Reasons to Hate Justin Bieber


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He Sounds Like a Girl
I think he will win a grammy for the girliest voice ever
He sounds like a girl who always repeat the line, Baby, baby, ooh.. Such an annoying song. Better listen to Bob Marley.


"Baby" may seem nice at first but it gets annoying as time passes. "Baby" is even better than Gummy Bear


Worst singing voice I have ever herd.


[Newest]I think if someone kills him, I don't think anyone will care, it would be a celebration. The day he would be the biggest holiday ever
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2His Letter to the People Who Listen to Heavy Metal
He sounds like a girl, I don't care.
He sings only about girls, I don't care.
His music is crap, I don't care.
Stupid girls like him, I hardly give a damn.
But wait! What! He's criticizing metal listeners! That's the most disgusting thing ever. Criticizing bands like Metallica and Megadeth! Dear Justina Beiber, what Metallica has achieved, you can't achieve even if you live for 500 years. You are the biggest insult to music! A piece of garbage in the beautiful garden of music!


I could hardly read your reply due to the terrible grammar and spelling. If you are trying to argue, can you at least make it readable?
Okay, he cited Hetfield. One of the few people who can actually sing. No, wait, there's thousands more people that sing better than this little mutt.
Me. (And I'll admit, I am a girl, who doesn't sing well, but better than JB)
Your dad.
A cat being strangled.
So JB has no rights whatsoever to say James Hetfield. Metallica is so much better than her. There you go. And, I'd also like to say: Justin Bieber SOUNDS LIKE NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD.
Oh hell no that's one thing him criticizing metal its even worse he's criticizing Metallica ill kick his ass
[Newest]Criticize Crush 40, Bowling for Soup and other heavy metal bands who are responsible of the Sonic songs (but not Cash Cash, please).
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3His Music
It's the most annoying piece of dirt I've ever heard.
I swear this crap music is part of the governments brain washing plan, jk


It makes me wanna kill myself. But you have nothing to worry because he will eventually die!
[Newest]His song Baby was a total failure, and sang like a screaming girl from my neighbor. Worst celebrity ever existed!

4He Hates Anime
I do not want to hear that statement from a 5 year old girl, I bet he hates Asians in general... He is a disgrace to all music, he ruins mainstream, and Hatsune Miku has more meaning in her songs than J B... By the way vote for Hatsune Miku to perform at the London Olympics so Justin Bieber doesn't catch up


I found out that Justin Bieber is a Skill-type sports athlete.

Justin Bieber: I hate anime.

Anime hates him too.. It was good to watch and listen to anime better than him
Laugh out loud he said that Indonesia was a random country!
[Newest]Anime is love. Anime is life. Oh yeah and just for him saying that.
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5He Calls The Beatles the Crap Band
If you think the Beatles is a crap band, you have NO taste in music and cannot possibly become a musician. Oh wait, that must be the reason he can listen to his own music without killing himself.
How does He call them the crap band if he sang Let It Be. The Beatles hold a special place in most people's heart the way the Jonas Brothers do to younger girls now. (A bad comparison, but stay with me) They, as you said, were in the right place at the right time, and that's how they became famous. But that's not how they kept their fame. No, no no. You see, the Beatles had inspiring lyrics that made people re-evaulate their lives, and gave a peaceful way of listening. Their music, though they may not have swayed you, was inspiring to others, especially at that time period, where preaching love was a huge deal. And, because so many loved them back then, it only made sense that they'd become a legend today. It's all a matter of prefence really, and most people have come to respect the Beatles and the huge influences they were.
Of course he wouldn't. He thought the North Pole was a continent. I knew that wasn't true by age 3.


[Newest]At least they Beatles are better then is crappy dirt music

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6Is Rude to His Fans
I agree, he is very rude to his fans. All across the world!

Often these "girls" who "loves" him thinks he is amazing even though he couldn't care less about them, I read in the news and on the internet how he almost killed a baby, because he was driving high. Yea what great guy he is...
Um, yeah he doesn't have any fans. It's because people are tired of going deaf from listening to his crappy music.


This is why he is hated, he is rude to his fans but they still love him? Why not spit in his ugly little prune face!
This is a huge reason. It was between this and girls cut himself for him. But lets just say he showed up three hours late to a concert once. I would be mad if I spent 100 dollars on tickets and that happened.


[Newest]Spits to his fans, WHAT
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7His Face
His face is not perfect. He thinks it's perfect and every girl loves him. No. They have no taste. He tries to look tough in his pictures by not smiling. The only thing that would make him look sexier is a paper bag.
First I thought he was a girl, when I heard his voice, then I saw his face and it made totally sense with the flipping hair, baby skin and size; a little boy or girl! He is also so staged, like a little puppet doll controlled by producers and rappers, that wants to make money, he is so naive. When he sang baby, I thought she sang about herself, and I haven't heard about Bieber back then. It's enjoying he gets so much attention, why am I even paying attention to this, I guess that a lot of people loves to hate him, included me...
Everyone says he is the sexiest man in the world but truly, he is not. His face is so weird! His lips are the worst. He is a playboy though. I hate a kind of boy like that. He thinks every girls loves him and he is the Most-Wanted Man! Oh man. Even only he and I live in this world, I won't be with him. I Prefer single


Adam Levine is the sexiest man known, Justin Bieber is not anywhere near him
[Newest]Justin please stop tryin to be like Nick Jonas with a confused face you made me barf

8He Compared Himself to Kurt Cobain
Well if Bieber is the "kurt cobain of this generation" I sure hope he kills himself as well๏ปฟ ;P
Bieber is just another one of the thousands of celebrities that don't deserve they fame. What would happen if Bieber have never existed? Absolutely nothing, my life would be happier. But without Nirvana? Every Post-Grunge band wouldn't exist, Nickelback, Foo Fighters, etc. Nevermind is a legendary album and... That. Sorry for bad English.



