Top Ten Reasons Ariana Grande is Overrated

Ariana Grande, The international pop sensation, is she overrated?

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1Her Singing Technique is bad.

She is a light soprano. She can belt naturally! It is in her natural range! Diction sucks, breath control is probably non-existent and her overall breath support is bad. - Lironyaron

She is overrated. John Mayer is way way way way way way way way way way way way way way better than her and he's EXTREMELY underrated. Bill Cipher must do something about her in Weirdmaggeddon. (Go to my profile and see my most recent comment- besides this one- to see/decipher what I mean). - Anonymousxcxc

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2She's won "The Artist of The Year" but, where is the music she composed/produced?

She is a robot with zero talent, just a trashy little body to strut and shake

Arianators, Swifties, Beliebers, Rushers, Directioners and Scones are going to rage (big time) when they see someone retch when they see Ariana Grande's revolting, overappreciated face.

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3People Call Her "The New Mariah Carey"

This one explains itself. She obviously isn't. (Look at back reasons) - Lironyaron

Hell no! She will never be as hood as Mariah! - KianaLexi

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4Her Performances are Boring and Stage Presence is Hard to Watch.

Majority of reviews about her tour were saying that she turned her back too much to the crowd and that her dancing was very not energized and repeating itself. - Lironyaron

She has zero stage presence and looks uncomfortable on the stage.

Ariana Grande Performances are not boing and I hate to say this but you guys are just stupid if you think Ariana grande is dumb and rude but for all those haters out there stop it but get some help

5Ariana is pretty, which was the thing that made her popular beforehand.
6Her songs can be called "Belting" since it's the only thing done.
7She can't sing climaxes of certain songs she chose to cover.

I can never believe you guys you guys are so mean and lame

8Her live singing is average.

She's going off-key and she an be very pitchy at times, making her NOT "The Best Vocalist" of this generation of pop, mainstream singers. - Lironyaron

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9She is 22 years old, but still dresses and acts like she is 12.

She is rude she wished death upon her fans and it looks like she wears diapers

10Her music is so generic!

All her songs are such generic pop songs and it's only getting worse. You're supposed to grow as an artist not go backwards. This dangerous woman album is gonna suck. Can't wait to review it and criticize the heck out of it lol. - NicoleJohnnyLutherBrianFan

Let me tell you something Ariana grande is sweet I am one of her biggest fans

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11She can be air-headed at times.

Watching her interviews is depressing, very deeply you can say quite frankly. People call her a sweet person due to her character "Cat" in a Nickelodeon show back in 2010 even though she had proved herself quite a few times. - Lironyaron

12She's not an A-list singer

Her voice is dull even though it had shown before a beautiful, resonant sound. She's at least a B-list singer. Putting her in an A-list singer just overrates her. - Lironyaron

13She sounds like a dying whale when she sings
14Unlike Katy Perry, Ariana is NOT like visual eye candy when it comes to her live performances.
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