Reasons Blood On the Dance Floor is Better Than Led Zeppelin

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1Blood On the Dance Floor makes real music

...What? Blood on the Dancer Floor is made up of obnoxious beep-y music and sexual references. Led Zeppelin is REAL music. - HappyMouse111

I'm not even sure how would YOU define real music,but BOTDF,in my opinion,is the opposite of "real music". - Elina

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2Led Zeppelin plagiarized all their songs

That was either a true or false answer. I can see why. - DynastiNoble

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3Blood On the Dance Floor has a cool name

BOTDF=The WORST tripe of the early 80s meets the soulless fakery of electronic "music." A total waste of heartbeats.

I find "Led Zeppelin" cooler, even though I've listened to neither of Led Zeppelin or BOTDF's songs.

A good band name isn't a synonym for good music.And,as I said,it's plagiarized anyway. - Elina

4Everyone loves Blood On the Dance Floor

I'm pretty sure at least 50% of scene kids despise Blood on the Dance floor... Or I hope so, at least - HappyMouse111

And if everyone loved stuffing toads up their nose, would you love it too?

Get your facts straight.Pretty much everybody,except some scene kids,hate this "band". - Elina

5Nobody likes Led Zeppelin

Have you ever seen a music list on this site? - Elina

6Led Zeppelin does not make good music

People still remember them.And they could actually play their instruments.Will BOTDF be remembered as anything else but one of the worst bands ever? - Elina

7Led Zeppelin is no longer around

They're still remembered. Even though they broke up in 1980, their music is still known and listened to. - Elina

Yeah... Only took them forty years to wind down. Where do you expect these bizarros will be in 40 years? Hell, in FIVE years, they'll probably
be back to flippin' fatburgers at Greasy Gene's Stroke Emporium.

8Robert Plant is weird

Dahvie Vanity is a hypocrite (claims to be anti-bullying but harasses and blocks random people on Twitter) and a pedophile,which one is worse? "Weird" or hypocrite and pedophile? - Elina

9Led Zeppelin is weirdV1 Comment
10Led Zeppelin wrote Stairway to Heaven

You elevate this electronically manufactured, pseudo-poetic noise, but Stairway is "the worst song ever? " Delusional.

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