Top Ten Reasons to Hate Disney

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Disney Channel Has Bad Shows
So childlish and stupid shows, Iron Weasel? ARE YOU SERIOUS. They always make ONE character be "The dumb one".
On sakk and cody= Cody,
on Hanna Montannah = Hanna's Brother,
Zeke & Luther = Luther.
It's like that's the only way Disney series have to be funny. The list is much longer but everything has been said. They are childlish ridiculous series.
Zack and Cody gets a 2/10 score.

Hannah Montana gets a 1/10 score.

Zeke & Luther gets 2/10 score.
Hey, you guys wanna know why nick and Disney have terrible shows now? Because our generation grew up with the classic animated shows they had like Danny Phantom or Catscratch, now since we got older over the years Nick and Disney thinks we'll like all these stupid live action teen drama shows. If the show was part of our childhood we'll keep watching it so why would you cancel it? Even the cartoons these days are horrible and rely heavily on toilet humor. Bring back the old classic cartoons and cancel these new shows that are turning kids into total jerks.
Now we are past the post disney renaissance and we are starting to hit the crap again, Walt disney would cry if he saw some of the things that were coming out. Disney only makes one good movie a year and 2000 bad ones.
[Newest]Did you know almost HALF of Disney's movies are princesses
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2The Characters Have Terrible Attitudes
They're rude and make fun of people who are different ( minorities, people with special needs, etc. ) and it's one of the reasons I don't watch Disney channel anymore!
I fully agree with this notion.

My ex-roommate/co-worker was obsessed with this channel and on a daily basis indulged in Jessie, ANT Farm, Shake it Up, Austin and Ally as well as a couple other shows I cannot remember at the moment. One thing in particular that stood out to me was how just about every character in these shows had bad attitudes (especially with the way half of the characters treat adults/authority figures). I believe that this accounts for why you see bratty behaviour becoming more common with the younger generation; they are told that this type of behaviour is fine.

Back to ex-coworker, when it came to just asking her to help out with house chores she always gave me nothing but attitude over it. She had a million and one excuses as to why she would not, for example vaccum the carpet even after I had asked her multiple times. Meanwhile she was sitting in front of the T.V. watching Austin and Ally while I did the dishes she left nights before.

She had been watching Family Channel for years since her younger siblings do and personally I think it's where she got a lot of her horrid attitude from. On top of that she got mouthy with our boss too when called out on being a complete slob.
Kids watch these
Shows and get bad attitudes! They see teens and try to act like them. Lusctheyvslways yell!
[Newest]They're rude, they're whiny, they're stupid, they're dramatic, they're horrible. Absolutely horrible.

3Miley Cyrus Is A Bad Singer
Smiley Miley can thank all her fame because of her daddy. Her songs are a torture for your ears, even if you're deaf... I also HATE how Selena Gomez sings... She and Justin Bieber are the ugliest couple of the Red Carpet. Disney used to be fine, but nowadays... It's total nuisance.
She was good but now she has put it down thanks to her
[Newest]She isn't on Disney Channel anymore. And she isn't that bad at singing, its just because of the crazy things she's doing that I'm not the biggest fan.

4They Have the Same Storylines Again and Again
Example, phineas and ferb: Brothers build something, Candace tries to bust them, perry beats up doofenshmirtz and the creation dissapears
OH NO! There's a secret that only a few people know about! Better not tell anyone! OOPS! I accidentally told someone in a dumb way! Lets try to make him forget about the secret and on the way make bad jokes, be racist, and tell kids that disobeying parents can be rewarding!
Teenagers doing stupid things... Over and over again...


[Newest]Like with that stupid show I didn't do it. Its like Phineas and Ferb, they do something, think they aren't going to get in trouble, and then they get in trouble. It's so incredibly boring and to be honest, Olivia Holt or whatever I don't really care if that's wrong, I think she was better off with Kickin It. That show has just gone downhill ever since she left.

5The Only Good Show On Disney Is Gravity Falls
Gravity falls is the only good show, other then that everything else is crap
Gravity Falls is just beyond cool. All the others (especially Good Luck Charlie because they're over rated) so GLAD THEY'RE ENDING IN FEBRUARY!
Agreed this channel is bull crap
[Newest]But soon, even Gravity Falls will end, and Disney will be permanently doomed, as well as abandoned by the last of its sane viewers...

6They're Racist
Phineas and Ferb: Perry beats up doofenshmurtz who is German and evil, they make him look like a complete Nazi when he isn't.
Several other shows. (e.G. Jessie):all think British people sound like the queen. It's pretty obvious they have never been to England.

Yours Sincerely
An English person
Also on Jessie they make Ravi the most stereotypical Indian person ever.
They don't give a crap what they say and who its twoards like what they did with demi lovato making a joke about eating disorders it makes me sick to listen to
They are also extremely misogynist and all there movies are crap Christian propaganda pieces.
[Newest]They make the bad person black on Austin and ally
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7They Canceled The Good Shows Like That's So Raven, Kim Possible and Lizzie McGuire
Best shows, now shows of today are crap!
All of the shows they show are absolute rubbish. Garbage. I wouldn't even let my worst enemy sit and watch them. I would not even be shocked if they make a Justin Bieber show. 2 of the worst things ever.
... And they replace them with shows like shake it up, A.N.T. farm, phineas and ferb, etc. Are you serious, if you are going to cancel good shows, then can Disney please replace those shows with good ones instead of insanely bad ones?
[Newest]I agree this is the only one I agree on

8They Bought Marvel
There are really stupid reasons on this list, though this one is kind of understandable. On one hand, Disney could make some pretty good Marvel movies from here on after what happened with the Avengers. On the other hand, Disney's television industry (mainly ) would often shove in your face that they own Marvel and cause very silly matchups (Phineas & Ferb as a prime example).
But for the negative bottom line, this is a mixed move. It's not like they're going to go full silly by throwing princess into a Marvel cartoon or create terrible sequels with them, it's that may be ugly later on. (Remember what happened when Disney killed Lucasarts? )
Disney, you are SO LAZY! Disney used to be awesome but now they're doing stuff like this. And they bought Star Wars (which ruined it) and now they're using Superheroes that we all know and love in their cartoons like Phineas and Ferb, THAT RUINED THEIR IMAGES! Disney needs to get their confidence back, and start making their own stuff again instead of buying popular franchises and characters and try to make money off of it. I've lost hope for Disney now
now spidermans making up with venom! C'MON!
[Newest]Oh, so should we call Disney Marvel know? What's next? Thor on Jessie?