Justin Bieber WAS WRONG


[Newest]Kurt Cobain is miles better than this little Canadian.

9He Thinks He's Jesus
Really, he thinks he's the son of God? Hell no he ain't, he's Antichrist!
He's the god of all ill fated miserable living youth of today generation
He seriously said that he "talks to Jesus"? When I was younger, there was this kid in my class who thought he was cool. He wore a cross necklace, and acted basically just like Justin Bieber (several years before him, by the way). But even that little piece of garbage, that waste of space, that inferior little jerk didn't pretend that he was some chosen god of music. It takes a lot to get me angry, but this guy is infuriating me more than I've ever been in my life. Justin Bieber is just like most of today's youth: selfish, arrogant, stupid, and overall: INFERIOR.
[Newest]No no no no does Jesus throw eggs, get drunk, get high, be racist, strips, and hits on girls a year older than him no he does not

10A Lot of Girls Love Him
Why? Seriously? What happened to girls actually loving real men?!
He ruined it for is real men, girls nowadays (especially fangirls) prefer the cute boys instead of the manly guys
This is degrading. If anything, cats should love him. They sound alike. But he doesn't deserve any fans. All you fan girls, love a real man. My grandma's more manly than this sack of dog crap.
"If anything, cats should love him. They sound alike. " I like that sentence. I noticed that he is trying to take all the girls away from us. Stop him before your girl gets hooked by this MF.
[Newest]This is not true. I'm also a girl but I hate him. He looks like a girl, he sounds like a girl. He's a douche.

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11He Always Sings About Girls
What Celestius said. 16 year old have absolutely zero concept of love. They know lust, I'll give them that, but when it comes to good old fashioned, head over heels, from the bottom of your heart love, this kid knows about as much as my dog.
He is too young to love anyways. How can a 16 year old know what it is like to truly love someone? It is ridiculous. Before he was dating Selena Gomez, all his songs were about girls, as if he had actually gone on a date.
There was so much to choose on this list which annoyed me but I just voted for this one in the end. We get it! You love girls! Just go away already
[Newest]Because SHE is egoist

12His Music Videos
If you go to that video, you will note that there are MOST dislikes than likes!


People visit his YouTube videos to dislike... Isn't it? All his videos have more dislikes than the likes and dislikes are many times more than the likes..
Michael will be the King forever"... Doesn't exist minimum point of comparison between them ~
[Newest]Half of the views are because people purposely went on there to dislike the video.

13His Ego
He thinks he is better than everyone around him and that he can say or do whatever he wants to at that moment... Well he can't! I can't stand him!
I agree it is his attitude its not like I am the most fortunate person in the world to have all this.. Humble its like a mob boss I don't like you I will step on your face... Your such a little person.. I can do and say what ever I want.. You still come to my concerts to make me rich ding watt..
I am Justin beiber you know the king...
Pride goes before the fall. Pride stinks and makes you ugly. He is all about thinking of himself first before thinking of others. He is NOT ALL THAT! GAHHH! He is an arrogant, conceited, hypocritical little prick who is in love with himself and loves to stare at his own image. JB needs a super dyna whoppin' amount of humility and a medicinal amount of reality check to match. Even if he weren't so self absorbed, I highly doubt he would be tolerable.
[Newest]I'm surprised his ego haven't caused an earthquake yet.

14He's Dating Selena Gomez
Why Selena? WHY?! Why would someone so amazingly hot date Bieber?! But Selena is really pretty and too good for him damn


Ruining the art of pop music is one thing, but dating selena is quite another. He doesn't deserve her, stupid wimpy dork.
What the hell is selena doing with a total moronn like Justin good for nothing beiber? Damn! That is th eworst thing she could ever do!
[Newest]They two are so stupid it hurts. A question: how can anybody love them?

15His Hair Flip
Perfect butt hole cleaner
His hair is just like a girls hair, I'd like him better with brick hair like my brother I mean, come on man! You got more talent than selena but with your hair, not a chance. Just say goodbye to your carier that's about to be over!
The bad part is, there is this kid in my class who has the exact same hair as him!
[Newest]Justin Bieber is nothing but an awful singer!


16His Voice Is Fake
I've seen a better voice in a goat.
He sounds like a cat who is being strangled
He lip sync and sing like a girl
[Newest]He uses way too much auto -tune

17His Dancing
It sucks, boy if I was famous I would challenge him to a Dance off, and out dance him, and he would get all embarrassed, Bieber sucks, and Bieber fever is Diarrhea


I saw Justin dance on MJ's Billie Jean. I am extremely disappointed to say that Justin Bieber dances like stiffed rubber tightly stretched across a slurry piece of garbage truck to prevent it from spreading the crap! Justin should never try dancing, otherwise die!
It's mediocre at bestand nothing compared Michael Jackson he has no talent couldn't get through a single YouTube videos of his where I could watch Michael jackson all day
[Newest]I can dance WAY better than him! And I don't even take dance class!

18He's Always Being Compared to Michael Jackson
Thinks he is Michael Jackson... God I wish that guy would have killed him the other day... Moron.
There is no way that arrogant brat is ever going to be the next Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is an amazing and inspiratiional entertainer of all time while that Justin brat is just a washed up, bubblegum pop chewer, fake imitation of the King of Pop, and is only good at making rhymes. Personaly, I've been a MJ fan since 2001 and I'm sick and tired of Bieber kid's little hormonial, insane fans to screech that JB himself is the new King of Pop as well as media trying to steal Michael's title and give it to that arrogant, self-centered Bieber kid.
Michael jackson is a 1000 times better than this guy! He should really quit singing and leave the world in peace!
[Newest]Once he started his career Michael jackson died

19He Doesn't Like His Fans
He clearly doesn't give a crap about them! Although I kinda don't blame him, those insane fangirls drive me absolutely crazy! They're so obsessed with him! GAH IT'S SO STUPID! ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ"ซ๐Ÿ˜ก
So mean and that is why one of the reasons we hate you
OK I'm sick of people not liking others because, there not good enough for them, when they can't even meet there own expectations

20He Thinks Anne Frank Should Be a "Belieber"
Dear God,
If we give you Justin Bieber, will you give us those who hid in the secret annexe (all 8 of them).
Thank you. Anon
That's the only thing he had to say after his visit to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam
Bieber is a stupid brat. He only had a name
[Newest]I think even Anne Frank wouldn't want anything to do with Justin Bieber.

