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363Bishop Lamont

Very dimensional rapper, he has got it all. Great flow, top notch lyrics both political and filled with humour. He's real and got a great personality. He'll make it in the upcomin years. word.

His songs all speak in racial discrimination and how blacks need to mature. Listen to grow up

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364Dom Pachino

Crazy lyrics an a tight flow 1st latin rapper to represent the wu-tang

365RC LaRock

He's the original. It's an dishonor to not recognize this hip hop legend. He should be number one. He has the longest rhyme recorded in a record. It's literally nine minutes of non-stop rap and the beat is original. Hail to the legend RC LaRock. The Craft is undeniable.


Biggie Smalls on R.A. the Rugged Man: "I thought I was the illest. "

he's sitting on africa with his lyrics


Good flow

One of the best east-coast rapper ever

Mase top 30 at least, crazy flow. Mo money mo problems

Can't believe nobody mentioned Mase, genius.

369Kurtis Blow

Give it up for one of the founders of the rap genre! Belongs in the top 10, more so than most on that list

Kurtis is one of the first rappers, if it wasn't for him, rap would be this far.

How the god and creator gon be so low

I love the breaks

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370Lil Scrappy
371Chuckie Aikens
372Sutter Kain

He raps so well that you can have fun and be for real at the same time that's how good he is he should be at #5

374Paul Wall

He got sick flows he is a legend in Houston, TX

It's about time this list showed the H some love. Way underrated on this list

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375Lil Killa
376Yung Ralph
377Kit Kat

He's bloody great

378Chingo Bling
379Spice 1

Lyrically excellent and produces a good flow


I just wanted to know where esham was on this top 100 rap artist. he is unique and practically invented acid rap. his unique rhymes and wicked lyrics he needs on this list


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