9High School Musical
Does disney WANT to get horrible ratings? If they do they're pretty successful!
I hate high school musical so frikin bad it is the worst thing ever made and camp rock and all that stuff Disney XD rox but disney is ruined thanx to HSM
well everyone else in the world made this popular, and its a huge hit, so I don't see how you can justify it being bad, since it was a sensation.
[Newest]Stupid shows! And the worst is that there are movies from this stupid show! 🙀

10Disney Channel Overdoses On Teen Stereotypes
The people who work there ought to be ashamed of that. What are they tryin' to do, brainwash young people into think that's how teenagers are supposed to be? If you ask me, stereotypes make people closed-minded. And if those workers think that those closed-minded beliefs will attract many viewers, then they're sadly mistaken.

If own DISN (Disney Channel), I'd forbid all of its other workers from having that channel airs things that I wish it never aired. But if they break that rule, I'd fire them.
No, the Archie Comics aren't because their more mature than Disney and less stereotypical. What are worse than the Disney Channel are 6teen, the Total Drama franchise, and Stoked because they depend way too much on teenage stereotypes and have crude humor.
Dang it! I forgot to put "I" between "If" and "own. " Sorry about that.

Anyway, I really wish that the Disney Channel would permanently give on airing that stereotypical teen garbage because it doesn't exactly make people better.

My brother, who's a few years younger than me, loves that channel. And I'm guessing why is because of that teen junk most likely due to those teen stereotypes going to his head he was in high school. How pathetic.
I'm sorry for not putting "up" between "give" and "on. " I really need to stop forgetting to putting important words where they belong.

Anyhow, the point is that Disney Channel should NEVER EVER force feed narrow-minded beliefs to all people. When I was a teenager, I thought that those stereotypes were how true teens behaved. But now that I'm past my teen years and have looked back on my former thought, I know that that's not how true teens behave.
[Newest]Archie Comics does, too. I can't believe Archie Comics! Why Betty & Veronica?! WHY NO PAC-MAN ARCHIE COMICS?!
No, Archie Comics doesn't have as much teenage stereotypes as the Disney Channel. Instead, those closed-minded beliefs are minor in that company. One example is that its nerd and jock are best friends. Another example is that its blond girl is smarter than she looks.

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11Selena Gomez Songs Are Annoying
Isn't that song I Love you like a love song's chorus just saying the title over and over again, and you can't love someone like a love song.


I'm sorry you suck. Selena Is dumb and stupid.
You dislike Disney because of a famous actress turned famed singer who is very successful?
[Newest]Did anyone notice that Selena Gomez could play the drums

12Club Penguin
I agree, I AGREE WITH ALL OF YOU! This game is so boring, I've been on it since October 2011 and it's just plain eye-gouging and boring, Everything exciting has to be done by MEMBERS! Dress a puffle? MEMBERS! Get another puffle other than the 2 boring ones? MEMBERS! Waddle? MEMBERS! Everything? MEMBERS! And the non-members have terrible costumes, While the members are attention grabbers and show-offs! And the holidays, OH THE HOLIDAYS DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED, It makes me want to stick a knife into my left eyeball and shoot my right one with a pistol! Come on, It's like a holiday every few days, And some of them we don't even need?

Prehistoric holiday? No.
Hollywood holiday? NO!
Star Wars holiday? NNO!

And none of them bring ANY charm to this ruined, useless, worthless, hopeless, boring, eye-gouging, brain-throwing, self-killing, stupid, needless, poor, depressing game!

P.S. I see people going 'spare change? ' on a game that is supposed to be HAPPY, not like every penguin in the world just took a vacation to Hell, Don't you attention grabbers think we have enough of them IN THE REAL WORLD?

I can kind of agree. Ever since they stopped making point-and-click missions for the EPF, wasted island space for caves and a recycling center, restricted non-members, and added a Like system to the igloos, Club Penguin has kind of lost its charm. Besides, I've been on it since August 2008 and now all I see are non-member gangsters, jocks, and igloos with just rooms with 50,000+ likes from penguins with no life whatsoever. I hope the reupdate happens sooner.
I agree. Club Penguin used to be GREAT but now the waste time to do parties that PROMOTES, aka ADS! If they want to promote shows, do it on T.V..

Marvel? Shake It Up? Monsters University? Star Wars? Teen Beach Movie? Do you want to destory CP?

Don't worry, the Recycling Center is removed, FOR A SCHOOL! And you can throw paper and pizzas and start fod fights! Never knew you wanted kids to be violent!

If you continue this, Disney, then players will quit, you will lose money and will be forced to shut down CP. Yeah, never knew you wanted to have penguins quit.
[Newest]Everything is basically members only. They want you to use cash on the memberships repeatedly till your broke

13Disney Channel Tries Too Hard to Be Funny With Over-the-Top Humor
No wonder my brother, who's younger than me, loves it more than any other channel. I'm ashamed of the way that that network turned out. Seriously, is it obsessed with trying to make people laugh? If it does, then it failed with me 'cause I'm no longer interested in most funny stuff. Now I'm more interested in more serious stuff.

