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422Keak Da Sneak

Why is he not on the list of top 200 rappers? He is top class, so original. There is nobody who sounds like Keak in rap today!

He's a pretty good rapper, VERY raspy voice

423Turf Talk

Like Keak, Turf is not in the top 200 and he has such an original sound, his album West Coast Vaccine is bangin' hard from start to finish!


Now I personally favor inspectah Deck as the goat but you can't just NOT mention pusha t and malice as one of the greats. As a duo or standing alone they can hold their own against any one of top mcs. Clipse is definitely one of the most underrated hip hop groups of all time. - Nocandoisavirus

425Slim ThugSlim Thug gained mainstream attention for his contribution to the popular single from rapper Mike Jones, "Still Tippin'".

Perhaps not the greatest rapper of all time, but still has some great lyrics an beats.

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A real gangster rapper only rapper to be sent to jail for his lyrical content for his hatred for the police and presidents - hiphop10

427Hyro Da Hero

He raps to heavy metal music which is very different! He is awesome as hell! - mcrmy4ever

428Craig MackV1 Comment
429Warren G

Only really had a few hits but seriously with most the names above him he would deserve to be top 100 over these clowns. Regulate, this dj and a bunch of songs he featured in he had a crisp flow that people don't got these days.

One of the best rappers had ever pass. I think he deserves to be in top 10.

This page sucks, 336# warren G. Also nate dogg was in 265. you guys.

What is this list? place 428 really? He and Nate were one of the best duos rap ever had.

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430Mack 10

"10 Million Ways" is such an underrated song

Why is he so low he deserves top 50 easily

431Chiddy Bang

Chiddy bang the best group around, something different to listen to a great alternative especially when I listen to Lupe, Nas, J cole should be much higher along with k'naan

Chiddy belongs in the top 50 1000% not afraid to mix with independent/indie artists, sick electrop sound

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435Kutt Calhoun

You gotta listen to him, try the song I'm A Dreamer, he only does the first verse, but it still is a dope song - Phuffu

437Cee Lo GreenThomas DeCarlo Callaway, better known by his stage name CeeLo Green, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and businessman.

Check out his early stuff with Goodie Mob and Dungeon Family, it's awesome! - thetoptens21

His voice is amazing, and his rhymes are sick! Listen to the fisrt verse of "Trans DF Express" by Dungeon Family

438Heavy D

RIP. Died too young, he will be missed. Should be way higher on the list. Mr Big Stuff has left the building. Got nothing but love for ya baby.

Heavy d should be in the top 20... I mean come one

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his great!
good in rhymes
he is one of the best rapper in the Philippines


440Ill Bill
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