Top Ten Reasons to Hate How to Train Your Dragon

I hate This Movie So Much! It's so cliche and sucks on my opinion

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1The characters are unoriginal

Seriously I think you should close your mouth Pony

Well I think this movie is better than My Little Pony. I hate My Little Pony. - cosmo

The name is also unoriginal! The movie is just like a copy to the book. The book is tons better than the movie - MLPFan

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2It's not funny at all!

None of their stupid jokes were funny. They just look idiotic with those jokes - MLPFan

Personal opinion, I can't disagree with you here, But I enjoyed it, so stop presenting it as fact, please.

Dreamworks in general have stupid humor.

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3The plot is just lame

(Sigh) yes, revolutionary discoveries that are originally shunned and outcasted are lame.

4They always say 'This Is Berk' at the beginning

Hiccup:This Is Berk. BlahBlahBlah Our berk is lame
Me:Boring! Why do everyone likes this movie? It suck ass balls. No Hiccup! I am not watching your dumb, Boring, lame, Cliche, Unoriginal trash - MLPFan

O...kay, this is a reason... To hate httyd, by a dialogue line. That's an interesting way to give exposition, Like, the intro, You are giving it flak for telling you the name of the location.

5'Our Dragons' at the ending

Like anyone would want a freaky dragon as a pet - MLPFan

"Like anyone would want a freaky dragon as a pet"

Now I'm beginning to think I've been trolled. Like legit, I don't think you're serious anymore, tell me who would deny a dragon as a pet. Besides yourself, and someone whose afraid of reptiles. Like, tell me. Who.

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6They get a crossover with Frozen and Big Hero 6

I seriously doubt it- Big Hero 6 and Frozen are Disney movies and Dragons is Dreamworks, who are competitors. If your talking about the fandom than yeah, but I seriously doubt the two companies will ever come together. - AnnaOfArendelle332

This is the fandom, not the movie, get a better argument.

Frozen is overrated so that movie can cross cover frozen but big hero 6 no.

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7They mixed Netherlands with Scandinavia

Big hero 6 was better but this was also a great movie

Berk is Netherland and Vikings are Skandinavia. The mix doesn't sound like a great combo. Disney's idea of San Fransokyo (From Big Hero 6) Is so much better! - MLPFan

No they mixed Iceland with Scotland get it right.

8They made Shark Tale look goodV1 Comment
9Toothless is too overrated

Exactly, it's as if this stupid Night Fury who can't even fly on his own has to be the best of all...I mean come on, only because he's rare doesn't mean other dragons should be designed like idiot! Damn you Toothless.

I hate this character! He makes Plagg from Miraculous Ladybug gets hate. I never like dragons. Dragons are not cute all - ChatNoirFan18

10They kill the dadV2 Comments

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11They say it's more fun than Frozen

Just because it's not Disney doesn't mean it can't compare.

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12Hiccup is too much of a Mr. Smarty-Pants
13All people see is HiccStrid

Shippings suck. I hate it when a huge clan of fans gather around only to see their damn shipping, which is Hiccstrid here. Other characters don't get attention at all.

I better see Adrienette, MariChat, Ladrien, or LadyNoir more than this ship. Glad I'm not HTTYD fangirl. The show is terrible and ruined Miraculous Ladybug - ChatNoirFan18

14The voice actors are celebrities

Is this even a valid point, are there voice actors who aren't celebrities?

There is only one song where they sing! Really? - MLPFan

15It's not educational

Yes I like things that teach you stuff but how to train your dragon no not at all

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16The books were so differentV2 Comments
17They don't follow the books' amazing plot and story

The book is about becoming a hero the hard way.

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18It's the most overrated Dreamworks movie
19Toothless is great but the other characters aren't

That mean Toothless is gary stu (male version of mary sue)? - ChatNoirFan18

20The fanbase is absolutely terrible
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1. Toothless is too overrated
2. Toothless is great but the other characters aren't
1. The characters are unoriginal
2. The plot is just lame
3. It's not funny at all!



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