21He Hates My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
He needs to be slapped. Badly.
Justin the only reason you hate my little pony friendship is magic is because you have no friends and you can try to cover up with your phony balony crap BUT no Justin you hate everything no one can ever make you happy because your such a prince aren't you Justin can you answer that no your probably having a tantrum like the baby you are just get out music business so you can save a people a whole lot of trouble and that's exactly what I hate I mean HATE about people LIKE YOU THINK YOUR SO PERFECT WELL GUESS WHAT Justin NEWS FLASH! YOUR NOT PERFECT AND THE PEOPLE IN MY LITTLE PONY HAVE BETTER HEARTS THAN YOU SO WHY DON'T YOU RIP THAT FAKE LIFE STYLE THAT YOU HAVE AND FIND A NEW ONE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE GOSH! IDIOT
Well it is a teenage boy


[Newest]And that is a bad thing WHY exactly, I mean compared to the other bad things he's done this somehow makes its way to the list. Its just a show people have opinions.

22He Hates Hatsune Miku
The hell... Miku sings better than him... Even Miku is just a software... After all, he's a piece of trash in music palace... I personally think that he underestimated the power of the virtual diva... HELL YA Justin! I WISH MIKU AND HER COMPANION WAS REAL, SO THEY CAN BURP RIGHT ON YOUR FACE!
Miku has more talent in her virtual little finger than Justin Bieber has in his whole body. Hatsune Miku could teach him a thing or two. Oh, no, wait... Nobody could teach someone as stupid as him ANYTHING.
How can he not like Miku she is a way better singer than he will ever be or dream to be and she's not even a real person!
[Newest]Tell me if I'm crazy, I have a crush on Miku... Screw you Justin Bieber

23He Thinks He Can Rap
He tries to sound all sultry and husky in his terrible song "Boyfriend" followed by squealing and whining noises. He is SUCH a wannabe, especially with those gold chains and when he's waving those gang signs around.
Yeah man in boyfriend when he is at his first verse he thinks that his flow is like nas
In the song babe he probably didint even know the rappin part of his lirics and let a real rapper do it... That's smart let a real rapper do it for ya...
[Newest]He makes Lil' Wayne sound like Tupac.

24He Stole the Title From Backstreet Boys' Song "As Long As You Love Me"
I think he should be beaten up all the time!
She also did the same with Somebody to Love by Queen

25He Said That Rape Happens for a Reason
WooHoo! Everything happens for a reason -NOT! Sometimes it mightn't even be your fault, in fact, its never your fault
One of the worst statements ever
Because being sexually assaulted has some deep meaning. Obviously.
[Newest]This should be number two next to his girly ten year old voice.

26He Is Everywhere
We just can't run away from him. I don't hate Rebecca Black because even though "Friday" is not a good song, she doesn't "Force" us to listen to it. People like Justin, on the other hand, Ruined media EVERYWHERE! I just wish I knew this one place where I wont find Beaver.
Yeah, Bieber is everywhere. In the radio, music videos on T.V. and even in the Internet, he's everywhere. Better to listen true music instead, every genre except Reggaeton (although I don't dislike its performers).
This is one of the less stupid reasons. Seeing Bieber on the front page of the newspaper makes me want to move to Afghanistan.
[Newest]Where can we NOT find him? You see his ugly little face wherever you turn. People can't go one simple second without seeing or hearing about him.

27He Sang About Girls Before Hitting Puberty
Oh my god. Just no. No. No NO! WHY DO YOU HATE HIM SO MUCH!? HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YOU! YOU HAVE NEVER MET HIM SO HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL THE BAD STUFF ABOUT HIM IS TRUE!? HUH? I CANNOT DEAL WITH YOU ANYMORE. All of you need help. Serious help. OR MAYBE YOU SHOULD ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH OF A SORE LOSER YOU ARE INSTEAD OF DISLIKING EVERY. SINGLE. COMMENT THAT SAYS SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT HIM. MOST OF YOU HATERS WILL BE THINKING: oh what a stupid Belieber! All of them are so blinding obsessed with him that they don't realize he has 0 talent and is not good looking at all! BUT YOU SHOULD SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT THIS. I really hope that there are some decent people out there who can actually admit that they are going too far. You have been hating on him for 5 YEARS! 5 YEARS PEOPLE! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF EVERYDAY YOU WAKE UP AND GET MILLIONS OF DEATH THREAT TWEETS? WOULD YOU LIKE THAT? NO. SO DON'T DO IT. Most people would just hate you back, but I just feel sorry for U. Sorry that your self esteem is so low you go around hating on people to get more confident. But you should know that there are other ways to do it besides ruining other's lives. But you know what is the saddest thing about hate? When you read a hate comment and see at the end '-10 year old girl' or whatever. If you are 10,12,13 or whatever, that's nothing to be proud of. Nothing at all. The only feeling you SHOULD feel, if you were a decent human, is disappointment. Disappointed in yourself that you are THIS YOUNG, and you've ALREADY started hating. I always wondered why people go on so much about things they hate, because they're just wasting their time. I realized that it MUST be because they secretly, but don't know, are jealous or like the hung they're hating on. I used to hate One Direction because I was a fan and was really disappointed after I saw that smoking video.
Wow... Did you really think people are actually going to take you seriously? First off, the "You're Just Jealous" argument has been done many times, but ultimately fails to serve a reason and takes off credit. In fact, there's lots of reasons why people don't like Justin Bieber rather than out of jealousy; I strongly dislike Justin Bieber because he's a I think he's a poser and his reckless behavior his been too much to handle.

