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If there is a goat its rakim. Complex lyricism, and the best flow in hip-hop history was very soft spoken in a time when being very energetic was the style credit 2pac and Nas style as a direct influence of Rakim and what he did on the mic is untouchable if you think 2pac is the best your a novice no slight to pac he was a great emcee but rakim is the emcee.


I believe you can put Rakim, Biggie, and Eminem in any of the top 3 slots and be correct, however I posted my vote here because it is a travisty and total disrespect to have the "God MC" this far down on any list ranking hip hop. " Even if it jazz or the quiet storm;I hook a beat up convert it in a hip hop form; write a rhyme in graffitti in every show you see me in; deep concentration cause I'm no comedian; jokers are wild if you wanna be tamed; I treat you like a child and you're gonna be named; another enemy, not even a friend of me; cause you get fried in the end if you pretend to be-competing cause I just put your mind on pause; and I can beat you when you compare my rhyme with yours; I wake you up and as I stare in your face you seemed stun; remember me the one you got your idea from; but soon you start to suffer and then you get rougher; when you start to stutter that's when youve had enough of; biting it can make you choke you can't provoke you can't cope;you should of broke cause I ain't no joke.
Rakim, must be given recognition in hip hop due to his most classic work, with DJ Eric.B. all albums with Eric. B were brilliant in showcasing Rakim's lyrical skill. Rakim is a master on the mic, never missing a beat. His first eagerly anticipated solo album The 18th Letter was a critical success and a present for all of Rakim's fans. Rakim's best songs include I Ain't No Joke, I Know You Got Soul, Lyrics Of Fury, Follow The Leader, What's On Your Mind, Know The Ledge and The Mystery. If you don't know who Rakim is you must go back and explore the excellence of the Golden Age of Hip Hop.


He set the precedence for all rappers before and after him, alive or dead. His flow, delivery, subject matter, content, patterns, syllables, metering (poetic skills) and many more attributes are second to none, especially at a time when no one else was doing it. Its easy for rappers after him to claim greatness but they had a blue print to follow.


Rakim's style, flow, delivery, lyrics and versatility is not only unmatched it laid the blue print for true lyricists and changed the way everyone viewed hip hop and flowed. He is responsible for the modern day flow of rappers and the standard that everyone today is judged by. That's why the Hip Hop artists themselves call him the "GOD" not just the GOAT when it comes to lyrics and no one has ever challenged him on the mic. Keep in mind Biggie, Pac, Eminem and others today are doing his style and he did it in 1986. Truly the GOD on the MIC
God, why can't people see the truth or just shut up? Eminem, ahead of Rakim and Nas? Seriously people, Eminem doesn't have an album nearly as good as Illmatic or Paid in Full... Nas is the equal of some Nobel Prizes. Rakim has maybe THE best flow of all time. And Jay-Z's puns and literary figures are far more nuanced and witty.
Goes without saying, Kanye West is an underrated artist and rapper and he should be at least ahead of Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg.
Time to really listen to the music and to understand the themes and lyrics people, don't believe the hype. (By the way... WHERE IS PUBLIC ENEMY? CHUCK D IS A MASTER! )
How is he not even in the top 10? How isn't he in the top 3? Honestly, God-MC... He's too good. With Eric B making his beats, he had everything. Lyrics, flow, influence, this guy had everything. He shouldn't even be compared with Kanye West, Jay-Z, or whoever those guys ranked 6 through 8 are. The only rappers who could ever even be compared to him are Eminem, Biggie or Tupac, who became too mainstream, Ice Cube, Big-L, or Nas.
Rakim is with out a doubt the greatest of all time, so smooth so lyrical, he makes rapping sound easy like he's not even breaking a sweat, he's influenced so many of the great names on this list Pac, Big, Nas, this guy should honestly be number one and if you disagree listen to anything from the album paid in full or the other albums he did with Eric B. Rakim = Greatest Of All Time
Smoothest rapping. can't be copied. Eric B's beats-Yeah!
check out-
Paid in full
Don't Sweat the Technique
Let the Rhythm Hit 'em
My Melody
You guys voting must be too young to know or understand the "artistry" behind what makes a rapper
I don't believe Rakim is so far down on the list. He is the GOD MC. I could understand if he was like in the top 6 with BIG DADDY KANE, KRS-ONE, RAEKWON, NAS ^^ KOOL G RAP but this list sucks. How can you say pop rappers such as eminem or Wayne are better than him?
Sad to see this at 22, Tech N9ne and Rakim are the greatest emcees ever, skills, flow, delivery. Rakim changed the game completely, no-one was ever as good to do it, He shaped the way Hip Hop should be since he was 17 and dropped his FIRST album. Make way for the GOAT. Not to mention nobody has ever been a deeper MC, Common comes close
The mic God, God MC, THE MASTER OF FLOW, pioneer of internal rhyming in lyrics, anything your favorite rapper does you can trace back to this guy, he makes rhyming and rapping sound easy, If you don't know who he is look up Paid in Full, Follow the Leader or Don't sweat the Technique, you'll be amazed.
If this list is about the best *rappers* - you know, who's got the best ability on the mic - then how the hell is rakim #16? I love dre, but he's got nothing on rakim's mic technique and lyricism. Listen to "know the ledge" if you haven't yet.
I've been to one of his live performances, and he will obliterate every other rapper that you have heard in person. Sure Eazy-E, 2pac, Biggie are nice but this is a great opportunity to see a great rapper now in these days. I'm not Saying any of the younger rappers are all bad, but here's a living legend. Take advantage of the things we have before they're gone.
Move Rakim up the list! Top 5 minimum. This list is just a popularity contest.
This guy defined rap. All you kids out there are voting for rappers that you only heard of. Make a decision on whose the best rapper when you actually heard of other rappers instead of BIG, PAC, or EM. Honestly to see Rakim and other notable rappers this low on the list is sad. Times sure have changed.
This guy's a legend. Even Eminem looks up to him. Eminem's lyrics are hateful and offensive most of the time. Though Eminem has very good flow and delivery. But rakim's lyrics are spiritual and he incorporates his religious beliefs. His lyrics aren't very hateful are cringing to listen to.
The God Mc. The first real LYRICIST, maybe is not the BEST lyricist now but the best lyricists (Nas, Biggie, Andre, Eminem) have learned from him. My personal favorite rapper is Eminem but I don't think he should be first: Rakim should and maybe Nas the second.

