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201 He Said Whatever They Have in Korea That's Bad

That's racist (I'm not Korean though) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

202 Forced Ariana to Take a Picture

He forced Ariana to take a picture with him, but she refused and he demanded her. The picture was of him kissing her

Now they're both the crappiest couple ever.

Poor Ariana. She is not my favorite singer, but I feel bad for her!

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203 Bieber Wears His Clothes Inappropriately

Justin Bieber no matter how many pictures you see on the internet wears clothes loosely and looks like a bum. Bieber STAY AWAY FROM ADIDAS! He wears Adidas and does not care how to wear them. He is Dark and hateful. Just so you all know We already have a God and that is Jesus himself NOT Bieber! Bieber should be off the face of the earth.

204 He only makes an album every 3 years.

1D IS SO MUCH BETTER! At least 1D and 5sos make albums every year. Have you ever just bought a JB album and in a year you say OH ANOTHER ONE! NO! U don't DO U?! 1D AND 5SOS ARE SO MUCH BETTER! :) ya preimi

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205 He Is a Homosapien

We are humans. Therefore, we are Homo Sapiens. However, I believe that Justin Bieber is of a different species.

Yep. Exactly. He is awful AND a homosapien


206 Because People Will Hate You for Loving Him

Yes, in TheTopTens, but in real life people will actually hate you if you HATE him - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

207 He Thinks He Can Get Free Gas Because He's Part Indian V 3 Comments
208 He Punched Mickey Mouse in the Crotch

This is just an interesting reason

That was totally rude. Without Mickey, he wouldn't be famous.

He must be with Robin from Teen Titans Go - BorisRule

That is offensive yet so stupid

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209 He Dissed Iggy Azalea

He can't even rap ill say again he probably has a psychological disorder

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210 He flung dog poop at a pedestrian V 1 Comment
211 He spat out a steak specially made for him.

Why Justin? Why would you do that to your OWN steak?!?! Disgusting! - BorisRule

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212 He loves Jersey Shore

Geordie Shore is WAY better than that show! Not opinion, but fact! - DaTrueSwagLord21

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213 He thinks Halo is better than Doom

That's it, I'm done with this piece of garbage.

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214 He Sometimes Throws Up On Stage

He does?! That is so gross! Then again, he was already gross in the first place.

That was one time one time. He doesn't always puke on stage

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215 He hates kids V 1 Comment
216 He hates Nyan Cat V 1 Comment
217 His Advertising On Face Products

I'm on a bet he's on advertisings for make up and girl facial wash - MLPFan

218 He Has a Dumb Haircut

His new haircut looks like a doormat

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219 Gives Hat Away. Claims It Got Stolen. Makes Big Deal About It.

What a moron he makes no bad deal out of any thing

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220 Preaches About Being a Boyfriend to Everyone

I'm a girl and I HATE him. I would NEVER go out with a douchebag like him even if he offered me a flower and called me beautiful. YUCK!

I don't want Justin Bieber to be my boyfriend because he is so racist and dumb

If I was a girl, then I would burn his flower, that he offered me - BorisRule

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