Top Ten Reasons Feminists Need to Leave the Video Game Industry Alone

I love video games, but those idiotic feminists are targeting it.

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1It's not their games so they don't get to decide what's in them

You don't see men trying to tear down buff guy characters.

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2More men play games than women

Actually only 4% more men play video games than women so it's not as much of a disparity to make this an important note. Also shouldn't feminists be concerned about the video game industry if more men play video games than women, which falls in line with video game marketing pandering mostly to boys considering the statistics? - Erucu

Stupid feminists, realize this. - Therandom

Oh so that's why I had to play with a Gameboy!

3There are more male protagonists because there are more male gamers

I actually don't think it's a big deal if there's some females in a mostly male game. The problem is creators have to be careful not to stereotype males or females. Both genders get exaggerated quite a bit in some video games, and in other games, they don't. I don't really care what gender characters are... - Turkeyasylum

Nor do I, that's the point I'm trying to make. But some feminists don't comprehend that. - Therandom

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4Females don't have to be masculine

I agree. But sadly, there are gals are so obsessed with feminism that they act all macho about it, which is pathetic. And it's ironic that there are feminists who claim to hate macho guys but behave macho themselves. If that isn't hypocritical, I don't know what is.

5There doesn't always have to be a female character in a game
6Women have equal rights, they're just trying to ruin everything men like

Men bash everything only for women.

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7Females can have sleazy outfits

Feminazis who get offended by sexy women in games (who are actual characters, mind you, them being a sex object and nothing else is usually kind of boring) are usually fat slobs who are so far from attractiveness that a female with redeeming qualities is "offensive".

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8They're ruining an amazing thing

I think they should stick to real life problem instead of video games. - Delgia2k

This doesn't really bother me much, mostly since my favorite video game franchise(Kirby) has a protagonist whose gender I'm not even sure of. - Garythesnail

9If they want games to have their "requirements" then they should make their own game
10Violence can and should be in games

Violence isn't actually a requirement. Just being a good game is enough. - MKBeast

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11They ignore blatant sexism in hip-hop music

What about the blatant sexism in hard rock and indie rock? - Erucu

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1. It's not their games so they don't get to decide what's in them
2. More men play games than women
3. There are more male protagonists because there are more male gamers



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