Top Ten Reasons Captain America: Civil War Will Be Better Than Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

I am not pledging my allegiance to either side of this cinematic superhero smackdown. I am simply choosing the argument that seems to be the most popular and supportable. This list compiles the best reasons why 'Captain America: Civil War' has the better shot of having an edge over 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'.P.S. Please don't hate me for anything that is written below. This is just one side to take in an arguably equal debate.

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1The MCU has 8 years and 12 movies under it's belt. DC has only had 3 years and 1 movie to build up hype.

DC is definitely rushing too fast into their cinematic universe. They're wanting to hop on the money train without even getting a ticket first.

It was better in my opinion. I enjoyed dawn of justice to a minor extent, but civil war is a candidate for best superhero movie of all tie in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

It's true. I'm a fan of DC, but lately, there really getting downhill with the movies. - MostTalented_BoyX

Civil war was perfect - Triceratops

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2None of the DC characters have had as much character development as the MCU characters have had.

You know DC is struggling to start their universe when they cram 6 or 7 heroes into a movie that's supposed to be about two people.

This is so true and it's the reason why Marvel movies are far better than DC movies and I only like Batman and some Superman for DC and that's about it. - Metts

3Marvel has a much stronger reputation for making good quality movies.

They did more movies and they had more action in it. - Metts

I only have to say that Captain America is my third favorite superhéroe - YanRocky

4Robert Downey Jr., alone, has the superhero star power to beat out 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'.

Yeah I don't care if people say DOJ will be more successful because Batman and Superman are such big names, Civil War has ALL of the avengers in their movie, including Iron Man, who is currently the most popular superhero in the world, they have like 15 heroes that are going to be in civil war, and just 1 of them has the popularity to beat out batman and superman's

5'Man of Steel', DC's only precursor to 'DoJ', wasn't exactly adored by fans.

Yeah it seems a little risky to build a cinematic universe around a movie that had probably the most split reactions in the history of film

6DC lost the game of chicken and changed release dates before even knowing that Captain America 3 would basically act as a quasi-Avengers movie. This shows they don't even have the confidence to compete directly.
7Marvel has proven it can handle a crowded cast. DC has yet to prove that they can.

DC could barely handle a movie about one superhero. They're going to crash and burn when the JL movie comes around. - Jackamalio

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8Rebooting Batman so quickly after 'The Dark Knight Trilogy' ended might not be the best thing.

Can people stop saying this and just accept the new batman? I'm mean JESUS CHRIST, the new batman movie could literally come out in like 100 years and people would still say it's too soon, stop clinging to this franchise guys, it's over

To be fair, Marvel is sort of doing the same thing with Spider-Man

9We've had 3 years of no DC movies to decrease our excitement for 'DoJ', while 'Civil War' is coming out exactly a year after 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'.
10'Guardians of the Galaxy', a movie about mostly unknown characters (including a tree creature and a raccoon), out-grossed 'Man of Steel', a movie about Superman (a.k.a. the Godfather of superheroes).

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11It doesn't have Martha
12Captain America: Civil War has the backing of the Disney brand which will enable it to be played as double drive in features alongside Alice Through the Looking Glass

If I was a betting Man, I would say that Captain America will outgross Dawn of Justice with help from Alice

13The director of Man of Steel is the director of DOJ, whereas the directors of CA: TWS, arguably one of the best Marvel movies of all time, is directing Civil War
14Civil War has GOOD actors
15Batman is a mass murderer
16The Marvel movies have funnier scenes
17The Marvel movies have better fight scenes

Obviously this is a true reason. I like the fighting in Marvel movies better and there's a lot more things happening in those movies. - Metts

18The New Spidersuit is so lame
19Ant Man is the best thing that ever happened in Civil War
20Andrew Garfield is a better actor than Tom Holland
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1. The MCU has 8 years and 12 movies under it's belt. DC has only had 3 years and 1 movie to build up hype.
2. None of the DC characters have had as much character development as the MCU characters have had.
3. Marvel has a much stronger reputation for making good quality movies.



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