Top 10 Reasons Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea, and Meghan Trainor are Better Than Jackie Evancho


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1Iggy, Britney, and Meghan have better talent then Jackie

Agreed. I don't get the hype for Jackie Evancho. She's overrated.

They have the best talent ever and better than that girl who rips off songs and was 16...

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2Jackie is overrated

Actually I think she is overrated but less overrated then Metallica and Led Zeppelin. - Music_Lover123

Go ahead, thumb down my comment. I don't care. - DynastiNoble

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3Jackie rips off songs without artists' permission

She ruined the songs like Coming Home and What a Wonderful World. How dumb she is.

Her behavior of singing is not pretty! - DynastiNoble

4Pretty Girls and No are amazing songs

They have the amazing songs an has better talent than that overrated blonde! - DynastiNoble

5They are teen idolsV2 Comments
6Thy have better fans than JackieV1 Comment
7They behave well than Jackie

Jackie is a bra who has no talent! Even though I don't care for her, she needs to go read her book! - DynastiNoble

Jackie has no talent at all. She will never had talent.

8They are an inspiration to teenagers

I agree with you. They had talent.

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9They are underrated than JackieV1 Comment
10Jackie is overrated and has no talent

I agree. She copies songs. If she copies songs from the Beatles, I would hate them all...

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11Me Too is better than Coming Home, Pt II

Me Too is the equiplent to cracking your skull open with a jack hammer. - Music_Lover123

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12They all never copy songs from the Beatles
13Jackie is ruined by fansV1 Comment
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