If I own DISN (Disney Channel), I'd forbid that kind o' humor from ever being on that channel. Instead, I'd put more serious but still family-oriented things on there.
I actually find some of the things in Disney's shows pretty funny but it gets repetitive as they show the same episodes over and over again, leaving the newer shows and older shows at times no one can really watch them.
I think that the company should give a little more thought to their humor

14They're Cocky
Cockiest people on Earth. But the Marvel thing is only what I heard and I think it's only the Marvel movies.
They think they're the greatest movie company of all just because they've been around for so long.
Disney thinks they're so cool because they bought Star Wars and marvel. Disney, stop trying to buy everything, you're not Jesus Christ so stop acting like you're so high and mighty, eventually I think Star Wars and marvel are gonna find some way to get away from disney. I just hope it's soon
[Newest]"Oh, we butchered Marvel and Star Wars with Phineas and Ferb. We're so cool."


15Shake It Up
FOR CRYING OUT LOUD Cece has lured Rocky to an adult party and got her grounded, made her get in trouble YET AGAIN by dragging her against while she was sleeping and unconcious off the bus Shake it Up Chicago was taking to Alabama so she could sneak off to a bus to Los Angeles to get on a stupid reality show, and worst of all, dared her to jump into a dirty lake while they went to the Grand Canyon, which made her cut her foot with glass and NEARLY HAD TO AMPUTATE IT. WHAT? How can these girls be friends. Cece ' almost made her "best friend" AN AMPUTEE. If I were Rocky, I would have drawn the line at the cut foot and filed a restraining order against "my best friend".
And I thought Hannah Montana was bad enough to make you slip into a coma, once I watched this I had a weird feeling telling me to do homework which nobody likes!
They are friends? HA! They treat eachother horribly and never respect anyone, ESPECIALLY not adults. Shake it up is pretty much the basis of the cruddy behaivor in kids
[Newest]I and many others actually like this show, sure it's not the best but the events that occur are similar to real life events and fictional events, you can't really expect these shows to be influential, this is coming from a kid.

16Disney Theme Park Commercials Are Cheesey
It's a park for little kids and families with children. What do you expect them to be?
To be honest, they rip of Santa for the mater Christmas commercials.
Ya there for kids and there not cheesy

17No More Classic Animations!
Seriously Disney, we don't like it when you make yet another stupid live action teenage life drama show. And every time they do this they have the same recycled plots and characters, a dumb character, a dad who is just lazy and unfunny, a mom who is so full of herself and steals the dad or the kid's opportunities to be on T.V. and stuff like that, a mean character, an annoying main character who just wants to sing stupid songs and be popular, and either a brainless girlfriend or an annoying gangster wannabe boyfriend for the main character. I want the classic animations back, enough of these live action shows that just use these same kinds of characters and pretty much always have plots relating to singing!
Danmed! No more anime classic, instead, we got teen bebop BULLCRAP stuff
Where are they. We had ten years with only 1 classic animation. Also, they were racist when everything was racist
[Newest]We are in the age where animations are getting less and less popular, live shows are getting more and more popular, the channel is aimed at teens and children who are more pleased with the shows Disney has.

18Lab Rats Is the Only Live-action Show Left That Is Good
Lab rats could have been a great show but it's not, it's horrible. It has the cool concept of people with superpowers but of course being Disney Channel, they get a bunch of really annoying bad acting kids to star in it. And the special effects are pure crap, news flash disney, if you want to make a show about people with superpowers you need a bigger budget. And the worst part of it all is since it's Disney Channel's show it means 2 horrible things, the action has to be non violent so kids can watch it, and of course it means a crappy theme song and title to go with it
All Disney sitcoms sucks, but this is the only one left that's still standing so root for Lab Rats.
I still love good luck Charlie and this but the other horrible
[Newest]Lab Rats is great, people complaining they have bad actors probably can't act better than them since Disney gives them the scripts.

19They Are Closing Toontown Online
This was by far my favorite online virtual world game as a child and almost beat the game, 120 Laff points, when my parents forced me to stop. Now they closed probably the greatest game ever! This is by far the worst mistake Disney has ever made in my opinion! :-( :-(
Toontown was my childhood there was Mickey Donald goofy Minnie and Pluto all working together to save too town from evil and it all depended on you and the rest of toontown yes it has it's issues and what not but it was entertaining and have children what their shows didn't a plot! Also club penguin sucks it also resembled disneyland so visiting disneyland was extra special
Do you know why they closed it? Go on have a guess. No? They closed it to develop club penguin! And there apps like FROZEN KARAOKE I MEAN R you SERIOUS! JUST WATCH IT ON YouTube AND SAVE 5.49!
[Newest]I used to play that so long ago...

20They Shut Down LucasArts
Lucasarts, makers of mainly Indiana Jones and Starwars games, not to mention an enormous amount of adventure games, was recently shut down by Disney, all on the basis of profit.
They did I will sew them kill them lucasarts is a great you know what disney die die die I will kill you
Why did they do that?


21They Always Have Singing
There are times in a film or episode of a show when the story's progression does need to occasionally slow down and perhaps captivate the audience with a new development or plot device, maybe take a moment to stir some interest when the writers think the viewers might be falling asleep at a certain point; But whether to communicate a message or just give the audience something to listen to (which many forced viewers choose to subtly interpret as an intermission), we as human beings, especially young people, are simply too pragmatic.

'Cause there's a point in one of these previous comments which mentions how people in these films seem to randomly start singing and all the extras know the words and choreography, etc. Little to no build-up, the songs are buggery because the actors themselves are not even good singers, the producers try to hard to appeal to a prominent zeitgeist (modern pop-culture), and if they're written specifically for the film the dialogue is typically verbose and cheesy (which makes me cringe) but if an already mainstream song is used they either dumb it down, change the chorus, or because it becomes associated with what is obviously an apathetically conceived piece of shmutz, the original track suffers in popularity because it makes them think of a bad movie.