Secondly, it's no surprise that people think that beliebers are delusional because people like you keep defending him, no matter if gets in trouble with the law or even gets away a possible murder.

Finally, it's okay to like him for his music, but at least acknowledge his behavior and the careless actions that he has done. I don't hate Justin beiber because I'll that automatically hating him makes me a badass or anything; it's because I can and the reasons above. Finally, if you're going to plan to back sass and tell me that I don't have a life; I telling that I happened to be studying for my associates degree of the arts at a technical college. I have no time for childish games. You can taunt me all you want, because I'm even going to reply back.

28Smokes Weed
He is SUCH a HORRIBLE example to anyone! Go back where you came from, Justin... We don't want you here corrupting the USA anymore than it already is. How can your parents be proud of what you are doing?... I mean really?!?
Honestly I don't care if he is on drugs, Kurt Cobain and Paul Mccartney did drugs to, but the downfall of this is that this shows a bad example to teenage girls and boys
I hate that he's an embarassment to the US

29He's a Moron
I find the "he sounds like a girl" card really offensive and pathetic, sounding like a girl isn't an insult, as that is offensive to girls and anyone with a feminine-like voice. I dislike Justin because he mistreats people on his false belief that he is superior to everyone else and deserves some kind of special treatment. His mentality is disgusting, and I think he needs a slap of reality.
YES! THANK YOU! I AM A HUGE FEMINIST and I really felt like posting that but I wanted to see if anyone else would post it b4 me. THANK YOU!
He's a total idiot and I hate him!

30He Threatens to Kill People
Really, what are you, a five year old girl, going to do? Run over people's toes with your Cozee Coupe? You probably don't even have enough strength to pull the trigger on a gun! And if you did, you should use it on yourself. Another thing is that he threatens people for the dumbest reasons, like someone telling him to drive more carefully? How stupid! Someone needs to catch that little bugger and through him in jail with nothing to eat but cold, out-of-date Burger King- which coincidentally, is where he should be working instead of rubbing his lack of talent in everyone's faces.
I hate how he spit in that guys face when he told him to be careful, he spit on his fans too -_-
How he threatens to kill people: Get off my lawn or I'll start singing!
[Newest]Since when has he ever threatened to kill someone?

31His Song Baby
His song Baby is repetitive and horrible music. I wonder why some people can handle and stand listening to it over and over. I just can't. ๐Ÿ˜ช
This song, if you would even call it that, is torture!


32He Hates Lady Gaga
I swear I could've started to hunt him down when I heard him say that on some midnight talk show. But you know, Gaga hates violence and stuff, so I'll just let Satan do his job and take that lesbian out of this beautiful world.
Oh yeah? Lady Gaga is an anti-christ. What a hypocrite you guys are. I hate lady gaga, too. And that's not because Justin hates her or anything, before Justin even became famous I hated her for her anti Christ ways. Take a look at her music videos...
I love Lady Gaga nad I hate Justin Beiber
I really really hate gaga but Justin Bieber is worse than her
[Newest]Lady Gaga Is The Queen Of Pop ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘

33He Hates Asians
Beiber you are RACIST!
Asians are the smartest people on the face of this planet!
Justin Bieber is an idiot. That is idiotic hating on another race like that

34Girls Are Cutting Themselves Because of Him - "#cutforbieber"
I'd cut myself too if I had to hear his crappy music
Yes just yes... He also thinks his music is ROCK! I listen to real rock... Not a bever. Real rock is like, Green Day, nickelback, blink, not a bever. If you hate him that muck (I do too) you should just call him Just a Bever. Me, my 3 cousins and my 2 brothers helped me come up with that
I know it had nothing to do with him but he could of told them to stop.
[Newest]I will do that too if I hear his song, Baby one more time...

35He Is Making a Fool of Selena
Dear Selena, please do your best to FORGET THIS LOSER! Let him go and do whatever the crap he pleases! You are way so much better than his trashy mess of a self. There are so many better things in store for you and your life and HE ISN'T PART OF IT! He will kill your soul and continue to bring you down! He is poison to you! Run far away from him and NEVER LOOK BACK! He is a liar, a cheat, and a self centered narcissist who has OCD with himself. You seem like a lovely young woman with a sincere heart. You don't need him in your life. He will continue to manipulate you and tear you down. He is poison to you. Poison will kill you. Close the chapter of your life with him and throw it away. Don't hang around dead things. Dead things stink. That part of your life with him has died. Go forward and walk in life. It's hard at ties but you can do it. Your help comes from The Lord.
Doesn't selena gomez have any self-respect?
She should.
Alright. This is to Selena. I do not like your music, or any pop at all, expect Pop Rock and Pop Punk, but just... Don't give a damn. You're not stupid, like Justin Bieber. Forget about him. He's a villain.

36He States That Being Gay Is a Choice
Really? First the Kurt Kobain comment, then the Anne Frank one, now this? This is what happens when the media takes someone out of school at way too early of an age and throws everything at them. No etiquette, no tact, no talent, and most definitely no reason to live. We lost Oderus and are stuck with this turd? I don't want to live on this planet any more.
All this anti guy stuff is crap on a stick cut it out maties
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Justin beiber on this one.

