Top Ten Reasons to Hate Disney

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Disney Channel Has Bad Shows
So childlish and stupid shows, Iron Weasel? ARE YOU SERIOUS. They always make ONE character be "The dumb one".
On sakk and cody= Cody,
on Hanna Montannah = Hanna's Brother,
Zeke & Luther = Luther.
It's like that's the only way Disney series have to be funny. The list is much longer but everything has been said. They are childlish ridiculous series.
Zack and Cody gets a 2/10 score.

Hannah Montana gets a 1/10 score.

Zeke & Luther gets 2/10 score.
Hey, you guys wanna know why nick and Disney have terrible shows now? Because our generation grew up with the classic animated shows they had like Danny Phantom or Catscratch, now since we got older over the years Nick and Disney thinks we'll like all these stupid live action teen drama shows. If the show was part of our childhood we'll keep watching it so why would you cancel it? Even the cartoons these days are horrible and rely heavily on toilet humor. Bring back the old classic cartoons and cancel these new shows that are turning kids into total jerks.
Now we are past the post disney renaissance and we are starting to hit the crap again, Walt disney would cry if he saw some of the things that were coming out. Disney only makes one good movie a year and 2000 bad ones.
[Newest]The only good Disney Channel shows are/were Gravity Falls and Kim Possible. Unlike Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, Disney Channel was never very good, not even in it's early years.
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2The Characters Have Terrible Attitudes
They're rude and make fun of people who are different ( minorities, people with special needs, etc. ) and it's one of the reasons I don't watch Disney channel anymore!
I fully agree with this notion.

My ex-roommate/co-worker was obsessed with this channel and on a daily basis indulged in Jessie, ANT Farm, Shake it Up, Austin and Ally as well as a couple other shows I cannot remember at the moment. One thing in particular that stood out to me was how just about every character in these shows had bad attitudes (especially with the way half of the characters treat adults/authority figures). I believe that this accounts for why you see bratty behaviour becoming more common with the younger generation; they are told that this type of behaviour is fine.

Back to ex-coworker, when it came to just asking her to help out with house chores she always gave me nothing but attitude over it. She had a million and one excuses as to why she would not, for example vaccum the carpet even after I had asked her multiple times. Meanwhile she was sitting in front of the T.V. watching Austin and Ally while I did the dishes she left nights before.

She had been watching Family Channel for years since her younger siblings do and personally I think it's where she got a lot of her horrid attitude from. On top of that she got mouthy with our boss too when called out on being a complete slob.
Kids watch these
Shows and get bad attitudes! They see teens and try to act like them. Lusctheyvslways yell!
[Newest]Well I actually can't say YES to this one because this is false. Like always the Disney Channel actresses don't get to choose how they have to act or what they want to say the producers do that job. But in real life I bet there fun as heck!

3They Have the Same Storylines Again and Again
Example, phineas and ferb: Brothers build something, Candace tries to bust them, perry beats up doofenshmirtz and the creation dissapears
OH NO! There's a secret that only a few people know about! Better not tell anyone! OOPS! I accidentally told someone in a dumb way! Lets try to make him forget about the secret and on the way make bad jokes, be racist, and tell kids that disobeying parents can be rewarding!
Teenagers doing stupid things... Over and over again...


[Newest]Oh god I hate Phineas and Ferb. Season 1 was good, but Season 2 and up is bad.

4Miley Cyrus Is a Bad Singer
Smiley Miley can thank all her fame because of her daddy. Her songs are a torture for your ears, even if you're deaf... I also HATE how Selena Gomez sings... She and Justin Bieber are the ugliest couple of the Red Carpet. Disney used to be fine, but nowadays... It's total nuisance.
She was good but now she has put it down thanks to her
[Newest]She stared in a bad show as well.

5The Only Good Show On Disney Is Gravity Falls
Gravity falls is the only good show, other then that everything else is crap
Agreed this channel is bull crap
Gravity Falls is just beyond cool. All the others (especially Good Luck Charlie because they're over rated) so GLAD THEY'RE ENDING IN FEBRUARY!
[Newest]Agreed. Gravity falls is amazing I just love the story it's full of secrets.

6They're Racist
Phineas and Ferb: Perry beats up doofenshmurtz who is German and evil, they make him look like a complete Nazi when he isn't.
Several other shows. (e.G. Jessie):all think British people sound like the queen. It's pretty obvious they have never been to England.

