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141Montana of 300

Best remix artist alive he's badass pull up on ya like a ice cream truck

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142Gucci Mane

Okay maybe gucci only really raps about getting messed up and parties and stuff but he deserves to be ahead of pitbull. Pitbulls rapping is like pop and he never rhymes. At least gucci rhymes which is you know... Kinda of a part of rapping laugh out loud?

He is way better of a rapper than majority of these bums on this list you must be a doo gooder privileged person to agree with this horrible list or stuck up and hate hood ghetto thugs people that you think you are better than - roadrage

85 are you serious. Listen to any song featuring waka flaka, and Kush is my Cologne is crazy original. He should definitely be in the top 10.

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143Lil Chuckee
144Kon ArtisV3 Comments
145PharrellPharrell Lanscilo Williams is an American singer, rapper, and record producer. Williams and Chad Hugo make up the record production duo the Neptunes, producing soul, hip hop and R&B music.

This should be in the top 20 at least. If he isn't the greatest rapper than his the greatest producer. He is in the rock and roll hall of fame... Come on now!

Great producer, but not the best rapper. Personally, his better songs are when he sings in falsetto, like in his latest album.

Stop it. He is a stupid guy at all. He is dog and bastard and raskal ohh my god how can this possible that he come under 100th number.

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146Slick Rick

Commonly known as the greatest storyteller in hip hop, Slick Rick's classic debut 'The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick' proves this point. Although, the albums is limited to ten tracks (the same as another artist's classic debut), the ruler flows through these tracks with great ease whilst showcasing his ability to inform listener's to his intriguing stories, including tales on adultery Treat Her Like A Prostitute, adolescent emotions Teenage Love, and a robbery gone wrong Children's Story. Slick Rick is definitely one of the greats - MickyG94

Bedtime story says it all he makes it sound so easy

Slick rick is really cool rap, one of the best old rapper team I love em

He was Snoops idol so I think he's really good

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147Vinnie Paz

Vinnie Paz is real, I'm voting for him because he's not getting near enough attention. Most people don't appreciate real hip-hop and listen to garbage like soulja boy, and Lil Wayne. I can't understand how kids are so stupid to listen to some idoit like soulja boy yell something about failing math class.

If Tupac shakur was still alive he would listen to vinnie paz

I can't believe the top of this chart, Vinnie kills the competition! Seriously how outdated and pop are all the top rappers here? There should be a ban on pop-rap, 50 cent haha what a joke!

Vinnie Paz is one of the best rappers right now. He's definitely keeping REAL hip-hop alive. His music has meaning, thought, and tons of effort in it. His stuff makes you think. Not just the same mindless "Hip-pop" you hear now. I can't believe that 'rappers' like Lil Wayne are higher up on the list than Vinnie.

One of the realest rap artists still going.

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148Professor Green

This guy deserves to be in the top 10! His raps are amazing! Some are hilarious, and some are just downright heartbreaking! He's gone through so much negativity in his life, but he still continues to push forward. My favorite rapper of all time, other than Tinie Tempah! I love him so much!

Sickest lyrics, read all about it best song and realest song and has the best beat. He has a bad life and fell into rapping at 18. A champion

Pro green is a legend he is a funny rapper but can be serious when he wants to be. All of the american rappers are poor, except eminem and tupac, and green and tempah are the second and third best rappers in the world respectively (behind eminem)

Professor Green should be in the top ten...

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149Dizzy Wright


Dizzy honestly, goes harder then most in the game right now. He has a very smooth flow and not to mention he is part of the fantastic group funk volume

The new god rapper with awesome lyrics that make you think about life and your mentality, he's one of the only who make me think about my state of mind and this world... Deserve to be in top 50!

I seen people call him 2Pac reborn. He's amazing, 2nd best from funk volume after Hop

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150Shahin Najafi

Best Persian rapper alive, Voice of voiceless people, One and only who respects the meaning of (Rap). Man of all pains,

He is the best, he describes the social & political problems of Iran

He is the scream of Iran! He is the king of Persian rap

It is the god of rap

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151Erick SermonV4 Comments
152Krizz KalikoSamuel William Christopher Watson IV better known by his stage name Krizz Kaliko, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

This guy belongs in the class of nate dogg. This man has a hell of a voice with killer lines

Honestly nobody does it like Kali baby and no-one ever will. Amazing rapper, incredible singer as well. Listen to if I ever go, stand by, chip on my shoulder, genius, etc.

Amazing hooks amazing flow just amazing

Really good, just not well known

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Does anyone even know who this is? It is Diabolic! Immortal Techniques rap partner.

One of the best Underground rappers of all time. He would be so popular if he was more widely known.

INSANE LYRICS, amazing rapper who should be recognised. Diabolic is a god mc. Just listen to a liar and a thief then youll be a fan in an instant

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Must hear to believe. He is the best rapper not known by mainstream listeners.

Really good but some of his mixing is off

Should be higher he ain't no Lil Wayne gretsky, shad is a great MC with thought behind his lyricism and he always brings it fresh all his stuff evolves over time from his first album it ain't over to his new release melancholy and the infinite shadness, this dude keeps it FRESH.

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What should be higher than 156 his in my top 3 with Eminem and tupac

The sickest while being the realist

He is the best aussie rapper ever lots of swearing but who cares yolo

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156Huey Morgan
157Siavash Sijal

The unique thing about Siavash Sijal is that his lyrics actually lift your spirit up and go through inside your soul ; what I hear from him is not common and cliche, he has a way of creating sprightly images in your mind - as if you r exactly encountering the same feelings or going through the same things as he does and that's by his matchless and striking lyrics. Personally, I think his perception of rap is rather different and "one of a kind ", and I simply adore his lyrics

He is one of the best rappers in Iran we love him

Sijal is the best singer of Iran

Best of all time

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Azerbaijan Best Rapper
Type: Hip-Hop / Hardcore Rap / Old School / New School
Started: 2009


Canon is one of the best underground rappers of all time. The dude survived a 35 foot fall, then after he recovered he started rapping again. He's a true inspiration

Great Christian rapper should be at least top 50!

This guy can rap faster than busta rhymes! it's a shame how underrated he is just because he's a Christian rapper...

160Mansour Sedghi
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