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181Alexis TexasAlexis Texas is an American pornographic actress, director, and feature dancer. She first performed with Jack Venice in Shane's World's College Amateur Tour In Texas, filmed in October 2006, followed by several of scenes for Bang Bros in Florida.

Since when was Alexis Texas a rapper? - yaygiants16

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182Yung Lean

Greatest European rapper of all time.

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183Bow Wow

Bow wow was the best teenage rapper ever, and seems like he's been in the game for decades. He definitely has the potential to be the best rapper of all time because he's got everything. Very underrated to say the least gained many achievements in such a short career

People are saying that they like Bow Wow but did anyone vote for him? I don't think so.

Bow Wow's is the realest rapper listen to his songs after 3 and like Mike.

Best rapper at a young age

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Everlast is better than everyone even lil wayne is the best rapper alive

Everlast is way better than Vanilla Ice

This Rap teaches you life lessons

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185Juicy J

Been in the game for so long, was in the rap group three 6 mafia, now in one of the most famous groups ever, the taylor gang, 37 years old and still rapping, hates on no one, great artist and great flow, he deserves at least top 20

Bandz a make dance top rap song of all time and he ain't top 10 ninja is ya crazy - roadrage

One of the first rappers I've heard

Juicy j the best

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186Missy ElliottMelissa Arnette Elliott, is an American musician, hip hop recording artist, dancer and record producer.

She is the ultimate female mc in the game. No one can touch her crazy sick flow and I dear a female mc to try.

We Run This and Get your Freak On r definitely classics on my list

168? Best Female Rapper, only one that even gets close to her is Lauryn Hill, I mean look at Work It and Get your Freak On, yes she fell off but she is still one of the best. - chocodilesforlife

Missy is the greatest female rapper, period. Her comeback is NOW and her flow is better than ever.

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187B.G. Knocc Out

Werent massive in the rap game but they were dope in "Real Muthaphukkin G's".

Has released a few low-budget hits, but all of them were damn good
He is definitely for the real rapheads (suburban posers do not attempt to listen)

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Never Heard of this Guy? He is Genius. Should be in top 10 along with Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Mike Shinoda..

Top 10 in Christian rap! He raps for The King, Jesus!

189French MontanaKarim Kharbouch, better known by his stage name French Montana, is an American rapper. Born in Morocco, he immigrated to the United States with his family when he was 13 years old.

He's awesome one on the best rappers

He should NOT be this low, at least in top 20

I agree he has catchy songs can't rap for shyt but his beats go in I ain't worried about nothing who doesn't like that song - roadrage

191Brotha Lynch Hung

he has some of the siccest gangsta rap - t9xstrange

I don't think there will ever be a rapper like brotha lynch hung, he should be considered at the top from all the rap fans... together with tech n9ne, x-raided and some other hella underrated rap cats

In a league of his own. One of the best of all time. Hands down. A bit under rated. But that's because of his lyrical content.

One of the best of all time VERY UNDER RATED. Top 20 at the very least

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Brian Williams was once one of the best rappers I have ever listened to his best songs are I run this, pop bottles, veterans day, leather so soft and always strapped. Listen to them playboy

Ok men I agree with you Birdman is the man he has everything: the flow, the beats, the money lyrics, and his son (Weezy) is only a rap machine! Go on men YMCMB over everything

The 5*Stunna is the best. His lyrics ain't the best ones but his voice, beats and his songs' atmosphere makes Stunnaman to be at least in the first 20.

The birdman is the best!

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The ABSOLUTE Definition of what a great rapper should be. - copkiller

K Rino should've been first easily. GOAT, legend.

K-Rino has got to be THE most amazing rapper period. The way he structures his rhymes and punchlines is just incredile. All of you are wrong, K-Rino is the most underrated. Check any song and you will see how amazing he really is.

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194DJ ScrewV2 Comments
195DJ Khaled

The key to success is to use DOVE SOAP

He's A Producer And He Also Does His Share Of Rapping. He's An Awesome Guy And he's Real - AutumnNicole

What? Dj Khaled is amazing! No one can forget his hits like All I Do Is Win and I'm On One! In my opinion, he should at least be in the top ten!

Good DJ terrible singer

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196Jay Rock

Listen to black friday, streetz of L. A, blood is thicker than water albums, hood tales he is on the blaze ++heavy

Hood gone love it is one of my favorite songs

90059 was a great album jay should be in top 150

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197Kid Rock

1st album was a rap album back in 1990 and devil without a cause is a rap metal album and has sold 11 million which is biggest selling rap album, his raps are clever and flow with ease, most under rated rapper ever

Kid rock should be higher up on the list

198MohammadReza ShayeaV11 Comments
199BlessV1 Comment
200Ashkan Fadaei

The Best Persian Rapper, god is text... ! Best style... !

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