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Very consistent. All of his mix tapes are amazing. Breathe is one of the top 20 rap songs of all time.

My favorite rapper most underrated rapper he his the best lyrics and style and my opinion and he didn't let the game change who he is

Not really understanding why fabolous is below so many of these rappers which he makes look like rookies when they're involved in the same song rapping with him -. - shameful list

Fabolous top 10 alive without a shadow of a doubt - bar for bar there aren't many rappers that can outdo this master of his craft

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202Lil' KimKimberly Denise Jones, known by her stage name Lil' Kim, is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, model, and actress.

How in the world is lil kim rated lower than nikki minaj? Shes fine I get it but lyrically and physically she ain't touchn lil kim... Listen to lil kim's blackfriday track then come back and vote...

Somebody is trippin to have lil Kim at 86... She is the best female rapper lyrically.. Nikki not touching her now and she damn sure couldn't stand next to her back in the day... Nikki only hits are the one she ft on besides "you see right thru me"... Where Kim have hits after hits... "HARDCORE" Best Female Rap Album Ever!

Thought to bring women into the world of hip hop, Lil Kim still sadly remains one of the only female MC's to be. Bringing sexiness while retaining gangster mentality, Kim is a great lyricist. - HonestKeil17

Biggies lil rapper

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203Ja Rule

Ja rule change the game within a blink of an eye nobody gives him his proper honor

Can't believe that Ja Rule is 94th, this is a disgrace! He should be around, what, top ten! Mureder Reigns says it all!

Poor ja he should have never messed with Eminem and 50cent

Poor Ja fell if off the map after Eminem and 50 came along...

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204Jay Rock

Listen to black friday, streetz of L. A, blood is thicker than water albums, hood tales he is on the blaze ++heavy

Hood gone love it is one of my favorite songs

90059 was a great album jay should be in top 150

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205Kid Rock

1st album was a rap album back in 1990 and devil without a cause is a rap metal album and has sold 11 million which is biggest selling rap album, his raps are clever and flow with ease, most under rated rapper ever

Kid rock should be higher up on the list

206Bang Yong Guk

He just started 2011 but already he has several great songs. He has an amazing voice and unique rap. His future in the hip-hop industry is very great. People call him the Korean Eminem.

Way better than more Korean rappers. The incredible leader of B.A. P he's gonna take the group to the top.

Come on people he may be Korean but his rap can match to those of the Americans. You just have to listen to him

Yong Guk *-* Sorry you must be like REALLY in higher rank... MUCH HIGHER!

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207ASAP RockyRakim Mayers, better known by his stage name ASAP Rocky, is an American rapper, record producer, director and actor from Harlem, New York.

Are you kidding me? ASAP Rocky is this low? You people have no taste.

He got a sick flow knows how to mix the words

I don't understand how Rocky is so low? He has sick beats with his sick flow that goes so well with his raps.

Deserves to at least be in the top 50

ASAP Rocky should be top 25 for sure

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Kolera is sagopa's wife. Her songs is very perfect as sagopa as. We don't forget kolera. She is in our hearth.

This rapper is very good. Hers wife great

She is always best rapper with sagopa

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210Ashkan Fadaei

The Best Persian Rapper, god is text... ! Best style... !

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Speedy delivery, impressive lyrical content, should in top 10!

Best in soulful speed and lyrical

Amazing rapper. Brilliant flow.

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Thi'sl is great! His music is amazing, but even without a beat, his lyrics will change your life for the better.
Jesus loves you guys!

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213Queen LatifahDana Elaine Owens, known professionally by her stage name Queen Latifah, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, model, television producer, record producer, comedian, and talk show host.

She deserve to be around another number

Come on that's one of the Queens! She could beat guys,she should be a top 20!

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215Young Buck

His fans know that Young Buck is easily in the top five or six rappers in the world. A surprise stage appearance by Buck will set the crowd on fire and he's constantly in demand for features because no one's performance is more electric and no one's verses are stronger. He's as great a writer as he is a rapper, turning out rhymes that are smart and often funny, without losing any power or grit. While other rappers have turned into businessmen, devoting their time and talent to endorsing bottled water and designing clothing, Buck follows his heart into the studio every day, translating life into music and attracting the best producers in the genre. Without ever losing his connection to the street, Buck's continually adding a mind-blowing number of new layers to his work, further developing his unique style and establishing himself as a signature artist. And you've got to hand it to the boy. Despite all his highly publicized troubles, he's never gone bitter. Every time the truth rises ...more

Every time you hear buck in a song he makes it he should definitely b voted for already.

If Buck is 88, 100 must be the best and 1 must be the worse. How many of Buck's fans we need to get him to the top? Whatever it takes. Can we vote more than once? Does a vote even do anything? Young Buck for number 1. We all are waiting for a new record from the boy!

This guy makes real rap

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216MC RenLorenzo Jerald Patterson, better known by his stage name MC Ren, is an American rapper from Compton, California. He is the founder and owner of the record label Villain Entertainment. His moniker is derived from the middle letters in his first name.

He was way better then Eazy and Dre, also him and cube wrote most of the lyrics in NWA so he should get more credits. He is probably the most underrated rapper of all time cause he got the lyrics, the flow and a bad-ass voice.

such a talented rapper I wonder why he wasn't any bigger after N. W. A

Makes me cry to see that he is not even on top 20, he got the rhymes, voice, and good flow.

How is he this hella low? the police

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217Yaki Kadafi

His performance in Hit Em Up was great. Bad thing he died at 19

Best young rapper ever, Tupac's best friend

218Tinie Tempah

Tinie has a new style of flow, with his unique style of British rapping.

His lyrics talks about struggles of his childhood, and real things, while a lot of rappers on the list just brags about how they get shot, money, girls, and guns.

He's just coming up, but after a few more albums, he'll definitely be on the top 10 of this list

What he's here I don't know show him the top ten by voting for a great influence for the british rap star

Why is he only at number 88?
He's great because he doesn't just brag all the time he raps about stuff
Normal people can relate to

Best British rapper! Love this guy.. Would love to see him in the top 10! But there's about 20 guys I'd like to see in the top 10 realistically speaking this guy should be a at 30-40th... He just needs to be promoted more.. If this guy was dating a Kardashian he'd sell 5-10 times more albums!

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219Kid Ink

He is better then half of these people on the list if you check his music you won't listen to one and be like that's wack Eghh Alumni

What's he doing below Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Ace Hood, Pitbull, and all those other wack rappers? He's one of the better rappers out there right now.

Top 20 at least... He's got he's own unique flow

128? He's at least 50 or 40

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Future is good an all but he shouldn't be number one he should be around number 3or so my favorite song is March Madness we balling like the March Madness

Future should absolutely be higher. He's one of the most popular artists today (August 2016), and he always scores high on the charts. Top 15, definitely.

Trash asf! Can't even tell what he saying lol, his lyrics are the biggest joke I've ever seen, the beat is catchy I get it, but his lyrics (if you can even figure out what he's saying) are trash. Drake and march madness made him.

Future should be In the top ten because he's been dropping songs like crazy

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