On top of all that, they have no bearing on the plot whatsoever and seem to hold little other purpose than to be made in bulk, shoved down the audience's throats, getting a surprisingly large number of persons to like at least one of the songs (typically those who are as easily entertained as a prepubescent turnip) who in turn try, and miserably fail, to convince their parents to raise their monthly allowance just so they can eventually buy the movie, or the soundtrack. Or... Just exist to take up time and space because the writers were too bored to develop any more plot, simultaneously keeping the characters bland and uninteresting.

In his online web series, the Nostalgia Critic had a name for this: "A Big-Lipped Alligator Moment," a musical number which is over the top, seems to come right the flip out of nowhere, has no affect on the plot, and when it ends it is never mentioned or referred to again. He also said that "Just because something is intended for kids is no excuse not to try."

Long story short... Musical numbers, nine and nine-hundred ninety-nine thousandths, out of ten, are CHEESY, POINTLESS, UNNECESSARY and I HATE THEM!
Why so much singing? Do people just randomly start singing? The songs suck and everything. Backup dancers don't get famous for singing, backup dancer stay in the background, they aren't the stars of the show. Hope Disney gets shutdown.
This is definitely a bad quality for a show. You can have a show without having the main person be able to sing.

[Newest]I don't see what's so wrong about the singing in the shows... there's a reason there are different channels, it's pretty easy to know which Disney shows have singing, this again is completely based on opinions.

22They cancelled Jetix
When I was a kid a watched Jetix every day! It was so awesome, made my childhood funny, and amazing, because it had great shows!
When I heard that Jetix will be replaced by Disney Channel, I was really, REALLY mad. And when I saw some of their shows... I almost ended up on the floor falling in coma. These brainwashing, boring shows with their horrible singers just suck!
Even until today I m, iss Jetix, and I feel sorry about those kids who have to grow up watching Disney Channel...
Why did you cancel Jetix, Disney Channel?! Jetix was awesome! It really brought back memories of Fox Kids. And now you replaced it and Toon Disney with Disney?!
WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU END JETIX, DISNEY?! And now, we have Disney, which DOES SUCK ASS! Disney ruined our memories of Fox Kids AND Jetix. Even though Jetix replaced Fox Kids Europe, it was way better than ABC Kids, 4Kids T.V. , and Disney.
[Newest]I loved Jetix and it was my favorite channel ( it was a block but whatever)! Then they canceled it, and for 5 years I hated Disney. Now, the only thing that I enjoy is literally about ponies. But that's because there is nothing that I like to watch!


23The Cancellation of Kim Possible
So you have a creative show, done by two of your best employees, Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle, who've been working with you ever since 2000, I think. What do you do? You go and cancel it. But why did you guys cancel it? I'll tell you why:

"DUUH...! WE'RE DISNEY CHANNEL! Duuh... Let's Cancelling aull of our creatingved, good, non-repetitive showthzs in Favor of Lame-Ass, Repetitive, NON-creatingved showthzs, like.. DUuUUuHH! PHINEAS AND FERB! [laughs stupidly] PHINEAS AND FERB AM FUNNY! Yaayy! Ugh! I just hate it when they cancelled Kim Possible, because THAT in my opinion, Disney was already starting to go downhill, but the Replacements, and The Emperor's New School? Those were like their best shows that were still getting new episodes, but eventually they all died, and Kim was the first to leave. And not only did it have so much action, it also had so much creativity, and Roberrands Eddy just came on to this set, I feel so much could've been done. But honestly glad they cancelled it, kind of, or else it just would've turned into a SpongeBob, maybe. I don't know, but, yeah.
All Disney shows end at like season 4 and they always make new shows if I were still 10 I would love these but I'm not 10 so we don't like tees dumb shows but truth is all the shows were dumb were they better then now adays Yes they are but you know if you don't like Disney Channel any more suck it up and find a new channel
Kim Possible was my favorite show, but then it got kicked out by all the new shows.
[Newest]I really miss that show

Every single show is full of stereotypes and it's just annoying. Promoting stereotypes is wrong.

25Repetitive Shows
Yeah, you all remember "Phineas and Ferb".
I hate every single repetitive show that Disney Channel aired or made. They are just way too repetitive. It never stops! WE GET IT!
Example: Phineas and Ferb here's every episode. The boys want to build something, say "where's perry? ", perry gets a mission, Candace wants 2 bust them, the invention that the boys build disappears and Candace make a fool of herself

26Disney XD is just as stupid as Disney Channel, except it's the guy version
Disney Channel is all about a girl, a dumb kid, and a smart kid where the girl always has a crush on a guy, the dumb kid if they are a woman is all over fashion and money, but the guy version is pizza and football all day long. The smart kid is almost always poor, and talks non-stop about the same subject, we get it, you wanna be the good guy, but talk about something else once in a while.

Disney on the other hand, whenever the horrible show is on they always have a million, you're watching disney, then the doucebag voice says things like "Sweet! " or "Alright! " The shows are almost the same formula, except the main is a guy and they think that since its guys, they would just want action, but we don't, so they're being sexist bastards.

Disney was the major downfall of Disney, and that wasn't the beginning. The real beginning of Disney's Downfall was the overrated 2007 television series called Phineas And Ferb. Jetix was awesome. It was the main reason why my sister watched Disney Channel. I'm sorry, Disney, but With Disney, you've lost your taste in Televison. Sure, Yin Yang Yo had a lot of stupidity, but that is why I liked it. Worst Channel I've seen to date.


And Disney needs to stop showing those stupid animated shows they are all the same

27They Never Let Pixar Make A Movie On Their Own
All the credit goes to the people at Pixar for making, Toy Story, Ratatouille, Wall E and Finding Nemo. Not these guys, Walt Disney would be turning in his grave


Actually, Pixar still does make movies on their own, it's only that Disney bought Pixar in 2005, and they distribute Pixar's movies to theaters. You really shouldn't have jumped to that conclusion, roblist.
Ask somebody: "Who Made Toy Story? "
Other Person's Answer: " Disney"
[Newest]Disney kind of owns Pixar... so yeah... also Disney always acknowledges Pixar in their movies and even short films and video games!