37His Initials J.B.
The Jonas brothers were a good famous Disney band. Then Justin Bieber came along and had to steal the spot light. He stole their nickname. Disney should have sued him for the theft
Same as Jonas Bros... NOT RIGHT he just stole it that is why the Jonas Brothers have no fame anymore..
Idiot theif...
Can't he use his own brain to think of an original initials...

Oh Sorry...
He should find his brain first ^^ then think of some really good music!
Nincompoop loon...
[Newest]The J for jackass...

38He Is Gross
I'm not just saying that for the fact that we have to say negative things about Justin Bieber but I SAW A PICTURE. ON T.V. oF HIM SPITING ON HIS FANS ON HIS DJ AND ON HIS AGENT. Watcha gotta say bout that you DISGUSTING CREATURE. Why does this happen

39His Annoying Fanbase
Jb your a lesbian and first of all the beliebers think that the haters who are loners think they're jealous of him first off all they are not jealous of him which we are not because would you like to be chased by crazy fangirls we hate him because he thinks he's god and he thinks himself the best person in the world and you beliebers think Justin beiber is going to heaven he's going to hell
Funny how there's a retarded beliber claiming that we "want to be him".
Dear person, why the hell should we be jealous of a boy- oops, I mean girl, that can't sing, dance, and has mindless 12 year olds that don't have a taste in music, etc.
Why are you even on this list if you're so devoted? Surely you're not that stupid...
His fans are the most annoying people on this earth the get mad and bash Selena because she used to date him and note to the beliebers he doesn't even know most of you exist so stop obsessing and think he will be your boyfriend. But some of the believers are fine and I respect them
[Newest]This should be number one. They would do anything to make sure everyone who listens to REAL MUSIC will praise their "God", Justin Bieber.

40He Lip Syncs On Stage
Beiber, do us all a favor and DIE! The world will be a better place. No more baby, baby, baby ohh to listen to, no more drama!

Doesn't most people do that now?
It's upsetting and discouraging that people don't use their natural voice.
What happend to real music?

41People Think He's Gay
Wait... he's not a lesbian? I'm so confused...
He acts like a 7 year old girl. I would not be supprised if he crossed dressed
I have always said he acts gay, and the fact that he believes being gay is a choice says to me that he is gay himself just wont admit it, I have no problem with people that come out and say " I'm gay and proud" but people like him I have no repect for, well he never had it anyway, I think he is just a loser and my sister likes him, the only thing I liked watching him in is csi when he got shot, I laughed so much, he even acts like he is gay, he sings girl songs and well thinks no one has noticed the fact that he can't really sing laugh out loud

42His Mouth hasn't been glued shut yet
Someone should really fund this thing.
More like nailed... Nailed shut... Because that's the only think that works for untalented wooden wannabe puppets... Then we kill it with fire...
Glue it with ultra glue.
[Newest]Glued, then nailed then cut off...

43He Has Bad Friends
I hate stupid Justin Bieber I would spank him any chance I got
His friends are bad. That explains all the trouble he's causing but he's choosing to surround himself with those people and a bad environment.
His stupid friends that plays music just as bad as him

44He Is A Baby
He sure acts like one. A rich spoiled one at that too.

45He Criticized James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, and Dave Mustaine
REALLY!? THE 3 GUYS HAVE THEIR ISSUES, DON'T TELL ME Justin Bieber WANTS TO GET INVOLVED (because its wrong, that's metal not crappy music)
What's his age again? I want to see how much years of purgatory we have left.
Did he actually do this? I feel bad for Metallica, but they would say to him " Actually we make music. YOU don't.".


46He Always Wears a Hoodie
Hoodie Symbolises that someone is immature and therefore cannot be trusted.


You base your hate because of him wearing a hoodie? Dude, hoodies are bae. Tell me, who's immature now. And he does not always wear a hoodie, are you blind?
He thinks this is cool but he's been kicked out of 2 country's
The Philippines and Thailand (which are both Asian countries)
Can you change your style once in a while?

47His Disrespect
Justin Bieber is stupid. He thinks he can do anything he wants when there are other idols out there especially in Japan such as Kojima Haruna who still follows the rules. Everything Bieber does on stage is really easy to do as opposed to all the hard work most Korean and Japanese idol groups do.

Banned in a lot of night clubs, destroyed 4 luxury cars he drove, disrespecting extremely important people, dissed his fans and his stupidity should be enough to destroy him.
He thinks he can do what ever he wants!
Justine spit on a picture of Bill Clinton, one of the better presidents. Deport him.
[Newest]He Flipped off PSY one time.


48His Song Mistletoe
You guys are just jealous and aren't thinking about the good qualities if him. People don't know this but he actually apologized for doing certain things he is a good person and how would you feel if you were him and people called you retarded and all if that so shut up cause I'm twelve and I know that he has did some good things
Stop fooling yourself you beleibers Justin is evil you are crazy

49He Looks Like Miley Cyrus
Haha, this is so true
Yep, he looks like Miley Cyrus's twin brother (although Miley Cyrus doesn't actually have a twin brother) who is about to cause (as a little boy) sibling rivalry with her, despite being slightly younger, taller, heavier & more Canadian!
Miley looks better than him


[Newest]Miley looks manlier than him.

50He's Immature
Just look at how many times you've heard about Justin Bieber on the news about doing dumb things. Like trying to cross a monkey across the border!
He is a 21 year old baby
Yes mentally is like a 10 year old
[Newest]Okay, physically, he may be 21 years old, but he has the mental age of a 7-year-old girl. Who's with me?

51Arrived 2 Hours Late for His Concert
This happened twice! A lot of people left, no refund, he didn't even apologize
No other singing has done it he is the 1st one I think
Why the hell would he do that twice?
[Newest]He did do this twice...


