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381 Webbie Webbie

He should be top 50 no doubt girl gimme that and his Diva song classic - roadrage

Man I think he should be the number 6 cause him in lil boosie got some good song I dot know what yall thinking about

382 Kiotti

this guys song are sick I love the way he can do better versions of kanye's songs haha top ten defo

383 Trae

He can rap fast or slow, he is very dimesional, and he was voted "Next Rapper to Blow from Texas" at the Ozone Awards.

The truth is not represented correctly on this fakeass list! Should be top 25

384 MC MuRF

up and comin rapper top notch lyrics

385 Trick Daddy Trick Daddy

Trick daddy has made some nice songs but mainly he all about free styling!

Another legend disrespected plenty of hits - roadrage

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386 Unikkatil

best ever
with unique singing style... the best ever check it. - gberisha

Best rapper ever. He sings Albanian that is why he isn't in top becouse you don't understand his words. HE is the king

387 Chino XL

Immortal technique once admitted this cat was better than him, so why isn't he higher?

Only a pac stan could hate this cat. He is at least top 80

That's not true. Pac is my favorite but chino is dope ass hell. I like many rappers. But yeah chino deserve way more credit

Chino XL is one of the best storytellers, listen to Fathers Day

388 Killah Priest

I give my vote 4 Killah Priest, (if not to mention that Redman is some how is lower than top 50, which is very weird)this is the most disapointing vote result in this whole top. Killah Priest is more than this! 4sho

One of the sickist with lyrics. Should be higher definitely... Waiting for a new album...?

389 Jason "J" Brown
390 Elzhi

186? really?! Elzhi?! NO ONE RAPS LIKE THIS DUDE NOWADAYS! 186! I got no respect for this list.
"I end careers, years, pierce ears fierce with spears
They say I'm gifted, get lifted like the beers in cheers".
Name one rapper that can rhyme inside rhymes like this!

Should be top 60 or so... Obviously not the best, but he has nice flow and nice lyrics. Detroit stand up!

Elzhi at 238? This list is a complete joke. This guy is far ahead of anyone else on this list lyrically, yes, including Eminem.

391 Loe Louis

If you're from Detroit you know what I'm talkin about Loe Louis would rip half the pop stars on this list.

392 El-P

One half of one of the best acts in current hip-hop and has great solo material. Should be way higher.

One of the 5 best white rappers. He's definitely behind Eminem but he's still good.

El-P is the backbone of run the Jewels
How can you argue Lil Wayne into the top 10, and leave this guy at 337

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393 Freeway

Freeway isn't even top 100 or anything yet but he's better than 90 of the clowns on this list. Just check out "Philidelphia Freeway" this guys got a future in hip-hop.

394 Guilty Simpson

I cried all the way through this list... At least I saw Qtip, Kweli, Jeru, Del and some other pass by cause otherwise this would've really been a joke... Sorry, this is a joke.. It's like making a "Best Producers" list and seeing J Dilla at the bottom of the list! Guilty simpson, Chali 2na should be up, up, up this list!

395 Kool Keith

Also not in the top 200 list on this site... He is so unlike any rapper that you will ever hear and deserves much more recognition than he gets... Any doubters just listen to Dr Octagonecologist album by him and it will change your mind!

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396 Prodigy

Prodigy is in my top ten. He is a sick rapper. Have you heard his verses on The Shook Ones part 2, and Survival of the Fittest. Yet you've got people like Drake and Kendrick Lamar ahead of him, and he's all the way down at 539th

As Mobb Deep's lead-MC, P's knack for ear-grabbing lyrics earned him a rep as one of the most memorable MCs of the mid-90s. He may not be a great technical lyricist but his storytelling ability and he had the perfect voice for gangster rap.
Prodigy should be in the top 20.

So this is 'The Prodigy' I assume. Firestarter was a bangin song that got the club scene hopping with a raw mix of rap and electronic psy-trance...

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397 Up d'Anty
398 Sick Jacken
399 Pimp C

The Real King of the south and his lyrics have meaning just listen to his song Knockin Doorz Down

Get outta here. Top 10.. Your favorite rappers favorite rapper. Mentioned in literally EVERY rap song now a days. kidding me.

He should AT LEAST be top 50. He's the king of the south and should be recognized at the top

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400 David Banner
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