Reasons to Hate Justin Bieber


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He Sounds Like a Girl
I think he will win a grammy for the girliest voice ever
He sounds like a girl who always repeat the line, Baby, baby, ooh.. Such an annoying song. Better listen to Bob Marley.


"Baby" may seem nice at first but it gets annoying as time passes. "Baby" is even better than Gummy Bear


Worst singing voice I have ever herd.


[Newest]Yeah.. He sounds like girl in his song boyfriend
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2His Letter to the People Who Listen to Heavy Metal
He sounds like a girl, I don't care.
He sings only about girls, I don't care.
His music is crap, I don't care.
Stupid girls like him, I hardly give a damn.
But wait! What! He's criticizing metal listeners! That's the most disgusting thing ever. Criticizing bands like Metallica and Megadeth! Dear Justina Beiber, what Metallica has achieved, you can't achieve even if you live for 500 years. You are the biggest insult to music! A piece of garbage in the beautiful garden of music!


Okay, he cited Hetfield. One of the few people who can actually sing. No, wait, there's thousands more people that sing better than this little mutt.
Me. (And I'll admit, I am a girl, who doesn't sing well, but better than JB)
Your dad.
A cat being strangled.
So JB has no rights whatsoever to say James Hetfield. Metallica is so much better than her. There you go. And, I'd also like to say: Justin Bieber SOUNDS LIKE NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD.
Oh hell no that's one thing him criticizing metal its even worse he's criticizing Metallica ill kick his ass
[Newest]She is the worst hypocrite I've ever seen!
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3His Music
It's the most annoying piece of dirt I've ever heard.
I swear this crap music is part of the governments brain washing plan, jk


It makes me wanna kill myself. But you have nothing to worry because he will eventually die!
[Newest]My friend and I have a hate club dedicated to Justin Bieber, along with Dora, Chuck E. Cheese, and Five Night's at Freddy's

4He Hates Anime
I do not want to hear that statement from a 5 year old girl, I bet he hates Asians in general... He is a disgrace to all music, he ruins mainstream, and Hatsune Miku has more meaning in her songs than J B... By the way vote for Hatsune Miku to perform at the London Olympics so Justin Bieber doesn't catch up


I found out that Justin Bieber is a Skill-type sports athlete.

Justin Bieber: I hate anime.

Anime hates him too.. It was good to watch and listen to anime better than him
Laugh out loud he said that Indonesia was a random country!
[Newest]Someone lend me a death note please
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5Is Rude to His Fans
I agree, he is very rude to his fans. All across the world!

Often these "girls" who "loves" him thinks he is amazing even though he couldn't care less about them, I read in the news and on the internet how he almost killed a baby, because he was driving high. Yea what great guy he is...
Um, yeah he doesn't have any fans. It's because people are tired of going deaf from listening to his crappy music.


This is why he is hated, he is rude to his fans but they still love him? Why not spit in his ugly little prune face!
This is a huge reason. It was between this and girls cut himself for him. But lets just say he showed up three hours late to a concert once. I would be mad if I spent 100 dollars on tickets and that happened.


[Newest]He spat on his fans. Seriously? The fans who bought your albums and went to your concert? Tweeting about you every time they could? He sucks.
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6He Calls The Beatles the Crap Band
If you think the Beatles is a crap band, you have NO taste in music and cannot possibly become a musician. Oh wait, that must be the reason he can listen to his own music without killing himself.
How does He call them the crap band if he sang Let It Be. The Beatles hold a special place in most people's heart the way the Jonas Brothers do to younger girls now. (A bad comparison, but stay with me) They, as you said, were in the right place at the right time, and that's how they became famous. But that's not how they kept their fame. No, no no. You see, the Beatles had inspiring lyrics that made people re-evaulate their lives, and gave a peaceful way of listening. Their music, though they may not have swayed you, was inspiring to others, especially at that time period, where preaching love was a huge deal. And, because so many loved them back then, it only made sense that they'd become a legend today. It's all a matter of prefence really, and most people have come to respect the Beatles and the huge influences they were.
Of course he wouldn't. He thought the North Pole was a continent. I knew that wasn't true by age 3.


[Newest]Really? YOu've sunk to new depths, Bieber. I'm talking about deeper than hell.
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7He Compared Himself to Kurt Cobain
Well if Bieber is the "kurt cobain of this generation" I sure hope he kills himself as well ;P
Bieber is just another one of the thousands of celebrities that don't deserve they fame. What would happen if Bieber have never existed? Absolutely nothing, my life would be happier. But without Nirvana? Every Post-Grunge band wouldn't exist, Nickelback, Foo Fighters, etc. Nevermind is a legendary album and... That. Sorry for bad English.