28They Stole Star Wars
Now what will happen in Star Wars episode 7 when Disney owns it? Will there be pink, yellow or even rainbow lightsabers? I wouldn't be surprised if there will... Disney is for children... Star Wars is for children AND adults... I heard that 7th episode is called "The Lost Tribe". They couldn't find crappier name, could they?
I'm glad you gave up your crap, George Lucas, but you could have sold it to someone better than damn DISNEY. I mean Warner Brothers, Buena Vista or New Line would all have been better choices. But DISNEY? Damn DISNEY? They can't handle a movie as epic as Star Wars. They're just gonna butcher it, like they did Frozen. When I saw the poster for Frozen when I went to see DOS, I had a hatred for Disney already, but I thought this and Tron: Legacy would clear things for them. But no, it's just a bunch of awful animations with too much singing and a barely evolved plot. I wouldn't be surprised if the characters sing during lightsaber duels. And I bet they'll buy MLP if they haven't already and merge that with the greatest movie series of all time. Out comes--you know what, I think you get my point. The only difference this will probably have from Frozen is the plot and that you hate the movie before you watch it.
What are they gonna do, make one of the greatest movie series of all time into a musical!?
[Newest]Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, it's not their fault that LucasArts sold themselves out, besides, the new trailer for Star Wars Episode VII looks epic!

29They Make Their Stars Change Their Appearance When There Was Nothing Wrong With the Way They Looked.
An example of this is when Disney forced Demi Lovato to get rid of the gap in her teeth before being in Camp Rock.
That's pretty much every movie company, if they don't like the look of their stars or even if there's nothing to change, they take them to the make-up department anyway.

30Gravity Falls, The New Mickey Mouse Show, and Wander Over Yonder are the only shows on Disney that are good
Gravity Falls, the New Mickey Mouse show, and Wander Over Yonder are the only good shows on Disney Channel. Other than that, other shows like Phineas and Ferb and Fish Hooks are nothing but crap.
I hate everything about The Dismal- I mean, Disney company! Gravity falls is the only good show and even though I hate Mickey Mouse, the cartoons are funny.
What about wizards that's a good show to man that's also a good show guys.
[Newest]They moved all those shows to Disney. That might be unfair to those who don't have.

31Terrible Theme Songs
I agree! Then they play them on the radio! The worst ones are Shake it Up, Good Luck Charlie, and Austin and Ally. Gravity Falls' is really good. Everything bad is everything with singing!
This is completely based on opinions, I find some theme songs good and others not as good but what do you expect from shows? Are they meant to put lots of effort to appease the watcher just for an introduction?
I will say the gravity falls theme song matches the show.
Girlfriend's theme song is so cool. It's motive to watch the show

32Most Shows End After 3 or 4 Seasons
What a horrible idea
At least they end most of the bad ones quickly.


The shows should end sooner!

33Selena Gomez Songs Don't Make Sense
Love you like a love song? That makes sense. You have millions of dollars.. Enough to hire a good songwriter!
Hey Selena Gomes made that not Disney an it does stink but I bet. 10 year olds love it I know I did when if came out sadly
You dislike Disney because of a famous actress turned famed singer who's songs aren't actually even made by Disney?

34Phineas and Ferb
THIS show is what replaced Kim Possible! I absolutely HATE PHINEAS AND FERB SO MUCH!
These annoying little §¥#@¿&%$ are everywhere, on everything, and it drives me NUTS! They are so stupid and useless and I HATE THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!
This show is the reason why I never watch Disney Channel that much anymore! Thus making it the WORST Disney Channel show EVER!
[Newest]That Show Is Overrated

35The Jonas Brothers Are Bad Singers
And now they are gone... Forever! Now we need is to take Miley off of the face of the Earth and that foolish Bieber-boy.
This is what's wrong with Disney.
You dislike Disney for the singing voices of a band of male singers?

36They Promote the Absolute Worst Bands Ever
ALLSTAR WEEKEND MAKE ME THROW UP seriously why promote bands if they just make you look worse


This definitely should be higher up. I totally agree
I really don't see how this is a bad thing? Allot of the bands start out bad but end up becoming a good sensation and some of the thanks goes to Disney, if you hadn't noticed, many of the singers that played a role in Disney's shows have become extremely successful.

37Mickey Mouse Is Annoying
I agree to that, because there is an inoying boy in my school who thinks he is funny when he does a mickey mouse accent

38Most of the Characters Are Teenagers
Lots of the people who tune into Disney channel are in between the ages of 5-12 and do not know what it is like to be in high school or what it is like to be getting ready for college because they are younger! The only show with kids closest to their age is Phineas and Ferb which is unrealistic and not as good as it was when it started.
I think that they should have kids in between 6 to 12 (age) because a kid disney know HOW TO LIVE COLLAGE and I don't think anyone anyone in collage watches Austin and Ally (but I don't mind Austin and Ally)
The age range for Disney spans across all ages, there's nothing wrong with the majority being teenagers, for some channels the majority is kids, Disney Junior is for kids... Disney Channel is more for teenagers... most channels I see mainly focus on adults, which to me as a kid is rather dull.

39Most of the Shows Have Girls As Main Characters
Disney Channel has mostly girls as main characters because the channel appeals to girls more. That's why Disney ' s other channel, Disney, has shows filled with mostly guys. The only main girls on all of Disney are Bree from lab rats and Kim from kickin it. Wait, scratch that. OLIVIA HOLT WENT FROM AWESOME KICKIN IT TO STUPID I didn't DO IT ON Disney Channel! So if you have a problem with girls being the main stars, watch Disney
Disney is now interested in girls?
True, but a lot a shows have BOYS as main characters. But you know what? I think BOYS and GIRLS should be main characters.
[Newest]Examples: Jessie, ANT farm, Shake it up, Girl meets World... should I go on?

