Top 10 Reasons to Hate Barbie Movies


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They are all about Barbie being a princess - FrozenisOverrated

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Barbie, We don't want to watch movies about you being a princess with butterfly wings - FrozenisOverrated


Her movies are so girly that they make me want to throw up blood - FrozenisOverrated

FrozenisOverrated are you a tomboy cause if you are your cool cause I'm a tomboy and I really hate it when everything meant for girls are all girly. One of the most problems I have with this is cartoon shipping's. They make a tomboy feminine just so the male could have a girly girlfriend. An example is the lion guard with kion and fuli. Fuli is a tomboy but I've seen many fan art of her being girly just to be with kion. My shipping is her with Kiara who is a tomboy but more feminine.

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4It's always about dresses

At least once in my life, barbie should be an emo.

5Everything is pink

TOO MUCH PINK! MY EYES I'm BLIND! Tell my wife I love her! Wait I'm not married - yellowshadow

It gives me ocular migraines just looking at all of that pink!

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6The fact that little girls actually like this repetitive junk

OH MY GOD, YES. Frozenisoverrated, thank you for being understanding because I hate Barbie too I even made lists about things that should happen to her and characters that should beat her up. (I think I should add Beerus to the list of characters who should beat her up because he is one of my favorite villains) we need more people like you to show people how Barbie sucks. Even I'm a girl and I hate Barbie! - TwilightKitsune

7Lame villains

Raquelle is lame. Lydia is lame. Dame Devin is a loser. Okay, that's getting on my nerves.

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8It rips off several stories from a long time ago

Because the people who created Barbie are as dumb as barbie herself - TwilightKitsune

9Dumb songs
10Barbie herself

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11It's for little girls
12The voice acting
13The merchandise
14Almost no conflict
15Everything is perfect for Barbie
16Barbie is always the hero


But she's the emo kids' personal villain

17Barbie is a Mary Sue
18The endings are predictable

Barbie lives happily ever after. - Navylexi

19She is Nice to the Bad Guys After They Try to Kill Her
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