Justin Bieber WAS WRONG


[Newest]Kurt Cobain is miles better than this little Canadian.

8His Face
His face is not perfect. He thinks it's perfect and every girl loves him. No. They have no taste. He tries to look tough in his pictures by not smiling. The only thing that would make him look sexier is a paper bag.
First I thought he was a girl, when I heard his voice, then I saw his face and it made totally sense with the flipping hair, baby skin and size; a little boy or girl! He is also so staged, like a little puppet doll controlled by producers and rappers, that wants to make money, he is so naive. When he sang baby, I thought she sang about herself, and I haven't heard about Bieber back then. It's enjoying he gets so much attention, why am I even paying attention to this, I guess that a lot of people loves to hate him, included me...
Everyone says he is the sexiest man in the world but truly, he is not. His face is so weird! His lips are the worst. He is a playboy though. I hate a kind of boy like that. He thinks every girls loves him and he is the Most-Wanted Man! Oh man. Even only he and I live in this world, I won't be with him. I Prefer single


Adam Levine is the sexiest man known, Justin Bieber is not anywhere near him
[Newest]He probably would look better if he changed his gender.

9He Thinks He's Jesus
Really, he thinks he's the son of God? Hell no he ain't, he's Antichrist!
He's the god of all ill fated miserable living youth of today generation
He seriously said that he "talks to Jesus"? When I was younger, there was this kid in my class who thought he was cool. He wore a cross necklace, and acted basically just like Justin Bieber (several years before him, by the way). But even that little piece of garbage, that waste of space, that inferior little jerk didn't pretend that he was some chosen god of music. It takes a lot to get me angry, but this guy is infuriating me more than I've ever been in my life. Justin Bieber is just like most of today's youth: selfish, arrogant, stupid, and overall: INFERIOR.
[Newest]Dear Justin Bieber, you are an awful person. You will never be amazing like Jesus. If you took a long hard look at yourself, you would realize that you are the farthest thing FROM Jesus.

10A Lot of Girls Love Him
Why? Seriously? What happened to girls actually loving real men?!
He ruined it for is real men, girls nowadays (especially fangirls) prefer the cute boys instead of the manly guys
This is degrading. If anything, cats should love him. They sound alike. But he doesn't deserve any fans. All you fan girls, love a real man. My grandma's more manly than this sack of dog crap.
"If anything, cats should love him. They sound alike. " I like that sentence. I noticed that he is trying to take all the girls away from us. Stop him before your girl gets hooked by this MF.
[Newest]Those girls are under black magic if they think Justin is the coolest guy ever

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11He Always Sings About Girls
What Celestius said. 16 year old have absolutely zero concept of love. They know lust, I'll give them that, but when it comes to good old fashioned, head over heels, from the bottom of your heart love, this kid knows about as much as my dog.
He is too young to love anyways. How can a 16 year old know what it is like to truly love someone? It is ridiculous. Before he was dating Selena Gomez, all his songs were about girls, as if he had actually gone on a date.
There was so much to choose on this list which annoyed me but I just voted for this one in the end. We get it! You love girls! Just go away already
[Newest]Honestly who doesn't nowadays.

12His Music Videos
If you go to that video, you will note that there are MOST dislikes than likes!


People visit his YouTube videos to dislike... Isn't it? All his videos have more dislikes than the likes and dislikes are many times more than the likes..
Michael will be the King forever"... Doesn't exist minimum point of comparison between them ~
[Newest]You don't dance on bowling alleys.

13His Ego
He thinks he is better than everyone around him and that he can say or do whatever he wants to at that moment... Well he can't! I can't stand him!
I agree it is his attitude its not like I am the most fortunate person in the world to have all this.. Humble its like a mob boss I don't like you I will step on your face... Your such a little person.. I can do and say what ever I want.. You still come to my concerts to make me rich ding watt..
I am Justin beiber you know the king...
Pride goes before the fall. Pride stinks and makes you ugly. He is all about thinking of himself first before thinking of others. He is NOT ALL THAT! GAHHH! He is an arrogant, conceited, hypocritical little prick who is in love with himself and loves to stare at his own image. JB needs a super dyna whoppin' amount of humility and a medicinal amount of reality check to match. Even if he weren't so self absorbed, I highly doubt he would be tolerable.
[Newest]He thinks he's best