Oh, to all those people saying that young people only listen to mainstream rap, I'm 13 and I listen to Big Daddy Kane, Krs-One, Rakim, Slick Rick and all those from the GOLDEN ERA OF HIP HOP
1. Rakim does deserve the title as The God, rap may have been good before, but it wasn't as good until he touched a mic. Eric B. And Rakim are one of the top 4 greatest rap duos of all time in my opinion. With Eric B. 's dope beats and Rakims dope rhymes, they were for sure paid in full. He has influenced many artists, even their flow and rhyming style. Rakim is not a joke. Best album w/ Eric B. : Paid In Full. Best solo album: The 18th Letter. Best song: Follow the leader. Best verse: verse 1 of Follow the leader. Best single: follow the leader. Best collaboration: I'll buss' em' you punish em'-Canibus ft. Rakim
If you don't know about Rakim & are not feeling it from all the hit songs then maybe you have been possibly Sleepwalking through life. A beautiful Rap Artist who to this very day still gets his songs played at Clubs that play all the newest music out.
It's not about good (which he is) or album sales, but people need to do their research, RAKIM is #1 no matter what this list says. He set the bar which means none of these rappers would be rapping the way they are currently rapping if it wasn't for him. He changed hip-hop completely as a whole, period point blank, no questions about it. He is THE GOD MC.
My God... I'm surprised to see him anywhere besides #1. He was one of the greatest lyricists who used had the most complex rhymes... Nas copied his style, Lil Wayne ^^ 50 Cent are sellouts, 2pac has no lyrical skills, Biggie and Eminem are good but none of them can be compared to the lyricism of the God MC
Most people will vote on their favorite artist, but your "favorite" could be for many types of reasons. The question is, 'Who is the best rapper? " Not artist, not MC, and definitely not dancer... but, rapper. So forget who had the hottest tracks, the glamorous shows, or the best videos. Drop all the hype, like street creds and sex appeal. Now we have a set of headphones and the man on the mic. Patterns, phrases, wordplay, flow, content, metaphors, tone, clarity, originality, and innovative is the scale of choice. Hands down... RAKIM ALLAH

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