52Thinks He Has Swag
Really? Thinks he has swag. Sure. Leaving your pants halfway down really helps you become more famous. Please get this disgrace of a man out of here.
Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool wit yo pants on the ground.
Really? Swag? The jonas brothers have more swag! Three talented people are way better than a talentless girl ( my opinion)
If he keeps leaving his pants halfway down soon enough Fleece Johnson will come looking for him... 'Now, JB, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, the choice is yours. '
[Newest]A muffin has more "swag" than him.

53Most of His Music Is Unoriginal
His latest songs are really similar to hits that were made years ago. "Boyfriend" mimics the style of Timberlake, and the concept of "Maria" mimics MJ's "Billie Jean". One of his earlier songs "Love me" is
Most of his crap is so bland, generic, and overused
Somebody to Love was ripped off by Justin Bieber. (Somebody to love was written by Queen in Mid-1970's) She said in a interview about the song "Nobody Remembers Her anyways"

54He Compares Himself to the Beatles
UM THE Beatles DO NOOOTTT SUCK. I don't really listen to them but I totally respect them. Besides, nothing sucks more than Justin...
So? Beatles suck to.


55His Tattoos
They are crappy and probably have no meaning towards them
His tattoos are horrible!
Whoever you are who said they have no meaning, they do have a meaning. Every single one of them. I would suggest you stop acting like you know things when you don't.
[Newest]He is satan's son

56He Sprays Graffiti On Walls
Oh yes he did he graffiti on the Gold Coast wall and refused to clean it up
Yes he graffiti on gold coast walls and refused to clean it up
Yes he did on the Gold Coast walls and refused to clean it up
[Newest]Spraying graffiti on walls is illegal.

57He Cries When He Sings
That's what makes him get so many stupid fans! The tiny little punk teens just feel bad for him! But the little popular brats don't even know what a homeless person is. What type of society are we living in? On the bright side, at least more people are getting smarter, such as the people viewing this list.
That's why he has so many stupid fans! The little teens feel bad for him! Yet the little brats don't even know what a homeless person is. What type of society is this?
What a moron this guy cries like a 2 year sense a butch

58He Cancelled a Show Because He Broke His Toe
Chester from Linkin Park broke his arm and continued the concert.
I heard about that. The guitarist from Blink 182 broke his foot and continued
PUNY LITTLE TWERP! Just because you broke your toe doesn't mean you can't dance! I mean, it's one toe! You've got others! YOO CAN MOVE!
No way we all ways hate him
[Newest]Jonghyun from SHINee was injured for a concert and still gave it his all despite not being able to dance like everyone else. The fact that Bieber cancelled a concert because of a broken toe is a sign that he is one of the laziest artists right now.

59His Fans
Lots and lots of stupid little girls...


I swear JB's fans are among the stupidest human beings ever. They are so blindly obsessed with him and they can't accept any criticism at all.
We accept it, it's just that you judge more than to actually know what really happened. You listen to those that say bad things about him, yet you don't even know what really happened.
Most annoying people on this earth and I'm a girl and note to the fans if you think he will be your boyfriend wrong first off he probably doesn't even know you exist so stop just stop
[Newest]His fans' intelligence must be next to nothing

60Friends With Chris Brown
Chris brown isn't very good by that I mean anyone friends with JB is a loser!
Look chris brown on Wikipedia see him in a picture taking his shirt off?
Chris Brown is worse than Justin Bieber
[Newest]Chris Brown is a bad influence because he is known for fighting women.


61He Called One of His Fans a "Beached Whale"
Seriously? Insulting one of your fans?! Justin Beiber doesn't deserve all his fans. The only thing he deserves is a big, steaming pile of crap to be thrown in his butt-ugly face!


I bet you he insulted ALL of his fans and if not yet I will be surprised. I bet you he has plans for insulting each and every one of his fans. All of them with a simply personalized insult. His fans should learn to stop loving him,
I'm surprised he still has a decent fanbase after he insulted one of his fans like this. It's obvious he doesn't care about his fans at all.
[Newest]Why does he even have fans?

62He Thinks He's So Awesome
Someone needs to make it clear to him that he isn't as great as he thinks he is. The world would be a better place without his existence in the first place.

63Famous for No Reason
Yes he doesn't deserve to be famous
Famous because YouTube. Because his little fangirls decided to spam Usher on Twitter and Usher got so annoyed that he decided to check out Bieber and became another mindless zombie.
Where did he even come from?

64He Smokes
He always pretends to be perfect like kids never smoke and all that, when he does!
He almost ran over a kid
Wait, he almost ran over a kid?! What a dumbass

65He Said That Poland Is Russia
Poland is not Russia you little pig-faced twerp. Get a ' atlas and look it up yourself, Derpette. Learn what an international border is, freak. Nienawidze cie, Justin, and I hope everyone else does to. Oh, and, in case you're wondering, nienawidze cie is Polish for I hate you.
I'm so angry I don't know what to write here! Bever's been to Poland and he still doesn't understand! Someone needs to take him on a thorough cultural tour!
What an ignorant person! I'm Polish Jewish, so this offends me!


66He Only Went to Jail for 2 Hours
Do not be cruel. Please. People are commenting that we should blast him to space. But remember, he is a person lie us. Although he's brainwashed many to loving him, he still has a family that cares for him, and imagine how they would feel if their child died. He should not have went to jail for only two hours, maybe 2 years? That would be fair. But please remember he is human. I am no a "Belieber", and I used to wish that he would die. But I realized how painful it would be if you woke up'every day to hatred, and thousands of death threat tweets. Perhaps his arrogance is to cover up how depressing it is for thousands who would be glad he was dead. Imagine waking up for that. Have Empathy. But some of his songs are good, some of them are horrible. Please don't hate me for this. I understand that the "your just jealous" card is sometimes untrue. I am sorry to beliebers who have to hide who they are because of the public, you deserve to show who you are. I am sorry to the haters, you might think that I am writing these in anger, but am in wisdom and empathy. I can understand how haters can hate him, how fans can love him. We can't hide who we are. But remember he is just a boy who was token out of school and introduced to the real world too early. We all must have our own opinion. This will probably have 0 likes, and many dislikes, but I'm writing from the heart. -WolfWanderer
It be better if he stayed for the rest of his life

Two hours are not enough to this little stain?! What we need to throw him in into solitary confinement with Leif Garrett, Albert Fish, Charles Manson and the entire Manson family, and Hannibal Lectour for 60 years to life, or export him to a concentration camp in North Korea, or blast him into a black hole in space!
[Newest]Two hours? That is obviously not enough. He should have been in jail for days, months or even years, whether he's a celebrity or not.