14He's Dating Selena Gomez
Why Selena? WHY?! Why would someone so amazingly hot date Bieber?! But Selena is really pretty and too good for him damn


Ruining the art of pop music is one thing, but dating selena is quite another. He doesn't deserve her, stupid wimpy dork.
What the hell is selena doing with a total moronn like Justin good for nothing beiber? Damn! That is th eworst thing she could ever do!
[Newest]She is so pretty and he is well not

15His Hair Flip
Perfect butt hole cleaner
His hair is just like a girls hair, I'd like him better with brick hair like my brother I mean, come on man! You got more talent than selena but with your hair, not a chance. Just say goodbye to your carier that's about to be over!
The bad part is, there is this kid in my class who has the exact same hair as him!
[Newest]Justin Bieber is nothing but an awful singer!


16He's Always Being Compared to Michael Jackson
Thinks he is Michael Jackson... God I wish that guy would have killed him the other day... Moron.
There is no way that arrogant brat is ever going to be the next Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is an amazing and inspiratiional entertainer of all time while that Justin brat is just a washed up, bubblegum pop chewer, fake imitation of the King of Pop, and is only good at making rhymes. Personaly, I've been a MJ fan since 2001 and I'm sick and tired of Bieber kid's little hormonial, insane fans to screech that JB himself is the new King of Pop as well as media trying to steal Michael's title and give it to that arrogant, self-centered Bieber kid.
Michael jackson is a 1000 times better than this guy! He should really quit singing and leave the world in peace!
[Newest]Once he started his career Michael jackson died

17He Is Everywhere
We just can't run away from him. I don't hate Rebecca Black because even though "Friday" is not a good song, she doesn't "Force" us to listen to it. People like Justin, on the other hand, Ruined media EVERYWHERE! I just wish I knew this one place where I wont find Beaver.
Yeah, Bieber is everywhere. In the radio, music videos on T.V. and even in the Internet, he's everywhere. Better to listen true music instead, every genre except Reggaeton (although I don't dislike its performers).
This is one of the less stupid reasons. Seeing Bieber on the front page of the newspaper makes me want to move to Afghanistan.
[Newest]Where can we NOT find him? You see his ugly little face wherever you turn. People can't go one simple second without seeing or hearing about him.

18He Doesn't Like His Fans
He clearly doesn't give a crap about them! Although I kinda don't blame him, those insane fangirls drive me absolutely crazy! They're so obsessed with him! GAH IT'S SO STUPID! 😵"😡
That's terrible. I'm glad my favorite music artists like their fans and wouldn't punch them or spit on them or call them "beached whales" or cancel/show up 2 hours late for a concert or whatever else is on this list.
So mean and that is why one of the reasons we hate you
[Newest]He's he loved his fans when he was younger

19His Dancing
It sucks, boy if I was famous I would challenge him to a Dance off, and out dance him, and he would get all embarrassed, Bieber sucks, and Bieber fever is Diarrhea


I saw Justin dance on MJ's Billie Jean. I am extremely disappointed to say that Justin Bieber dances like stiffed rubber tightly stretched across a slurry piece of garbage truck to prevent it from spreading the crap! Justin should never try dancing, otherwise die!
It's mediocre at bestand nothing compared Michael Jackson he has no talent couldn't get through a single YouTube videos of his where I could watch Michael jackson all day
[Newest]I can dance WAY better than him! And I don't even take dance class!

20He Hates My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
He needs to be slapped. Badly.
Justin the only reason you hate my little pony friendship is magic is because you have no friends and you can try to cover up with your phony balony crap BUT no Justin you hate everything no one can ever make you happy because your such a prince aren't you Justin can you answer that no your probably having a tantrum like the baby you are just get out music business so you can save a people a whole lot of trouble and that's exactly what I hate I mean HATE about people LIKE YOU THINK YOUR SO PERFECT WELL GUESS WHAT Justin NEWS FLASH! YOUR NOT PERFECT AND THE PEOPLE IN MY LITTLE PONY HAVE BETTER HEARTS THAN YOU SO WHY DON'T YOU RIP THAT FAKE LIFE STYLE THAT YOU HAVE AND FIND A NEW ONE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE GOSH! IDIOT
Well it is a teenage boy


[Newest]I'm a teen boy who loves this show and I'm proud so screw Justin for hating the show

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