Reasons to Hate Justin Bieber


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381He hates Sonic

Sonic is best character! Justin has NO good taste at all - BorisRule

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382He hates WaterV1 Comment
383He hates his familyV1 Comment
384He Speaks Gibberish

Nobody could understand gibberish - BorisRule

385He Hates Japan

That's Donald Trump but whatever. Because Justin hates Asia - BorisRule

386He Hates CrystalsV1 Comment
387He Almost Burned SpongeBob's Snail
388He Hates TheTopTens

Lol. Did he saw this website then? - Neonco31

He hates Thetoptens? Boy that escalated quickly - BorisRule

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389He Loves 2 Girls 1 CupV1 Comment
390He LiesV1 Comment
391He disappoints everyoneV1 Comment
392His Birthday is in March
393He is White and Male
394He Posed in a Photo With a Chained TigerV1 Comment
395He Argued With a CameramanV1 Comment
396He's a Horrible Role Model

Not a good role model at all, he can only be a role model for having a terrible voice and crap songs

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397He's Famous for the Wrong Reasons

He's famous for a lot of the worst reasons!

398He Cannot be Taken Seriously

And I can't take beliebers seriously, too!

399He Disliked Gangnam Style

That's because Gangnam Style overtook his video in views so him being him he try's to make not liking it a thing!

He dissed Gangnam Style? What is wrong with him? I'm a Kpop fan and I don't like Gangnam Style all that much either, but seriously? Disliking the song of an artist and then saying that he's "looking forward to doing a collab" with PSY? -_- He has a mental problem...

Gangnam Style is AWESOME. Though this song is overrated, I'm happy this is better than Baby

Gangnam Style is an awesome song how could he hate it

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400He Hates Gravity Falls

What? He hates Gravity Falls? Bill should kill him!

So what if he hates gravity falls. The world won't end

So? I don't like Gravity Falls so don't blame him - Neonco31

Now this guy is totally getting on my nerves

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