Yours Sincerely
An English person
Also on Jessie they make Ravi the most stereotypical Indian person ever.
They don't give a crap what they say and who its twoards like what they did with demi lovato making a joke about eating disorders it makes me sick to listen to
They are also extremely misogynist and all there movies are crap Christian propaganda pieces.
[Newest]Phineas and Ferb is not racist and their movies are NOT Christian propaganda.
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7They Canceled The Good Shows Like That's So Raven, Kim Possible and Lizzie McGuire
Best shows, now shows of today are crap!
All of the shows they show are absolute rubbish. Garbage. I wouldn't even let my worst enemy sit and watch them. I would not even be shocked if they make a Justin Bieber show. 2 of the worst things ever.
... And they replace them with shows like shake it up, A.N.T. farm, phineas and ferb, etc. Are you serious, if you are going to cancel good shows, then can Disney please replace those shows with good ones instead of insanely bad ones?
[Newest]That's true but they didn't CANCEL the shows. The actors had better things to do like get along with their music career or break away from Disney.

8They Bought Marvel
There are really stupid reasons on this list, though this one is kind of understandable. On one hand, Disney could make some pretty good Marvel movies from here on after what happened with the Avengers. On the other hand, Disney's television industry (mainly ) would often shove in your face that they own Marvel and cause very silly matchups (Phineas & Ferb as a prime example).
But for the negative bottom line, this is a mixed move. It's not like they're going to go full silly by throwing princess into a Marvel cartoon or create terrible sequels with them, it's that may be ugly later on. (Remember what happened when Disney killed Lucasarts? )
Disney, you are SO LAZY! Disney used to be awesome but now they're doing stuff like this. And they bought Star Wars (which ruined it) and now they're using Superheroes that we all know and love in their cartoons like Phineas and Ferb, THAT RUINED THEIR IMAGES! Disney needs to get their confidence back, and start making their own stuff again instead of buying popular franchises and characters and try to make money off of it. I've lost hope for Disney now
now spidermans making up with venom! C'MON!
[Newest]Stan Lee can make a better job than Disney!

9High School Musical
Does disney WANT to get horrible ratings? If they do they're pretty successful!
I hate high school musical so frikin bad it is the worst thing ever made and camp rock and all that stuff Disney XD rox but disney is ruined thanx to HSM
well everyone else in the world made this popular, and its a huge hit, so I don't see how you can justify it being bad, since it was a sensation.
[Newest]I am not going to say that this was a good movie, but I will say that it did a great job at making me very angry at people who won't let people break the status quo.

10Disney Channel Overdoses On Teen Stereotypes
The people who work there ought to be ashamed of that. What are they tryin' to do, brainwash young people into think that's how teenagers are supposed to be? If you ask me, stereotypes make people closed-minded. And if those workers think that those closed-minded beliefs will attract many viewers, then they're sadly mistaken.

If own DISN (Disney Channel), I'd forbid all of its other workers from having that channel airs things that I wish it never aired. But if they break that rule, I'd fire them.
No, the Archie Comics aren't because their more mature than Disney and less stereotypical. What are worse than the Disney Channel are 6teen, the Total Drama franchise, and Stoked because they depend way too much on teenage stereotypes and have crude humor.
Dang it! I forgot to put "I" between "If" and "own. " Sorry about that.

Anyway, I really wish that the Disney Channel would permanently give on airing that stereotypical teen garbage because it doesn't exactly make people better.

My brother, who's a few years younger than me, loves that channel. And I'm guessing why is because of that teen junk most likely due to those teen stereotypes going to his head he was in high school. How pathetic.
I'm sorry for not putting "up" between "give" and "on. " I really need to stop forgetting to putting important words where they belong.

Anyhow, the point is that Disney Channel should NEVER EVER force feed narrow-minded beliefs to all people. When I was a teenager, I thought that those stereotypes were how true teens behaved. But now that I'm past my teen years and have looked back on my former thought, I know that that's not how true teens behave.
[Newest]Yeah! Isabella from Phineas and Ferb is only like 10 years old, and she dates Phineas! Why can't they just be friends!?

The Contenders

11Club Penguin
I agree, I AGREE WITH ALL OF YOU! This game is so boring, I've been on it since October 2011 and it's just plain eye-gouging and boring, Everything exciting has to be done by MEMBERS! Dress a puffle? MEMBERS! Get another puffle other than the 2 boring ones? MEMBERS! Waddle? MEMBERS! Everything? MEMBERS! And the non-members have terrible costumes, While the members are attention grabbers and show-offs! And the holidays, OH THE HOLIDAYS DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED, It makes me want to stick a knife into my left eyeball and shoot my right one with a pistol! Come on, It's like a holiday every few days, And some of them we don't even need?