40A.N.T. Farm
The show sucks Chyna tries to hard to be funny
People seem to hate Disney shows because they just judge them as if they were exactly the same as every other show, as a Disney fan, A.N.T. Farm is actually one of the few shows I find very funny, if you don't like it don't watch it, simple as that.
Dude... how do you consider cheesy, predictable jokes" very funny"? Also, what make's you think we do watch Ant Farm? We could be saying stuff about it and not watch it at all. There are time's where they might have a funny moment where you just chuckle for a little, but it is rare. So you need to calm yourself down and let people have their own opinion's about this show. Especially if it's TRUE.
Its just another normal teen drama high school show. Nothing special or unique about it. The singing" oh oh oh" so annoying.

41Same ol Phineas and Ferb Episodes
Phineas & Ferb always sucked!

Also, the Mario franchise shall have a movie for sure.
Even worse is its terrible merchandise.
Phineas and furb sucks so much and Disney Channel is in love with it

42They Cancelled Good Shows Like Motorcity and Tron Uprising
Disney is doing the exact same thing as Cartoon Network is doing. I hate both of these channels, HATE IT!
In my opinion tron was a great and interesting movie! Then they turn around and take down everything from it, including the app which started with no multiplayer, which I used constantly, then full-out talking it down.
I do like Tron Uprising, but Motorcity is all I can I say to it... Boring.
[Newest]Nick is bad too, butts farts ON A KID CHANNEL?

43They Introduced Doraemon
Doraemon is such a big joker, such a waste of time
I thought the main reason was because it ripped off Pokemon, and Digimon did the same thing.
This is the best reason to hate Disney. Doraemon is totally crap, nonsensical and a waste of time. Thumbs down to Doraemon.

44They Make Crappy Video Games
They make the worst video game for example G-force (For Ds) was most glitchest game I ever played and trust me I have played a lot of video games
Also infinity was a fail my opinion


Infinity is basically Minecraft but with Disney characters. And Kingdom Hearts is underrated

Stupid movie I cried because it was so bad. I went to the theater and saw the movie and I was like how do people like this get a taste of movies and by the way all the movies today are bad, most of the movies
Let it go, let it go, this song is so overplayed!
Let it go... That should've been the message telling little girls to stop their obsession.
[Newest]I'll never forgive Disney for making this cash-cow garbage!

46They Just Have to Sing In Every Show
This is the process of disney putting songs in their shows, they do them as much as possible and don't put any effort into them
They make everyone sing, even when they can't sing at all
Whenever there's a problem- singing
Whenever they're happy- singing
Whenever they try to show up- there's SINGING!
Plus, the songs aren't so hot either.

47Alyson Stoner
Laugh out loud stoner ( sorry I had to )


Laugh out loud she's a stoner


She sucks! I hate her.

48Demi Lovato is Terrible
Bad singer, not as good as a role model as everybody thinks she is... I can't wait until her career is over and she fades away forever.

49Sonic X
And even after discontinuation, this show got worse and worse.
Is Weird And Amy Sound Really Awkward


50Hannah Montana
Thank god this is finally off the air. Is it?
I'm glad this show got cancelled!

51The Plots for Many Films Are Inaccurate and Unlike the Original
Wasn't Ariel supposed to die? DIE ARIEL DIE! YOU TOO TINK! They just sugar coated the amaze tragic tale The Little Mermaid just to make it better for younger kids. They didn't have to ruin the story if they wanted mermaids they can just make up an under the sea story! Disney is so unorginal

52Demi Lovato Left
After I Heard She'd Left/Quit Disney.. I Stopped Watching It Vut Oh Well Look Where It's Got Her, She's Now My Idol, RoleModel, Fave Singer And Actress cx

53Disney Uses Phineas and Ferb to Do Terrible Crossovers With Good Franchises
First one they did: Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel.
Second one: Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars.

Good God. Get rid of Phineas and Ferb right now. I hope they cancel Phineas and Ferb.
The only superheros they should crossover with is the teen titans ( no offense tt lovers)

54Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension
This film is just way too horrible. This film is just a disgrace to Disney Enterprises. I'd rather watch the Hannah Montana movie rather than this crap.
This movie must have repeated on the same channel like a million times... And this movie is really irritating
How come the Mario franchise doesn't have a movie of its own this is 75 - 120 minutes long a feature film?
[Newest]If they made a sequel, I going to suicide

Horrible story, horrible dubbing, and horrifically bad actors and voice actors.
They mime... Just think about it for a second.
SUCKS! Bring back Jetix!

56They Removed Good Old Shows
That's SO RAVEN, RECESS My Only Favorite Disney Shows And They X It They Are Deleting The Good Ones SHET
Noo! Disney removed the good old shows! Now I'm going to watch Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon because they're has good shows like Tom and Jerry (CN) and SpongeBob (Nickelodeon)! D:<
Do you people know that shows don't last forever yeah they were good but they run out of ideas they Stoll from there previos shows
[Newest]They can't remove what they never had

57They Make Theme Park Tickets Unaffordable
The are a trillion dollars rich... They are greedy greedy... You can live with out Disney and making them richer... They are junk... All they have turned to is magic and the devil is behind magic.. That's why so many people go. The devil calls they go... They learn nothing at all kids are brats... If not they turn into sarcastic brats.. Disney does not give a brake with tickets or restaurants... Everything is so expensive it hurts... Can you live with out Disney anything... Yes you can
That's actually a very bad reason. Disney puts a lot of money into things like:
1. The rides
2. The Shows
3. Special effects
5. Restaurants and stands
6. The actors
7. The happy and kind workers
8. Safety and Security
9. The trains
10. Keeping them clean
Um, have you ever BEEN TO Disney LAND? 1. It's HUGE 2. They have so many special effects! Although millions of people come a day, you'd think they'd have better special effects on their T.V. Shows.