67You Can't Understand a Word He Says
He's more dumb than a 3 years old kid
He sound likes someone with a cent lip and a cleft palmate! He can't even say a word never mind sing! He talk luke this: moms me want me own wet!
Some girls don't care because there so obsesed with him!

68He Is Against Abortion
Well, since he's a woman, he's untitled to his opinions, but he's just taking his own rights away...

What? He's not a woman? Oh, well he's just a dick then.
A Sarah Palin at heart?
There's another thing we have in common. Be able to abort any time, instigates irresponsibility and girls think it's okay to do it any time. So let's get pregnant. When the time comes, we'll just abort.
Justin is right. People should be held responsible for their actions.
[Newest]Knowing him he doesn't even care about anything to do with abortion, he just felt like sharing he useless opinions.

69His Smile
Justin Bieber's smile is horrible why because he never doesn't smiles he is most stupidest person ever
Jeff the killer's smile is more adorable than him.

70His Hat

71He Ruined the Song Let It Be by the Beatles
Music, I have lost all faith in you.

72He Doesn't Write His Own Songs
This is not a valid reason to hate a performer. Many great singers have never written their own songs.
He stop Ariana Grande's song even though Ariana loves him her song "baby"
Lol smosh made a video about that...

73He Has Attacked People for Small Reasons
Please deport this idiot?
How dumb can some one get?! Apparently very..
I hope he gets deported to Russia
[Newest]I hope he gets deported to North Korea


74He Is Ugly
He is ugly and his hair is just pubic hair that is too ugly and long, styled horribly like a lesbian. I bet JB is a hermaphrodite. He needs to go play in traffic at rush hour. Or he could die the old fashioned way-put him in the stocks or hang him! Better yet-he should die at the blade of a diamond sword! Eat poop from someone with a contagious disease. Go get naked and light your fart and please burn yourself in the process, Justin Bieber. Screw You! ๐Ÿ˜ก
Just saying but Justin beaver oh sorry I ment beiber thinks he's funny cute and cool he sings really bad and I can't even really hear him
Advice:if your going to dine don't look at his ugly face other wise you will lose your appetite he is so ugly that he makes want vomit
[Newest]I'm just 13 and I'm growing body hair fast, but Bieber looks like he hasn't even went through puberty. I feel so badass right now.

75He Hates Warrior Cats
He also thought Poland was Russia. Warrior cats is awesome. He has no taste and that is how he can bear his own music without his brain obliterating inside his head. Oh wait, it already did.
Dude, BEST SERIES EVER! Loved it a few years ago, and still keep up with it to date!
He hates Warrior cats? No! That's my favorite Book! I have the first book (into the wild) And I love it so much! I was expecting to buy every single book, though...


[Newest]He hates Warrior Cats? Whoever does is gonna suffer an accident.

76He's Been Busted for DUI / Underage Drinking
Yeah, this is just the kind of role model and pop star that parents want their kids to emulate. He flies from LA, where he was busted for vandalism of a neighbor's house causeing $20K in damage and then gets on a plane and gets busted for Driving Under the Influence / Underage Drinking and Drag Racing with a rented yellow Lamborghini.

Maybe that will be enough to get him deported.
He decided to flee to Miami with a model who was in jail and then he tried to remain incognito but failed and got in trouble in Miami.
He's Not Good Role Model he's Bull
Getting a DUI at 19? Yeah, nice job... now you lost about 60% of your nonexistent "Beleiber" fan base! Now isn't that making you happy? Its making us happy
[Newest]This should be number 1.


77He's Immature But Successful
Justin Bieber is not successful he is jest an immatue boy who can't rap
Totally agree, he made fun of Manny Pacquiao and got banned from the Philippines because of it, very immature indeed

78He Can't Sing

79His Sad Face While Singing
What are you so sad about? , you have a chick... what were you singing to a guy? , LMAO


Justin Bieber you don't even try because you need to suck it up because sad face singing is so dumb
Justin Bieber needs to suck it up because he is a idiot
[Newest]I'm trying hard not to laugh aloud, there's people around me...


80Has His Own Nail Polish
She must have made it for herself because no one buys it
She must sing everyday and cry all the time to herself while putting it on because she is a big mistake. No wonder no one buys it.
Correction: Has HER own nail polish

81He's Rich
First of all he doesn't deserve the luxuries he's living and second of all he become so rich even though he released 1 album back then but I see, it's probably 3 albums because he's fans are too dumb to feel betrayed by him re-releasing the same album with couple more tracks and expect them to buy a few more money for a couple of new tracks but also the ones they've already got but it's their money, their loss.

It's hard to believe that he's somehow richer than top album sellers Rihanna and Adele! So Rihanna released six album (3 went number 1 and stays in the Top 40 for very long weeks) and Adele has 2 albums that went number 1 and can stay in the Top 5 album chart for more than 30 weeks (meaning it's still selling and could probably sold over 2 or 3 millions copies), although Bieber released 3 album but it took him 1 album to get the best out of them, who's next Hugh Hefner? , Bill Gates? Who the hell is giving him all these moneys?

