Reasons to Hate Justin Bieber


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301Justin Bieber Is Extremely Absent-Minded
302He Used to Sing Better As a Child
303He Disses Anime Fans

I and my friends are anime fans! So shut up Justin DIAPER

This autistic Canadian rip-off is dead for me! - DaTrueSwagLord21

Just because u hate it, bieber, doesn't mean u have to make everyone else agree

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304Pretends That He Found God

He never found God, he found Satan! - DaTrueSwagLord21

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305He Is FakeV1 Comment
306Fools People Into Believing He Has Changed

He hasn't changed. It's nothing more than an act. He is so fake, it's embarrassing!

He is so fake and he will never change... So not SORRY

307Believes He Is Better Then Eminem

I would like to see Eminem to make a new song about Eminem dissing JB

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308He Looks Like a Dork

More like a noob, a retard, a moron and an idiot

I read that in Kevin's Voice. enough Said. - Ededdneddyfan55

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309He Ruined Eminem's Best Song
310He Takes DrugsV2 Comments
311He Slapped Selena Gomez

Damn you Justin, You're even worst than Chris Brown

What a polite gentleman, yeah, so nice to do that

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312He Thinks He's a Legit Gangster

He's an idiotic poser. Enough said.

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313He Was Rated the Fifth Most Hated Man In America In an E-Score SurveyV4 Comments
314He's a Disgrace
315He Has No Dignity
316He's Not Worth Recommending to People
317His pants made it look like he wore diapersV2 Comments
318He Danced On the Street with Tom Hanks
319He Ruined Rascal Flatts's Career

UGH! Rascal Flatts is better than him! RASCAL FLATTS FOR LIFE!

320Everyone Hates Him So It's Ok If You DoV1 Comment
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