Top 10 Reasons Boys Should Not Watch Frozen


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1It's for girls

Yeah, we should never ever watch anything aimed for another age or gender group! Boys should only watch Gordy things that have explosion and boobs in it! 9_9

Well, some boys are interested in things for girls and vice versa, and that is perfectly fine with me. I'm a girl. When I was little, I adored playing with dolls, but I also loved playing with toy airplanes. - anonygirl

You do realize this is sexist, right?

This is sexist - TwilightKitsune

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2Too many stupid songs

Yes, because "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" wasn't stupid at all. 9_9

3Elsa and Anna are ugly

Elsa is beautiful.

Anna and Elsa have pretty hair.

Anna and Elsa wear good clothes.

Anna and Elsa are intelligent, smart. pretty, beautiful sisters, not stupid ugly sisters.

Anna and Elsa are two lovable sisters but so different from each other.

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4Olaf is not funnyV1 Comment
5The ending was so boring

Oh, how was the ending of Frozen so boring? Huh?

6It's a rip-off of Rise of the Guardians

How? Just because there is a character who has ice powers and a little sister?
Is the Lion King a rip off of Bambi then? They both feature princes who lose one of their parents and later fall in love with a childhood friend.

7Prince Hans' sideburns make you puke

Prince Hans: Did you just say my sideburns make you puke?

8Sven is pathetic

Kristoff: Did you just call Sven pathetic? What gives you the right to insult Sven like that?

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9The concept is wrong

How ever is the concept wrong?

10Anna and Elsa are cowards and wimps

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11Queen Elsa is the sister of Princess Anna, that make no sense

Finally, directors Buck and Lee solved the issue by portraying Anna and Elsa as sisters, establishing a dynamic relationship between the characters. Buck and his co-director, Jennifer Lee, were ultimately able to solve the dilemma by depicting Elsa and Anna as sisters. This led to Elsa being gradually rewritten as a sympathetic, misunderstood character.

Hey! I demand, need and want reasons why do you hate the idea of Anna and Elsa being royal sisters now. I really like the idea of Anna and Elsa being royal sisters a lot more than ever. Unlike the Frozen haters who really hate the idea of Anna and Elsa being royal sisters and think that makes no sense. How does that make no sense? Huh?

They are sisters. A princess is an heir to the throne who is related to the current royal. Anna is Elsa's sister.

What's your problem with the idea of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna being sisters? Huh?

They should've been born unrelated to each other.

12It's Sexist
13Anna and Elsa are the worst sisters ever
14Anna and Elsa lack an adult brother
15Anna and Elsa are stupid
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