The only good thing about him was him donating a few millions to some charities, that's something decent. But the one person to blame is Usher for spotting him and turn him famous, since Usher has to make a song about a Confession, I can see Bieber making that mistake in the future due to how many girls he goes for, how many girls fall for him and the one thing that can help him treat them right most of all is 'money' so he can buy them the satisfaction they want!
This turd hasn't even hit puberty yet and is already a millionaire. WOW.
The only reason the little shart is rich is because usher found his arse on YouTube. Had he not, Bieber would still be in Canada.

82Has Temper Tantrums
I can already imagine him having a temper tantrum.. "Wahhh! Change my diaper bodyguards! "
He and Angelica Pickles would make a terribly great couple, since they're both obnoxious, short temperament, and widely hated by everyone! Laugh out loud.
Wow. Caillou has a new rival.


[Newest]I think he's supposed to be or already did go to anger management classes.

83He Has a Swag Coach
Some girls think Justin Bieber has his own special swag that distinguishes him from the other artists. Too bad he is actually taught how to behave in front of people by his swag coach.
Wow! That's sad! I have more swag in my pinky finger nail than he does in his whole body. laugh out loud.
What even is a swag coach? I probably don't wanna know

84He Broke Selena's Heart Twice
He just wants to act all tough and is tries to act like a player looking at models
Actaly three times she will give him again form my looks of things
I'm happen to be a big selena fan so he's a jerk but selena could do better like taylor lautner
[Newest]I like Selena as much as the next guy but Justin beiber? You could have done so much better!

85He Walks Into Glass Doors and Falls Off Escalators
Really? You don't notice glass doors and escalators?
He's gotta be blind...
Pfft, he's blind. Oh, he isn't? Never mind then, he's flat out retarded.
[Newest]Burley, I'm legally blind

86Has a Punchable Face
He uses the same hair tonic as was used in "Something about Mary"
He does have a punchable face!
His face would look so much better if I whack it with a steel crow bar!
[Newest]I feel like buying a boxing glove now

87He Wears Trousers That Make Him Look Like He Shat Himself.
Seriously. They look like he needs a daiper.
Is that how most pubescent males wear their pants these days? Gosh, if it weren't enough being ugly and have a douche bag attitude these days... What ever happened to males dressing properly, clean and emotionally open? Bieber looks like he's wearing a diaper ( does he have some kind of fetish? No offense)
He also wear a skirt with his pants. He's a cross dresser. Lolololol! He supposedly stated that he wears xxl clothing. Probably to look like a bigger man but he failed.

88He Doesn't Like to Go Near Kids In the Children's Hospital
Justin only cares about himself
So mean Justin only cares about himself plus I'm a kid
Me too I'm a Asian kid who hate that girl because he hate me just because I'm Asian


I know people that aren't good with kids, but really?! What an ass
[Newest]Why? Because they are sick? That's messed up

89Thinks He Is the Next Tupac
I can think of five good reasons why Justin Bieber can't be the next 2pac.
1. Justin Bieber can't rap
2. Justin Bieber sings about girls (even though he doesn't mean it), 2pac raps about violence and drugs and.
3. 2pac writes his own songs. Justin Bieber gets like 10 people to write his.
4. Justin Bieber's music is lazy. So lazy that it will never reach 2pac's level.
Dear God, give us back Tupac and we will give you Justin Bieber.
[Newest]Tupac didn't need 6 people to come up with a song title

90He Actually Has Fans
Wait... What! This is crazy!

91Has His Own Perfume for Girls
No girl will ever want to cry for Bieber because he looks like a girl too
Same with Her own nail polish. She must have made it out of her very own tears

92Hasn't Gone Through Puberty Yet
I don't think he will

93He Acts Like He's From the Ghetto
He's always saying 'yo wassup this is Justin beiber' etc
He forgets his own race too. He thinks he's black and hasn't been looking in the mirror at all or he surrounds himself with black people and therefore believes he's apart of the crew. I don't think he'll ever realize he's white.
You know id actually like to see him in the ghetto. maybe the best thing yet to come will happen

94He Sang to an Old Woman While He Was Naked
Oh, that's just gross. (I saw his butt on a mag)
I feel bad for the old woman having to see him naked. I would be blind if I saw him naked.


Dumb question. did he go to jail? I hope so
[Newest]Thanks for that disturbing image. I'm gonna go puke now...


95He Peed In a Bucket at a Concert
Many ladies like beiber, but I'm sure they don't wanna see him do that crap. Or maybe some do :3
Straight up nasty I can't believe the people that like him still do their just weird
What, did he drink it too? He probably just put some in his mouth and spat it on his "fans".

96He is a disgrace to Canada
They kicked him out because the don't want his bad luck! Haha!
Canada is a great nation intil Justin came and recked and then moved to the United States this is why I like Bollywood
Rush is blushing right now.


97He Belongs to Corporate America

98Ladies Consider Him the Cutest
How is this even possible?! Justin Beaver is one of the ugliest popstar wannabes I've ever seen, both inside and out!
But he's an ugly dump and no lady should consider him cute or good looking. He deserves nobody whatsoever and every girl should forget about him
I am a girl and I think my cousin with crooked teeth is cuter than him

99Tried to Beat Up Paparazzi
Little girl couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag
First off the paparazzi are part of the reason he is famous and he is treating them with disrespect if he doesn't like the fame then give his millions of his money to people who need it and stop making music but if he likes hisfame and money than he shouldstop whining like a baby about being famous
He can't even beat up The Undertaker or Randy Orton

100Hates His Own Mom
Who gave birth to him.
I heard that the stripper he was sucking boobs from was old enough to be his mom.
I don't Hate My Mom But Why Did JB Hate His Mom When She Gave Birth To Him So Justin Is A Retard

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