58Walt Disney Was a Bad Person
He was racist, sexist, and against gay marriage.
If Walt Disney was still alive I doubt he would of hired Miley Cyrus, the lesbian couple episode of good luck Charlie would of aired, and the stupid Disney Channel shows would of existed. All in all, I think Walt was a good person.
He seemed almost Nazi, but at least if we still had him, we would have our good ol' 90s animations. If he was still alive we probably wouldn't have Frozen or Phineas and Ferb.

59Inappropriate Content
Disney used to be about Donald Duck and Bunnytown. Disney is a show for kids but there is too much love and kissing. Sure, a small crush wouldn't hurt, but they go to extremes.
Not to mention Disney adds lots of subliminal messages in their movies and shows. Some involving illuminati.


Disney Channel shows are too much about girls love intrests in boys, and out because they don't fancy them

60Inappropriate Shows
It's all right if there are small crushes, like something cute. (Eg, when Cody in Zack and Cody dresses like a girl to meet that other girl. ) but this is serious. I mean there is too much kissing and things. Disney is a kids shows. Why can't there be things for kids to watch?
Stupid boyfriends and girlfriends! Farting! Kissing! How is this Disney?
Oh that is for sure kids should not be watching it


[Newest]Especially the show Jessie by the way I'd think it be appropriate if it was a kiss but on the cheek

61They Want to Buy Maker Studios for $500 Million
Yeah pewdiepie do not sell your channel to this stupid company of Disney. They are greedy and power hungry people that has no regards for no body.
Message to Maker Studios (Don't read if you work at Disney! ): If you want to ever be heard from again, don't sell yourself to Disney. They already captured Star Wars, but remember, YOU are the Resistance.
Pewdiepie please don't sell your channel to that bore greedyfest Disney, all they want is money! They bought marvel, Pixar, and Lucas arts all for MONEY! Disney just wants to "market" towards teens! Pewds don't sell your channel please!
[Newest]Wait, now their buying PEWDIEPIE now? I'm not a Pewdiepie fan, but that is just ridiculous.


62They Cancelled the Animated TV Show Star Wars: The Clone Wars at Its Prime
The T.V. series was even winning awards and getting more and more popular, then they decide to suddenly axe it.
Yeah, destroy it Disney, so you
Die disney die Star Wars is one of the greatest movie series so should be the shows

63The Music Today Sucks!
I don't mind the pop and hip-hop on Disney Channel, but when it comes to movies, only "Frozen" and "The Princess and The Frog" had any good music in the last 10 years!
What happened to the fantastic writers, singers, and composers of the 80's and 90's. Starting in 1989, Disney went on a 5-movie streak of winning Oscars for the music. "The Little Mermaid," "Beauty and the Beast," "Aladdin," "The Lion King," and "Pocahontas" each won the Oscars for best original score, and best original song.
Disney grabs some actors and or singers, rolls them into a band, writes crappy music for them, and makes money.

I HATE R5 with such a burning passion I wouldn't put the man who murdered my family and everyone I know and love in front of that music. It's such insane torture that NOBODY deserves to be out through.
Tangled was pretty good too

64Scar is Dead
Simba is a stupid imbecile and Scar does not deserve to die.
Uh yeah Scar deserves to die He killed Simba's father Mufasa and HIS OWN BROTHER

65Power Rangers
That ruins the Saban company and thank goodness it's over! Now they owned Nicktoons! So long, girly channel!
Worst show ever take it off the air dumbest show ever

66Their Overrated CGI Flicks
Unlike Dreamworks and Pixar, DISNEY ALONE has the most overrated, horrible CGI flicks I'm sence of animation and storyline like Chicken Little, The Wild, Meet The Robinsons, Bolt, Tangled and Wreck it Ralph without any senses or creation made. Their arrogance and their horrible style of producing it sets them apart from top notch companies
I hate "Chicken Little" and "Call of the Wild" but I can make an exception with "Planes" "Tangled""Frozen" and anything from Pixar.
The cgi flicks are not overrated. God damn people, just because it's disney doesn't mean it's overrated.
[Newest]"Frozen is the Best Disney Movie since The Lion King". No it's NOT.

67Stealing Songs From Other People and Having the Disney Stars Sing Them
Teddy Duncan singing guys and dolls? What!? This made me so mad!
They think their untouchable. But they'll get their comeuppance! You just don't steal a song, not matter how small the band your stealing from is (ex. Infinite).

68Making Bad Spin-offs of Good Shows
Cory in the House sucks!
Cancel girl meets world. Rerun boy meets world. Period.
Personally I think gmw has been the best disney show in a while. Good morals and teaches you to be good. Not to steal or change yourself for others

69Isabella Garcia-Shapiro
She is absolutely one of the most annoying characters ever!
She needs to go die in a fire
Suzy Johnson is more annoying.

70Bad New Programming
JUST KIDDING I hate the new programming

71Importing French Shows
It's like Cartoon Network that imports canadian shows. WHY would Disney import French shows?! WHY?!
It's usually the shows from France 3 that suck ass!
Season 3 of oggy and the cockroaches.

72New Phineas and Ferbs
I used to LOVE this show. But I stopped watching it after what I had to think was the worst T.V. show episode EVER: Remains of the Playtapus, another words, the new Phineas and Ferb episodes suck as much as much as the new SpongeBob ones
YES! This used to be my FAVORITE show, but after the movie, it went downhill. And NOW they make STUPID crossovers with things like Star Wars. Disney. PHINEAS AND FERB IS NOT GOOD ANYMORE!


Probably the old phineas and ferb are something good, but since the movie, god please, kill me

73There's Always a Dumb Character
Plus they're always Blondes! Typical Disney
True plus Shake it Up=Deuce and Cece
They try to hard to make them funny

74They Got Rid of All the Fun, Decent Games
They removed Toontown, Pixie Hollow, Pirates of the Caribbean ( Pirates of the Carribean) and now all we have left is Club Penguin! It used to be fun, but now you have to PAY for everything! I tried playing it, but it hurt even looking at it! What have you done Disney!
I agree about the club penguin what happened to Free gAmes
Disney if your reading this then go away you suck
[Newest]Please Disney, bring back toontown online. I loved that game. Please, bring it back.