Prehistoric holiday? No.
Hollywood holiday? NO!
Star Wars holiday? NNO!

And none of them bring ANY charm to this ruined, useless, worthless, hopeless, boring, eye-gouging, brain-throwing, self-killing, stupid, needless, poor, depressing game!

P.S. I see people going 'spare change? ' on a game that is supposed to be HAPPY, not like every penguin in the world just took a vacation to Hell, Don't you attention grabbers think we have enough of them IN THE REAL WORLD?

I can kind of agree. Ever since they stopped making point-and-click missions for the EPF, wasted island space for caves and a recycling center, restricted non-members, and added a Like system to the igloos, Club Penguin has kind of lost its charm. Besides, I've been on it since August 2008 and now all I see are non-member gangsters, jocks, and igloos with just rooms with 50,000+ likes from penguins with no life whatsoever. I hope the reupdate happens sooner.
Club penguin. Ah, where do I begin?! When I started, Club Penguin was known as "new CP". The memberships cost too much ( 1 year equals 79.99), non-members got NOTHING, except for a stupid shirt and a free drill hat. Also, when I joined, I remember someone called Rockhopper would come. Now, he hasn't come in a long time, possibly years. And plus, non - members are basically todays low class citizens. They have a small blue igloo, with a max of 2 puffles. Members are treated like the highest paid people in the world. They can choose how many igloos they want, buy furniture, and have as many puffles as they want! The parties are annoying, the penguins are annoying, and the "tip the ice berg" thing is annoying! Like, the parties aren't even fun, the penguins judge you everyday, and no, you can't TIP THE ICEBERG. Also, at parties, there are rooms that are for "members only", that non-members can't enter. And don't even get me started on what they wear. Like, why, why can you paint yourself a different color? No, no, why, why, do you have white as an opinion? Do you want to be a snowman?


[Newest]I hated Club penguin because you couldn't do anything without members.
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12Selena Gomez Songs Are Annoying
Isn't that song I Love you like a love song's chorus just saying the title over and over again, and you can't love someone like a love song.


I'm sorry you suck. Selena Is dumb and stupid.
You dislike Disney because of a famous actress turned famed singer who is very successful?
[Newest]I think she is a great singer!

13Disney Channel Tries Too Hard to Be Funny With Over-the-Top Humor
No wonder my brother, who's younger than me, loves it more than any other channel. I'm ashamed of the way that that network turned out. Seriously, is it obsessed with trying to make people laugh? If it does, then it failed with me 'cause I'm no longer interested in most funny stuff. Now I'm more interested in more serious stuff.

If I own DISN (Disney Channel), I'd forbid that kind o' humor from ever being on that channel. Instead, I'd put more serious but still family-oriented things on there.
I actually find some of the things in Disney's shows pretty funny but it gets repetitive as they show the same episodes over and over again, leaving the newer shows and older shows at times no one can really watch them.
I think that the company should give a little more thought to their humor
[Newest]It's true that's the main thing I hate about Disney Channel.

14They're Cocky
Cockiest people on Earth. But the Marvel thing is only what I heard and I think it's only the Marvel movies.
They think they're the greatest movie company of all just because they've been around for so long.
Disney thinks they're so cool because they bought Star Wars and marvel. Disney, stop trying to buy everything, you're not Jesus Christ so stop acting like you're so high and mighty, eventually I think Star Wars and marvel are gonna find some way to get away from disney. I just hope it's soon
[Newest]"Oh, we butchered Marvel and Star Wars with Phineas and Ferb. We're so cool."


15Shake It Up
FOR CRYING OUT LOUD Cece has lured Rocky to an adult party and got her grounded, made her get in trouble YET AGAIN by dragging her against while she was sleeping and unconcious off the bus Shake it Up Chicago was taking to Alabama so she could sneak off to a bus to Los Angeles to get on a stupid reality show, and worst of all, dared her to jump into a dirty lake while they went to the Grand Canyon, which made her cut her foot with glass and NEARLY HAD TO AMPUTATE IT. WHAT? How can these girls be friends. Cece ' almost made her "best friend" AN AMPUTEE. If I were Rocky, I would have drawn the line at the cut foot and filed a restraining order against "my best friend".
And I thought Hannah Montana was bad enough to make you slip into a coma, once I watched this I had a weird feeling telling me to do homework which nobody likes!
They are friends? HA! They treat eachother horribly and never respect anyone, ESPECIALLY not adults. Shake it up is pretty much the basis of the cruddy behaivor in kids
[Newest]Well, I love this show! It's my favorite on there and I love it because it's REALISTIC!

