent, anyone hip hop fan or newcomer to the genre will agree straight that nas is one of the best and still will be in 50 years time.
He brought storytelling and imagery to hip hop. Rakim himself held him up as his successor. He pioneered quotable, even more so than Rakim. Don't get me wrong Rakim had quotables but lines like ' I never sleep because sleep is the cousin of death' will be etched into your subconscious forever. A master at breath control and sublime delivery.


Lyrics, flow, longevity, stong catalogue, hit songs, classic albums, consistency and influenced the game heavily. Need I say more?
Great rapper, definately deserves top 10. Idk bout 5 but is really sick and has some really true raps. I give him props for dat.
Even though I don't share the opinion, BIG PAC and EM are arguably fighting for first with NaS. But Wayne FAKE ASS? No. Please don't tell me that many people are ignorant. First off, his name shows you that he doesn't deserve the top. His name is "Lil" Wayne. Shows how he copies off others who all came out with that southern alias. Then all he does he spit random metaphors, and you call him 3rd best? For that, Tyler the creator is better than him? Like come on. He has no subject matter. He is ass. NaS, please take his spot.
Nas is the single best lyricist of all time. I have no idea how someone who I have never even heard of has made it higher than Nas on this listing - Its honestly baffling to me. Nas's content has been the best since illmatic. He's a lyrical genius.
Nas is a true lyricist, his raps have such a deep meaning, complexity, and poetry that can only be rivaled by very few. He is a true genius and in a league of his own.
I love eminem (and why isn't jay z above 50? ) but nas is insane in his own right. He has beats to kill and stands as probably the best story teller in rap. And though his popularity has dropped just listen to ether and his new song nasty and you know he's still at the top of the game despite beginning to be a sellout. Great flow, delivery, and most of all great lyrics. Enough said.
Nas is the man! Lil Wayne is garbage. Everyone else on this list is respectable, but Nas should defiantly be top 5 on everybodies list!
"Never on schedule but always on time. "
Illmatic doesn't need an introduction. He has sick ass chill beats to go along with some of the best lyrics ever spit

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