75It seems to obsess over Phineas and Ferb
Pathetic. If anyone asks me, that horrible show goes too far in trying to be funny and interesting. What's just as bad is that many people seem to obsess over it. It's like I won't hear the end of it.

If the guys who created PAF (Phineas and Ferb) are reading this post of mine and get all pissed about it, they can suck on their bottles and change their diapers.
Phineas and Ferb is terrible. How in the hell do people like this show. I have no positives for this show at all.
Phineas and ferb are for babies!
[Newest]The tune and voices of the Phineas and Ferb theme song give me nostalgia and stress at the same time.

76They Have No Good Animated Shows in The 2010 Era Except Gravity Falls!

77Wander Over Yonder
Seriously? This show is made by LAUREN FAUST: The creator of Powerpuff Girls and My Little Pony. All of her show is ' awesome.
- Its Not Bad I like it it was one of there BETTER shows.
Stupid dumb annoying show on disney

I don't think kids should watch this it's very sexist, racist, and offensive by the way the kids r too spoiled!

79In Almost Every Single Animated Disney Movie Someone Has to Die
Cars. Toy story. Monsters Inc.
So? Almost every movie has violence.
How can a movie where someone has to die can be rated G? You don't want your toddler to see someone dying!

80Crash & Bernstein

81Bought the Muppets
I mean my little sister loved it not lives it oops
The muppet movies ate really good though with the cheesy villain my little sister lived it and they put the muppet song in it and my dad who is older loved it ge said "it reminded me of my child hood"

82I Didn't Do It
This show sucks so bad they do the same thing over and over again they go out and do something stupid then get busted.
This show is so cliche and retarded it so annoying it's the worst show on disney.
This show is so annoying, I rather watch Jessie than this...


[Newest]Same thing do something stupid and tells the story

83Lemonade Mouth is the only good Disney Channel movie
Good story, good plotline, very original, and great music.
It's not good disney is the worst channel and I like baby shows better and by the way teen beach movie stinks it's horrible
I liked Lemonade Mouth and Teen Beach Movie

84Not Enough Bad-guy Songs
Only "Tangled" and "The Princess and The Frog" have good bad-guy songs. I miss ones like "Hellfire," or "Savages" and "Be prepared."

85Cancelling Shows When the Show Has 100 Episodes
Really, Disney? You think this is a good reason? Hell no! That so pathetic!
Phineas and Ferb has over 100 episodes and pathetic Disney had never cancelled it, plus it sucks balls


Also it went past its 4th season! SO BAM Disney BRING BACK POSSIBLE

86They Only Care About Money
These stupid people on disney is only care about money money MONEY!
They care more about the money instead of creating good entertainment. In fact, the entertainment sucks!
They bought Maker Studios and I saw one of their Maker Studios shorts and it sucked balls.


87Too Many Shows About Twins
Mabel and Dipper from gravity falls and Zac and Cody
Agatha and Angela? Those creepy twins? Jessie.
All their new shows are about twins who are complete opposites.
Liv and maddie - TWINS
Lindy and Logan - TWINS
What's next?
[Newest]Phineas and ferb is another one.


88Not Enough Drama
I don't like drama so I think there should be little drama.


More like too much drama.


89Zack and Cody
Is awesome you are right zack and Cody is awesome

90The cancellation of Wizards Of Waverly Place
They cancelled it because Selena was ready to date Justin Bieber and because they aired more episodes than they originally planned.

91They Made a Cartoon About Donald Duck Being a Nazi in 1943
Why would you make such a thing?


92They Killed Lemmings by Throwing Them Off a Cliff for White Wilderness
In 1958, Walt Disney Production released White Wilderness, a nature documentary that is a part of their "True-Life Adventure" series. The documentary included a scene where lemmings migrating jumped of a cliff. White Wilderness states that this behavior is normal for lemmings. The behavior shown isn't normal behavior; it was staged to add more drama. While lemmings do migrate sometimes, they don't do it unless there is a surplus in the population. In addition, they don't normally fall off cliffs; it only happens by accident due to the lemming's ignorance of the migrated territory.
Thanks for making a false rumor, Disney!


93Lack of Classics
All disney shows are not that funny because they suck like hell
Shows end and kids hate classics all they care about is twitter and instagram so

94They Cancelled the Good Shows
They cancelled the good shows so I had to watch Nickelodeon instead
That's so Raven, Cory in the house, Lizzie McGuire, and all of the old shows need to air again.
They canclled the good shows and replaced them with bad shows

95Not Very Creative Plots
Well, nowadays, yes. Bring back good shows like Kim Impossible!

96Disney's One Saturday Morning switched their name to ABC Kids
This is actually why I don't think Disney's One Saturday Morning would be a great idea. I know a lot of people like it. DEAL WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINION OKAY?!

97Fish Hooks
I am so happy this show is going to end in 2014!
This show ended already. Let's celebrate!
It is a dumb show where fish just do stupid stuff
[Newest]It's a copy of SpongeBob

98The New Shows Have Terrible Humor
They try so hard and it's not funny. Disney is poor now because of Disney Channel
Yeah this is right new shows in India like best of luck nikki, oye jassie, suite life of karan and kabir, shake it up all these sucks.
They have terrible comedy
They do overacting
They are actually boring
They repeat all time... can't they show new episodes ever?

99The Majority of Their Movies Are Sad

100Bad Mom Characters
Amy, Linda
Those are just 2 examples of bad characters
Same goes with Mrs. Rooney.


Some other bad Disney moms are: Ellen Jennings from dog with a blog, and Goergia Jones from shake it up.

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