Top Ten Reasons Call of Duty Is Better Than Super Mario Bros


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1Call of Duty has better graphics

This troll list is just too obvious.. - Garythesnail

This usually the part where I'd would say the Mario is better then Call of Duty, but all I have to say...Don't feed the Troll - nintendofan126

Graphics =/= Gameplay. The Order: 1886 has great graphics, does that mean it's good? - NikBrusk

Why is this guy getting so much hate? It's just his opinion.

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2It has online playV1 Comment
3It's more popular

Mario is way better. Megatron939 must have fed the troll to Koolguy. And anyway, Megatron is just a whiny baby hiding in his mother's basement playing Call of Duty all day. What a jerk.

90% of the gamers play Call of Duty and 10% play Mario.

Nobody talks about Mario anymore - KoolGuy2218

Really? Because I have A LOT more conversations about Super Mario than Call of Duty. Perhaps I just find myself talking with other Nintendo fans who know that Call of Duty is lame now. - surgeonsanic

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4It's manlier

Watch out, we have a badass over here! He plays Call of Duty in his mother's basement :0

Yo, me, the ass man likes manliness, like manly testosterone Jax!

We have a manly retard living in his basement

5All the cool kids play it

NO! All the cool kids play Mario. Only idiotic fanboys play Call of Duty.

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6More in-depth storylines
7Call of Duty has guns
8CoD is in 3D

Super Mario 3D Land exists Koolguy2218. And also Super Mario 64 was one of the first 3d games to be released. - Skullkid755

Super mario 3d world also exists

9It's more realistic
10It's more funV1 Comment

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11CoD is rated M

How does a rating of the game make it better? - Thriller32

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