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221 Ol' Dirty Bastard

Are you serious no one put him on the list!

One of the most unique styles. Definitely in my top 5, but everyone has their own opinion. Brooklyn Zoo and Shimmy are 2 of my top 15 rap songs of all time.

Ol' Dirty is the most crazy rapper of all times! He deserve higher rank than this! He is the heart of the almighty Wu-Tang Clan.

One of the most unique rappers, really adds spice to an otherwise typically repetitive music style.

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222 Jay Electronica

You will never find more poetic and simply amazing lyrics then jay electronica.. Listen to so what you saying or be easy

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223 Mack Maine

I think Mack Maine is like cheese. He is like cheese because you can eat him. That is all I have to say about Mack and his cheesiness. In other words, he is so cheesy that he has holes in his body and is yellow. Case closed.

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225 Ceza Ceza

He is the best rapper in TURKEY. Love you ceza

Ceza like Eminem, if he was American (or use English) then be sure he will more famous than many American rappers

Ceza is the fastest rapper in turkey

The words are understatement if the topic is Ceza. In his early career, he associated with some rappers, most of whom are not now in market, some of whom have been making commendable works. He always worked with different people and improved himself comparing to his first years. He is a kind of rapper that all Turks have to respect and proud of him as he won "MTV 2007 Best Turk musician" award, also participated and performed in "WorldWide Choppers". Thanks to his attempts, Turkish Rap has advanced in cultural way since he featured with the rappers from different countries.

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226 Pit10

He is the best in Turkey, his quality's worldwide others on this list are lamers

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227 Tik Taak

I love this band

The guys are the best in world

The best hip hop group in Iran I love that guys I suggest you listen this groups musics

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228 Watsky

Watsky, great underrated rapper, it's sad how people are rating people like Lil Wayne and B.O.B. with so many fans. Please do your self a favor and listen to Watsky if you don't like him that's okay, but give him a chance.

Why is he not higher! Lyrics that actually mean something and a fresh, New sound should have him top ten easy.

If he had a different "image" (not white/"gangsta") he'd be a LOT higher ranked, higher profile and more appreciated.

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230 Derek Minor

One of the best Christian Rappers.

Great rapper who raps for Christ!

All his tracks hit hard

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231 Rasheed
232 Maxo Kream
233 Mike Jones
234 Flava Flav

He is sweet and a cool rapper

235 Vanilla Ice Vanilla Ice Robert Matthew Van Winkle, known by his stage name, Vanilla Ice, is an American rapper, actor and television host.

He stole from queen. Not cool he ruined under pressure. David bowie and freddie mercurys wrath knows no bounds.

What not much know half these people but I heard ice ice baby quite a few times. I believe he should be in the top 15-20

Vanilla ice is good rapper I like song 'ice ice baby'

He later changed his name to Eminem. - thomwim

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236 Obie Trice Obie Trice Obie Trice is an American rapper and songwriter. He is most known for his time spent signed to Shady Records.

Why is Obie this far down? This is just confusing and stupid. How is he getting beaten by chipmunk?

One of the best underrated rappers ever.
Cheers is one of the best debut albums ever. Second rounds on me was brilliant also
Bottoms up was a hit too
Vote him higher, he is at least top 20

Cheers is one of the top 10 rap albums of all time! Way to underrated. Top 25 easy

Real name, no gimmicks

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237 Ais Ezhel Ais Ezhel

Turkish bob marley.I think he is the best rapper in Turkey

Ais Ezhel is Great Turkish Rapper

Ais Ezhel is best Turkish Rapper

Saman is my life

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238 Mode XL


He is the best rapper that you can ever meet in your life.
He brings different perceptive to the understanding of the rap culture.
We can't argue about this guys because he is the best

Turkish battle rappers "THE KING "

Gangsta rap mode xl 1 tupac 2...

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239 Grandmaster Melle Mel

This guy was one of the founders of hip-hop and part of the Furious-Five. At 350? Y'all have no respect for the art form. Better than 95% of rappers on this list easily! - PrincelyVirtu

The greatest MC. Hands down. The Message. Beat Street Breakdown. Chak-Chak-Chaka Khan.

240 Sean Paul

I don't just think but I know that sean paul is one of the best Jamaican rapper and your right that his voice never gets old and that's one of the things I like about him, he is killing it now that's what I call swag

Bow wow has this one of a kind rapping talent like no one else does! So much swagger I mean. He's totally getting my vote

Awesome singer, rapper he should be in the 50's...

Best In The World

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