16No More Classic Animations!
Seriously Disney, we don't like it when you make yet another stupid live action teenage life drama show. And every time they do this they have the same recycled plots and characters, a dumb character, a dad who is just lazy and unfunny, a mom who is so full of herself and steals the dad or the kid's opportunities to be on T.V. and stuff like that, a mean character, an annoying main character who just wants to sing stupid songs and be popular, and either a brainless girlfriend or an annoying gangster wannabe boyfriend for the main character. I want the classic animations back, enough of these live action shows that just use these same kinds of characters and pretty much always have plots relating to singing!
Danmed! No more anime classic, instead, we got teen bebop BULLCRAP stuff
Where are they. We had ten years with only 1 classic animation. Also, they were racist when everything was racist
[Newest]We are in the age where animations are getting less and less popular, live shows are getting more and more popular, the channel is aimed at teens and children who are more pleased with the shows Disney has.

17Disney Theme Park Commercials Are Cheesey
I'll say that they are. Famous Athletes announcing that they're going to Disney World once they win a game and Commercials ordering everybody to Show Their Disney Side. Especially when The Father and daughter wondering where The Mother is and in her street clothes, she's swimming like a mermaid in an aquarium tank.

And women get pissed off and upset when men act like children. If they were at somewhere else like Six Flags or Universal Studios, I bet that they would just act like ordinary tourists and not show a child side to them and think that those places are too stupid and immature to them. They don't wanna show their kid sued with anything else, but when it comes to Disney, then they'll wanna do it. Both sexes without a doubt are immature and absolutely no better than the other period.
It's a park for little kids and families with children. What do you expect them to be?
To be honest, they rip of Santa for the mater Christmas commercials.

18They Are Closing Toontown Online
Toontown was my childhood there was Mickey Donald goofy Minnie and Pluto all working together to save too town from evil and it all depended on you and the rest of toontown yes it has it's issues and what not but it was entertaining and have children what their shows didn't a plot! Also club penguin sucks it also resembled disneyland so visiting disneyland was extra special
This was by far my favorite online virtual world game as a child and almost beat the game, 120 Laff points, when my parents forced me to stop. Now they closed probably the greatest game ever! This is by far the worst mistake Disney has ever made in my opinion! :-( :-(
Do you know why they closed it? Go on have a guess. No? They closed it to develop club penguin! And there apps like FROZEN KARAOKE I MEAN R you SERIOUS! JUST WATCH IT ON YouTube AND SAVE 5.49!
[Newest]I cried when it closed. Because of this, I haven't spoken to my best friend in years.

19Lab Rats Is the Only Live-action Show Left That Is Good
Lab rats could have been a great show but it's not, it's horrible. It has the cool concept of people with superpowers but of course being Disney Channel, they get a bunch of really annoying bad acting kids to star in it. And the special effects are pure crap, news flash disney, if you want to make a show about people with superpowers you need a bigger budget. And the worst part of it all is since it's Disney Channel's show it means 2 horrible things, the action has to be non violent so kids can watch it, and of course it means a crappy theme song and title to go with it
I still love good luck Charlie and this but the other horrible
All Disney sitcoms sucks, but this is the only one left that's still standing so root for Lab Rats.
[Newest]Lab Rats? Good? No. It' just another superhero show based on ass.

20They Shut Down LucasArts
Lucasarts, makers of mainly Indiana Jones and Starwars games, not to mention an enormous amount of adventure games, was recently shut down by Disney, all on the basis of profit.
I don't get why they shut down LucasArts. They had a bunch of good Indiana Jones and Star Wars games, but Disney shut it down. But do you know what the worst part is? There was going to be a Star Wars game that was more realistic and looked really cool, but since Disney, in their infinite wisdom, shut down LucasArts, which also cancelled the game. Gee, what a great thing(note the sarcasm)!


They did I will sew them kill them lucasarts is a great you know what disney die die die I will kill you
[Newest]They shutdown some of the games, but not the entire thing.


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